Good, nice words for your favorite guy, men, husband just for all occasions: examples of words and phrases

In the article you will find for yourself a lot of pleasant compliments that can be given to your favorite man.


  • Pleasant words for a man, her husband just so for all occasions: examples of words and phrases
  • Good words for your favorite man, boyfriend, friend, buddy: list
  • What to write, what words to say a favorite guy who likes: examples, nice words for a man
  • What to say husband, guy meeting from work so that he melts: nice words for a man
  • The warmest, gentle, gentle, nice words and phrases for a man, a loved one, a guy, husband: examples in your own words
  • Hot, Sexy, Stimulating Words for Men: List
  • How to say a man that he is beautiful: list, nice words for a man with compliments
  • The best words for the man, which he nice to listen: Reviews
  • Video: "Pleasant words for a man, what to say?"

Pleasant words for a man, her husband just so for all occasions: examples of words and phrases

Every woman necessarily wants to please her man with pleasant words. But when the fantasy ends and beaten compliments "My Favorite", the "best" and "best of all" is already pretty bored, the original phrases come into running, which completely take advantage of the second half and give a new tint with personal relationships.

Of course, for each man there is its own system of promotions in words. Someone crazy about your mascara names, someone needs more wise recognition. Every woman, of course, knows his man and can pick up in this article the most suitable options.

Remember the very word is not very important, but your ability to present it beautifully. So, your harvested pleasant words for a man can be your winning trump card and weapons with which you can feel a little happier.

Do not forget to "indulge" your men with pleasant phrases for any reason, even the most insignificant. And then he will answer you the same attention.

Pleasant words for a man for all occasions:

  • You embarrassed my life with the most bright colors and do not even know how to live in former serm!
  • In my life there is only one man. He is the most important and important for me - that's you.
  • Among all other men, I highlight you and exceed ten times!
  • It is impossible not to love you, but live without you - it's very difficult!
  • You are a reflection of me. You are me. I have nothing without you.
  • You complement my life. Without you, she is boring and happy.
  • Your eyes are two bright rays in this dark fussy world.
  • How good and careless life is next to you!
  • I didn't have greater love in my life than a devoted passion for you!
  • You awaken in me as many bright feelings that I do not know how to live without this "recharging"!
  • You are a wonderful representative of a strong half of humanity. Why? I can do everything, make up, cook like God. Yes, you yourself are like God!
  • How lucky I was to contact you!
  • I feel good with you, though. Here you just sit next to the side, but I feel good, more than ever.
  • One of your smile awakens so many feelings in me, then it's hard for me to cope with them!
  • The aroma of your pure body drives me crazy! Here, you leave the soul - and I'm already in ecstasy! Handsome!
  • Do you think you are not beautiful? You just have never seen yourself from the side ... in my place!
  • It seems to me that every your feature was perfectly drawn by the artist!
  • Yes, you can be filmed on the covers of the most beautiful men's magazines!
  • What do not say, and you are so beautiful and sexy that I probably will have to tie you and leave at home.
Words for the most pleasant men
Words for the most pleasant men

Good words for your favorite man, boyfriend, friend, buddy: list

If you just started relationships, choose pleasant words for men and compliments with extreme caution so as not to "cross the line" respect for it and do not show yourself from a bad side. Such words and phrases should not be vulgar or overly lustful.

Try to always choose the time to choose the time for compliment and do not pour them to a man from morning to night. So you can "knock out" a person with his obsession.

Options for good words beloved man, guy:

  • Have you ever said that you have very beautiful eyes? Truth! I adore looking into these bright, orange sunflowers on an amber background!
  • When you smile, I see how your lip band is bent. She intrigues me and gives a hint of playful kisses.
  • When I see your face so close, I can not think about not to hold you with my delicate kisses! How do I like you!
  • You know, I appreciate you not how much beauty, how much deep inner world! And by this, believe me, rich not every man!
  • Let's go something show! Here, look - the mirror, and in it you. So beautiful. Love you.
  • I never met such stunning men like you!
  • When I met you, I did not believe that the happiness that you really talk to me. It seemed to me that it was a mirage or a fairy tale. You're perfect. You are my dream.
  • I really believe that there are no more people in the world anywhere.
  • Did you know that when you kiss your skin on the lips remains sweet sugar flavor?
  • From you comes simply beautiful, warm and so bright aura, which is located in a meter from you - solid pleasure.
  • Most of all in the world I want to be not your half, and you.
  • Love you hard, but you would know how nice it!
  • I did not believe that one day I can meet a man of my dreams. But ... Here he is! Right in front of my eyes!
  • I am ready for you to flip the whole world from my legs, if only you were happy!
  • What do not say, and you are the best man in the world. And you are only mine.
  • How well hug you, talking to you and rejoice just that you are near.
  • You are my happiness. You are my dream limit.
  • I can hardly with you. With you and I am better.
  • Next to you I flourish thousands of petals.
  • I feel good only when I know you're happy.
  • All my pleasant impressions of life are only connected with you.
  • Dear. You are so expensive. Yes, you are just more expensive than everyone in the world!
  • I have one secret. I'm afraid to tell him. His meaning is that without you, I probably, and not live.
  • Please, never stop shining. You are the light in the tunnel, the sun in the sky and light in the window of the darkest night.
  • All your external features and internal qualities - they all walked in perfect combination.
  • Well, how can you be so attractive man? I'm scared that one day you will just steal right from under the nose!
  • I probably have hallucinations! It seems to me that the most beautiful man sits next to and hugs me. No, so can not be! This is a fairytale!
How to please your man?
How to please your man?

What to write, what words to say a favorite guy who likes: examples, nice words for a man

Communication in social networks and messengers has now switched to such a high, daily level, which is practically an integral part of life. Therefore, it is quite important to be able to build your messages so as to interest and attract a man, expressing the whole palette of feelings and emotions.

You can write nice words for a man when he is far away at work, study or on a trip. So you will give him to understand that you always think about him.

Message options that write a man:

  • I am writing to you with such a bouquet of feelings that they simply do not convey them as ordinary words!
  • I accept my message, I kissed every letter in it and handed you with great love.
  • So much I want to tell you that I don't even know what to write ... Imagine?
  • From the excitement, my hands are shaking, when I type this messages ... It can not be that I loved you so much!
  • In this post, I sent you a hundred of my kisses, can you accept them?
  • How do I miss you! Every second my heart is as if someone squeezes into a fist, and then let go when I remember that you are mine.
  • Without you my heart - thousands of broken fragments. I miss.
  • You are magical. You are beautiful than sunset. I can not live without you.
  • When you kissed me, I thought I could go crazy. You are amazing.
  • Hello. This is me - your message. Love you.
  • Blimey! I still got the courage to you write! Fuch! Well hello!
  • When I think about you, I excite thousands of memories, goosebumps and a previously unknown feeling of excitement.
  • How much do you need to love a person to miss him every second?
  • No longer leaving so far! I do not care without you!
  • Are you busy? And I know for sure that all my thoughts are busy with you.
  • How nice to know what we are together. Even when you are so far and not around.
  • In my dreams, I already meet you with joyful arms.
  • You can believe what you left, and I already missed it as if I did not see you of 1.000,000 years old!
  • There is no more place in my heart! It is all busy with you!
  • I will write just a few words. But they will mean everything. Love you.
  • Even messages to you get warm. I love you so much!
  • The houses without you are so empty, as if it would bring all the furniture and did not leave the walls.
  • I didn't even imagine that I would be bored so much for you! From this unexpected feeling I suffocate, we do not sleep. Come back soon!
  • One thought that you will come back soon, makes me move on!
  • Well, how can you come! How can you just take and go to work?! I'm sitting here, I miss you!
  • One you can make me laugh, make something to do against your will and leave to bored at home. Round!
  • I never believed that I could meet a person who would love more than myself. Well, hello, my second half!
  • How gray around. Outside the windows of the Sun, and it seems that rain. All because you are not near.
  • How many messages do not write to you, but everything is not enough for me. What do you think it's normal? Sorry, I just miss very much. And there is no strength to wait for your return.
  • I am writing from great love. I miss like a little girl. Come!
Pleasant words for expensive men
Pleasant words for expensive men

