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Origin, etymology

Origin, etymology

Legend about Helge

Not far from the farm House in Hemedale there is a mountain, which is called Helgenotra - in honor of the young Bride Helga, which the troll dragged into the mountains right during the wedding. Helga was coming from Boe, that in Telemerca, and the groom lived in Heddale, where and the wedding had to be accomplished. When the wedding procession was passed on the way to the church, the bride suddenly disappeared. Everyone was very frightened and immediately guessed that she was kidroll. Several guests hurried to Heddal to bring church bells, because their ringing could bring the girl. They were very in a hurry, because if they did not have time to save Helga before sunset, it would be too late, and she would stay in captivity forever. Soon they returned with the bells and began to call them with all his might. But after some time the rope broke.

Origin, etymology

Then they heard the crying Helga very close. She has almost got out of the mountain, he completely separated it from people. If they were called at least a minute, they would save the girl. Now she was pulling her back again, and her crying was frozen farther further. Rocks forever closed her. She will never see sunlight anymore ... Learver, after that, people who pass past those places heard her crying from the mountain. Especially bitterly cried Helga, when a wedding procession was passed by, and the musicians played a violin. And one day, the guy named Ketil Haugeruy took the violin and went to the mountains to play for Helga. Soon he heard stretching moan. This Helga cried about his unfortunate fate.

Trolls in the mass culture:

Origin, etymology

Well, we got so to speak to our times, and now we will see what place the trolls in modern literature, cinema and games, including. And some works even consider in more detail. Let's start with the play which probably began to settling these folk creatures into the author's literature it is perico Gunt Heinrich Ipsen. Here they are giants and powerful sorcerers who love cruelly to swear over man. Completely, we saw trolls in the book of Tuva Yanon Mimi-Trolli - here they are small peace-loving creatures. In the novel "Vostok" American writer Edith Patta - Trolls beautiful, though only external, in character they are rather angry creatures. Here they look like people, and differ from us pale, hard skin and a creaky voice, they say by the way in the language of our neighbors - Finns. The place of their habitat is Northern Greenland. They treat people not particularly well using them as slaves.

Trolli Joan Rowling

Origin, etymology

There are trolls and in Harry Potter. Here they have a big body, a small head, short legs thick with wood and flat cornflower feet. Hands are much longer legs, and the smell coming from them can fight better than any club. Trolls are completely stupid, but dangerous brutal and aggressive creation. Of some of the most capable individuals, with proper training, a good guards come out. Trolli Joan Rowling do not know how to speak human adverbs, even more they can understand only a small set of words, most often these are teams. Between themselves, they communicate rather than fracturing and groove, but among the wizards there are craftsmen who can understand this grune and even talk with trolls for example Barti Craaches and Quirinus Quirrell. In addition, the trolls here are divided into subspecies mountain, forest and river. The world's largest growth, they can reach 4 meters, and the weight of the whole ton of sort of bald gray granite giants. Forest trolls slightly smaller their skin pale green, on the head can be liquid losses of brown or green. River trolls with purple skin have small horns live in rivers and often hide under bridges. There are also half-raised troll and man born from the Union.

Trolli Mediterranery:

Origin, etymology

How not to mention the trolls in the works of Tolkien, for the first time they appeared in the book of the Hobbit or there and back. Here the trolls are constantly crushed, do not stop drinking and talking to Cockties - Slang one of London's regions. That is, in fact Tolkien stuffed in the Mediterranean of London Gopnik, which is quite interesting. As well as Trolli from Folklore, Tolkienovsky turn into a stone If the rays of light fall on them. Trolls that live in the Mediterranean creatures are evil, derived by Morgoth in the first era to resist entels. They have a huge height and ugly appearance, they are strong, but the power is a mind not necessary, it is just about them, they generally understand rather tight. Blood under the thick and coarse skin of black. They eat raw meat, but often kill fun for sake. In their caves, the trolls are harvested. Trolls are called trolleys. As in trolls, rowling from the trains has its own classification, though a more branched 7 types of trolls is: stone, cave, mountainous-hai, snow, hill and multi-headed. S. Stone Bilbo and gnomes collided during their adventure, cave Trolls are found everywhere throughout the Mediterranean, mainly in the dungeons, for example, such were in Moria, they united with orcs captured it. Trolli Holli. Some of the most aggressive Mining those who participated in the attack on MINAS-TIRIT and finally Oll - Hai. - This is a real trollin special forces, derived by Sauron at the end of the third era. They are much stronger than their relatives and that much more importantly for them, besides, they have immunity for solar radiation.

