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Premature ejaculation can lead to conflicts with a partner, a decrease in self-esteem, anxiety and focus on sex duration - this can reduce sexual intercourse even more. What is early ejaculation, how to avoid it and how to treat - disassemble in this article.

What is early ejaculation?

While there is no clear definition of premature ejaculation. The most common description is the ejaculation that occurred very early, mainly before or shortly after entering the sexual partner. In the American Statistics Guide and the diagnosis of mental disorders, they write otherwise - this is a regular or periodically repeated ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation of the penis.

The boundaries between the norm and pathology are very thin, so premature ejaculation cannot be definitely called syndrome or illness, while at the same time it is not a normal state. But most authors are inclined to the fact that it is pathology. In any case, a man is recommended to apply for the help of a surgeon-urologist and not wait until the problem passes by itself.

Premature ejaculation can be both an independent disease and a symptom of other pathologies. As a separate disease, early ejaculation has its own causes, symptoms and treatment. As a sign of other pathologies, early ejaculation appears in varicocele, prostatitis and erectile dysfunction.

Early ejaculation is in men with mental disorders - an atypical depression, a pineal disorder, generalized anxious disorder and asthenia. In this case, the causal relationship sometimes turns around, for example, premature ejaculation can lead to depression or anxiety.

What is considered early seeds?

Most researchers believe that premature ejaculation is a sexual intercourse that lasts less than one minute. At the same time, it does not matter, this penetration into a partner or masturbation. In any case, during sexual dysfunction, ejaculation occurs within a minute after the start of sexual stimulation of the penis.

Not always early ejaculation is sexual dysfunction. Premature ejaculation is considered a disorder if a man ejaculates too early regularly. If this happened for the first time, but at the same time the previous sexual experience was satisfactory, it is not pathology.

For example, a man has a permanent sexual partner, but at the same time rapidly ejaculation occurs constantly - this is a violation. If, with regular sex, premature ejaculation happened for the first time, then until it cannot be called sexual dysfunction, but attention should be paid to the duration of the subsequent sexual acts. If in the future the duration of sex does not exceed the minute, you should consult a doctor.

In the case when after the first early ejaculation, the duration of sexual intercourse returned to the limits of the norm (each pair has its own usual norm), it is not necessary to worry. Perhaps a man is just tired or recently survived psycho-emotional stress.

Why occurs early ejaculation?

It is not known that the reasons lead to uncontrolled ejaculation. Most researchers reduce the causes of rapid ejaculation in two groups - psychological and somatic.

Psychological factors of rapid ejaculation in men:

  • fears and phobias;
  • low self-esteem;
  • dissatisfaction with family life;
  • depression;
  • anxiety;
  • Fear of sexual relations;
  • concern about his body;
  • distrust of the partner;
  • Stress, for example, related to financial difficulties or social status.

The problem of premature ejaculation can cause psychological reasons that are deepest than ordinary stress. Introity conflicts, enshrined fears from adolescence or personality disorder can lead to anxious waiting for sexual failure - when a man, without starting a sexual intercourse, is already afraid of not going to satisfy the partner, feel guilty for his "inability" or be weak in his eyes.

Physical and somatic factors of early seeds:

  • violation of hormonal balance, for example, the strong activity of the thyroid gland;
  • pathologies of the peripheral nervous system;
  • imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain;
  • urethritis or prostatitis;
  • Congenital features of the body, for example, the hypersensitivity of the head of the member.

With age, the man can break the erection - it becomes less long. Men who are worried about a long erection can build a rapid ejaculation model, that is, to configure themselves to quickly ejaculation - before the erection passes.

How to solve the problem of early seeds?

Many men, due to the fact that they are ashamed to appeal to the doctor, try to solve the problem of rapid ejaculation independently. Often they believe that it is better to solve the problem for themselves than to tell someone else about their sexual dysfunction and ask for help.

On the Internet there are a huge amount of fraudsters who envelop male misleading, for example, they offer them pills from premature seeds or drugs, delaying ejaculation with a dubious active substance or not studied mechanism of action. At best, a man will buy a "dust" or vitamins, in worst - medicines that affect the work of the cardiovascular system. Such drugs can cause serious side effects, such as strong tachycardia or an increase in blood pressure.

