How to use WebMoney payment system

09 Apr 2019.

Webmoney is the most popular payment system. Everyone who earns on the Internet, probably heard and used webmones to receive and send payments. In this article, we will conduct a detailed overview of the webmoney e-wallet. We will analyze how to register a Webmoney wallet, how to go a certification, how to create currency wallets, how to translate and exchanged means, how to replenish the wallet, how to bring money to the card with a minimum commission, let's talk about the ways of managing wallets and so on. Webmani has tremendous functionality, the newcomer can get confused in the diversity of financial instruments. To fully explore the work of the WebMoney Wallet, we recommend thoughtfully familiarize yourself with the article from the beginning to the end. I think the information below will help you figure out how to effectively use the WebMoney payment system. Official WebMoney site Login and Registration: WebMoney1.

The content of the article: 01. What is WebMoney 02. WebMoney Wallet Overview 03. How to register on WebMoney 04. Types of WebMoney Wallets 4.1 How to Create WebMoney Wallet 4.2 Review Webmoney Bitcoin Wallet WMX 05. All about Webmoney Certificates 5.1 How to get a formal certificate 06. How to translate funds on webmoney 07. How to exchange currency on webmoney 08. How to withdraw from WebMoney09. How to replenish Webmoney Wallet 10. Walband WebMoney Management Methods 10.1 WM Keeper Standard (MINI) 10.2 WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) 10.3 WM Keeper WebPro (Light) 11. Commissions for WebMoney 12. WebMoney E-Num 13. WebMoney Payment Payment 14. Webmoney Limits 15. How to make money on webmoney 16. Webmoney Reviews

What is WebMoney

Nowadays, online payments are quite normal for each Internet user. Despite the fact that the payment system has existed since 1998, for many Webmoney remains an unknown payment instrument. Therefore, we decided to give our readers a complete overview of this reliable and widely used wallet.

Webmoney is a payment processor working since 1998 with headquarters in Moscow, Russia. The payment works like online bank for people to easily and quickly settle on the Internet. Webmoney is a reliable payment system that people use for various purposes. You can send money to teach funds, shopping and make many other things related to electronic money or online payments. In the business world, people must make various transactions. Since this is the digital age, there is a huge number of enterprises that work online. WebMoney plays a big role in the effective implementation of business transactions for enterprises or individuals.

WebMoney Wallet Overview

WebMoney is a payment platform for online transactions. WebMoney serves more than 40 million customers, which is a sign of excellent reputation. The payment was established in 1998, which makes it a pioneer in providing online payment services. Currently, webmoney belongs and managed by WM Transfer Ltd, which is based in Moscow, Russia. Webmoney is a secure and legal tool for sending and receiving payments on the Internet. The payment system works for more than twenty years, and is considered to be a leading platform for making money transfers from the network.

WebMoney Wallet Allows Internet users to make secure transactions in real time using WebMoney (WM) units. You do not need a bank account or credit card to start working with WebMoney account.

Also, through the bid interface, you can carry out financial transactions online, translate and receive funds, take money on credit, trade on the stock exchange, exchange currencies and much more.

Registration on Webmoney Step-by-step instructions

To start using WebMoney services, the user must create an account by filling out the registration form. This is done in a few minutes with a few steps. The first step is to provide a mobile phone number. The client will then be prompted to provide personal data. After that you need to confirm the phone number and create a password to enter. As soon as the registration process is completed, the user can start using WebMoney.

Go to WebMoney's homepage. Then click on the "Register" button on the main page: Step 1: Select your country from the list, enter the phone number and confirmation code, and click the Next button (enter the phone's work number to get the code next step): Important! With the phone number, you will confirm all financial transactions held in the wallet. Accordingly, enter the personal and working phone number, without it you simply will not be able to use the payment system.

Step 2: Confirm the phone number. The specified phone will receive SMS with the code, enter this code and click the Next button: Step 3: At this stage of registration, you need to come up with and enter a password for authorization, read and agree with the rules of the system (check the ticks opposite the fields with the rules) and click the "Next" button: All, the registration process is completed, now you are a full member of the WebMoney payment system. After registration, you get a unique WMID - an identifier of the user consisting of twelve characters. In essence, WMID is a participant's address in a system containing user information, and accessible to other participants. It is enough just to provide your WMID to another user and he will be able to translate to your fund to your account. Similarly, you need this WMID to send funds to another WM wallet.

