How to find a person by last name and name - all ways

Another twenty years ago, it was possible to find a person only through the address bureau. It was necessary to issue a special application and weekly expect a result. Fortunately, we now live in the world of high technologies. You can find a person in just a couple of minutes. All that you need - connecting to the Internet. In this article we will look at how to find a person by last name and name.

How to find any person by last name and name

Social networks

Over the past decade, the social networks are developing simply crazy rates. In the modern world it is very difficult to find a person who would have no pages in Vkontakte or profile in classmates. Millions of people enjoy social networks. Accordingly, the likelihood that the object of your search is registered in one of these services is extremely large. Therefore, if you need to find a person by name and surname, it is best to deal with social networks with a similar task.

To find a person according to the name, follow the following instructions:

  1. Enter the social network (in our case - VKontakte). If there is no account, you will have to create it. The benefit of the registration process is very simple and will not take much time.
  2. After you entered, enter the name and surname of the person who must be found in the search string. Press the ENTER button.
  3. Voila - the social network issued a whole list of users who are suitable for a given request. Now it remains to view the results and choose the right person from the list provided. Find out information about a person through the people's database
  4. As a rule, the search for people in social networks gives a huge number of results. It's very difficult to watch them. But fortunately, the number of users found can be reduced. To do this, you need to specify additional data on the search object. For example, if you know age, place of residence and other information, the number of pages in the search will decrease several times.

The social network is definitely the best tool for finding acquaintances. And this is due to a number of reasons. First, pages in social networks, as a rule, contain photos of users. After reviewing your personal album on the user page, you can make sure that you have found a person. Secondly, personal pages in VKontakte, classmates and other services contain a bunch of information. With their help, you can learn about the search object all, starting a place of residence and ending with hobbies, hobbies.

What social networks to use to search? If you need to find a person aged from 16 to 30, it is better to use Youth Networks by Type VKontakte. When searching for an elderly person, it is worth paying attention to such services as classmates, my world, etc.

People search services

If a well-wanted person has no account in social networks, then you need to use special search services. Fortunately, on the expanses of the worldwide web of such resources PRUD PRUD. Some of them provide their services completely free. Others - require money for information. Consider a couple of sites that allow us to obtain data about a person.


FaceBot is a free web service that allows you to find a person by last name and name. The interface of this resource is simple to disgrace. To activate the search you need to drive into the appropriate string of the name of the wanted. If the system issued a plurality of profiles, then the narrow the range of results can be indicated by additional information (for example, country and city). By specifying the info, click on the search button. The system will issue a list of users that are suitable for the specified parameters. Archive of people by last name

The results are presented in the form of small blocks. They contain the most important information: name, surname, date of birth, place of residence. In addition, most blocks contain a photo. With it, you can determine if you have found a person. To get more information about the person, you must click on the block.


FamilySpace is a service for making a genealogical tree. Nevertheless, it can be used in order to find a person. Works Internet service is very simple. You just need to drive the name and surname of the object in the search string and click on the "Search" button. The service in a matter of seconds will handle the query and give a selection of information that matches the specified query. Checking a person on databases

Web service search by various archive data. At the output, you get a set of documents and records in which the object of your search is mentioned. In addition, the Internet service provides a couple of additional functions. For example, on the site you can look at the map, which marks the residence of people with the specified surname. To use the FamilySpace website, the registration is not needed. Nevertheless, authorized users have certain privileges (for example, advanced access to archives). Therefore, in order to improve the search efficiency, it is better to spend a couple of minutes and create an account on the site.

Electronic reference books

Electronic reference books will help you find not only the address of the object, but also his phone. Work with electronic directories does not require any knowledge in the field of IT. Consider how to work with this type of program, on the example of the Nomerorg web service. how to learn about a person everything over the Internet

So, to find a person, you need to enter data into the search bar. Most electronic reference books require the name of the object. But with Nomerorg, you can also find a person by phone number or place of residence. When specifying the available information, click on the "Find" button. The system scans the database and give a list of subscribers that match the specified parameters.

