L-Arginine: What products are contained for what you need

Amino acid arginine, according to scientists' conclusions, refers to partially replaced (or conditionally indispensable): that is, it is produced in the body, but in small quantities. Based on this, to maintain the desired level, the arginine should be taken as additives or with the products in which it is contained.

Arginine is contained in the following food products:

  • pumpkin seeds
  • dried pea
  • chicken fillet
  • pork
  • salmon fillets
  • Chicken eggs
  • walnuts
  • Pine nuts
  • wheat flour
  • Unlightened Figure
  • Corn flour
  • Milk cow

By the way, there is a rather entertaining formula, how to fill the norm of arginine in the body: Drink a glass of cow's milk, eat 100 grams of chicken or pork meat and finish the tongue with a portion of pumpkin seeds in 35 grams.


Why do you need arginine?

In which cases, the reception of arginine is not a preventive measure, but the need? We list the main:

  • Depression, nervous disorders
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • asthenia
  • Viral hepatitis
  • weak immunity
  • cholelithiasis
  • Liver diseases
  • Problems of reproductive sphere
  • diabetes
  • Arthrosis
  • arthritis
  • obesity

Also Arginine is a popular additive recommended for athletes, as being a nitrogen oxide donator serves as a power source for muscle tissue, as well as an increase in physical force.

The benefits and harm arginine

What useful properties is arginine for men and women? Why is it so strongly recommended to take both doctors and sports nutritionists? So, among the useful, you can select the following:

  • contributes to increased cheerfulness, mood
  • Increases performance
  • improves memory and attention
  • Takes part in the process of isolating insulin, as well as other hormones and important enzymes.
  • Improves blood circulation
  • normalizes pressure (arterial and intraocular)
  • significantly increases body protective forces
  • accelerates and normalizes metabolism
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • Helps speed up the healing of damaged cells
  • cleans liver and kidneys
  • normalizes the work of the reproductive system
  • Stimulates growth hormone production

The main effect of L-arginine is based on the fact that it contributes to the development of nitrogen oxide, which stimulates blood circulation and contributes to the nutrition of muscle tissue.

  1. For what arginine needs men: Improves the work of the prostate gland, ensures the correct blood supply to the genital organs and thereby it has a positive effect on potency and erection, improves the quality of sperm, which is extremely important for conception, also helps to achieve rapid results in sports, by increasing muscle nutrition and faster recovery.
  2. For what arginine is needed by women: Reduces pain syndrome during menstruation, protects the immune system, arginine helps for weight loss, increases fertility due to improving blood supply in the small pelvis organs helps maintain the body in shape.

Separately, it is worth noting the properties of arginine as sports nutrition:

  • Drinks muscle tissue with oxygen
  • Promotes muscle tissue
  • helps to recover quickly after training
  • "Cleansing" muscles, not allowing them to "clogging"
  • Helps deliver creatine into muscles

However, speaking of the benefits of arginine, it is impossible not to mention the occasionally of the side effects of the side effects:

  • Zhkt.
  • diarrhea
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • Oxidative damage

The clinical manifestation of these symptoms occurs with incorrect reception or exceeding the dosage of the additive. Therefore, in the final part of our review, we will tell you how to accept L-Arginine.

Reception of arginine is not recommended for pregnancy and breastfeeding (there are no studies of arginine action on women in this period), prohibited in mental disorders (in particular, in schizophrenia), as well as viral hepatitis.

How to take arginine?

     How do we get arginine

What instruction on the use of arginine? Let's start with the fact that the arginine is produced in several forms: powders, tablets, capsules, liquid concentrate. Most often you can meet the powder and capsule form. There are different arginine reception schemes:

  • For medicinal purposes: no more than 3 tablets per day so that the dosage does not exceed 3 grams, the drug is accepted during meals
  • As a sports additive: Sports arginine is usually implemented in the form of a powder, which is bred in juice or water, the daily dosage should not exceed 10 grams per day, on average it is 3-8 grams per day, to take the additive follows half an hour before training and during it
  • For weight loss: the additive is accepted per hour before training or before bedtime. Dosage is determined individually sporty nutritionist

It is also worth saying about such a form of arginine as alpha ketoglutarate or AAKG, which is a salt of arginine amino acids and alpha-ketoglutaric acid. This additive is also widely used by athletes for active muscle buildup. The one-time rate of adaptation is usually varied within 4-5 grams, daily - not more than 10 grams.