I hope you have not had time to get tired of my story, because now we are probably in the most interesting place, now I will tell you how Trolls are depicted in the universe of the Flat World of Terry Pratchet.

Trolls "Flat World"

Origin, etymology

Trolli is a silicon humanoid form of life. Just as life in the real world is based on carbon chemistry, the life of trolls is based on silicon chemistry. They have great physical strength and pretty hardy. The local trolls are considered rather stupid, but this is not quite the case, the fact is that the brain activity of trolls directly depends on the environment, and if it is accurate on the temperature than the warmer, they are worse, because their silicon brains overheat. But with sufficient cooling, their intellect changes dramatically, becoming almost impeccable, and if we are talking about mathematical calculations, then there are no equal. The disk is widespread that the trolls are widespread in daylight turn into a stone, but this is not quite so trolls are a stone at any time of the day. Just some of them have, too good thermal conductivity and literally cut down at sunrise, only it will begin to harb.

Another feature of the trolls is that they possess the properties of the mineral from which they are made, their bodies consist of "metamorphoric stone" (the word formed from the words metamorphic and metaphorical). And with the names, by the way, they are also not too born, from the Kago mineral it is also called, for example - Rubin is a Troll singer, whose body is made of ruby ​​crystals, or a brick - troll, born and grew up in an ank-morpon, which has View of brick masonry and difficult to distinguish against the background of the present wall. Trolls made from pure breed is the most real elite and they try not to communicate with trolls from sedimentary rocks. Well, the coolest and the most rare, and the most revered trolls are made of diamond. When such a troll appears, he becomes the king and all clans recognize his power. Troll king carries the traditional name Mr. Glitter, so it is distinguished by high intelligence, even at high temperatures, because its body reflects heat. I wonder what the trolls are multiplied in the same way as people. They live in the truth much longer people and themselves do not usually do not die, but they die with a violent death. The time of the trolls increase in size and become very slow, then they stop moving anything at all. They seem to be sinking at night, and now you can no longer be distinguished by the troll from the usual boulder of this successfully use the gnomes and the giants are dismantled for minerals. By the way, with dwarves in trolls an ancient enmity is possible for this reason. Many treasure hunters attract the teeth of trolls that are made of pure diamonds. Many hills and cliffs in the flat world, these are ancient tolls. There are giants and their religion, they worship many of the gods, the most famous of them is Honda, the God of love, he beats the trolls on the head of the stone boulders and a feeling of love appears. To give a troll wisdom God gigalite beats them on the head of a stone, Silicarus does the same thing that they accompanied luck. In addition to the gods, the trolls have both mythical heroes, for example, a monolith that stole the secrets of the stones, he was the fact that a stone can be hit by anyone.

Trolls in films and Multiplications .

Well, now let's talk about trolls in cinema and animation, except those universes that I mentioned, namely the Mediterranean and the world of Rowling, trolls can be seen in the pseudocumentilka hunters on trolls, where they are presented as a really existing type of carnivorous, similar to humans, and the place Their habitats have become hard-to-reach places of Norway. Here trolls are also divided into forest and mountainous -, they are classified in size and shape, for example Tusseladd - skinny trolls, adults heights can have on bodies of growths, similar to the heads, but those who are not such growths on the head can be many. Raglefant is more centerast And strong trolls, their growth is 4 times more human, but the bridge of the smallest representatives of the species, a little more human growth.