The best way to increase the duration of sex is to consult a doctor for advice and treatment. For many men, share such a problem - it means to recognize ourselves "incapable". But the power is manifested just to recognize its problem and solve it with the help of professionals.

Methods for the treatment of premature ejaculation

The main method of treatment of premature ejaculation is a combination of behavioral therapy and medicines appointed by the doctor. Treatment of premature ejaculation begins, after the doctor has assembled history and research results. Conservative therapy is prescribed with secondary premature seeds, when early ejaculation is due to the factors acquired by psychological or somatic, for example, inflammation of the prostate gland.

Psychological therapy is to realize and work out emotions that lead to early seeds. The task of the therapist is to identify psychological factors of sexual dysfunction and help a man fixes them. It is best to contact a family psychotherapist and work out interpersonal conflicts with your partner.

What to draw attention to if you decide to turn to a psychotherapist?What to draw attention to if you decide to turn to a psychotherapist? Behavioral therapy is to change the usual model of man's behavior. The task of the doctor is to calm the patient, to explain the causes of the reasons and mechanisms of premature ejaculation and teach it methods for delayed ejaculation, for example, the "Stop and Start" method and the "squeezing method" method. Stop and Start is a method for terminating the sexual stimulation of a penis during masturbation at the peak of sexual excitement. The "squeezing" method - when a man feels a fast orgasm, he needs to slightly surpassed the penis for 10-20 seconds in the place where the barrel of the member goes into the head

The doctor can prescribe medicines that prolong sexual intercourse. These drugs refer to the antidepressant group and change the balance of neurochemical substances in the brain. In addition, there are special ointments and creams that are applied to the head of the penis - it reduces its sensitivity and allows you to extend the time of sexual intercourse. It is important to understand that drugs and means for outdoor application are only a temporary way to avoid a symptom, but not eliminating the causes of sexual disorder.

Treatment of premature ejaculation with the help of selective neotroid

Treatment of minimally invasive surgery in urology is prescribed for primary premature ejaculation, when early ejaculation is due to congenital factors of the body or in the case when conservative therapy turned out to be ineffective.

Surgical treatment of early seeds in Kharkov is carried out by selective penile denervation. The essence of the operation is that the men perform neotroid branches of the dorsal nerve of the penis, that is, they remove some nerve endings - it reduces the sensitivity of the penis head. At the same time, partial denervation of the penis in a long time after the operation may cause an erection disorder in 25.9% of men.

How is selective neurotomy

Microsurgical selective neurotomy appoints a doctor with primary premature ejaculation and at secondary, if conservative treatments for a man did not help. Selective neurotomy is carried out under general anesthesia - the patient during the entire operation is under anesthesia. On average, the operation lasts from one to two hours.

Prepare for selective neotroid simply: in the evening before the operation and on the day there is no operation, two hours before the operation do not drink. During the operation, a man performs the denervation of penis tissues: a small incision is made on the penis, then the surgeons remove part of the nerve endings that innervate the head of the member, which is why it becomes less sensitive. After the operation, the patient remains in the hospital for two days under the supervision of doctors.

Before the penile denervation, a man should pass the following tests:

  • general blood analysis;
  • Analysis of urine;
  • study of blood type and rhesus factor;
  • Small package of biochemical analyzes;
  • Coagulogram;
  • The total number of antibodies to syphilis;
  • antibodies for HIV;
  • Hepatitis B and C;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • ELISA for the presence of IgG and COVID.

If you have discovered the symptoms of premature ejaculation, contact your doctor for help. A urologist will determine the appearance of early seeds and prescribe treatment. It is not necessary to make an operation, in most cases it is enough to learn the behavioral methods of the delay of orgasm and take medicines to appoint a doctor.

Fast erectionMan quickly cums

Fast erection

Hello, Doctor.

My name is Tatiana, I am 37 years old, my husband is 29 years old. We have this problem. My husband very quickly occurs an erection, and he considers it normal. And I do not have time, so at home scandals. Advise how to be?