What to say husband, guy meeting from work so that he melts: nice words for a man

The moment when a loving woman meets from his chosen one, the most trembling in relationships. It plays great importance for a couple, since this moment two people give each other to understand how much they missed each other and how to each other are needed.

Therefore, especially attentive girls, you should prepare pleasant words for a man, after which he literally "melts" and will be ready for everything for his beloved.

Pleasant words for a man after work:

  • I waited for you for so long, my getter!
  • Finally, our feeder came!
  • How long did I wait for you from work, it seems that the whole year has passed!
  • Waiting for you from work - a whole test! I missed so desperately!
  • Nothing makes me sad, as your watch spent at work!
  • Hey! I am ready to meet you with hot dinner and sweet dessert!
  • Finally, you returned with this nasty work! The day was just awful without you!
  • Finally, this day is decorated with your return from work!
  • How long have these minutes waiting for your return from work!
  • Real mockery - Leave a wife at home to miss and wait for you from work!
  • You are so well done that you work for us. I am proud of you incredibly and miss you insanely.
  • If you want to split my heart - just go to work for a whole day. Checked - it works.
  • I waited for you for so long that it seemed a little bit. Do not leave me more.
  • Loneliness stretches the moments so that I'm just unbearable to wait for you.
  • I love those moments when you come back, but I can't catch you.
  • Loneliness. Yearning. Sadness Without you, I am completely alone. And when you come back - a holiday.
  • I just lived my thoughts about you and your return from work.
  • Only a desire to meet you delicious dinner did not die me from boredom and longing!
  • I wanted to please you so much that I prepared a whole banquet, not dinner! How is good that you returned hungry!
Words, pleasant for expensive men

The warmest, gentle, gentle, nice words and phrases for a man, a loved one, a guy, husband: examples in your own words

Love is expressed not only in relation to, but also in words. Pick the most pleasant phrases and words for a man who appreciate and value. Express love as much as possible and more often.

The warmest words:

  • I love you so much that if you leave, in the moment to stop breathing in the chest.
  • You are fine and calm. Safe like a stone wall.
  • You wake up such warm feelings in me that, basking them, I can not freeze even the coldest winter.
  • You are affectionate and gentle. Teddy, like a bear. Pleasant like sweet candy.
  • How without such a pleasantness, how do you, do it all day?
  • You have eyelashes like two bend ups, just poured!
  • I woke up before you and for a whole hour admired your face. You're an angel.
  • You are my brightest fantasy, the most cherished dream.
  • You performed my desire. You are my.
  • Better than you and beautiful stars in the sky. And that is not all.
  • I want to shout you about love. These cries are rushing from my chest.
  • I hug you and you will hear how my soul door beats in your door, a small hammer of the heart.
  • Let me in my love. I promise to behave well and devoted.
  • You are so dear to me. You need me so much. You are vital.
  • Your kiss in the morning saves me from sadness all day.
Words about love for men
Words about love for men

Hot, Sexy, Stimulating Words for Men: List

Sometimes one word only lights in a man volcano and fireworks passion. For the sake of a woman, so devotedly loving him, he is ready to perform feats. Do not miss the opportunity to "ignite" your chosen one.

Hot and sexy words for a man:

  • I want you so much that there is not a single centimeter of the body, not covered with goose wishes.
  • From your fragrance of the body, I am captured by the Spirit and the heart begins to beat even faster.
  • One of your gaze is ready to undress me naked!
  • I forgot to wear something ... Let's check what exactly?
  • I remember our caress at night and can not exhale this pleasure so far.
  • You are the ideal of a sexy, present, trembling man.
  • Your naked body excites me even right now when you are completely dressed.
  • You were very gentle at night, do you want to repeat?
  • Your hands I feel on my body still ...
  • How gently every one kiss. Want, I will show you my kisses?
  • Yesterday you lit a fire, but he is still not a wonder ... what will we do about it?
  • I want you right now. I barely keep myself from not throwing on you, breaking clothes.
  • How sexy you look at me ... Stop! Otherwise, you will regret.
  • Want to be late for work? I will show you how it can be done!
  • You do not need to talk with me with such a voice, otherwise you will not notice myself how to find yourself without pants ...
  • I'm so excited. How about what? From what you look at me with such a hot look!
  • Do you know that under this dress I have nothing at all? Do not trust? And you check!
  • I want to kiss your every centimeter of the body, and some centimeters even twice ...
  • How much does not take a look, and I still want you ...
  • As soon as I imagine you on the bed, so thoughts immediately become dirty!
  • No, you do not imitate in bed. You are very good.
  • The best thing you can do is right now to take me to the bedroom ...
Compliments beloved men
Compliments beloved men

How to say a man that he is beautiful: list, nice words for a man with compliments

Do not forget to make male compliments, they love them also strongly, like women, only react a little differently. Choose the most pleasant words for men. Rejoin them every day.

Compliments to men:

  • You are beautiful as Greek God!
  • I do not cease to admire your courage!
  • All in you is good: both the body, and the features of the face, and the mind.
  • You immediately got all the best that only maybe in a man!
  • Each of your feature seems to be shaped with a skill sculptor.
  • And they say that men are not beautiful ... they just did not see you!
  • I met attractive men, but such handsome people like you, never!
  • You have such a taste that many women can envy you!
  • I do not cease to surprise your turning and sharp mind!
  • You are not only beautiful, all you do, you get beautiful!
  • You are the most attractive man I've ever met in my life!
  • Everyone in your hands is laid, reinforced and blooms. You're doing fine!
  • Never lower your hands! How can you please such beautiful hands!
  • From you, it seems, the aroma of masculinity even comes. You're standing near and understand - this is a real man.
  • I am so nice to you just go there. Everyone looks around, and I mentally say: "He is mine!"
  • Such as you still need to look! Beautiful, smart, kind. Ideal!

