Carnival masks do it yourself: Step by step description How to make and decorate a mask for children (75 photos)

A carnival mask is an important accessory of any festival with an amazing atmosphere of carnival. The conversion symbol embodied in the mask will help create a truly festive mood. This attribute has an incredibly rich history.

Today, he is associated with a brilliant, noisy representation - the Venetian carnival, as well as with the Halloween holiday. Buy a mask suitable for a specific occasion is not difficult. Specialized stores have a wide range of children's, female and male masks on various occasions.

This is Venetian carnival masks that have a fairly recognizable style, plastic species, stocking masks, realistic masks made of fine rubber. By the way, these items can be the original decoration of the festive interior. However, much more attractive mask made by personally. In addition, the process itself will bring a lot of positive emotions.

What you need to know about making masks

Extremely important, starting to work, have a selected costume. Only under the finished sample of the product should be selected with a mask. First you need to stock all the necessary components, tools and additional materials. To make this item, it is better to start in advance, not on the eve of the event, as well as to attract the image of all family members (unless it is a surprise).

Methods for creating an attribute:

The festive accessory can be made independently using a different material that will be at hand:

  • cardboard;
  • papier mache;
  • various segments of soft matter;
  • Special plasticine (sold in stores);
  • gypsum.

The proposed ways of work are light, simple, inexpensive methods.

Charming attribute from paper stencil

The carnival masks made on the template are the option that will be interested in ease of manufacture and economy in the financial sense. It should be prepared:

  • Selected from a huge number of examples provided on special sites, the template of the mask you like, or to draw it yourself;
  • dense paper and not too fat cardboard;
  • appropriate tools for work;
  • paints, gouache;
  • Ingredients for decoration.

Step-by-step execution:

  1. The carved pattern is tightly glued to the cardboard. This will continue to save the mask in the original form.
  2. Coloring the product.
  3. The mask is worth cut only after its complete drying.
  4. At the edges, make a thick seer of the hole for the mask holder (strings, rubber band, etc.). It will not be superfluous to strengthen the holes around the holes using the tape to create the strength of the product.
  5. Turn the string of the required length, the ends arrange in small nodules.
  6. Decorate the mask by choosing suitable decorative accessories.

Special Paste Product

The whole creative process will take a sufficient amount of time, so you need to start work a few days before the event. For this accessory, you will need:

  • base mass, it is better to take white, as it will be painted in the future;
  • stencil image; piercing tools;
  • layout;
  • acrylic paints;
  • Set for decorations.

How to make such a mask:

  1. Pick up and cut out paper mask template.
  2. Prepare stucco. It needs to be fine enough (less than 4 millimeters in thickness). You can use the usual rolling pin.
  3. From the resulting test make a form. To do this, the paper template is applayed on top of a thin sheet, sharp knife cut the contour mask. Be sure to make the necessary holes.
  4. Gently and most carefully raise the cut out figure and cover the layout. To withstand the day for the full mass of the mass.
  5. You should not use any devices for drying, it should be dried in a natural way. Any heated will lead to its deformation.
  6. At your own discretion, paint the product. If this copy is intended for the New Year's masquerade, it is better to take the colors of the symbol of the upcoming new year.
  7. An additional decoration can be convex decorative elements from the same mass, or beads, rhinestones and other interesting materials.

In this process, the process should be paid to the manufacture of a mannequin head. At first glance, this action can slightly shock, however, making the basis in this way, in the future you can make any masks.

  1. Thin tights to wear on the head, cut the hole to breathe and gradually stuck the sticky ribbon the whole head. Without extraneous assistance at this stage it is not necessary.
  2. Applying the scotch into several layers, carefully rear cut shape. In case the hair is long, it is worth putting a swimming cap.
  3. The cut on the removed form is also tightly stuck tape.
  4. The finished base is to pour the material with which it is more familiar to work. It may be plaster, mounting foam, clay. The model will install better on the pedestal, it will be easier to contact it.
  5. The fill of the mannequin should be made gradually, parts. Filling out the frontal part, leave for frozen. Thus make the whole form. In this case, the mannequin will come out with a qualitative object, and is not deformed.
  6. Dry the template is better on the soft tissue.
  7. The last step is to come up with an image and embody it into reality, simulating on the resulting form.

