How to copy all the text on the pages of the document

On the pages of Copywriting (Word Label) ... We will detail to consider the nuances of working with Microsoft Word: Take the set of chips and devices for both paid and "free" versions ...

It happens that opening (launching) the program and type the text people are comprehended earlier than the editor of the Corporation: I do not know whether this approach is correct, or not ... Yes, just thinks, it does not matter how to learn to manage Word - in particular correctly copy Text, most importantly - to strive to learn the key basic skills of the program management!

How to copy in Word right all the text on the pages of the document and move somewhere else (for example, in a different editor, or on EL / P)? Let's study in detail this question:

How to copy the text of all open documents in WORD - transfer to another editor

As you can see (the screen below), control buttons in the Microsoft Word editor the greatest set, so there is something to work out in the sense of study ...

Nothing - let's deal with!

I will start with the sieto of the narrative, for about everything else in the other corresponding topics ...

Suppose we scored the text on the editor page, now we need to copy it or print: Copy like this:

Microsoft Word Copy

1 - If we need to copy the text in Word whole, i.e. the entire document (presumably the text takes several pages of the editor) then we use the keys Ctrl + A. Everything is simple: press both keys at the same time Ctrl and A. (liter А- on the Latin layout).

As soon as this action do this, absolutely the entire text of the current document will be allocated! And notice! On all pages of the Word Open Document!

Next, we bring the cursor to the dedicated area and shive the right mouse button; The dialog box will pop up ... in which the set of functions executed by the editor: how to guess, we need the "Copy" option ...

Word copying

Click to this option ... Ready! All text is copied to the clipboard.

That's so easy to reconcile in one click the entire text of the open document in the Word program!

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Buffer Exchange - To work with Word

By the way:

The clipboard is, of course, great! If not one nuance!

How many times happened (in my practice) that I lost the copied document - completely! ... recreated ... And suddenly someone called ... So ... I forgot about the text, and it is natural to give! ))

So as not to lose stepping documents: Photos, screenshots, texts of any stripes ... There is such an equally useful program (just a light gadget) Clipboarder - by means of which it is easy to control the copied material: Pts. Many settings ... more details you can find in the article ...

Clipboarder clipboard

Knowledge for: - It would be very good to study the hot copper control keys: it is great saves our time with you!

Ctrl + S. - We highlight the text - then press the "combination" of the keys, it is to copy.

Ctrl + V. - Insert text.

To begin with, it seems, enough ... And this is a complete selection of hot keys for all OS winds - and there, according to the links of the article ...

How to insert a symbol into the text Microsoft Word is the topic of the next narrative ...

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If something is not clear and the questions remained, share them in the comments ...

The Internet is a huge world, where everyone will find something valuable for themselves. Some love watching videos on YouTube, others prefer to communicate on thematic forums, and the third uses the World Wide Web as Encyclopedia. And indeed, here you can find so much valuable information that it will not work for a whole life. Some important files we save the text document. Fortunately, browsers allow you to allocate both pages and individual fragments, words or even letters. That's just not all PC users know how to do it. But not trouble, we will help you!

Selection: Various ways

  • Popular browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer) do not differ in this regard. If you need to copy some fragment in the text on the site, then just bring the arrow of the mouse to the initial word and select the desired text. On most sites, such a background around the text changes its color, although some changes are not noticeable at all - it depends on the preferences of the owners of Internet resources. By the way, on some sites, the text cannot be copied - this is a kind of protection against theft of articles, to bypass which is very simple (the text can be found through the code using the Ctrl + U key combination and further search).
  • If you wanted to highlight the entire text that is present on the page immediately, then for this you even do not need a mouse. Just click on the Ctrl + A key combination (I mean the Latin letter A). You can also do the same by choosing a "Edit" browser in the menu - "Allocate everything". But consider one important point - it will allocate absolutely everything, including various links and even pictures. However, you can always remove the selection by pressing the SHIFT key and selecting the desired text fragment. All this fully applies to Microsoft Office Word documents.
  • If you are not satisfied with all the allocation and everything on the site page or document, then we recommend doing the following. Select text, click on the left mouse button next to the first word of the article or paragraph. Then hold the Shift key and hold. Now find the last word in the paragraph or article, click next to it the left mouse button and only now you can let shift. So you identified the fragment you need. You can familiarize yourself with this method in more detail on the screenshot below:

How to highlight and copy the entire text on the pages of the documentGreetings!

The text editor Microsoft Word offers many convenient tools for working with documents. Available tools are so much that it is enough to get lost in the existing raising opportunities that are present in this popular software product.

So it will not be superfluous to tell about the basic functionality, which, unlike all these available opportunities, is actually used quite often in operation. And in this article we will talk about the allocation and copying of the entire text of the document, which in turn is open Microsoft Word Editor.

How to select text in Word Document

  1. To demonstrate the principle of the selection of the text, we will need an open document in Word. Suppose he we have.

    Open in Word Document Editor

  2. Being in the Word application with an open document, click the key combination Ctrl + A(Click the key Ctrl And without letting it, click also English A). Instantly all the text of the Word document will be allocated, and on all pages.