Search engines

How to find information about a particular person on the Internet? For these purposes, you can use one of the search engines. You just need to drive the name and surname to the browser and click on the ENTER button. If the object left any information about himself on the Internet (blog entry, comment, announcement, etc.), the search engine will definitely find them. Find a friend by phone number

This method is not particularly effective if the object of your searches is a common surname. In this case, the system will give a huge number of results, and finding the necessary will be extremely problematic. To narrow the search range, you can set the request parameters. For example, activate the search for a specific region. You can do this through the menu called "Settings".

In the next article of our online intelligence publishing cycle, consider how advanced search operators of Google (Advanced Search Operators) allow you to quickly find the necessary information about a particular person.

In the comments to the first article, readers asked more practical examples and screenshots, so we will be many practitioners and graphics in this article. To demonstrate the capabilities of the "advanced" search for Google, personal accounts of the author were chosen as targets. Made it so that no one is offended by an overview of his privacy. I want to immediately warn you that I have never asked to hide my presence on the Internet, so the methods described are suitable for collecting data on ordinary people, and may not be very effective to deny the fake accounts created for one-time shares. I propose interested readers to repeat the examples of requests for their accounts and evaluate how easy it is to collect information on them.

Before collecting and analyzing information about a particular person, it is necessary to submit the whole picture of what data about a person exist.

Such a map must be detailed to the level required to solve a specific task. Any information search begins with some initial data set. In our case, it will be a surname, name and place of work. The rest of the data is somewhere, but we cannot connect them with existing ones. Therefore, we form hypotheses and check using search queries.

Sources of information about a person can be:

  1. He himself: accounts in social networks, blog, etc.;
  2. State: tax databases, bailiffs, ships, etc. See links in the article
  3. Someone else (friends, enemies, media, employer, etc.)

In this article, consider claim 1. - We will calculate the author's accounts in social networks.

Goal number one: user nickname

What is nickname and how do we choose it?

Nick is our name on the Internet: We choose it, creating your personal mailbox, and then often use in various services.

We are not limited to the choice of nicks, but there are loved algorithms for the formation of our Internet names:

  1. Games with your name: Surname, Name + Surname, Name + Year of Birth, Name + Date, Initials;
  2. Games with the names of favorite characters (Tovbender, Napoleon);
  3. A little about yourself: Profession, Psychology (Coolhacker, Murmur);
  4. Demonstration of hobbies: Footballler, Boxer;
  5. "So that no one guessed": the word on the contrary, the Russian word in the English layout, the word in Latin, etc.

If we do not know nickname, but we know something about a person, we can already build assumptions and check them.

A good way to calculate the user's nickname is to search and analyze its pages in social networks and search for personal email address.

You can start searching for information about a specific user with a simple query similar to the following:

John Smith Romaista 

Where "Chamomile" is the name of the company.

Currently, we must remember that some features of Google search engine:

  • Google reads the request from left to right.
  • Google does not distinguish register: "Earth" and "Earth" for him the same thing;
  • The query length should not exceed 32 words;
  • * represents one word in the request;
  • You can search for an accurate phrase by taking it in quotes;
  • between words in the request is invisible logical "and";
  • Google himself knows how to decline words;
  • The operator "-" excludes results from issuing, which contain an expression placed immediately after this operator (required without a space).
  • At the top of issuing are pages that, according to Google, are the most relevant. Nevertheless, it is his guess, since he does not know how to read our thoughts;
  • To refine the search parameters, you need to own advanced search operators (Advanced Search Operators).

Now you can enter a similar request for the author of the article and get a lot of pages, among which there should be desired pages on social networks:

The information in the search engine is quite a lot, and to find pages on social networks We will have to revise a large number of pages.


By the way, what if we want to find a person from a particular company, but forgot his last name? Here can help the operator asterisk:

John * Romaista 

And if we are looking for a person from the Romashka LLC, and such "daisies" is a million: and Chamomile JSC, and Ano "Chamomile", and FSUE "Chamomile", etc.

Option 1. To seek the full phrase "Roma Ltd.".