What is wmid: Further you need to create wallets (to start sending and receiving payments) and get at least a formal certificate (to expand the limits and get additional features).

Webmoney wallets

To help users make various operations and satisfy their Internet needs, Webmoney has standardized wallets for each currency or cash tools.

You can create one of the eleven wallets to make transactions, or create all 11 if necessary. If you want to make transactions in US dollars, you can use Z-wallet or WMZ, WME for Euro and WMR for the Russian ruble. You can create any other type of wallet depending on your online transaction needs.

WebMoney Types of Wallets

Currently, WebMoney supports 11 different currencies: WMR - RUB (Russian ruble), Wmz. - USD (US dollar), WME. - Euro (Euro), WMU. - UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia), WMB. - (Belarusian ruble), WMX. - BTC (Bitcoin), Wmh. - BCH (Bitcoin Cash), WML. - LTC (Litecoin), Wmg. - Gold (Gold) WMK. - Kazakh tenge and Wmv - Vietnamese Dong. The most popular and most commonly used is the WMZ dollar wallet. Exchange rate: 1 WMZ = 1 USD.

Accordingly, WebMoney is a multicurrency electronic wallet, with which you can store, translate, receive and exchange popular electronic currencies. Webmoney How to create a wallet

Be sure to create a dollar (WMZ), ruble (WMR) and Bitcoin (WMX) wallets. These are the most running and most popular webmoney wallets. The rest of the wallets create as needed. Before you start creating wallets, check out the rules: How to create webmoney wallet Step-by-step instructions: On the main page of the site, click on the green plus game: Select a wallet currency (for example, WMG), check the box opposite the inscription "I accept the terms of the agreement", and then click the "Continue" button: Everything, wallet created. Next, you will see the following interface with the inscription "Wallet successfully created": The G980XXXXXXXXXX Symbol sequence is the number of your account in the wallet, which will be used to receive and send funds. You need to save this wallet, and provide it to customers to pay. All types of wallets are created in exactly the same way. Create all the types of wallets you need, and start sending and receive means via webmoney.

Webmoney Certificates

What is the certificate in the webmoney payment system? The certificate is the verification of the account. Accordingly, receiving the certificate, you confirm the WebMoney account. You need to provide personal information so that the webmoney employees can confirm that you are the owner of the account. In total, there are three names of certificates: formal, initial and personal. Each substain degree of certificate opens up more benefits: When registering, the user receives a pseudonym certificate, but the user's capabilities are significantly limited. To start using most services, you need to get a formal certificate. Obtaining primary and personal certificates is impossible if you have not received a formal certificate. WebMoney Certificates description: How to get a formal certificate

To get a formal certificate, follow these steps: On the WebMoney website in the top menu, click "Private" ⇒ "Certification", and click on the "Continue" button (or just click on this link "Certification Center"): Then fill in your personal information, namely: name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, floor, city of residence, postal code, address of residence, passport number, series and passport number, passport authority, passport date, and click "Continue input Data ". Then download the scanned copy of the passport by clicking on the "Upload SCAN" button: So, the process of obtaining a formal certificate is completed. Within two working days, the service support will handle your request. If the completed data coincides with the data from the passport, you will be checked and get a formal certificate.

At first, the formal certificate is quite enough to use the payment without restrictions. If in the future you want to get higher certificates (so that, for example, increase limits), it can be done at any time. How to get an initial certificate, read here. How to get a personal certificate, read here.