AAKG from Prime Kraft is a balanced amino acid complex, which will be your reliable assistant in achieving large sporty results. What is its advantage:

  • Does not contain sugars
  • produced in various taste options
  • quickly dissolves and helps to feed muscles

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АргининArginine (diaminonocarboxylic acid) is a replaceable amino acid, which is important in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

It has anti-chemical, antithrombotic, antitrombocytic properties. Also, as a biodender found its application as a substance that stimulates an erectile function in men. Enters the body with food or synthesized from other amino acids.

general characteristics

Arginine was first allocated in 1880 from the animal horns. Now this substance is known due to its numerous positive properties.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of arginine is that it is a substrate in the synthesis of nitrogen oxide, which regulates the tone of vessels, provides them with flexibility and strengtheningly affects the entire cardiovascular system. Due to the ability to increase the level of nitrogen oxide, the arginine is considered useful in cardiovascular diseases, sickle cell anemia. Nitrogen oxide is synthesized in different cells of the human body and participates in many physiological processes.

Arginine strengthens the immune system, regulates the hormonal level, as well as blood sugar. Enhances male fertility. Studies show that this amino acid is capable of improving blood circulation, so it is so significant for the treatment of heart disease and with impotence.

Thanks to the neutralization of ammonia and other toxins, contributes to the detoxification of the liver. Laboratory experiments have shown that arginine is able to reduce fat reserves, accelerate metabolism and contribute to intensive weight loss.

High concentration of arginine is contained in the skin, connective tissue and muscles. And thanks to the property to restore damaged tissues, it is useful for athletes and people suffering from arthritis. Also promotes rapid regeneration, including nervous, muscle cells and epithelium.

Arginine is an important substance for adequate work of the brain, in particular, the pituitary gland. Namely, along with ornithin and phenylalanine contributes to the development of growth hormone.

Arginine for treatment and prevention

Аргинин при беременностиArginine is classified as a replaceable amino acid, but under certain circumstances it becomes an indispensable substance for the body. The need for arginine is extremely high during the period of intensive growth and pregnancy. Also, it is important to monitor the consumption of products rich in amino acid, faces with liver diseases, oncological, sepsis, and with poor healing of wounds. The results of some research have shown that the consumption of arginine reduces the risk of developing necrotic enterocolitis in premature babies, has a positive effect on the intestinal motorcy, protects it from inflammation. In addition, there is an assumption that the use of arginine is pregnant helps to increase the weight of the fetus.

Intravenous administration of amino acids (based on 50 to 250 mg per 1 kg of weight), according to some scientists, can increase the chances of survival in people after a heart attack or stroke. For diabetics, arginine is useful due to its property to stimulate insulin secretion and increase the sensitivity of the liver to the hormone.

Consumption of this amino acid has a beneficial effect on the state of people with tuberculosis or HIV: helps to increase weight, reduces cough. There is also an assumption that this substance prevents infectious complications in individuals after surgical operations.

Benefits for the body

Arginine is involved in the ammonia transformation cycle in urea, while reducing, thereby, the risk of toxins into the blood and the brain, protecting against cirrhosis and different types of hepatitis.

Also, the high level of ammonia in the body leads to insomnia. Therefore, people with sleep impairment is important to take care of the adequate level of arginine in the body.

Stimulating the production of glucagon and insulin hormones, arginine promotes muscle buildup and, on the contrary, prevents fat accumulation. And increasing the level of cortisol, removes emotional stress and minimizes the consequences of stress.

Польза аргининаThus, the therapeutic advantages of arginine are the possibilities:

  • strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • contribute to the treatment of erectile dysfunction;
  • participate in the treatment of anemia;
  • perform a growth stimulator in children and adolescents;
  • improve the results of bodybuilders;
  • promote muscle growth and development;
  • reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks;
  • reduce blood pressure;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • participate in maintaining cholesterol levels normally;
  • promote proper blood flow, in particular in the smallest vessels;
  • prevent excessive blood coagulation in some painful states;
  • contribute to strengthening memory and improving learning ability;
  • increase sensitivity to insulin;
  • Prevent and treat atherosclerosis and calcine vessels.