Tatyana, Moscow

Treatment of fast erection, rapid ejaculation, premature ejaculation in Saratov, Russia

Dear Tatyana!

Scandals are very bad. In recent years, family pairs have been treated in Sarklinik many times, which had a similar problem. Men have a quick erection, that is, a man quickly cums. At the same time, the woman does not have time to quickly excite and does not receive orgasm - can not cum. "I do not finish, I can't finish, I have no orgasm." Such phrases we hear from the unfortunate women who have the husbands of speeding. Fortunately, Sarklinik spends Treatment of early seeds , Treatment of premature ejaculation , Treatment of rapid seedsispania , Treatment of fast seedwork In men and guys in Saratov, Russia. Effective techniques allow you to increase the duration of the first sexual intercourse to 20 to 40 minutes, which is quite enough to complete the excitement of the partner. If your husband is speeding up, contact Sarklinik, the doctor will help.

Record for consultation.
There are contraindications. Consultation of a specialist is necessary.

Text: ® SARCLINIC | SARCLINIC.COM \ SARSLINIC.RU PHOTO: © MJTH / Photobank Photographic / Photogenica.Ru The people depicted in the photo - models do not suffer from the described diseases and / or all coincidences are excluded.

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75% of the men are completed after 2 minutes after the start. The problem of how long does not finish the guy, most representatives of strong sex continues to worry.

Causes of the problem

  • Long abstinence (then the fact of quick completion is absolutely normal);
  • Mandrage;
  • Because of the hurry, completing the case "is still worth";
  • stressful state;
  • urinary tract infections;
  • Not everything is in order with the prostate;
  • Rapid blundering alone negatively affects the relationship;
  • The insecurity is that "I can";
  • bad location (at all in sight, on the street and so on);
  • Fear of the fact that everything will be completed early;
  • just no time;
  • violated hormonal background;
  • Fear accidentally close the child;
  • Fear to infect anything (in cases with a partner for one night);
  • convictions in the head of the type "it is dirty and so impossible";
  • overly high sensitivity;
  • Lobkovo-corkscreen muscle;
  • incorrect breathing;
  • Low confidence in the partner;
  • The lack of reciprocity of feelings from partners in relation to each other.

These are the main reasons for the problems of men, often asking how long do not finish during sex and at the same time be for her number one. champagne for guys and girls, thanks to which the evening does not end

What you do not need to use in no case

  • Forget about alcohol;
  • Do not use antidepressants;
  • It is forbidden to apply any narcotic substances.

Side effects from them so much that I don't even want to talk.

Harm For health huge.

Now we will analyze the most effective techniques and exercises on how long they do not finish the guy and quickly start changing into bed.

27 ways

1. Find and cut the LC - the muscle in the toilet

LK-Muscle is Muscular rope between the pubic bone in front and the cock behind.

You can feel it when you stop the stream of urination in the toilet. To come out the last drops of liquid, you also strain It is this muscle.

Exercises for finding LCs - muscles

  • Every time you go to the toilet for a little, stop and start at least 3 times.
  • You help yourself, relying about the wall.
  • Stay a jet On the breath .
  • Sewing teeth and straining the crotch, exhale and push the urine.
  • Repeat the procedure before Full Liquid removal.

Thus, you will begin less asked questions on what to do to do not finish the guy long. Just find this muscle. The guy in the toilet trains the Lobkovo-Copter muscle in order not to end for a long time

2. Pump the LC - muscle in everyday life

  1. Bring yourself to the point that you can strain the LC - Muscle everywhere Even when you are driving in a minibus or drink tea.
  2. At first it will only be sitting, but then you will learn to do it at any Position.
  3. Try Do not strain Belly and press, no matter how much.
  4. Do it as often as possible during the day. At least 4 times in a day.
  5. The newcomer will help the compression of the muscles of the mouth and eye In parallel with the LK-muscle.

Pumping LK-muscles is one of the most effective techniques among many tips on how quickly do not finish the guy.

3. Press the point of a million dollars

  • Before the rear hole there is one recess, into which one joint can be immersed your finger.
  • She is situated (see drawing) on ​​line from dignity and slightly not reaching the rear hole. Find this point.
  • Pressing this point, a man even can slightly loosen the erection.
  • And if combined This method also with the voltage of the LC-muscles, then you are at times to reduce the risk of completing the act of love.