Option 2. "Minus" unnecessary words: -Ano - AO-FGHUP (but so you can "catch up" and the necessary results, for example, if the page says that our "chamomile" made friends with FSUE "Orange".

Now we need to narrow the issuance and find the article page of the article on the social network "VKontakte". This will allow us to define one of the user's nicks, and then calculate the email address. To do this, it will be useful to use such an operator as Site. It limits the search for a specific domain of any level.

The second link already leads to the page of the author of the article "VKontakte". Please note that the author deliberately chose a short nickname: alexdorofeev. Not all Internet resources provide the opportunity to ask the link to their page, sometimes it is formed automatically, but may contain a nickname taken from an email address.

Using the information and knowledge produced, we will try to find a similar page on the Facebook network.

First, I will introduce the following URL to good luck in the browser:, but, unfortunately, we will see that the page belongs to someone else. Then we use the proven reception and add to the Site: request.

In the results of issuing there is no direct link to the profile that we are looking for, since the user has shown a vigilance at one time and forbade the "surrender" of his search stores

Here it is necessary to make a little retreat again and remember how search engines and including Google work.

What search engines can do, and what can not?

Search engines in general work on the following algorithm:

  1. Bots of search engines bypass sites;
  2. The contents of the pages are indexed;
  3. Upon request of users, references to relevant pages are retrieved.

Search engines cannot:

  • indexed information, access to which is possible only to authorized users;
  • data that are available after filling out forms, for example, the results of unloading from various databases;
  • Qualitatively extract information from video, photos, audio materials.

Some nuances:

  • context: the result of issuing depends on the user request, from the history of its previous queries and on the history of the page viewing by other users;
  • The search is carried out only in the language on which the user has entered its request;
  • There is some conflict of interest: search engines earn on advertising to which users click, because the pages you need were not at the very top of issue;
  • Censorship acts due to violation of someone's rights (author, right to oblivion, etc.).

Facebook refers to the category of Internet resources that are not very complaining of indexing of their site and what is directly reported in Robots.txt:

To detect the page of the secret user on Facebook, we will need to log in to this network and use the built-in search functional. The link to the User page can "leak" and be in the search engine issuance, but only if the user consciously published the material for its authorship for everyone to see.

By search, the author page is easily detected:

Analyzing the URL of the page, we can define another username: ADOROFEEV.

Thus, we have already got two nika: AlexDorofeev and Adorofeev. Since users on popular resources are very much, the nickname may differ from what really loves to use a person, so his "native" identifier is already busy. For this reason, the author of the article Nickname in Habré: AlexDorofeeff, although more like Adorofeev.

Knowing nickname, we can search for more pages potentially related to the right person.

Here we will answer again on Google and recall the following points:

  • By default, Google is looking for an expression (word or phrase taken in quotes) in all parts of the page: in the URL, in the header, in the text, in the text of the links. At the same time, special "advanced" operators allow you to specify wherever we need, that would be the desired text. To do this, we need to use operators: INURL:, INTEXT:, Intitle:, Inanchor: as well as their fellow with the Al.
  • Google understands logical expressions and brackets. And - logical "and", by default it is precisely between the words separated spaces in the search bar. OR or I is a logical "or".
  • If we apply the operator, then after the colon should be the desired expression without a space.
  • Operators with the prefix ALL allow them to apply to a number of expressions after a colon separated by spaces. For these same tasks, you can use operators without ALL, but with brackets and logical expressions.

We play with the inurl operator, which is looking for pages containing the right word in the URL. Since we already know a few nicks of the author, we can make the following request:

Inurl: (ADOROFEEV | AlexDorofeeff | AlexDorofeev) 

In the results of issuing, we immediately detect the pages of the corresponding accounts and part of the pages will belong to the author. Thus, if we have assumptions about used by Nicky, we can at the very beginning of our research to get a list of potentially interesting pages.

Closing the topic with nicknames, I want to draw your attention to the services, allowing you to quickly find out whether this nickname is used in a number of popular resources. So we can find additional pages of a particular person. An example of such a service:

How to find out e-mail?