Daily rate

It is believed that in the body of a healthy person should be from 50 to 150 μmol arginine. This portion is easily obtained from protein products of animal origin. Approximately 5.5 g of amino acids in the day use people, in whose diet there is a sufficient amount of fish and meat. Vegetarianians should take care of additional sources of amino acids.

By experiments, an approximate daily dose of arginine was established. However, the dosage depends on many subjective factors and varies within 6-30 g of substance per day. Usually, a recommendation is found to take about 6 g of substance to adults, children - about 4 g.

Arginine is sometimes called half-prison amino acid, because, although the body and produces a substance, there are cases when additional sources may be required (food rich in arginine, biodendering). In elevated doses of amino acids, first of all, people with severe diseases and injuries need, and children. In addition, the body of newborns for the first months is also not able to produce their own arginine reserves, so this amino acid is also indispensable for kids. After 35 years, the production of amino acids in the body is also slowed down.

СПИДRecent studies have shown that Arginine is extremely useful to people with diseases depressing the immune system (oncology, AIDS and others). But in these cases, as well as in the period of intensive growth, "coat" the daily rate of amino acids is extremely difficult from food and the forces of the body. At this time, you can resort to the use of biodeadows.

Contraindications for use

Science is not yet known cases that could serve as a categorical contraindication to the reception of amino acid arginine. Meanwhile, the drug is not recommended for people after a sharp infarction, as well as undesirable to receive biodulates during pregnancy or lactation.

Side Effects Arginine

Arginine rarely can cause side effects. However, although in isolated cases, diarrhea and nausea were recorded against the background of reception. Taking the drug in high doses, can cause a bitter taste in the mouth. And considering that the amino acid has vasculating properties, it is possible to reduce blood pressure. Arginine in the form of intravenous injections contains a high concentration of chlorides, which is fraught with the development of metabolic acidosis. In patients with renal, or hepatic insufficiency against the background of admission of amino acids (taken in extremely high doses), hypercalemia and an increase in urea levels are possible.

It is not necessary to be overly carried by substance with patients with malignant formations, faces with amino acid intolerance, or with a systemic red lupus.

Risks of deficiency and excess

The minimum daily need for arginine is from 2 to 5 g.

Избыток аргининаStresses, atherosclerosis, hypertension and other factors can increase the requirements of the body in amino acid. Cardiac insufficiency, coronary disease, angina, growth stop, liver problems can serve as signals of acute arginine deficiency. Other symptoms: high blood pressure, impaired hormonal exchange and obesity, early aging, poor brain functioning.

Excess substance can cause allergic rashes, urticaria, trembling in hand and legs, and on psycho-emotional level - nervousness and aggressiveness.

Food sources

The best sources of arginine are protein-containing products: meat, milk, soybean, nuts (peanuts, walnuts, cedar, almonds), pumpkin seeds, eggs, snails, peas.

Products rich arginine
Product (100 g) Arginine (D)
Cedar nuts 2,4.
Walnuts 2,2
Pork meat 1,4.
Chicken breast 1,4.
Salmon 1,2
Chicken eggs 0.8.
Milk 0.1.

Meanwhile, it is important to know that thermal processing of products significantly reduces the level of arginine in food. Therefore, if possible, it is worth focusing on raw products. These can be walnuts or cashews, which contain a very high concentration of substance.

Arginine affects the secretion of insulin, glucagon, growth hormone. Helps in rehabilitation after injuries, formation of collagen and stimulation of the immune system. Increases the amount of sperm and t-lymphocytes. Accelerate wound healing, prevents the formation of tumors.

Interaction with other substances

Arginine affects insulin activity, is able to reduce cholesterol.

Arginine has a decisive influence on many vital processes in the human body. The production of hormones, the formation of insulin and antibodies is largely dependent on this amino acid. This means that insufficient consumption of the substance leads to serious violations in the body. And to prevent the consequences of arginine-deficit, doctors recommend taking care of a properly balanced diet. Particular attention to the menu is important to pay during severe diseases and during the restoration of the body.

Article author:

Tedeeva Madina Yipanovna

Specialty: Therapist, x-ray physician .

Common experience: 20 years .

Place of work: LLC "SL Medical Group" Maykop .

Education: 1990-1996, North Ossetian State Medical Academy .