The best words for the man, which he nice to listen: Reviews

Veronica: "I always please my man with pleasant words. He is my best and most beloved. Well, as you can not say about it? In relations, it is practically the most important thing - to keep tenderness and admire each other. Tested by time and experience, believe me! "

Svetlana: «I first had somehow shame to say compliments to my husband. Well, yes ... well done. And what else? And then I tried to surprise him and know what? He bloomed like a rose! She looked, climbed, blushed even. Since then, I have understood that not only we, women, we need gentleful Word! "

Valentine: "And I always guarded my husband! And there is nothing shame! A man should know that he is the best. So his strength appears, inspiration and wings behind their backs. He is ready to turn the mountains only for the sake of that woman that he loves him with all his heart and is not afraid to hide it! "

Catherine: "I agree with you, girls! But, there are such men for whom two words to squeeze difficult. And when you decide to tell him "Handsome", he looks at you, as if you whispered Voodle! Therefore, find out in advance, it loves compliments or not. Everything happens in life! "

Video: "Pleasant words for a man, what to say?"

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How often do you speak your man that he means for you? He, like any woman wants to hear the words of approval, compliments in their address. So it is worth knowing what and how to talk to a loved one, so that he always sought the best and did everything for you.

What to say a man to feel necessary and welcome

List of phrases for your beloved person

Nobody asks you to memorize the phrases of great writers about love, because it, as a rule, does not sound naturally. The best words for your man will be those uttered from the pure heart. Speak compliments in your own words, what you feel next to him.

As an example, we prepared several phrases that the man would definitely want to hear from you:

  • You're everything to me.
  • Having met you, my life has changed for the better.
  • The world became brighter thanks to you.
  • It is you give me confidence in yourself.
  • For you, I want to be always the best.
  • Next to you I feel safe.
  • I'm not afraid of anything next to you.
  • I'm proud of you.
  • Never doubted your abilities.
  • I am glad that I met you. After all, about such a man as you dreamed.
  • I love to watch when you are doing what you are fascinated.
  • Ready to listen to you eternity.
  • You always answer for your words.
  • My girlfriends constantly envy me when they see us together.
  • You can everything!
  • You know how to make me laugh, even when sad.
  • All for what you do, you get.
  • Your smell drives me crazy.
  • I will support you anyway.
  • We will cope with any problem.

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Short phrases for correspondence

You can make it nice to my man and without sounding compliments. All use social networks and sometimes you want to impress and make sure the feelings due to SMS. But what is really worth writing a man in this case?

What to say a man to feel necessary and welcome

Here is a list of phrases that will not leave indifferent anyone:

  • I can not stop thinking about your gentle, passionate kisses.
  • One look at your strong arms and back excite me.
  • Last night does not come out of my head.
  • I love. Waiting. Want.
  • Next to you I lose time bill.
  • In your embrace, I'm not afraid of anything.
  • Your smile makes you forget about all the problems.
  • I flew on my back goosebumps from one thought about you.
  • I dream to touch you again.
  • From your kisses, the head is spinning and legs are cut.
  • I can not believe that we are together.
  • My heart beats faster when you're near.
  • Every minute that I am waiting for you - it is worth it.
  • There is nothing better than waking up next to you.
  • I have plans for you tonight.

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What to say a man to start it

Men can be taken in one phrase. The main thing is to discard all fears and uncertainty. He will feel your desire and will be excited from this. Let's consider several examples of such phrases:

  • If you only knew what vulgar thoughts I have now in my head ...
  • Always dreamed try Poses from Kama Sutra . Can you help me?
  • I prepared two dishes. I am one of them. So you decide from what to start.
  • Your voice starts me.

You limit yourself only yourself. Therefore, just let fantasies and desires convert to words.

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What phrases a man wants to hear after proximity

It is no secret that every man is trying during the Socia with his beloved woman. And if something does not work, they are very upset. Therefore, if everything was excellent and maybe he exceeded your expectations: tell him about it. There are also phrases that a man wants to hear from his beloved.

  • During the process, I even forgot how to breathe.
  • You are very strong.
  • This was spectacular. Thank you.
  • Today I understood what it means to be on the seventh heaven from happiness.
  • I will never forget this night.
  • When you (some action, for example, whispered in the tenderness of the tenderness) I was only more excited.
  • I still have the knees shake.
Do not speak the words that imply a comparison.

Love, speak nice words to your beloved and then you will always be desirable for him, for which he will turn the mountains!

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Girl with a lollipop on a pink background

Just below, you will find phrases that will help tebesend the first step and take everything into your hands.

But first pass a small test. With it with the help of whether you are worth it to get involved in this adventure.

Do you like? i

Do you really like it? Outside the circumstances of the icontext? And this is really a bright feeling and sincere interest, and the unwillingness to wipe the nose of the ex-boyfriend?

There are no correct and incorrect options. Be honest with you.

If he really likes you, go further. With the other case, leave the guy alone. Do not let him false hopes. Wait when your person is truly burst into your life.

Form 2

You like this guy. Not the sweet-tree that you painted in my imagination and with whom I had time to live life in my head.

You are ready to take any outcome of the events, because you are scoided on this guy.

You do not build air locks and you will not be angry with the nation for not reading your thoughts and did not lead myself as the tyna infantazed for a soundtrack from the "memory diary".

Common maiden mistake - not to fall in love with a bunch, but in the invented image. It is necessary to dry up, dofantazy, draw and start suffering.

You are an adult girl and reveal yourself from it, right?

Lawless Heart 3

You understand perfectly well, it can be vague. It will upset you and will bring out of equilibrium for a while. But you are ready to put up. You just want to tell him about your feelings and find out if they are mutual.

Girl with purple hair

No need to configure yourself in advance for a negative. No fact that reality may be very far from fantasy, it is necessary.

Take the soil 4

Why did you decide that there is something between you? Because he helped you the door and greeted when you saw three months?

Analyze his behavior - how he is with the troubles, as looking at you.

How often does he come to contact? Shows a linitiative or only favorably accepts your signs of attention?

If the prospect of getting a refusal does not scare you, you can not bother - show sympathy and wait for the response.

Communication 5

Start with friendly communication. If you have a community, use it - more often choose somewhere with the company. Talked with a dream, jealous. In general, use your charm.

Girl with a ponchik

If you decide to ask his friends about how he treats him, be ready for what he learns about your investigations. After a reaction, you will understand, do you like him like a girl or his all arrange it, he does not want to lose your friendship.

Soul Let. 6

Find a point of contact. Discussing common wings. If you do not have anything in common, do not rush to upset - you can sound a lot of new things. You can tell him about what is happening and hit him with your knowledge. And he, in turn, will make you look at things that you have not had any interest before.

The main thing is that you coincide the views on the life of the ratings - and with different tastes in music and pizza it is quite possible to accept.

Flirt 7

Friendship friendship, and warm the degree of your communication is necessary. Compliments, unobtrusive gesture language, touch, smiles, dressing eyes in the eyes - do not lose time with a gift. Flirting, you kill two-chairs at once - do the soil and make this very soil more fertile.

Girl with lips as watermelon

You are infusing that the guy does not understand your hints? Here everything is not so unequivocal. Well, you know, as they say - "To be smart - it can be pretending to pretend stupid." Possible, he just does not want to offend you.

