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What is gifs?

Today I want to tell you about gif animation. Simple words "Gifka".

The .gif format is a special and most popular format for raster images. Its features: Support transparency and the ability to create a multi-frame image.

It turns out as a small video, but without sound. The file stores several frames in itself (there may be a lot of them, there are no restrictions on the number of frames). In one file, the animation gif stores all frames, as well as information on how long it is necessary to show each frame. Here is a living example of animation.

What is gifs?

Pros: The possibility of animation, transparency. Minuses: Only 256 colors, which is not suitable for high-quality photos and video.

And if you want to download yourself similar "gifs", it is enough to go to any search by pictures and dial "gif animation".

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Often on social networks you can find such a term as "gifs". It is consumed along with similar Piccha , Kiriban and so on. If you do not investigate the topic, it is difficult to understand what gifs are.

Origin of the word

This term has occurred from the English abbreviation "GIF". This is decrypted as "Graphics Interchange Format". Translated into Russian sounds like "format for image sharing."

The creators of this format called it not "hyphae", but "Jiff". But now both cases are common. Moreover, in the Oxford dictionary, both options are marked as correct.

What does "gifs" mean in the Internet slang and how to use them?
File format symbol

Meaning of the word

GIF is one of the most common formats of raster graphics. The jif can store without loss of quality compressed graphic information containing no more than 256 colors.

This format is customary to use where the file should not prevent the page loading rates. Such an area is web design. Beautiful buttons that we see on different sites are also gifs. However, GIF is not at all suitable for saving photos, as it is limited in the number of colors displayed.

What does "gifs" mean in the Internet slang and how to use them?
Button on the site.

Also, the Jif supports animation pictures, it is them in the Internet slang called gifs. Most often, this is found in various social networks like VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. To share a gif from any site, you need to click on it right mouse button and copy the URL. Next - just insert a copied address where you want to share the picture.

To download an animated image on a PC, download it to one of the folders on the hard disk. To share the animation, click "Attach" and select the desired file from the list.

Examples of using the term

  • Today I found public VK, there are so many funny gifs, grazing half an hour.
  • You can watch this gif with a waterfall forever!
  • Someone took an excerpt from this video and made the gif, it turned out funny.


Create your GIF file can anyone. To do this, it is enough to download a special application in the online store and entertainment store, which will automatically perform complex actions.

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Today we will analyze the issue, the GIF format what it is, how to create gifs using programs and services. With their help, you can beautifully issue your sites.

GIF format what it is

GIF format what it isHello, friends! Recently, the blog has published articles in which JPEG and PNG formats. And now we will talk about GIF-format and will enjoy them in practice. After all, many users are important to know which formats need to be used for their pictures.

So, the GIF format is what it is. Gif-format is an animated image. It is a movable and still image. If you often use pictures on the Internet, probably saw images on which everything was moving. For example, people danced, jumped animals, the course of the river or waterfall was shown in the picture. These are pictures in the GIF format, which reproduce several pictures at the same time.

Also you could see fixed Gif-format pictures. They open in the browser, in any programs and are displayed as ordinary pictures (Screen 1).

GIF format what is it

Next, we will look at the use of gif pictures in programs and try to create a hyphic picture to apply it for your own purposes.

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Where used gif format

HIF-format people use in many areas of activity. For example, in the design of own sites, in web design, in graphic design, while writing articles or books, in social networks, in the form of advertising banners, to save the photo and so on.

With the help of a Gif-format, you can reduce the scope of the picture that it is very well affected for example, on the download speed of the site page on the Internet.

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Programs for working with gif pictures

To work with GIF pictures, you can use special programs. We will look at the list of programs that are in Windows and on the Internet:

  1. Paint.Net. All computers have this program that can open and process images of different formats, at the same time GIF formats.
  2. Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is a standard utility for working with any image formats.
  3. GIMP program. The blog has an article about this program, it presents an instruction for working with the specified program.
  4. Movavi slideshow. Using this program, you can create automatic photographs on the computer.
  5. Zoner Gif Animator 5. This utility creates an animated banners in GIF format.
  6. Easy Gif Animator paid program that creates a gif animation from video and pictures.

Of course, these are not all programs that are suitable for working with gif pictures. On the Internet you can find hundreds of free and paid such programs.

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How to create gifs if you can create them from pictures

Above we disassembled the issue, GIF format what it is and reviewed a list of programs that work with these formats. And now, we will deal with how gif pictures are created in programs.

To do this, we will use the special program "Zoner Gif Animator 5", and later the converter.

First you need to download the program "Zoner Gif Animator 5" from the Internet and install on a computer. Next, open it. (Screen 2).

how to create a gif file

Then click in the File button next, Open button and add images from a computer into it.

After that, you can save it in GIF format. Click the "File" button again, "Save As" (Screen 3).

GIF programs

The "File Type" section is already the default gif-format. You just need to select a place on the desktop of the computer where to save the picture. Next click the "Save" button.

Also, the program has patterns for GIF pictures. You can choose them and use for your own purposes.

So, check if the picture works. Click on the picture twice the left mouse button to open it in the browser and see how it will be viewed.

There is another program that creates gif pictures is Easy Gif Animator. Works on a similar principle as the previous utility.

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Gif Converters

On the Internet there are special GIF converters that can convert formats of different pictures in the GIF format. For a small review, take a few of them:

  1. This converter can convert any formats of pictures. Use it is simple - click on the "Select File" button Next, select a picture from the computer you want to convert and click on Windows Explorer. File downloads to service. When it is booted, click the "Start Convert" button. After conversion, the computer will be downloaded to the GIF format.
  2. CO / RU / GIF-converter. This converter works on a similar principle as the first converter.
  3. Another free gif-format converter. Also upload a picture on it and translate into another format. Next, it is saved to the computer.

Listed converters will not, there are many on the Internet. You can choose to work a suitable resource yourself.

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GIF pictures on the desktop of the computer, on the phone

On the desktop of the computer and the phone you can download and install free GIF pictures (screen 4).

GIF Pictures on your desktop

To do this, type in the search for your browser - gif pictures on your desktop and telephone. Then go to sites with these pictures and download them to the computer. After that, you can set the animation pictures to the computer desktop.

Install an animated hyphic picture on the phone, just so do not work out. This will help you with the application - "GIF Live Wallpaper", which can be downloaded from the playground.

Next, run it on the phone. Then click on the Select Picture button and select the prepared gif image from the phone. After that, it will boot into this application. Choose the desired gif in the application and click on the checkmark icon to save it. Next click on the "Set Wallpaper" button so that live wallpapers in the GIF format appear on your phone.

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In the article we considered the issue, the GIF format what it is, how to use it and how it is created. If you lead your website on the Internet, you can use this type of picture format. It allows you to fit multiple images in one picture and because of this site pages will not load a long time. Such pictures can be useful for designing computer desktops and phones, any documents, templates and other resources on the network.

Thank you for attention!

Sincerely, Ivan Kunpan.

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