Press the main hand or 3 fingers as in the figure, or 2 as it is more convenient for you.

To have a clearer understanding of how to learn how long does not finish the guy, find this point "million dollars" in the drawing and descriptions.

That's what men write about her, studying the topic about the treatment of premature ejaculation and the causes of the problem.

How a guy long to stay in bed

Words of experienced men about this point

  1. I just find a point of a million dollars, click and Do not let go Her, if I feel that there is a risk.
  2. Sometimes combine with tension LK - muscles .
  3. If I feel that it is still very hot and approaches, I will stay better on 15 seconds . Sometimes it is better to stop moving and make sure these 2 first actions.
  4. When the voltage is less released, I continue to enjoy, pressing parallel to the point or already removing my hand depending on how I feel.

Do not forget about this point, and then your dreams about how long it is not to finish for two hours at home, will start incarnate into reality and become a reality.

4. Breathe deep and slowly belly

Student intensive breathing leads to a rapid completion.

Most often, the love zoom ends quickly because of the man lacks Air, he breathes too often, and his heart begins to beat even stronger. Then the body reflex is triggered.

Another frequent mistake is delay breathing during proximity. Do not allow it.

The use of drugs to do not finish the guy long, it will be meaningless if you initially do not breathe belly .A man monitors breathing in bed and knows everything about how long to hold out with his beloved

Exercises for the development of abdominal breathing

  1. The body is relaxed , hands on the stomach, smooth back.
  2. Or sit, or go to the back.
  3. Take a breath Through the nose in such a way that the abdomen in the navel area becomes more and expanding. But your diaphragm should, on the contrary, go down.
  4. The whole body is as relaxed. Exhale with a slight tension so that the feeling that the navel is pressed against the spine, and your genitals are tightened to the body.
  5. Repeat the procedure This breathing is about 30 times. We also told about the importance of proper breathing in another article.

To stop steaming about how the man does not finish longer, breathe very deeply and slowly. Proper breathing is very important.

Analyzing abdominal breathing in the drawing

5. Be sure to communicate with her and agree to stop

If it rises, you need to tell her the outdoor text that Now we will stop .

The ability to communicate during the Socia is the key to success and great weapons! Use it.

Most jambs :

  • She is silent because it does not want to hurt his male ego.
  • He is silent, because he is shy to communicate and somehow dominate or order.
  • It continues to move intensively despite the rapid end, because she likes the fact that she always starts his partner.

Agree with my girlfriend about pauses, and stop wondering on the topic of what to do to do not finish.

6. Select a minimum voltage position in the body.

The most excellent positions for long love.

1. She is on all fours from the land of bed, and you stand on your feet

2. She is from above

The right posture for guys who are tormented by the problem on how long to hold out in bed

3. She lies on the side to you back

4. Doggi Style, where you stand on your knees, and she on all fours

5. You stand on your feet, she sits on the edge of the kitchen table face to you

6. You are both standing, she turned his back to you, leaning with his elbows and arming the back

If in these poses suddenly approaches, you need to stop for both long time.

Basic requirements for all poses for long love

  1. The main thing in these poses What hips, legs, pelvis, ass are not tested.
  2. As little as possible should touch Skin of each other. Spanish bodies. The smaller the area of ​​contact, the better.

7. Different medicines

There are many different pills to do not finish the guy longer.

Here is some of them.

  • Drugs of our site;
  • Viagra;
  • Kapikachhu;
  • Cialis.

In addition to tablets to extend the sexual intercourse, we will look at other special techniques. The guy and the girl know everything about how long does not finish the guy

8. Transfer thinking to uninteresting or unpleasant things

Or you can even think about terrible, unpleasant things. Who is what is much.

Slimming focus with partners for all these events.

And this technique works.

9. Use the principle of delaying

  • Pull the testicles need. This is such a Taoist way for a long time not to cum.
  • Before the man wants to "pull out", they are reflexively drawn closer to the body.
  • Carefully took them higher, without pain pulled down down and supersed. Here is such an interesting way to treat rapid ejaculation and the reasons for the appearance of the disorder.