Another possible option is to flirt you do not care. And the guy of the non-doom that you are trying to show sympathy for him.

50 phrases that help you fifty

Let him understand that next to him you have fun, good and calmly. Use compliments, hints or blows it the brain and says direct text. Choose any phrase from the list and act!

In the end, the refusal is unpleasant, painfully, but not deadly. It is more painful to find out that you two have experienced mutual sympathy, but it did not decide to open each other.

It is better to regret what I did than that I didn't dare.

Girl with sweets photo session

And to cry out girlfriends and frightens ice cream under the "Diary Bridget Jones" you can always. Although, who knows? Maybe that you will be too busy by dating with your new guy.

  1. Can I tell you something? I like you.
  2. I like it so time with you.
  3. You always manage to cheer me.
  4. I often think about you.
  5. You are not like other guys.
  6. You know, but I like you.
  7. You are the most interesting of my acquaintances.
  8. You are the most cheerful of everyone I know.
  9. I like to talk to you like this everything.
  10. Do you believe in friendship between a guy and a girl?
  11. When will you finally invite me somewhere?
  12. I like your confidence.
  13. You have a cool sense of humor.
  14. You know, I like one of my friend, but I'm not sure that I like me. What should I do?
  15. I like to correspond with you.
  16. Do you not see what I like you?
  17. I argued with my girlfriend that I could confess the feelings of one guy. So, I like you.
  18. Have you ever thought about what we could become a couple?
  19. Girlfriend said that the cool pair would have turned out. What do you think she is right?
Girl with red lips and necklace
  1. We look great together, do not find?
  2. I am glad that we met. To be honest, I am always glad to see you.
  3. I had a dream today, as if we went to date. I liked it, by the way.
  4. If the girl from whom you are friends, called you on a date, how would you react?
  5. It seems I like one guy. Tell me how to understand if I like me?
  6. That girl in the cafe did not keep his eyes off you. But it can be understood.
  7. What do you think about Friendzone?
  8. What do you think, is it worth confessing in your feelings a guy with whom we are just friendship?
  9. You smell so tasty. What kind of perfume? Just awesome.
  10. I love to look like you are preparing / work / communicate with your family / read. I almost fell in love.
  11. It seems to me that I do not care about you as a friend.
  12. I like you. And at all like a friend.
Girl with a teddy bear
  1. How much should I hint what I like you?
  2. Yes, I also like this series. I also like you. By the way, I'll go upload a new series.
  3. Do I like me like a girl?
  4. Have you ever thought about translating our relationship to another level?
  5. How did it happen that you still have no girl? You're cool.
  6. Do you like anyone now?
  7. I always liked smart, confident and courageous guys. How do you.
  8. This hairstyle goes too much. I am in love now.
  9. What is it when you like your girlfriend? I'm about myself, if that.
  10. I like one guy, but no one knows about it. Can I trust you?
  11. You do not guess why I answer your posts so quickly?
Girl with marshmallow
  1. Your friends told you that I asked about you? Well, fine, I have nothing to hide. Yes, I like you.
  2. If you invited me on a date, I would agree.
  3. It's amazing that you do not have a girl. Anyone would agree to become it. For example me.
  4. You have beautiful eyes. And smile. I generally like your appearance.
  5. You are cool. I'm glad that we met.
  6. When you look at me, I'm confused.
  7. You are cool, I am cool. We have so much in common.
  8. I heard that the best relationships grow from friendship. Should we try?

Modern girls often do not know how to tell the guy about feelings experienced to him. In most cases, they are afraid that they can sigh. There are many options for expressing your sympathy. The most common is a personal conversation. But you can also say about feelings in a letter, message or even a phone call. The main thing is that the manifestation of feelings was sincere. After all, the words themselves are important, but what they say.


How to confess in sympathy

There are many ways to express your feelings. But it is worth understanding that any such manifestation bears certain consequences. It is necessary to know how to admit the guy in sympathy:

  1. one. Select the right moment. If the guy is tired, not in the mood, then the expression of my feelings should be postponed. The most suitable moment when no one hurries anywhere and is in the good arms of the Spirit.
  2. 2. Recognition is worth making alone. Undoubtedly, the best girlfriend will give confidence, but the guy may regard recognition as a joke. And in the presence of friends, he is confused and will respond at all.
  3. 3. Prepare in advance. It is worth it to propose speech, look at yourself from the side. It is necessary to prepare yourself for an unpleasant outcome, because there is a chance that it will refuse.
  4. four. Do not immediately speak the forehead. It is better to start with a neutral theme, and then come to a conversation. It is worth starting with questions, ask his life.
  5. five. Speak clearly and clear. It is necessary that the guy understands and heas the words, so the rehearsal of recognition is very important. If he was confused, it is worth repeating recognition again to show the seriousness of intentions.
  6. 6. Do not rush it. If the guy asks to give time to answer, then you should wait at least a couple of days. And if he jammed, then we must gently push him to answer, saying that the recognition was not easy, since there was no confidence in the opposite feelings. This will encourage him to answer. both positive and negative.
  7. 7. Do not emotionally react to failure. If the guy refused, then it is not necessary to arrange hysterics, cry and begging him to give a chance. It is necessary to show courage and respect for yourself, accept his refusal and express the desire to communicate with him as before.
How to Girl Show the Guy, what he likes

How to Girl Show the Guy, what he likes


Letter with recognition

The girls are very shy and cannot express their feelings personally. There are social networks and popular messengers for this. Tactics will depend on how well the guy is a girl sign.

If the girl drew attention to the previously unfamiliar guy, then you should immediately find out if he has a girlfriend. Usually such information can be found in the social networking profile. If there is no such information, then you need to leave "huskies" under photos or guy records - this will attract his attention. After that, it is worth acting about the situation. If he sent a request for friendship, then it is necessary to accept it if not - to do it yourself. Then in the process of talking to find points of contact. After several days of communication, he, most likely, will invite a date.

If the guy is already in friends, then it's just worth writing his personal message. But it is necessary to express feelings by SMS. It is worth avoiding high style letters. You just need to say what you experience. Say: "I love you" is not recommended, since such a serious application can be able to scare the guy. It is better to just say what he likes. It will be much easier to do if the guy is very well a girlfriend.

A significant minus of such communication is the impossibility of seeing human emotions. Therefore, it is better to gain courage and express your feelings at a personal meeting, not through the Internet.

What to write or tell a girl when meeting to please her

What to write or tell a girl when meeting to please her


How to avoid mistakes?

It is very difficult to confess the first in sympathy, even if you really like the guy. Therefore, it is necessary to try to avoid an unpleasant situation. The following items will help not commit some errors:

  • Do not impose your society, it is necessary to give personal freedom;
  • Do not put on other people's masks, to be like that;
  • not to throw messages, respond only as the answers arrived from it;
  • Do not show your feelings in the company of his friends;
  • To be morally ready for a possible failure.

Spear about feelings or express them is a personal matter of every girl. It is not so hard to confess in sympathy. Much more pleasant to be with a man when there is confidence in his feelings, and not constant doubts in it. It must be remembered that love is absolutely sincere, strong feelings, but hiding them, you can lose a dear person. Do not listen to the tips of others, it is worth acting as the heart suggests.