    Allocate all the text in Word Document

  3. To copy it, you need to hover the mouse cursor, and it does not matter which part of the document the cursor will be hovering, the main thing is that it falls on the text selected in the previous step. After that, press the right key on the mouse.

    Copy all text from Word document

    In the blink of an eye, you will be shown the context menu of the Microsoft Word Editor, in which there will be an item under the name among the plurality of items. Copy - Press it.

    It is also worth noting that there is an even faster way (without using the context menu, which is called by the mouse) copy of the selected text in Word, namely the use of the keyboard combination Ctrl + C.

  4. Ready! You have identified text from the document, and then copied it to the Windows Exchange Buffer. Now you can insert it into another Word document, in a text file, send by email and so on. Options There are a great set, and here you are free to act at your discretion, depending on the type of task that is delivered.

We fulfilled the task, which means that you can complete this cognitive article. I wish you a successful and productive work with a really powerful Microsoft Office Word editor.


Users often use the allocation of the entire text on sites or when working in text editors. Computer specialists own different techniques, selection of text, and for a beginner it may be a challenge.

Perhaps some readers do not even know what "allocation" is and for which it is used.

During the selection, the color of the font and background changes. But more often the color of the background changes, instead of white it becomes more dark. Selected texts can be copied or edited. Editing is carried out in a text editor.

If you need to set a single formatting for the entire text, it is allocated entirely, then different settings are selected: font size, "Red string", alignment and other parameters.

How to highlight the whole text right away: basic ways

  1. The combination of "hot keys" . Fully selected text can be done if it is located on a webpage or open from the file on the computer. To do this, a combination "Ctrl + A" is pressed on the keyboard ("A" as in English layout). This method has a deficiency: when applied on Internet resources, absolutely everything is allocated that is on the Internet page, it is often unnecessary objects or symbols.
  2. With mouse . Also a versatile way. Unlike the use of keys, the mouse can be allocated as a whole document, be it page on the website or on a computer and separate fragments. To do this, the mouse pointer is summarized to the beginning of the part being selected, the left button is pressed and the end point is pressed to the end point. When the selection is made, the button is released. This method also has a negative point: if the text is very large, then "pull" the mouse is inconvenient and long.
  3. Left Mouse Button + Shift . The third universal and most convenient option. First summarize the cursor to the place where the selected area will begin and click on the left button, so indicate the initial position. Then translate the mouse pointer to where this area will end. Now press "SHIFT" on the keyboard and only then the left mouse button. The content will be allocated exactly by the selected borders. "Cons" this simple method is absent.
  4. Internet browser tools . Internet Explorer I. Mozilla Firefox. Have a built-in function: In these browsers, when you click on the right mouse button, a menu will open in which there is an item "Allocate everything". When this command is selected, the Internet page is allocated completely, as in the case of clicking "Ctrl + A".
  5. Three clicks . This method is very easy, but not all users know about it. It is good to use it if the document is required to allocate entirely in the text editor. But you can only apply this option in Microsoft Word or WordPad, it will not work out in "notepad" in this way. The cursor must be placed on the left page of the page so that it takes the shape of the arrow inclined to the right, and quickly click on the left mouse button three times. The text will be "painted" from beginning to end. In "Notepad" page does not contain fields, so this option does not work there.
  6. Tools text editors . In each of them, there is a "allocate everything" feature. In modern Microsoft Word and WordPad interfaces, this icon is located on the right in the toolbar.

How to highlight the whole text right away

In earlier versions and in "Notepad", this option is located in the "Edit" menu.

We reviewed existing tools for allocating web pages and documents. Using the Internet or computer will become more easy and comfortable if you add some of these simple techniques to your user arsenal.

I hope that now you can independently learn to allocate not only the whole text, but also its fragments, thanks to the chips that were described in this article.

10 simple shortcuts for working in a text editor

In order for the information about the hot keys to be better learned, I prepared a separate publication about the hot keys to work with the text in the editors. Open any text editor (such as Word) and you can repeat this lesson.

How to press? Hold Ctrl and click on the English key. Pressing must be consistent or simultaneous.

Ctrl + A. - select all.

The result of the combination of Ctrl + A
The result of the combination of Ctrl + A

Ctrl + C. - copying the selected fragment; Ctrl + V. - insert a copied fragment (in place where you need to insert, just put the cursor); Ctrl + SHIFT + V - This combination allows you to insert text without formatting to the document. For example, when you copy a part of the text from any web page, the text "arrive" when inserting into your editor with the formatting items with what it was on the page. Could be changed color, font size and get unnecessary rudition. This combination will insert text as text without any design. Very comfortably.

Ctrl + X. - The command "cuts out" a piece of text and places in the clipboard. The carved fragment can be inserted with Ctrl + V an unlimited number of times.