The organisms of trolls are not capable of processing sunlight in vitamin D so they are killed by bright light including ultraviolet lamps. These trolls represent a real danger to people, especially in their territory. Therefore, to avoid human victims, as well as to preserve the existence of trolls, the organization "Safety Service Trolls" was created to hold giants in the ultrasound, such reservations were created with a protective perimeter, which was disguised as the power line, the local trolls are afraid of electricity. But sometimes these giants are still chosen in the perimeter and then the troll hunters enter the responsibilities of which include the elimination of the fugitive and study the cause of his escape. You can also see them in TV shows, for example: the tenth kingdom, Grimm, Merlin and others. What concerns the animation, then the trolls also noted, for example, the cartoon of 1994 "Troll in the Central Park" telling about a cute troll wall with a good heart and a green finger from touching Which bloom flowers, but since in the troll kingdom, all the beauties are prohibited, the walls hide flowers. Also, cute creatures depicted trolls and in the cartoon Dreamworks Animation Trolli here they live in an almost endless condition of happiness, singing, dances and hugging all day. In the first series of the Hilder series "Hilda", the main character has to be rid of the stone troll, but in the end he also turns out to be a good luck, well, or at least leaves the world.

Trolls in the Universe Witcher

Well, finally, or you can even say on the dessert, I left the universe Angeya Sapkovsky, I think everyone who played remember these stupid, ugly, but still charming creatures. Externally trolls from the Witcher may look in different ways, it all depends on the species, but each of them has large sizes, short power and strong skin, one more characteristic that combines all trolls is slowness and dumbness. Despite the stupidity, they are still reasonable creatures and are able to speak, the truth of the words they hollow and suggestions make up one-room. The local trolls do not turn into a stone with sunlight, even though the rumors are cultivated by the local population, and on the contrary, they prefer the night - day, because they are so clumsy that they are stumbled about the stones, while breaking the muzzles and spilling down, and these The guys love to drink and pushing the riddles, swaying with meat, often human. But what do not say the trolls are capable of feelings and appreciate the kindness shown to them. The trolls also have a marriage institute, they converge in pairs, especially in a forest species and live together, but in addition to such love they also show love for the construction of bridges. Sometimes something goes wrong and to the construction they add one more passion - alcohol and bridge turns to put it mildly a little crying, hence the expression "bridge straight like a trolly" if something is very crooked. Also there are trolls living alone, but more often, of course, they can be found by such gangs, 3-4 individuals. Depending on the type of level, their friendliness may differ. Forest as you probably have already understood living in the forest and larger than our fellow, but they are not as strong as others, they wear a kind of clothing and are ready to communicate with people, they usually live under bridges. The habitat of the rocky trolls are caves, they are quite intelligent on the background of their fellows and sociable, sometimes even perform small work for people. Love stones. But the ice trolls are less friendly and civilized than their fellow, they know how to talk, but people are hostile to people.

With whatever trolls, we have not collided today with ferocious, canonical folklore, giants and with cartoon dancers - merry, but what is there to speak even with silicon brain trolls. So it became interesting to me, what trolls closer to you? Write about it in the comments


Scandinavian mythology

Mythology ) - a variety of giant in German-Scandinavian mythology. There is a separate look of trolls - a river troll. Trolls are large and evil creatures. They were divided into 2 types: dwarfs and giants. Dwarfs (swamp trolls) lived in forests or on the plain, had a sloped body, did not harm people and generally led the lone lifestyle. They could be increasing from 1 to 1.8 meters. Often Trolli-dwarfs were shamans or blacks. Sometimes they settled under the bridges.

Giant (mountain trolls) preferred to settle in the mountains. They had smooth skin, they were lys and high (some were taking more than 15 meters). Often, Trolli-giants were stupid, but among them there were skillful blacksmiths. Some trolls were afraid of the devastating sunlight. Almost all trolls-giants were very dangerous for people. They devoured people themselves, stole their cattle and trampled crops.

The main feature of any troll is his huge nose (although in some modern worlds it is flattened). Thanks to this, any troll has a magnificent scent. Many trolls have good regeneration.

Troll-giants hate Christianity and everything connected with it. When the trolls took people into their caves (leaving changed), people were loudly called church bells. From the ringing the trolls sick and they returned their prey, after which they were hiding in the caves in fear. In addition, some of the giants could burn, turn into a stone or just die when hitting their skin sun rays.