How to hint at your girlfriend or a guy for sex?

How to hint at your girlfriend or a guy for sex?


Best words

To impress your loved one, it is recommended to select words depending on the severity of the relationship, the age of chosen and other individual features. There are several ready-made options for recognition:

  1. one. "Our acquaintance lasts for a short time. But I am exactly sure that you are very close to me in spirit. When we do not see, I want you to be there. And when we together, I feel very happy. You are very good for me for me for You are ready on a lot. "
  2. 2. "Before meeting you, I never thought I could love. But you completely changed my life, turned it down on my head. Next to you I understand that I feel the warmest feelings for you, but the separation is very hard for you. You I gave me a lot of wonderful moments, and I want to tell you thanks for painting my life with such bright colors. "
  3. 3. "I miss you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I always have little to you, I madly want to be with you. You are very smart and caring, you give me a lot of wonderful emotions. Our meetings will leave the aftertaste on my lips for a long time."
  4. four. "Your hugs for me as a space. Your kisses like a drug that dope the day of day. You are very dear to me, with you I feel truly happy."
  5. five. "I could not decide for a long time for me for a long time. You're the first one, to whom I show such feelings. I'm not afraid to lock in your eyes banal or stupid, I don't care, because I like you."

Variants of recognition set. The main thing is that they be sincere and walked from the heart. It is easier to express feelings in the letter, but still will have a greater impact of personal recognition. It is worth watching the guy right in the eyes, occasionally throwing a look at his lips or chin, sometimes you can take a look to the side. It is necessary to say without impoverished, but not solid text, making pauses to express emphasis on important words.

Any manifestation of feelings is a brave act that deserves respect. It is worth remembering that if there is a sympathy, then you do not need to be silent about it. It is necessary to show it not only in words, but also in action. Anyone loves attention and care, so you have to show them and give it to free.

How to say a man that you like it. Affectionate phrases for your loved one. How gently can be addressed to your man

Pleasant words man just so in your own words: list of phrases that can be said or write a guy

Men, contrary to popular belief, love to listen to pleasant statements and receive love messages from their halves. Thus, male representatives feel their significance. It is important for them to know that they are valued and loved. Compliments not only for women! Using them to a guy or husband, a woman strengthens the relationship and brings positive and positive emotions to them.

Phrases for the expression of love for a guy

It is very important to express your feelings for any pair, this is determined by the status of your union, you give you to know what you mean for each other. Expressing your love, you strengthen the marriage, it helps to avoid conflicts.

Here are some options for such checkouts:

  • Favorite, you are my most expensive treasure, the most native person;
  • Dear, I could not live without you, I didn't love anyone so before;
  • You are a real man who can stand up for her, reliable and brave;
  • The biggest happiness for me is to see your courageous face, listen to a gentle velvet voice, feel touched;
  • I dream to wake up next to you only eternity;
  • No matter what conditions we will live, in wealth or poverty, most importantly, so that you are near, then I will be happy;
  • Our love is not measured by words, we are two halves of one whole, we understand each other with a half-clow;
  • I have not met such wonderful people, you are the most dear, kind and charming;
  • You know how to laugh, thanks for the excellent sense of humor;
  • I dream that our joint children would look like you, intelligent and beautiful as you;
  • You are my knight in shining armor, any obstacles to you.

Remember your beloved need praise This is a mandatory male need, praise warms boys to new achievements. Such expressions will be perfectly suitable for this:

  1. You are very strong, so there must be a real man;
  2. You can easily handle the unbearable tasks affecting the abilities;
  3. I can not imagine how you manage to do such a difficult work, you are a big one;
  4. You are the best in your case, brilliantly perform your work;
  5. Your intellectual abilities are just amazed.

In this video, Violetta Morozova will pronounce 10 phrases that can be reluctantly to act on any man:

Pleasant words of her husband

No matter how many years you are married, warm words and the expression of love for half is always an important attribute of a happy couple. His love for her husband can be expressed using such replicas:

  • The moment when I got married to you was the most fateful, then I decided to link my fate with the best man in the world, and for a moment I did not even doubt this one for a moment in this choice;
  • We and I went through many difficulties and obstacles, but it did not prevent us from preserving the proximity, you are the best husband;
  • We will live with you a long lucky life and every moment will enjoy each other;
  • Meeting with you turned the world around me, in my existence there was a meaning;
  • You brought in my life the ocean of happiness and unforgettable impressions, thank you for;
  • In my memory will forever the moments of our first meeting, the first kiss, recognition in love will remain.

Affectionate nicknames for a loved one

There was a stereotypical opinion in society that men cannot endure when girls or wives turn to them with diminutive nicknames. This opinion is erroneous, psychologists have proven that representatives of strong sex, no worse than women, positively perceive such words.

Women love to invent various gentle nicknames to their chosen. Especially calling their beloved by all sorts of animals. It is important to consult with a boyfriend, whether he is against such a nickname.

Here is the list of the most favorite words:

  1. Bunny;
  2. Cat;
  3. Bear;
  4. Mouse;
  5. Diminutive lubrication of the name, for example, knee, sane, valerik, etc.;
  6. Sun;
  7. My love;
  8. Dear;
  9. My happiness.

This list can be continued for a long time, female fantasy is limitless. Each girl is trying to come up with an interesting and original nickname.

Pleasant words guy at a distance

If it happens that your beloved is far from you, on a business trip or for some reason for some reason you shares the distance, remember that Men It is important to feel your love and support which is simply necessary to express in SMS or telephone conversations.

In such cases, the following phrases are suitable:

  • I miss you madly, I think the days before our meeting;
  • Waiting for your return;
  • Distance is not a hindrance for our love;
  • Without you, I feel bad, come back soon;
  • I would rather take your hand and hear your voice;
  • You took a piece of my soul with you, without her I can not fully enjoy life;
  • I want to cuddle to you and hear the heartbeat, feel the warmth of your hands;
  • You are with me in my dreams, so I look forward to the night;
  • Would now give a million dollars, just to see you for a moment;
  • I so want to hug you that seems to be ready to go to you at night in the rain.

Warm words support lover

If your half is in a bad mood, troubles for work or something like that. Or if your chosen one is in the bad arrangement of the Spirit, "Has Having Having Having", it is for you to help him get rid of this mood. At such moments, he needs you, support is important.

In such a situation, you can use the following phrases:

  1. Do not be sad, we will handle it, together we will overcome all the difficulties;
  2. The main thing is that we love each other, and everything else is formed;
  3. What would not happen, remember, I believe in you, you can fix it;
  4. Failures happen to everyone, I am sure that we will survive it;
  5. You overcame a lot of difficulties on your way, it means you can cope with this;
  6. You are the strongest person of everyone who I met, you will definitely find the way out;
  7. You have golden hands, I know what you are capable, you will succeed.

Your words in this case will help the strong floor to find faith in yourself and will be an impetus to exit complex situations.

Wishes for loved ones

Pleasant wishes improve the joint life and add romance to the relationship. So the couples show that they worry and worry about each other.