Now, having got a set of favorite nicknames of the user, we can try to learn his personal e-mail. Why is it needed? Sometimes you need to find out whether the specific e-mail has a given person to determine the authorship of the letter. E-mail will also be useful to search for ads left by the user on the forums, etc.

We know Niki, but do not yet know the domains of postal services. So let's make assumptions and check. OT times the user from Russia, then most likely that it uses one or more of the following services:

  • Yandex Mail
  • Google Gmail.
  • Rambler mail

Accordingly, we can generate addresses (our hypotheses at the moment) with nicknames ADOROFEEV, AlexDorofeev and AlexDorofeeff.

How can we check, do you really exist similar addresses? One option: a little "chat" with email servers of each SMTP service:

Step 1. Find a mail server for a specific domain.

nSlookup -Type = MX "domain name" 

Step 2. Connect to the mail server and simulate the start of sending a message. If the server in the name of the recipient will answer "OK", then there is such an account.

Option 1: E-mail exists.

Telnet 25. 

Option 2: E-mail does not exist.

E-mail verification

Deciding whether the postal addresses exist, we can try to determine whether the specific address is connected with the person we need.

On Mail.Ru Some users create their own pages to which you can contact as follows

"Punch" one of the addresses:

You can also see user pages on all Mail.Ru projects, using the combination of the inurl operators already known to us: and Site:

inurl: Nick Site: Mail.Ru 

If we know what a person looks like, we know his name or even already found his page on the social network VKontakte (our case), the task of checking the belonging to a specific email address is greatly simplified. We can use the Access Recovery Mechanism. We will need luck: the user with this address must exist, well, and place your photo.

Let's check the four options for addresses for Nick "ADOROFEEV" and see that for two page addresses it does not exist at all, for one - another name:

But for the appropriate address on we find the page of the author:

So, we have calculated the real personal email address.

How to calculate the corporate email address?

Here the situation is much easier. The fact is that many organizations have their own rules for the formation of email account names that do not differ in particular diversity: initials + surname, first letter name + surname, etc. We only need to understand what rule is used in a specific company in order to form the address of the person we need.

Send to Google request of the following type:

Email @ Domain 

Scrolling the results of issuing, we find individual addresses of employees and everything becomes obvious.

How to calculate the user Instagram on geo-labels?

Now let's try to calculate the author's account in Instagram. First check the most obvious options:, and see that these are not those accounts .

Having determined that a person works in a specific company, we can search for photos with the corresponding geo-label. In our case, it will be "NPO Echelon".

We see that publications with this geo-label in the main mass are made by the company's employees. It is logical to assume that among the subscribers of many employees of Echelon, there should be an author's account, which we are easily and finding:

How to use a time machine?

After conducting a similar analysis regarding the document on Twitter, it can be found that the author led the site, which is not now available. What to do in this situation? After all, the materials of the disappeared site can be real interest. In the practice of the author there was a situation where such a disappeared site contained published criminal case materials with which it was interesting to familiarize themselves.

If the site turned off most recently, then we can help again Google, offering Cache operator: with which you can extract zashed pages extracted by the search engine.


We see that the site of February 5th was still included, but did not imagine anything interesting.

I really want to look into a more distant past - a few years ago. For this, a time machine would come up and, oddly enough, it is and is available to any inquisitive user at:

"Punching" the author's website, you can see that in the past there were some materials:

And by selecting certain dates, you can see the site content at a particular point:

Instead of imprisonment: a few words about the automation of the process and other operators Google

Is it possible to search for interesting information using Google to automate? You can, and quite good attempts already have: Theharvester script.

It should be noted that Google does not welcome and fight, so the reliability of the results of the use of all sorts of scripts will have to be additionally checked. Even just playing with quite legal operators, which we looked above, you will constantly see Coppoon and you will prove that you are not a robot.

The article turned out quite voluminous and we did not consider many other operators of the Google advanced search, which may also be useful in Internet intelligence. If the use of operators in a similar key is interesting, then we will definitely continue this topic in one of the following articles.