Wenmoney Translation of funds

Commission for any intrasystem translation - 0.8%, pays the sender. To translate tools to another user, on the WebMoney website under the inscription "Translate tools" Select "on a wallet", enter the recipient's wallet, the sum of the translation, click "Continue" and confirm the translation from the SMS message. Money will instantly go to the recipient's wallet. WebMoney exchange currencies

You can exchange currency in two ways: via the webmoney interface and via WebMoney the stock exchanger called Exchanger. For the exchange, we recommend using exclusively by the stock exchange, since the exchange rate is much more profitable on the stock exchange than if you exchange on WebMoney website. For example, if you exchange WMZ on WMR through the WebMoney interface, the exchange rate is: 1 WMZ = 64.24 WMR. At the same time, if you exchange WMZ on WMR through the Exchanger Stock Exchange, the exchange rate is already: 1 WMZ = 65.25 WMR. As you can see, the difference in courses is significant, and it is more profitable for exchange on the stock exchange. How to exchange currency on WebMoney. Go to Exchanger's Exchange and select a pair for exchanging, for example, WMZ ⇒ WMR. Click on the first application from the list (applications are sorted by the best exchange rate, respectively, the first application - with the most favorable exchange rate), then click "Buy WMZ for WMR": The new window will open the tab in which all data for exchange is automatically spelled out: your WMZ and WMR wallets, the amount for exchange, course, and so on. The application is not necessarily buying all. That is, if you want to exchange 100 rubles, and the application indicates 159933.07 rubles, you can exchange 100 rubles. In the "Line" How many WMR "do you have" suck the amount you want to exchange and click "Pay for the application". Money for 20-30 seconds will come to your WMZ wallet.

Watch a video lesson in which it is shown how it is profitable to exchange currencies within the WebMoney payment system:

How profitable to exchange money on webmoney

How to withdraw from WebMoney

On our blog there is a detailed article on the withdrawal of funds from WebMoney. Be sure to read the information, here is the link to Article. . Standard output methods that Webmoney offers are carried out with large commissions. To display funds with minimal costs on commissions, use the Bestchange service. With it, you output money from Webmoney at the best rate. Below is a video lesson, how to withdraw from WebMoney to a bank card with a minimum commission. Registration on Bestchange:

How to bring money from webmoney to the card

How to replenish WebMoney

All possible ways to replenish WebMoney Wallet can be viewed in a special section "Enter and output" ⇒ "Methods of replenishment". You can put money on Webmoney Wallet from a bank card or account, through Internet banking and ATMs, electronic money, and also banking, postal and money transfers. Current ways and commissions for replenishment Webmani Wallet: The above methods of replenishment will surely satisfy the needs of most users. I also want to note that with the help of monitoring Bestchange exchange points you can replenish WebMoney instantly and almost without commissions both from a bank card and popular electronic payment systems.

WebMoney Management Walband

WebMoney's Wallet is managed by software called WebMoney Keeper. There are three main types of webmoney of piles: WM Keeper Standard (MINI), WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) and WM Keeper WebPro (Light). Let's analyze each type of software in more detail.

WM. Keeper. Standard ( Mini) - An application with which you can work with a wallet in the browser. Simple and convenient software. The most common type of wallet in use. WM Keeper Standard is a website for managing wallets in the browser. That is, you just pass the authorization on the WebMoney wallet and immediately recking on WM Keeper Standard: WM Keeper Standard has virtually all necessary means of managing funds on your WM wallets: WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) - Special program you want to install on a computer. Download the latest version of the program here. Suitable for advanced users who have a large cash turnover in the WebMoney system. Compared to WM Keeper Standard, WM Keeper WinPro has an extended functional and elevated security. This is how the program interface looks like: Newbies may have difficulty in registering WM Keeper WinPro. Step-by-step registration instructions can be viewed here. Also during the registration process you will need to save the key file (kwm file). Be sure to save this file in a safe place, since without it you will not be able to enter the program.

WM Keeper WebPro (Light) - An application for a browser, in fact, an analogue of WM Keeper WinPro, only works in the browser and does not require installation on a computer. The application can be registered through a personal certificate using E-NUM or confirmation by SMS. WM Keeper WinPro is described in more detail here.

I use the WM Keeper Standard application and WM Keeper WinPro program. Most operations spend in the application. The program is also necessary for work, as some functions (for example, an increase in limits) can only be connected via WM Keeper WinPro.