Wishes for the night:

  • Sweet dreams Favorite, I wish you the most pleasant dreams;
  • Good night, let you dream the happiest memories, so you can live them again;
  • I will come to you today in a dream, because I want to spend every moment with you;
  • Rather, tomorrow, it will be possible to spend another day with you.

Morning warm words:

  • Huge happiness to wake up next to you;
  • Thank you for gave me the opportunity to meet with you dawn;
  • I wish you a good day, let him be joyful for you;
  • Today's in the morning you look especially good, every day I fall in love with you all stronger;
  • Let today you will not face anyone with any trouble, and the sun shines in your soul.

Men are important similar words from loved womens, please our chosen words and family well-being are provided. A man who hears such words from his woman is impregnated with her love and respect. Your tenderness and support gives representatives of strong sex a stimulus to grow and develop. And he will be with each of his accomplishment thanks, first of all, you are.

Video: Affectionate words for a man (4 examples)

In this video, psychologist Anastasia Denisenko will tell, with the help of which words you can hit the heart of any man:

Affectionate words man! A selection of the most pleasant and original phrases for the expression of feelings ...

According to the well-known folk wisdom, "women love ears." However, this does not mean that the male part of the population of our planet is not averse to hear compliments addressed to them.

If your favorite man is not against , It is worth thinking about how to make him pleasantly, inventing some kind of cute and funny nickname.

Listen to the recommendations on the right approaches to the expression of feelings for a man in gentle words:

Any couple of lovers are unique and is unique as unique to their relationship. And if the girl is in love with his chosen one, she is trying to come up with any nickname. And all the fair sex representatives are trying to invent such an association from to give the importance to gentle words, which would be the most exclusive, affectionate and pleasant for rumor.

Varieties of male nicknames

All fictional diminutive-burning can be classified by several features. Here is some of them:

  • First Name Last Name). The easiest way to choose the nickname can be called its association with the name or surname of the beloved. For example, "Baranchik" with the name of Baranov or Petjunka if the guy is called Peter.
  • Character. Here are repelled from certain characteristics of character. People with hot-tempered and aggressive character are often called "Tiranushka", and people are not particularly demanding to themselves and their actions - "Liviva".
  • Age. Prestige is very important for a man, so not to drop it, it is very important to pay attention to age. If a couple have a difference in 10 years or more, men are often called a "daddy" or "papule", but do not use the cynical and vulgar "papik".
  • Traditions. There are many common nicknames, and many girls do not seek at all in the originality when choosing a nice nickname. Especially strengthening the effect for such "handsome", "peaches" and "bupsiks" can the word "mine".
  • Love. In addition, the use of the above-mentioned word "mine" can level the negative effect of any nickname, since it serves as an expression of love. The guy's delight will not be borders if he knows that he is only your "cat," and only it is different.
  • Dignity. The use of the word "most" in relation to any nickname will significantly increase the self-esteem of the man and give him confidence in himself. Therefore, calling it "the strongest" or "coherent", you will be pleasantly surprised by what miracles can occur with a guy when using one word only.

Top 15 pleasant phrases for a man (list)

There is a stereotype that men love only delicious food, passionate sex, exciting sports, and, of course, women. But everything is not as primitive and standard, as it seems to many. If you look more attentively to the chosen one, you can be very pleasantly surprised and fall in love with it even more, and at the same time, surprise him in your own words.

The calas almost always will achieve more than coarse force. © ©

  1. Native.
  2. Gentle.
  3. Cat.
  4. Sun.
  5. Wonderful.
  6. Dear.
  7. Favourite.
  8. My good.
  9. Only.
  10. My angel.
  11. Tender.
  12. Sexual.
  13. Beautiful
  14. Best.
  15. Great.

Unusual words for a man

Ideal. Long-awaited. Talented. Hot. Chocolate. Courageous. Unforgettable. Unusual. Wise. Understanding. Strong. Thoughtful. Sincere. Soulful. Sexy. Present. Shining. Desired. Great. Fairy. Sweetie. Mysterious. Cute. Unusual. Great. Elegant. Imposing.

Affectionate words that love men

Harmful. King. Macho. Temperamental. Brave. The best (lover). My prince. My Lord. My owner. My Lord. My divine. My inspiration.

Beautiful words man in prose: about love, at night, miss ...

The above words are also used to build phrases, then from such a man will simply be delighted.

It is possible to bring an example a huge number of similar expressions, the best of men:

  • My favorite kitten, I am so lonely and bad without you, that I always want to be with you always.
  • I want to purr to your eye about how I love you and never get tired of it.
  • The best day for me is the one at the end of which you will return home and get to my hugs.
  • The most beautiful evenings and nights for me will be those during which we will chat with you about everything in the world, looking at the moon and a magnificent marine surf.
  • Today I am the happiest, because you are next to me. One that is gentful to the clouds and the warmer of the sun.
  • I will reflect on the asphalt, sand and walls all my delight from you. And if suddenly these inscriptions will disappear, I will write them again.
  • Remember, my love for you is eternal and not dried.
  • You have a dream for me, who finally came true thanks to our meeting, I am glad that we found each other and now we will always be together. I really need me.
  • You are an angel, descended from heaven. You gave me your heart and wings. It is invaluable for me, and in return I will give you all myself.
  • You are so sexy that my body burns from passion and desire. Help me, pay off this fire. Touch me, hug, kiss, let me enjoy you.
  • My hero, I am ready to die for your love, but why, because I want to live and enjoy you, your emotions and feelings. And I also want to change them, give me my own, and I will give you mine ... we will like it.
  • You are the most native and dear person for me all over the world. Thank you, that in all this huge world you are next to me.
  • There is a huge joy in my life. And that's you. Apparently, I deserved it with my love that serves as your guard and amulet, she will heal you from wounds and protects from all troubles.
  • For my life I gave me a lot of gifts, but your gifts are the most beautiful, and the best gift for me is you.
  • I never in life do not deceive you, because you are worthy of only clean and bright truth. Even if this truth is bitter taste, I still never hide anything from you, just because you deserve it. And the bitterness of this truth I absneu it with my kisses and hugs.
  • The best morning is the one that begins with your kiss.

Compliments and affectionate words about the hobby of your loved one

Men most of their romance. But they will always be assessed if you are in your compliments to reflect their addictions or hobbies, divide his hobbies in conversation with him, give this special attention. Here are examples of such situations.

List of gentle and sexy phrases for SMS beloved guy

The surprisingly accurate selection of affectionate words and councils for the selection of nicknames beloved, associated with his zodiac sign:

Beautiful and affectionate phrases beloved man: Examples for him to understand what it is needed

Men as women love affectionate words and compliments, but shy to confess this. I hear about myself something good and pleasant important to any person, regardless of gender, social status or age.

Affectionate phrases beloved man can and need to talk! It is important to figure out how to make a compliment to the spouse, whether to call the second half of the "kitten" or "bupsik", how often teaching words and so on.

What phrases like men

The man will be a nice warm, gentle expression of your feelings in his address. It is not necessary to break your head over which compliment to make the second half: simple, but sincere words are more expensive than the most sophisticated praise, with difficulty.