  1. What is in the name of you: how to "break through" a person on the Internet?
  2. Internet intelligence in action: Who is mr./ms. Habraman?
  3. Social Media in Identifying Threats to Ensure Safe Life In A Modern City Aleksandr Dorofeev, Alexey Markov, Valentin Tsirlov
  4. Google Hacking for Penetration Testers, Third Edition 3rd Edition by Johnny Long, Bill Gardner, Justin Brown.

Find a person in the Internet is possible in several ways.

Before starting the search photo, it is necessary to get a "portrait" of a stranger. The portrait in our case is the pompom of a person of a wonderful person. If you are looking for a person from a gangway, it is necessary to cut it, leaving only wanted. This is a magnitude and accuracy of the search.

You can find a person in the photo in social networks, the only one, you need to know which one to look for. There are special services, for example, for CV and Odnoklassniki. For networks, strictly follow the safety of personal information, it is almost impossible to find such services.

Simple, but at the same time in my opinion the best search method is search engines. Advanced search engine algorithms perfectly analyze images and find similar pictures.

Cat in a person by photography using Yandex. Martinki

How to find a person by photography using Yandex. Martinki
  1. Go to
  2. Click the icon of the camera
  3. In the Overleway window:
    • The first tab - you can drag the file from the folder, or specify the location of clicking "Select File"
    • The second tab - you can specify the address of the photo and click "Find"
  4. Under similar images will be links. Look for profiles in social networks. You can go to photos.

Yandex searches for pictures very well, however, for a qualitative definition, it is desirable to use both search engines.

Images Google - Pattern by photo

Google Pictures - Man Search by photo
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the icon of the camera - "Search by picture". 2-Nazhimaem-Na-Ikonku-Fotoapprata-Poisk-Po-Kartinke-Google
  3. In the window that opens:
    • Tab "Specify the link" - copy and paste a link to the image and click the "Search on Picture" button.
    • Tab "Download File" - Click "Select File" in the "Explorer" window that opens, indicate the location location.
  4. Lategories all similar images. Turning through photos, you can find out the name, phone, address of the wanted person.

Search Photos from the phone Online

Mobile browsers are programs with trimmed possibilities. In the mobile Chrome search on the picture is practically impossible. The only option in the settings of the mobile browser, on the right, in the upper corner to choose the "version for PC".

Search by photo in Yandex and Google from the phone is almost identical to the PC, the procedure is described in detail above.

Alternative service "PIMEYES

A pretty good site to search for people, works great on mobile devices.

Service "PIMEYES" sharpened to search for people by photo
  1. Download Chrome Browser
  2. Go to the site:
  3. Press the camera - when you first use the window will appear on the use. We agree, put two ticks.
  4. In the next window (Figure below):
    • Click "Upload Files" - indicate where it is located.
    • "Take a Picture" - we take a picture of the phone chamber. It may take access to the Camera for Chrome.
    • "Paste Image URL" - insert the link.
  5. The best match will be labeled 5 stars.
Service "PIMEYES" Photo Load Interface

Forelludes by photo in "VK" and "Odnoklassniki" - Service Search4Faces.

Find people by photo in "VK" and "Odnoklassniki" - service search4faces
  1. Retractable Website:
  2. Click "Download" - Find the image of the phoney
  3. You can leave filters, you can leave as it is
  4. Tabay "Find"
  5. FutUndene All similar images

The reasons why nothing could be found

  • The age of wanted. Young people more often enjoy smartphones and share their photos.
  • Man location. In cities, people acquire new gadgets more often, often for status. Show all your success.
  • Bad snapshot. Blurry, outside the focus, images are not suitable for search.
  • Search engine algorithms are not perfect.
How to find information about any person you are interested in?

This instruction is designed to verify its counterparties, customers, friends who are familiar living in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Latvia. This instruction is perfect for brokers, real estate agencies, and other companies that require customer checks. Well, for us with you, friends.

The more information you already have about a person, the better it will be easier to find the remaining more detailed information. The check will be the most complete in the presence of at least passport data of the person being checked. If you are known only to single data (for example, full name or phone or address), then use the instructions that apply for your data, but in this case the result of your check will not be exhaustive.