WebMoney Commission

Commission of the translation system - 0.8%. Also, in case of confirmation of the translation by SMS, an additional commission is charged, the size of which depends on the wallet currency. For example, you pay 0.8% + 0.05 WMZ when translating with SMS confirmation between WMZ wallets and 0.8% + 1.50 WMR - when translating between WMR wallets. Full information on webmoney commissions look here. In order not to pay an additional commission, connect the E-NUM system and confirm the financial operations with its help.

WebMoney E-Num

E-NUM is a special system that allows you to undergo authorization in webmoney and confirm financial transactions through the code that generates an application on a mobile device. We strongly recommend connecting E-NUM, since the authorization process is easier than via SMS, plus the use of E-NUM frees users from paying additional commissions.

Registration instructions in the E-NUM system:

  1. Communicate on the site using mail and phone number from webmoney.
  2. Confirm the mail (by clicking on the letter link) and the phone number (entering the code sent to the phone).
  3. Install on your phone from Play Market E-NUM application.
  4. Run the application on your phone and activate it.
  5. When you authorize in WebMoney Wallet, select "Input confirmation using E-NUM", scan code application from the phone, enter the number-answer and click "Log in".

Now the entrance to the wallet and the transaction will be confirmed by e-num. If you have any questions about working with the system, the certificate of E-Num read here.

WebMoney payment of services

With the help of the WebMoney payment system, you can pay various services online. A huge number of different companies is connected to WebMoney, respectively, it is implemented to quickly pay any services via the Internet. It is very comfortable. No need to go to the company's office or to the bank to pay, for example, for the Internet or mobile communications. Enough on the WebMoney website to choose the service you need and pay it by pressing several buttons on the keyboard. A complete list of services that can be paid through the WebMoney wallet: To pay for the service via the Internet via WebMoney, go to the "Payment Payment" tab and select the service (for example, Mobile Communication). Then select the mobile operator, enter the phone number and the deposit amount, confirm and pay for the service. Money will instantly wipe on your phone number. Similarly, all other available services are also paid. WebMoney Limits

The system has certain restrictions on a total amount of funds that can be stored on wallets, and limits for daily transactions. The limits have different meanings depending on your certificate. For example, users with a formal certificate can store no more than 10 thousand dollars on their wallets or equivalent to this amount in other currencies. The owners of the initial certificate account can store the amount, three times more (30 thousand dollars). Actual limits on operations look here. Also, depending on the type of certificate, the system has limits on transactions. Actual transaction limits are indicated here. You can see and change the limits on the transaction in the wallet properties - select Wallet Click "More" ⇒ "Limits": How to make money on webmoney

WebMoney is the most popular Runet payment system. The overwhelming majority of projects for earnings on the Internet are connected by WebMoney as a means of obtaining and sending payments. In fact, Webmoney acts as an intermediary between advertisers and users. Advertisers with WebMoney pay users. In turn, users bring money earned on webmoney.

Make money on webmoney wallet easy enough, as many services use payment for calculation with their participants. Absolutely all projects that provide earnings service without investments are connected to WebMoney payment system. Our site contains various projects for earnings that pay for WebMoney. The best such projects are presented in the articles "How to make money on the Internet without investments", "The best sites for earlier a weekly review" and "Ways to make money on the Internet".

Users support

Webmoney customer support is effective, especially for Russian customers. If you have any problems associated with accounts and other payment transactions, users can contact support to report their problems. There is also a chat in which users in most cases receive quick and qualified assistance. In addition, on the official page there is a section of frequently asked questions that can be read for the user manual for its services.

My review about Webmoney

Webmoney is an electronic wallet, which is trusted by many Internet users. Thanks to its convenient maintenance, WebMoney proves its value as a reliable solution for the implementation of rapid and secure money transfers on the network.

One of the advantages of using Webmoney is the highest level of security, since the latest data encryption technology is used during transactions. In addition, all WebMoney servers are protected by a complex firewall system that blocks any third party interference in all transactions. Finally, all payment transactions are performed instantly and anonymously, therefore, the user does not shine its bank details.

WebMoney is a universal payment system. You can use the platform for implementing and receiving payments from around the world. WebMoney are quite diverse and multifunctional platform. The company's services are more than sending and receiving money. You can, for example, create or request loans, pay online services and make money transfers. Webmoney offers its users a lot of opportunities for investing or making financial transactions.