Nothing is known about the weaknesses of dwarf trolls, but you can agree with them. Many trolls love to play riddles than you can distract

Some trolls cannot lie.

Trolls are one of the most popular characters of fairy tales and fantasy. Usually, fantasy depicts the classic view of trolls-giants, evil, wild and stupid.

In a fairy tale "

The Snow Queen

"The troll created a magic mirror that twists everything beautiful and kind. In the Universe, Harry Potter Trolli is divided into 3 types: mountain, forest and river. Mountain trolls are the largest, as well as the most stupid and most dangerous of all. They are about 3.5-4 meters increasing, and more than 1 tons weigh. Mountain trolls bald, with gray leather and disgusting smell. They can study human speech, and a good guards are obtained from the smartest individuals. In the world, Harry Potter Trolli is not afraid of light.

Forest trolls are slightly less, up to 3 meters in growth. They have a green or brown beard or hair, sometimes wool occurs throughout the body. Forest trolls eat raw meat and love human flesh, but they are less dangerous than mountain trolls.

River trolls are the smallest - from 2 to 2.5 meters in height. They have gray, sinsery or lilac skin, as well as a pair of root on the head. Woolen cover is rare and is not present in all individuals. River trolls are often hiding under the bridges.

In the Universe of the writer J. Tolkien also have trolls. They are evil and stupid creatures that Melkor created for his army. He created the trolls on the basis of ENT. They turn into a stone from sunlight and adore people, as well as the gnomes (especially fried). When Sauron tried to revive, he brought the new breed of trolls, not afraid of light. He also planned to withdraw halftreres - creatures with intelligence of people and the power of trolls.

Flat world trolls Unusual creatures - they are originally stone. Their favorite food is stones, so the teeth have diamond trolls. Their nervous system is based on silicon - the colder, the smarter the troll. Trolls do not die in the generally accepted concept, but only become, losing craving for life. Subsequently, the trolls settled an ank-morpok, where they soon gained right. So the child became the first troll-guard. And the chrysoprase became a practically the shaved father of the Troll Mafia.

In this world, a variety of trolls.

These trolls are like small, tailed hippo.

In this film, a huge number of types of trolls: mountain (the smallest), up to 3 meters high, live in caves and covered with wool, multi-headed (about 10 meters in height, have several heads, live in the forest), Yotnar (the largest movie troll , about 60 meters in height, but there are individuals and more), etc.

The main character of the cartoon is a troll, loving flowers. The trolls are also shown there, very similar to Troll Kuzu.

In the fore


  • Trolls belong to the factions of the barbarians. Trollik Kuzya is the main character of the eponymous game. In the first game, Harry first runs away from the troll, and then fighting with him.
  • Very often found in RPG Games. Really, they can be killed using fire or acid.
  • Trolls are powerful opponents of the lord in the game
  • Overlord.
  • In games Warcraft. .
  • Trolls are allys of the orcs. Get a gift - 300 visitors

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In social networks and on the forums, you can often find comments like "This Troll", "Do not join Trolls", but not every user understands what kind of "beasts" is why they should not communicate with them and for what purpose they involve in conversation.

What is trolling?

English noun

Trolling - the word is not new, appeared at the beginning of the 21st century together with the development of the Internet. In essence, trolling is a provocation of users in order to get emotional comments from them. At the same time, the troll itself can be a person who does not occupy a specific position on the subject of which the dispute is incorporated.


In the trolling process, the user tries to ask provocative issues, proving to other community participants that they are not right without any arguments, to do everything to bring opponents. Trolls can hide

, And after the conversation (successful trolling) and remove fake accounts at all. Interestingly, in everyday life, trolling is extremely rare, because it does not imply real contact with man or a whole audience. The term is Slang, and the literal translation of the word "trolling" means "fishing on the gloss".

Like fishermen Trolls "cling" in the community of the most active and non-indulgent users to engage them in a hot dispute and withdraw on emotions.

What is the meaning of trolling?