Regularly hearing praise in your address, any guy / man gradually acquires confidence in their own forces and mentally thank the girl for it.

You know your man better than others, so you must approximately understand what expression he likes, and which will cause indignation or insult.

You can call your beloved:

  • Bunny, Bear, Tigrenk, Lionkom (better to ask for a man, whether he like animalistic nicknames);
  • Sun, bupsik, baby, pupbry (not all guys love sysyukanny, so it is recommended to pre-alone such appeals);
  • with a dimensional name (for example, Maxim, Olezhka, Sakhuni, etc.);
  • The only, beloved, expensive, native (these are neutral appeals, which are always pleasant), etc.

Affectionate phrases favorite man in your own words

Pleasant words spoken by a man, should correspond to the situation, behavior, lifestyle, but most importantly - they should be sincere, go from the soul.

Only a loving wife knows how to react her beloved to this or that expression. Words said not to place or with irony, can offend.

If your spouse is fond of accurate sciences, you can admire his mental abilities if he is an athlete, feel free to tell him compliments about the excellent body shape.

A brutal man will be pleased to hear that he is strong and courageous, and a serviceman - that there is nothing scary with him in this life.

Tip! Sometimes you can speak the spouse new compliments, but you need to immediately pay attention to the reaction.

What to say a man to understand how he dear

Only one small phrase is able to give a man confidence, courage, understand that he is necessary for his woman and love it:

  1. "I know that I can always rely on you."
  2. "I'm not scary to me, because you are next to me."
  3. "All temporarily, do not worry, we will cope with any problem."
  4. "Do not worry. I am sure that you can easily figure it out in this situation, because you are so smart. "
  5. "Count me in any situation, I will help."

These and similar expressions are painted by male representatives, give them strength.

How to write my husband that he is the most beloved and dear person for me

You can write a husband about your feelings on paper, asphalt, say on the phone, send by email or dishes.

Be original - come up with such words for your lover that will penetrate into his heart.

The main thing - he should understand that this is a recognition from the soul, it is real, without false, then he will be much more pleasant to hear him.

  • Write a note with recognition and hang on the fridge or attach to the television console.
  • Buy the washable paint and write about your feelings on the asphalt.
  • Send a cute love letter by email to work - you will see home he will return in a great mood.
  • Come up with the original SMS message and send the spouse.
  • Lower an envelope with a letter to the mailbox and ask your beloved to look at it on return from work / store.
  • Before leaving for a job, attach a note on the mirror in the bathroom with the words of love - in the morning the spouse will read your recognition and will be happy.
  • Order a mug / plate / glass / cup with the words of love and give your half.

Beautiful phrases beloved man

Be original - Come up with such words for your beloved, which will penetrate his heart and remember for a long time. When you meet with you, he will remember them.


  • "You are the best, the strongest, most expensive man! I do not know how I would live without you! Next to you, I forget about all the alarms and care, I feel calm and confident, because you will protect me from adversity! "
  • "I'm the happiest person in the world! Why? Because I'm with you! You can't imagine how much I love you! "
  • "When I look in your eyes, I understand that I have nothing more expensive! You are my breath, my air, my life! You are my past, present and future! You are my happiness! I can not imagine life without you! Let's always be together every day and never will ever part! Your favorite bunny! "

Pleasant words man

Anyone is nice to hear gentle, nice words, they just adore affectionate expressions, although they do not recognize it.

You can speak of a friend about the appearance provided by the service, helping home, in response to a compliment, etc.

  • "I would never have coped with this castle, thank you so much for your help!"
  • "What are your strong hands: when you hug me, I feel like a little girl!"
  • "How nice you smell today! I adore the smell of your cologne! "
  • "Your smile makes me crazy!"

Good words for a man just like that

A special reason is not needed if you want to make it nice to your chosen one.

Affectionate word can be without reasons:

  • "Do you know who I love all the strongest in the world? You!"
  • "Today I have a great mood, because you are near! Thank you for being there!"
  • "You are the best husband in the world!"
  • "You really go to this shirt! You look so sexy! "
  • "Favorite, you are a great chef! I have not tried sushi for a long time, prepared in this way! "
  • "Thank you for spending the rooms - I have not done anything lately!"

Gentle phrases guy in their own words

When guys make gentle compliments, it awakens deep feelings, gives young people confidence in themselves and pushes on the diploma for the sake of the ladies of the heart:

  • "When we met, I immediately realized that you were my second half!"
  • "I like when you come on a date with fragrant flowers! It is so sweet!"
  • "Goosebumps flew from one of your voice! I look forward to every look forward to every meeting! "
  • "After meeting with you, I began to believe in miracles, because you are a real miracle in my life!"
  • "I like it so much when you take care of me! I feel myself "inch", small, fragile girl! "
  • "When you hug me, I dissolve in your arms."

Words for a man who likes

Say the magic words that can enjoy, can and a unconscious man, and who is being tied up with a relationship.

You shouldn't do loud configurations, and you can talk small compliments or gentle phrases - so you set up the future beloved on the desired wave, show what values ​​them and want to continue the relationship.


  1. "Today in the restaurant you were incredibly gallant and courteous - I am delighted!"
  2. "I never met such a decent and intelligent man. And your subtle sense of humor just conquered me! "
  3. "You look flawless and charming - it turns me out!"
  4. "You are beautiful and brave, like a prince from my beloved fairy tale!"
  5. "Your kindness is limitless! You always come to the rescue of any person - it is not everyone's superb quality! "
  6. "It's interesting to spend time with you - you know a lot about the mountains and clouds! I am happy listening to your stories! "


The confessions made by the second half should not sound arrogantly, pathetic or fake.

If you are embarrassed to say a beautiful lover compliment, write to him a note and hang on a visible place or send an email / telephone.

Words should be told truthfully, sincerely, to meet the situation and the temperament of a man, otherwise they will cause distrust, offense or anger.

Be unique and original - Come up with new gentle phrases every time, surprise the spouse / guy. Express feelings in various ways: on paper, chalk on asphalt, electronic message, self-cooked sweet cake with his name, etc. And be sure - soon he will begin to take attention to you if I did not do it before!

Sources: Com / Otnosheniya-S-Parnem / Obschenie-S-Parnem / Laskovye-Frazy-Lubimomu-muzcine.html

Relationships are unpredictable. Never know how they can start or end. However, every girl should know how to say a beautiful guy that I really like it. You can wait a long step from the prince on a white horse, but you can just take a bull for the horns and get much more pleasure.

What you need to know girls about guys

Love is a strong feeling. It can be devoured from the inside. A girl will chase a sense of uncertainty until she discern how to tell his beloved man, that he is madly like.

At first glance, there is nothing complicated in this matter. It is enough just to approach a misunderstanding hints to create and say everything straight. Literally offer to go on a date and have a good time. However, it is not always enough courage to decide on such a brave act. As - in no way, all people are afraid of failure. I do not want to glue a broken heart for a long month.