10. Stick Relax and Comfort

Learn to be able to comfort and relax, do not strain the body, and you will go to a new level.

When yours The body is intense , Energy accumulates in one place, she just nowhere to go.

And then your session ends early.

In body without tension Energy is freely moving in the body, and all channels are open.

Remember this and know everything about how long you can not finish. On the importance of the state of relaxation, we also spoke here.

11. Make everything 3 times slower

  • Do all the times more slowly than you saw in German films.
  • These all films will not be taught correct, they are removed exclusively for men. In real life, everything is not done so quickly.
  • No need to touch it as a handrail in public transport.
  • Everything happens 3-4 times slower.
  • If you are in a hurry, then a quick end is inevitable.

The next video lesson on how long did not finish the guy at home. It has 3 methods that are applicable in practice.

On our site about this and other methods we have already written here.

12. Make the right solo practice

If you have No partners And you like to caress yourself alone, then do it right.

In this practice for nothing It is impossible Lose seed and can not be lowered.

How long do you stay alone straight It affects how much you will stay with a partner.

If you feel the tide of the waves, you can always stop and make Pause . Then continue again.

Plus that you will learn to recognize your scale Excitation and you will know at what point the tobun horses will carry out the distance and at what point should be stopped.

Discard The beliefs "oh cannot, it is not on morality" and others.

Follow these fulfill at home the advice on how quickly do not finish the guy. This Council is recommended exactly to those who have no girl.

Regarding the exercises "Solo-Practices" It is important to understand that at the end it is better to achieve an eruption and reset ballast. But only at the end, when you have already held enough time from the very beginning and a lot of time. For example, after 25 minutes. This exercise is appropriate to apply in cases where you have not descended for a long time. If you can choose, choose proximity to the girl, not a solo practice.

13. Methods of conducting an account in the head to 1,000

  • You consider up to 1000 and only then you can afford to complete the act.
  • You are holding You tolerate, produce endurance and keep an account in the head to 1000.
  • Only then you can relax: no more, no later.
  • With time When it starts to get, faith will appear in what you can and know how long.
  • You will have confidence based on real practice.

Here is such a proven technique that we also wrote in another manual. the guy should know everything about how not to complete his business ahead of time

14. People's Methods

We will analyze the question of how long the guy does not finish with the help of folk remedies.

Useful ragners and tincture:

  • Washing currant leaves or raspberries along with food;
  • decoction of oak bark;
  • tincture of fresh flowerfish vasilka;
  • Brigade crushed root Lovely.

15. Inhale make an exclusively nose

Since breathing is very important, and we have already explained why, then remember one nuance.

Inhale When classing love is performed Only nose .

And then you will breathe warm and clean air.

Otherwise, inhaling his mouth, it will flow cold or dirty air, which will shoot down the respiratory rhythm and control over the situation.

Also, practice will be useful for the installation of proper breathing. Meditation .The guy long lasted with a girl in bed

16. Do not consider and do not look at her body when you are in the process

Consider another awareness on how to have sex and long do not end. It opens his eyes to one of the popular causes of rapid seeds in men.

Errors beginner guys

That's what a beginner was told to gain the guy's experience.

"I was in the rear position. Her figure is very good.

I was worth it to start looking at her, how my perception began to try her form .

The pictures began to go one after another about what kind of damn attractive and superdeal.

And here it all unexpectedly and approached the end. I was not enough for a long time. "

Hence the output

  • When you make love with superfront and Beautiful Girl, do not consider and do not look at her figure.
  • In the process of Socytia Change focus For breathing and exposure.
  • Touch on the long process of mutual pleasure.

17. Do not allow your bubble to be complete

Full bladder will put pressure on the prostate.

Then it will be better to restrain.

And it will be you strong To interfere Be sure to go to the toilet in advance!

This is what needs to be done to do not end for a long time, from the very beginning and necessarily.


If you are sitting in the office for all day days and everything is stirred in the pelvis, then what a long night love can we talk about?