Checking the validity of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation

We go to the site Federal Migration Service Passport authentication page. In the appropriate fields, we drive a series, passport number and captcha (code in the picture). If in response you get the answer that this passport is "valid", then everything is in order. If the answer is that this passport is "invalid", then this passport is invalid, i.e. Fake or he ended the validity period. If it is replaced with a new one, it will also be reflected in the received messages "invalid (replaced with a new one)". The lack of information about the requested passport (Answer: "In the electronic accounts of the FMS of Russia currently does not mean") does not mean that the passport is invalid. Such an answer is given if information on the passport issued has not yet been received from the relevant territorial body or a passport entry is tested in the software package of the base.

We learn the name of the Inn

We go to the site Federal Tax Service , fill in the form and in response to receive the Inn number. If you received an answer "According to the information you specify in the FBD, EGRN was not found Inn, assigned to the tax authority in the tax authority," this means that a person has no INN, which is extremely rare, so I recommend that you check the correctness of the initial data entry when requesting.

Checking tax debts

In order to check the debt of a person for taxes, it is necessary to know His Inn. But Inn is not all, you can check it in the previous paragraph.

We go to the site Federal Tax Service . Carefully read the terms of verification and agree with them. After consent, you are automatically redirected to the data entry form, we introduce the necessary data. In response, you get a list of debts on the date of verification. In this list you will see amounts of arrears, their nature (taxes, penalties), as well as the type of tax on which there is a debt (this, by the way, indicates what is owned by our checked).

We learn the address of the residence of a person and his home phone

Go to B. Directory №1 or Directory №2. . Choose the city, drive away F.O.O. Checked. In response, we get the address of the registration and sometimes home phone.

Checking if a person has a car

We go to the site Base traffic . Fill by F.I.O. Human, and in response you get a list of people in different regions suitable for your search parameters. Find there the necessary person and see what his car and its state number he has.

Checking a person through online search engines

Be sure to check the person on Internet search engines. Here you will find many things that do not even even guess (for example, ads for sale, registration on interest sites, mentioning in the press, etc.).

To do this, open a few tabs in your browser with the search engines known to you: Yandex, Google, Mail, Rambler and consistently drive into each search engine full name patronymic, just surname and initials. Go through the found links and carefully read all the information found, ads, various mentions, see photos and videos. The received information in parts (phrases) is again inserted into the search engine search string. Make similar transitions from found links. Accumulate and summarize the found information.

Checking a person through social networks

We go into social networks, where already registered - "Classmates", "Vkontakte", "LiveJournal", "My World on Mail.Ru", "Twitter", "Facebook", "LinkedIn" and others. Using the information accumulated after the previous search, we are looking for a person by F.O. (Do not forget that you can still search for girls in the girl's last name), photographs, place of residence, according to alleged hobbies, etc. After you have found a suitable for all parameters of a person, determine the circle of interests and dating, education, preferences, place of work, you can often find contact information. If necessary, add to friends, ask the information you are interested in at his friends. Show interest in photographs posted by users, video, view the status history. Pay attention to the signatures, defining the dates of shooting and the circle of participants. Generalizing all the information received into a separate document.

Punch a person by car number

If you know that a person has a car and know her state number, then go to the traffic police base site (link above). Drive in the column of state. Machine number known to you, and learn to whom it is registered, as well as the phone number of the owner.

Punch a person by phone number

If you have a home phone number, go to the telephone directory (links above), choose your country (at the bottom of the page), then the city, gradually choose the phone number of the phone being checked. In response, receive F.I.O. and home address of a person.

Punch a person by IP address

If you know the IP address, you can learn a lot of useful information about its owner. To do this, you need to use the special service - WHOIS. Come on the site checking IP addresses in the window called Whois lookup. Drive the IP address, in response to get all the information available on it. If IP is static, then with this service you can find out the name of the person who is registered by this IP address, its e-mail and telephone. You can also find out when this range was rented for what time and for which organization. If the IP is dynamic, the service will show only information about the provider.


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