The company was founded 20 years ago, which is excellent evidence of the reliability of the system. If you are looking for a reliable platform for online payments, Webmoney is ideal for these purposes. You can be 100% sure that with WebMoney wallet your tools are securely protected.

Webmoney is an integral financial instrument for all who earn on the Internet. Bloggers, freelancers and simple users seeking earnings on the network must have a webmoney of a wallet. Since the payment system is extremely popular, many projects, advertisers and potential customers will pay your work precisely through WebMoney. I hope this article helped you learn Webmoney wallet. Now you can use the payment as efficiently as possible.

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Author: Viktor Osipov, financial expert

The Webmoney electronic payment system differs from most variety of wallets that can be registered within a single account. By providing your data to enumerate funds, it is important not to confuse the WMR wallet with the WMID number.

What is WMR?

NMR in webmani is a kind of wallets that are intended to store ruble Russian currency.

The WMR abbreviation is divided into two parts:

  • WM - WebMoney;
  • R - ROUBLE (ruble).

On the wallet under consideration, you can store exclusively ruble currency. If you need to use another currency unit to make transactions (for example, pay for the purchase of the game in dollars), the money will be converted from a ruble wallet in the inner course. The system always points it to payment.

Thus, using the WMR wallet, the owner has the opportunity to receive translations and make payments to:

  • Ukrainian hryvnias (WMU);
  • American dollars (WMZ);
  • Belarusian rubles (WMB);
  • Euro (WME) and others.

What is the difference between WMR from WMID?

WMID is a unique identifier number that is secured by its owner. That is, when registering an account in Webmani, the user receives a WMID value that allows you to identify it.

This means that WMR differs from WMID in that the first is a wallet tied to WMID and intended to make payments in rubles. And the second is the unique account number, which belongs to the user account.

Within one WMID account, you can create several wallets.

Learn more about WMID tells the Internet payment system channel.

How to register a WMR wallet?

WebMoney's electronic service provides a fairly understandable procedure for registering a new payment wallet:

  1. To start creating, go through the authorization procedure through the standard WebMoney Keeper version.
  2. The main page will appear on which you want to click the "Login" button.
  3. You will see an input form for login, password and numbers from a check picture. If in the future you wish to instantly switch to your account without entering manually data for the input each time, check the "Remember me on this device" option.
  4. Enter the identification data, click on the "Login" button. At the initial input, an SMS notification will receive an access confirmation code. Enter a five-digit number in the appropriate form.
  5. To create a new payment wallet in which the currency will be stored, click on the plus located on the main page. Select the option "Add Wallet". Since we are interested in ruble currency, click on "WMR".
  6. Check out the agreement, accept its conditions and click on the "Continue" button.
  7. If everything is done correctly, the appropriate notification will appear. This means that the new wallet is successfully registered. You can still set limits or leave the fields empty.
home page
You need to enter a login, password and number from the picture
Press the plus to add a new wallet
From the list to choose a view of the wallet
Accept the proposed agreement
If necessary, establish limits
Loading ...

Loading ...

Video "Registration WMR Wallet Webmoney"

How to register a ruble wallet Webmani, shows Ivan Black.

The complexity of the webmoney system lies in its uniqueness. For new users, it is not only not clear how to create a WMR wallet, but also that in general means this abbreviation. Difficulties in registering in this system arise precisely because in the WebMoney wallet has their own designations, as well as their own currency and their translation algorithms. With this and you have to deal with beginners, if they want to master the e-wallet of WebMoney.

Basics of the foundations: System currency

Before you can carry out manipulations in the system, you still need to understand what Webmoney wallets are WMR. So where did such an abbreviation come from and what does it mean for users?

The system uses its own currency - Title sign . This is the equivalent of ordinary money. Their designation depends on the country, in the currency of which the operations are made.

The Title Sign in WebMoney always consists of three letters - WM - reduction of the system, and the first letter of the country that owns the currency. In this article, it will be about the WMR wallet, which uses the Russian ruble.