It is necessary to be friends with sports. Exercise in order not to finish a guy longFor example, it will be useful Do the following classes:

  • Run;
  • Yoga;
  • Swimming;
  • Crossfit.

If you sat on different forums with the topic about how long did not finish, it should be aware that when sitting the birth of life, blood will be badly circulated at the bottom of the body.

Hence all the resulting problems with male power.

19. Include products with zinc, magnesium and vitamin E in your diet

What you need to include in your diet:

  • more nuts;
  • unprocessed honey;
  • eggs;
  • oatmeal;
  • peas;
  • bananas;
  • tomatoes;
  • prunes;
  • Oysters.
  • celery.

Fruits and vegetables are excellent means to do not finish long. These are gifts of nature - natural and useful.

20. Return-translational movements should do you, and not she

It is clear that we sometimes want to relax and lie as an asterisk, and the girl did all the work. But such passivity can cost you evenings.

Most often, the problems with the rapid completion of the act of love for newcomers are exactly when the girl takes the initiative in his hands, and she asks the pace and rhythm.

This is the man and loses control, he wants it or not.

Therefore, perform all the work itself, and do not allow that it will jump and move instead of you.

Implement these awareness! We have done the time to change yourself and get rid of the experiences on how long do not end at home.

Useful video "About this" by the eyes of both sexes

21. Cool Secret Contact Tel

What is the secret, which many miss?

The secret is that the larger the bare bodies of men and women come into contact, the stronger the excitement increases and the eruption of the seed is growing. Keyword - bare. That is, it solves the area of ​​contact with the naked bodies.

  1. The way to bypass it - Wear a T-shirt or any other clothes on the bare body of a woman. It's enough.
  2. Then in your favorite posture Your bodies will have less contact. From here and accordingly, the time of proximity is extended.

Words of experienced and practitioners this technique

  • I lay on my back. She was on top in a rider pose, but did not lie on me, but sat. There was complete control of the situation.
  • Here, suddenly in the rustling of the process of love, she relaxed and completely lay down on me. She was without clothes, like me. Golden bodies began to touch completely. I began to feel that now the excitement rolls on the increasing. Uncontrollably and stronger.
  • If I had not asked her to return to the original position sitting, then everything would be very fast. Just asking her to rise and sit again, I was able to regain control.

So for me there was a response to the question of how long not to complete the man at home this joy from getting pleasure in bed.

22. Insight to reduce increased sensitivity

For those who have an increased sensitivity of the intimate gun warheads, there are Lifehaki.

  1. Do not expand Extreme flesh of your warhead before proximity. Do you wear contraception to it right so, not shifting extreme flesh.
  2. In this way , Sensitivity will drop due to the skin of the skin and put on over the rubber band. That is, the feelings are duck. This will allow to hold longer.

23. Pay due attention to foreplay

Preludes are preliminary affairs before the start of the intimate act.

Why are preludes so important for long seal?

  • Preludes give extra time To get your stallion in a natural way, when it was not even time to do clutches. Parts are frequent when a man "descends the trigger early" precisely because of insufficient or has not yet had time to reach the desired condication of the erection.
  • Laski compensate for lost . If after the first frictions, the man still shoots early, thanks to the preludes, the girl has time to get a lot of pleasure and buzz. Preliminary pleasures smoothed the rapid casus of a man. And he no longer seems like such a casus. And from her part there will be no ukra.
  • You can return to the foreplay repeatedly. When you already started making love and suddenly, strong excitement will sharply approach, you can always pull your unit and return to Prelude again. Thus, you will always know what to do to do not end for a long time if the wave covers.
  • Caress to remove excitement A peasant, remove the tension, the fear of closeness. It is because of Mandrage, the men quickly descend. Even in serious business meetings before proceeding to business, businessmen are taking advantageous, ask each other about personal life, tells jokes. This is all to remove the excitement before the start of the speeches.