1. In 2016, the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education has increased advanced training on an additional professional program "Therapy" and was allowed to implement medical or pharmaceutical activities in the specialty therapy.

2. In 2017, by the decision of the Examination Commission, with a private institution of additional professional education, the Institute for Advanced Training of Medical Frames "was allowed to implement medical or pharmaceutical activities with a degree of radiology.

Work experience: Therapist is 18 years old, a radiologist - 2 years.

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The Nobel Prize for Medicine for 1998 was noted one of the most important discoveries of the century in the field of physiology - determination of the nitrogen oxide function in the human cardiovascular system. Overlooking the amino acid is responsible for its transfer Arginine , about the most important role of which doctors were simply not guessed.


Alexander Tushkin / Health-Info

Until the end of the XX century, nitrogen oxide was considered extremely harmful to the human body. All nitrogen oxides are physiologically active and belong to the third hazard class. For example, nitrogen oxide N2OUsed in surgical operations as anesthesia. Nitric oxide No. It is a strong poison that has a negative impact on the central nervous system and causes blood defeat due to the binding of hemoglobin. Nitric oxide No. 2 It is considered to be relatively poisonous.

The situation has changed due to a medical error. In the United States, when researching the influence of various drugs on heart activities, medicines mixed up the drugs and used a means containing nitrogen oxide. The substance suddenly caused a sharp relaxation of the vessels, which was interested in Professor Robert Francis Furchotta from the State University of Lower New York. Further studies have shown that nitrogen oxide is continuously produced in the animal organism from arginine amino acid.

In 1998, the Nobel Committee presented a prize to three American scientists whose independent research and led to the opening of the role of nitrogen oxide. Scientists found out that No. Relaxing the walls of blood vessels, reduces thrombocyte sticking. Nitrogen oxide regulates the operation of the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, respiratory and gastrointestinal tract and the urogenital system, participates in the protection of the body from bacteria and malignant cells.

The only supplier of this essential substance is arginine, which is a conditionally indispensable amino acid. In adults, Arginine is produced in sufficient quantities, and patients, children and older people need additional arginine feeding.

The role of arginine is very unusual. It disconnects nitrogen oxide and sends it to the brain. In the remaining amino acids, nitrogen oxide is firmly connected. The gas bubble minus the cell membranes and reaches its purpose. So the body informs the "Central Headquarters" about its condition.

Now it's hard to say, in which processes arginine is not involved. All properties of this amino acid scientist are still to be discovered. Recent studies indicate that Arginine is also involved in the synthesis of hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the "internal clock" of the body.

Как нам получить аргинин

How do we get arginine?

In connection with the opening of the wonderful properties of arginine around it, a large-scale advertising campaign began. On the Internet it is offered to buy as a remedy for all diseases along with Noni juice - product of network marketing. Arginine is represented mainly as a biologically active additive for athletes who need more efficient muscle growth. The cost of such funds is relatively high. This is explained by the fact that Arginine is not fully absorbed from food, and the manufacturers were able to put a valuable amino acid into compounds having a high degree of assimilation. However, check this information is unlikely to succeed.

Arginine is also advertised as a panacea from erectile dysfunction in men. It is believed that due to the deficit of amino acids, infertility can develop, since the proteins of the seed fluid almost 80% consist of arginine. Also, Arginine is indirectly involved in the development of testosterone.

In addition, nitrogen oxide plays a decisive role in achieving and maintaining an erection, filling the cavernous bodies of the penis. Studies have shown that daily reception of up to 4 g of arginine significantly increases the quality and amount of sperm, and also improves the erection.

Arginine is most of all in plant proteins than in animals. The most valuable source is pumpkin seeds that contain 5353 mg of substances per 100 g of product. Then follow the cedar and walnuts. In smaller amounts of amino acids, contained in both, peanuts, coconut, sunflower seeds and sesame, dairy products, chicken meat, wheat flour.

The necessary daily dose, according to state-poidnadzor, is 6.1 g. Bodybuilders influence this figure to 20 g, which can be explained both by organic necessity and obsessive advertising of sports pharmacological companies. With caution you need to take arginine pregnant and lactating women, as well as people suffering from herpes and schizophrenia. Long-term reception of the drugs containing arginine is also not recommended.


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