How to create a WMR wallet

When registering, the system proposes to create the first webman's wallet, but you choose, in rubles it will be in dollars or euros. If you refused to create it when registering, then you can do this in the following way:

  1. Go to a personal webmoney wallet.
  2. In the main menu of operations with wallets, find the section "Create a new wallet" and click on it.
  3. You will see the entire list of available WM wallets from which you select WMR. WMR selection Wallet from the list available in the webmoney personal account
  4. You will have the Agreement window that needs to be read and accept its conditions.
  5. Click "Continue" to register a new wallet.

A new wallet appeared in your personal account. To find out its number and detailed information, just click on it.

If you click on the icon with three dots, then you can watch the limits on the wallet installed by the system.

Identify the number of the created webmoney wallet and the limit installed on it

Limit 1 - indicates limitations per day, limit 2 - on the boundaries of weekly translations. Limit 3 shows how many tools you can translate for a month.

Protection code: what it is and how to use

When considering translations from Protection code , immediately should be clarified by one point: such a translation is available only to proven users, with a level of certificate not lower than formal. Make yourself a formal certificate is not at all difficult - fill in the questionnaire with your personal data and attach a copy of the passport. Read more about the security of the provision of personal data System WebMoney.

For obtaining a formal certificate, you do not need to pay money - it is free, but it will not work for registration without a passport. If you do not have a good copy, take a picture to the camera's camera - the main thing is that the information is readable.

So, the Code of Protection is an additional protection when transferring funds from one wallet to another. What gives such a translation? First of all, this is reliability. With such translations, you may not worry about not getting promised. Webmoney service took care of it. To make a transition with protection, you should:

  1. Enter the webmoney service.
  2. Select the translation "on the wallet" in the Main page menu.
  3. Change the "Type of Translation" to "With Code Protection" or "With Time Protection" and click "Continue."

With transaction protection By code - The user needs to enter the code to pick up the means. It protects the "seller" from unfulfilled obligations.

With transaction protection in time - Means will affect the balance of the recipient automatically, after the specified period. But, if you receive does not fulfill an agreement, the sender may appear in arbitration.

Transfer of funds from a ruble wallet webmoney with transaction protection

If the protection code does not inform, then after the expiry of the specified period, the tools will still be credited to the recipient's account.

All about the withdrawal of funds

The WMR title mark in the WebMoney system is a ruble wallet and all operations on it occur in rubles. If you want to transfer money from your electronic wallet, then you have several possibilities for this.

Any bank map:

  1. On the main page, find the command "on the map".
  2. Choose WMR from the list.
  3. Determine the conditions for translation: through the system or exchanger.

Selection of conditions for the transfer of WMR on the bank card (through the system or exchanger)

At the bank account:

  1. On the main page, locate the menu "to a bank account" and click on it.
  2. Select a wallet from which the translation will be carried out.

We choose a webmoney wallet to output funds to a bank account

After that, the system will redirect you to the application of the application, where you can exchange your WMR for ordinary money.

At the expense of a legal entity:

  1. In the main menu, select "to the legal entity".
  2. From the proposed wallets, select RUB.
  3. Fill in all fields: account number, bik, TIN, PPC, name, appointment and amount.
  4. Click "Continue".

Filling information when transferring webmoney to legal entities

The system will redirect you to the window to confirm the transaction. If all data is entered correctly, you agree with the translation.

We were told on translations to other webmoney wallets, we were told in the section "Protection Code: What is it and how to use.

About fraud in Webmoney

Perhaps WebMoney is one of the safest wallets. But, and with him should work carefully, because the virtual fraudster does not sleep. The first and the most common version of fraud is phishing , whose goal is to gain access to your personal data. To avoid this:

  1. Never download webmoney programs with extraneous services.
  2. Nowhere to enter data from your personal account, except for the official site.
  3. Carefully follow the links in the messages throwing you on the WebMoney website - this is a common way of fraud.
  4. Not anywhere send your passwords, even if the system is asked - this is not safe.

The second version of the system fraud is the lusion of the money themselves, and not just personal data. It may be an unfinished employer who asks you to start a wallet, and then send him personal data for payment.

There may be also ordinary scammers requiring to transfer money for some kind of service or as collateral. But, such people work on other wallets, and not just on WebMoney.


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