How can you do the prelude and what you need to understand

  1. Relationship experts speak That the prelude begins with the first words of Flirt, from the very sight, as soon as you met in a cafe and sat down. And the prelude does not break from the cafe of home. There should be no space. Think about it.
  2. Kisses . Good delicious French kisses with tongue are very glowing at furnace. You can dilute them with the right touch.
  3. Forgotten intimate zones . Many guys do not pay due attention to the caress of the girl's neck, the uissem. The decolla zone in many girls is also sensitive.
  4. Deliver her pleasure With your fingers or language. Someone is not ready to caress the tongue in the very zone, then go into turns.
  5. Ask her for himself What kind of body parts are sensitive? What does she like? Facilitate your task.

24. Distraction with plugging

If a girl Suggage you for the inner side hips or other part of the body with normal strength, then the erection is noticeable will fall . Use it when it starts to approach.

You can pinch for the rear point, field areas and other sensitive zones.

Ask The girl do it to be a little hurt. This is such a physical distraction method.

We will summarize the results of all the above-mentioned grandfathers on the topic on how long they do not finish a man.

What are the ways to distract

  • Physical (pinch over the sensitive area).
  • Visual . This is when you do not admire her body, but shift the focus on the corner of the bed, point on the wall or other items nearby.
  • Thinking (Presentation of frames from the horror movie or countdown in the head to one thousand).
  • Respiratory (Concentration on deep breathing).

The essence of all the diverting methods are to move their attention from the genital area. Then a lot of energy does not accumulate only in the same area - the area of ​​the groin. Energy is freely circulating throughout the body. Where your focus of attention is there and the energy is sent.

25. Synchronize breathing with a girl, breathe in one clock with her

We have already spoken here about how for a long night love is important to trust, be relaxed and deep breathe. Here is another new chip, where it all applies.

  1. Synchronous breathing removes Difference between you brings closer. You better feel each other and as if making love in one stream. One rhythm of breathing makes your pair one.
  2. When there is no separation You are a man, and she is a woman, the logic is turned off. Turns on feelings. It all is very relaxing you.
  3. Set under one A leisurely deep breathing rhythm. If she has a deeper breath than you, then install it under it. Or find, speak and tune together to one of the deep abdominal breathing tact.
  4. In this way You will immediately notice if you suddenly begin to swallow air to intensively and accelerate unlike partners. She will be a good guideline for you.

26. The longer you know a woman, the better you have sex with her

1. Long-term relationships → Harmony and Relax → Long intercourse

  • Rule works because you have a complete mutual girl with a permanent girl confidence . With a girl with whom you have long known, you have a connection at the level of feelings sincere mental Communication. It is easily built here comfort . Such a girl knows you for a long time and her high level Adoption you.
  • All this in the aggregate gives you to relax, no Voltage and grip in the body. As a result, your intimate proximity lasts longer in time. Your state affects the duration of the intercourse. From here it is correct to say that the longer you know your girlfriend, all the better Your sex.

2. Unconscious girl → Ampathy and adrenaline → Quick Finish

  • What you can not say from the night with a stranger, which you know only one or two days. With unfamiliar heavier Will relax and feel comfort. With such you can not Open completely 100%, you can't reveal your soul.
  • With an unfamiliar girl before proximity most often excitement , intensively beats the heart, adrenalin Skeins, the body is clamped. That's all - enemies Long intimacy. As a result, as a rule, proximity is short-time here.


  1. Do not strive Ranged on the number of girls, often change partners.
  2. Find one The only and develop your skill with one.
  3. Than more often You are engaged in your one permanent girl love, the longer time you will hold on.

27. Special Contraception Tools

  1. Especially strong Contraceptives with thickened latex or with strong marking. Such ultra-shock products have a latex thick two times more than usual. Hence the sensitivity of sensations on the end is dull, and it turns out to be held longer.
  2. With anesthetic . Such contraceptives have anesthetic on the reverse side, which freezes, reduces sensitivity. Only disadvantaged them are that when anesthetic appeals to the genitals of a woman, they also lose sensitivity. Then the woman will lose the whole range of pleasant sensations from the intimate process.

Important comments for those who have no sexual partner

  • Keep the seed always in yourself and very-very long do not descend - harmful For prostate. After all, it leads to stagnant phenomena, which causes prostatitis or inflammation of seed bubbles.
  • At the same time, if you finish very often before the state of exhaustion, almost every day, then you will also provoke development Prostatitis . Find the golden middle and focus on your well-being.


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