Therefore, most often, the fair sex is choosing a learning strategy. They make hints, turn hair, laugh at jokes, flirt and everything in such a spirit. With an ideal scenario, the guy will understand that everything develops perfectly and you can go a bank, tear Jack Pope. But some completely stupid, then do not do without the first technique with the expression of the innermost feelings in the face. As a last resort, you can use the social network.

What you need to know about the elect

The most important thing is to be confident that in love with this person. For complete awareness, it is necessary to "turn on the head". As - in no way, during strong feelings, there is not enough time to think.

Post for the behavior of your partner. If all the qualities are satisfied, then he is the same. However, if something confuses, it is better to think about it, whether it is worth talking to the boy that I like it.

What to do shy girl

Modesty colors women. Do not be afraid that the guy will not appreciate the cute red cheeks, a coming speech and a trembling voice. Purely at the genetic level, it attracts men. They want to feel defenders and conquerors. From such shy recognition, every guy carries me.

However, let's figure out several ways to tell the boy what he likes if you are shy:

  1. Watch eyes in the eyeMeeting with an eye on the eyes. To do this, you will have a little "break" yourself. In fact, this is the best way. He will not only add confidence to you personally, but also makes the probability of the beginning of relations much higher.
  2. Recognition in VKontakte or other social network. 21 Century - Technology Time. People can exchange information without leaving home. Therefore, write a beautiful message that melt his heart.
  3. Letter. Sometimes paper can say more than ordinary words. Therefore, you can write a real message on a leaflet, which is just throwing your beloved.

Romantic confessions in verse

Poetry is real art. It is to her can be resorted to conquer the heart of a man. Of course, first you need to make sure whether he loves poems. You can do it from ordinary communication or through his friends.

If the guy is opponents of creativity, it is easier to do without such tricks. If he adores Brodsky and he reads Pushkin, then you should act.

It is best to write a poem yourself. The main thing is to invest in it with the whole soul and heart. Even if it turns out ineptly, the guy will still appreciate and does not want to refuse a beautiful girl.

Recognition in different types of relationships

There is a huge number of public relations in life. You have to constantly change the social masks in order to exist comfortably. It is not surprising that there are several types of relationships:

  1. Comrade. It may be friendship in school or university. Perhaps familiarity from childhood.
  2. Labor. All communication with colleagues within the work activity.
  3. Love. Relationship with parents and people to whom the shower stretches.

Naturally, the heart will not order. Therefore, the "spark" may run at any time. Most often, the desire to say "the boy" that you like it, it appears quite spontaneously.



For example, feelings may arise to a friend on the office. Often, the relationship in the company is prohibited. All due to the fact that they can lead to a maternity leave, and this is unprofitable to the employer.

However, you should never hide your feelings. It is best to communicate with a colleague as usual at work. Leaving the place of labor, you can start flirting and "closely" to communicate. The guy will appreciate this separation of work and relationships. As-nothing, men tend to attach a line between relationships and a career.


At the Institute, everything is much easier. This is as a relationship of 12 years. It is enough to say a misunderstanding of anything guy: "Now we play in the family," and the mechanism will start themselves.

While studying in a specialized institution, a lot of free time, which can be directed to getting from life all that will want. That want both boys and girls. Therefore, do not waste time, "study" each other.


Often relationships can begin on some part. You never know when the spark runs and the real fire will begin. With a stranger, you can be as limited as possible. As - in no way, he knows nothing about his evening companion.

However, it is best to behave sincere. To figure out how to tell the guy, what he really likes you, just look into my heart. It will tell you the necessary words that will conquer anyone.

Step-by-step instruction how to make recognition

Now it is necessary to sublimate all the previously obtained information. It is easy to communicate with people, but we have to talk about the intimate, we turn out at times worse.

Clean that he really likes you

To do this, you need to spend some time with it. You need to constantly talk to find out all its secrets. At least basic.

Sometimes people seem better than they really are. Therefore, you need to launch a strong nut and get to his true "I". It is necessary to do this in order not to be asked later as a matter of how to tell the guy that I no longer like it.

Be pre-ready for failure

Each person is afraid of pain. This protective mechanism is laid in our nature. Therefore, when you go to war, you need to be ready for wounds.

Of course, any recognition is a game of "Eagle or Rush". It is not known which side will fall. One can only guess the behavior of a partner. But we will be honest, it does not always help.

Need to tune in advance to failure. Consider this script detail. So it will be much easier to reconcile with him.

Boy and girl

Pay attention to signals

Often guys do not know how to hide their feelings. They always evaluate their acquaintances. . Therefore, pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Jokes. If he begins to joke next to you, it means that he wants a positive impression.
  2. Vacityalty. Sweats, picks up, stuffed - the symptoms that the "spark" takes place.
  3. Opening and politeness. Next to your chosen, the guy will be a real prince: the door holds the door, give the hand, it will take place through the puddle, the bag is coming. In general, will do everything to prove that the perfect companion in life.

Share with him

Long-term relationships begin with good friendship. As - in no way, many men call wives with the best girlfriends. After all, what do you need guys? To listen to and periodically supported.

Therefore, you need to communicate for some time without intimate intimacy. And if everything is wonderful, it's time to act and go to a new stage.

Talk about common interests

Men love when the companion supports a conversation. He can have completely any interests. This earlier everything came down to football and cars. Now guys can discuss comics, literature, serials and other layers of masmonic culture.

Therefore, if you understand something in the subject, then you should share your opinion. This will add a few points in your piggy bank of attractiveness.

Flirt and more touch

Without flirting nowhere. You can make sednamines. To joke about attractiveness. Nobody canceled vulgar hints. All this will attract a partner and make you think about the girl in the night.

Tactile sensations emphasize intimacy. Each person has a personal space that should not be destroyed. However, this "space" is glad to let the right person. Therefore touch each other. Randomly, lacaround. Watch the horror movie? Right in his shoulder in a terrible scene. Go on slippery road? Take your hand to not fall.

Such moments should be that no problems occur during recognition.

How to write a guy what do you like

Write a note with recognition in loveRecognition on the social network is much easier to implement. Partner's response is not visible, therefore it is much easier to perceive both refusal and consent.

In order to hook a guy, you need to write everything from the soul. Of course, you can take someone else's famous phrase and take advantage of it. However, it can push it. Here you need to be "real." Literally "shared" in one single message. Bring the whole soul.

If there are no words, it is enough to pronounce three cherished words: "I like you." No need to complicate, write what you think.

What errors should be avoided

The most important mistake in recognition is obsession. Sometimes girls do not know the measures, they start literally to pursue the guy. This can scare, and not attract attention. Therefore, everything should be in moderation. Remember that men are too freedom.

In addition, the lady may mistakenly decide that the relationship began. You need to listen to everything that the partner says. Do not pull out from context. So that there are no offensive and unpleasant situations.

The last moment is to avoid hysterics after refusal. Yes, it happens. Today I said no, and tomorrow the shields on the lap. Therefore, you do not need to start hitting it on the face and scream if the relationship has not begun. It is better to go into the sunset with proudly raised head.

Of course, no one knows what female recognition can lead to. However, you never need to limit yourself and wait for happiness, sitting on the sofa. It is better to create it yourself.


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