Because on the Internet any community (forum, news portal with comments, a group in the social network) consists of participants who follow changes and participating in the discussion, each user has its own definite status.

Relaxing in the dispute, the troll speaks of the face of the opponent, thereby forming the relationship of users to a particular country and its inhabitants.

Who is such a troll? Trolling.

It is believed that users of several categories can become trolls: schoolchildren and students, for which a similar form of communication is no more than fun, adults who are trying to compensate for the lack of attention "work" on the Internet, as well as conscious users who earn trolling on life.

Since the mass presence of trolls on the network allows you to manage the emotions of ordinary users, such practice is often used by PR agencies, non-neglecting black methods promotion of a new product and destroy competitors.

Trolls can be stupid and smart people creating unfolded, argued, thoughtful comments in which the provocation is originally laid down, and can work on a predetermined scheme. It all depends on the form of trolling and the goal that a person pursues.

The troll phenomenon has recently been interested in more and more specialists. They believe that competent trolls can make a real revolution in social networks and on thematic sites, which later may pour out folk stocks of protests in real time.

Such different trolls

There are several types of trolls. Let's call the main of them:

Political. In the midst of pre-election campaigns at all levels (more often on the regional), whole armies of trolls appear in the network, tracking news with reference to certain candidates and leaving positive or negative comments, depending on whose interests of the trolls are represented. Such users can act by themselves, if they want to support the candidate, but they can work on the task of the election headquarters. Trolls working on another higher level, incite the disputes on the courts where world issues are discussed. Similarly, they can work at their own accord or hire.

Arsonies. Such users can create disputes on an empty place for the sake of entertainment. They do not want to offend other people, but love to keep track of their reaction to absurd comments and are ready to spend aimlessly online for several hours a day. To start a dispute, they choose the most relevant, hot topics like religion, attitudes towards controversial laws, discussion of odious personality and similar.

  • Experts. Users who are trying to prove their competence in a competence in a particular area and bulk scientific facts to point out other commentator errors, name "trolls experts". They love to argue and bring the conversation until they stop responding. Only then they put a point and go, emphasizing the ignorance of others in the subject of the dispute.
  • Scammers. Trolli-fraudsters - the most dangerous variety of such users. They argue not just like that, but in order to withdraw important information from people: place of work and social status, relationships with one or another person and even credit card data. In the heat of the dispute, a person can say superfluous, it is this information that will need a fraudster to do something bad.
  • Who pays trolls?
  • As noted earlier, in

Work trolls

Companies, election headquarters and individuals may be interested. Advertisements about the trolls can be found on the websites for freelancers, but most often project coordinators find trolls among their acquaintances. Dear visitors, save this article on social networks. We publish very useful articles that will help you in your business. Share! Click! A report on the work of the trolls can be sent in the form of screenshots, while payment can occur by the hour, depending on the implementation of the norm or for each left comment.

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In social networks and on the forums, you can often find comments like "This Troll", "Do not join Trolls", but not every user understands what kind of "beasts" is why they should not communicate with them and for what purpose they involve in conversation.

What is trolling?

, as

"Loverys on the gloss.""Loverys on the gloss."
The popular area of ​​Internet provocation has been a precequisure name from this area. Why? Yes, because the purpose of the provocation in the web communities is the catch "on the hook" of the user. Troll hosts a message, comment or review, expected reaction in the form of a conflict, dispute, discussion.


  • Due to the rapid development of the Internet and social networks, new terms and slang were widespread. One of the popular areas of social activity in the web is trolling "English. Trolling.
  • . If you understand literally, this is a form of provocation or bullying in network communication.

What is it simple words

  • In various forums and the Internet, the community often flashes this term. If you try to figure out, the result is issues. So it represents this process of open provocation:
  • Attempts to hurt a man clearly or hidden aimed actions;
  • violate the ethics of behavior in the Internet community;

Actively apply offensive attacks, mocking statements towards a specific user.

Moreover, it cannot be said that directed aggression towards the opponent is underway. More precisely, you can describe this process as evil mockery, sarcasm or heit.


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