Ctrl + B. - Adds fattyly dedicated text fragment:

Example of executing Ctrl + B command
Example of executing Ctrl + B command

Ctrl + I. (I only big) - make text oblique (italics), and a combination Ctrl + U. Add line to the bottom of the text. Example:

The word "simple" italics, and the word "example" is emphasized.
The word "simple" italics, and the word "example" is emphasized.

Ctrl + S. - Saving a document. Convenient if auto storage is disabled.

Ctrl + P. - output of the document to print; p.s. If suddenly you did something randomly, then simply click the Ctrl + Z key combination. If you like it, I will continue a series of short lessons. If you write all the hotkeys at once, then they are very difficult to remember. Large request to commentators refrain from negative. 80% of the channel audience are older people for whom this information will be useful.

On the Internet, full of all sorts of resources, but, as a rule, the huge arrays of the text are read very difficult, and my mini format makes it easier to remember the information (verified on the training of computer literacy people).

Read more: The hottest keys that will simplify the work with the Internet

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Working with text on a computer with hot keys faster, and sometimes it is even necessary (if the mouse broke). The following keyboard shortcuts are suitable for working with text in any text editor, in the mail. Copy text can be from a browser or PDF file. Do not forget that to use keys should be enabled English layout Russian letters do not work.

Many shortcut keys are tied to the control key Ctrl . It is necessary to press and keep it, and then press the next key (and then release the keys in the reverse order: first let go of the second key, and then Ctrl). The Ctrl key is usually located in the lower left corner of the keyboard.


  1. How to highlight text using the keyboard
  2. How to highlight the entire text of the page using the keyboard
  3. How to highlight text using the mouse
  4. How to copy text using keyboard
  5. How to insert copied text using the keyboard
  6. How to cut the text using the keyboard
  7. How to cancel action on a computer
  8. How to repeat the action
  9. How to copy and paste with keyboard on McBook
  10. How to restart the computer from the keyboard
  11. How to switch the windows from the keyboard
  12. How to search with keyboard
  13. Conclusion

How to highlight text using the keyboard

Shift + arrows . Before copying the text, it must be highlighted. To do this, we put the cursor in the desired place of the text and press the key Shift. . Keep it and click arrow to the right left, down or up As long as the desired fragment is not allocated. Selected text is highlighted by another color:

An example of the selection of text in Word
An example of the selection of text in Word

Note that to highlight text, the keys are needed to be editable. That is, in the editor, select the fragment with the keys, and in the browser - no. Since the browser is simply impossible to install the cursor in the right place. In the browser, using the keys, you can highlight the entire text (see below) or copy.

How to highlight the entire text of the page using the keyboard

Ctrl + A. . Sometimes it is not a fragment, but the whole text is entirely. To highlight the entire text, click the Ctrl key, hold it and click A.

How to highlight text using the mouse

Install the cursor to the beginning of the fragment, click the left mouse button and move the mouse to the end of the fragment. Then release the mouse button.

How to copy text using keyboard

Copy Ctrl + C
Copy Ctrl + C

In the same order, press Ctrl + C. . The text will be stored in the exchange buffer. This is an invisible place in the memory of the computer, in which such temporary things are stored as the copied text until it is inserted into a new place.

How to insert copied text using the keyboard

To insert copied text, click Ctrl + V. .

You can insert into any program where you can edit the text. Most often it is Word or email.

Copying and inserting the text occurs more often when working in one program - or a person writes a letter, or works in a text editor. But it is easy to copy the text in one place (browser, mail or notepad), and insert - to another (in Word, for example).

How to cut the text using the keyboard

If you press the keys Ctrl + X. The text will not simply be copied to the clipboard, but also the current dedicated fragment will be deleted (if it is editable). That is, this combination of keys allows you to move the text from one place to another.

How to cancel action on a computer

Cancel CTRL + Z
Cancel CTRL + Z

Suppose you accidentally cut out, deleted text or inserted text. You can cancel action using Ctrl + Z. .

How to repeat the action

And repeat with the help Ctrl + Y. .

How to copy and paste with keyboard on McBook

Instead, the Ctrl key on the mappo uses the ⌘ key, and the rest of the key combination to work with the text are the same.

⌘C. Copy
⌘V. insert
⌘x. Cut
⌘Z. Cancel action

How to restart the computer from the keyboard

Combination of three keys Ctrl + Alt + Del Allows you to restart the computer in Windows. Useful if the system hung.

Ctrl + Alt + Del Reboot

How to search with keyboard

Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F. Opens the search box. It looks like a different window in different programs: in a text editor it is noticeable, and in the browser it is a barely noticeable pop-up line for entering text, located at the highest or lowest.

How to switch the windows from the keyboard

Few people know that Windows windows can be switched using a key combination Alt + Tab. . Keep the ALT key and click TAB until the desired window is selected.

Switch between Alt + Tab windows
Switch between windows: Alt + Tab


Not all key combinations are listed. In practice, the most useful combinations Ctrl + C. и Ctrl + V. - This is copying and inserting text - they should be remembered by heart.


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