Obviously, it is possible to prepare the foundation quickly and easily. Subsequently, it will become an excellent subsidiary to the manufacture of various carnival masks.

Carnival masks from papier mache

This technique is quite accessible to even children. It will be very correct to attract them to the creation of an exclusive festive attribute. What you should cook:

  • Ordinary air balloon, when inflating, acquires an exceptionally round shape:
  • adhesive means, softening agent (children's cream or vaseline), water;
  • soft paper;
  • Tassels, paints, knife, scissors.

When creating an item should be followed by the following sequence:

  1. Inflate the ball so that in size it corresponds to a certain size.
  2. Prepare the desired ingredients to work in the technique of Papier-Masha: small paper scraps and adhesive solution.
  3. On the prepared ball, apply a thin layer of cream or vaseline. This should be done in order for paper scraps not to stick to a rubber basis.
  4. Each paper block, smearing in the mixture, glued to the surface of the ball. It should be positioned in such a way that the pieces are completely, without lumen, covered the basis.
  5. The coating layers should be at least four, after creating each cover, it is worth leaving a product for drying. After the last row to give the resulting form to be completely dried. Dry base is easily punctured needle.
  6. Gently hit the ball under paper cover.
  7. To this stage should be made with full responsibility: a stationery knife cautiously cut the product to smooth halves, make the appropriate holes - eyes, nostrils, mouth and sides for gum. In the case when the mask is preparing for a mother or dad, you can stay on the rivers only for eyes and strings. Child additional lumets are simply necessary. They will help create comfort in the fun of the kid.
  8. All errors or the resulting flaws need to be carefully cleaned with the help of sandpaper.
  9. Final creative stage - creative fantasies master.

Carnival masks made by their own hands in a papier-mache technique will become an unsurpassed addition to the masquerade suit for both children and their parents.

Fabric mask

It is worth paying attention to another very tempting method of making mask for masquerade. He is simple. For those who at least some of the bases of cutting and sewing, are generally simple and easy. This option is a beautiful colorful addition to a child's suit. Sew a festive attribute can be used by a sewing machine, as well as manually. It is important to choose the right material and the necessary tools:

  • synthetic knitted fabric;
  • pattern patterns;
  • Full set for sewing and needlework.

Production Steps:

  1. Put the template on the material, circle the contour, cut two masks.
  2. Finish Shot to one of the parts of the mask.
  3. Both parts sew, turn out, do not forget about the holes.
  4. In the finished product, put the string and once again make a line along the edge of the product.
  5. Decorate in a single style with a suit, creating an amazing ensemble.

In various editions to sewing masquerade costumes, you can pick up various patterns of carnival masks for girls and boys and make them from the fabric with their own hands. Such an attribute can also be performed on a stick.

Such a variation is acceptable in a specific situation, not intended for constant wearing. By creating a unique masterpiece, all the advice and recommendations of professionals professionals should be observed, if possible, it is better to attend classes to improve practical skills.

Carnival masks and New Year's Eve

In our country, costume holidays (corporate events and children's matinees) are associated with New Year's entertainment. Applied masquerade masks can be divided into several categories:

  • Classical Venetian Creations;
  • A wide range of festive products;
  • role items;
  • comic, fun accessories;
  • children's multi-age masks;
  • Horror-mask (put on most often on Halloween celebrations day);
  • Separate accessories.

Selecting your option, you should consider such nuances as party style, personal individual preferences, and, most importantly, who will wear a specific mask. Following these recommendations, each participant of the fun will feel comfortable and fully enjoying the holiday.

Photo ideas of carnival masks

Carnival mask do it yourselfNew Year holidays is a time when each of us dreams of wonders and magic. These days, regardless of age, people love to reincarnate and create unusual images. This will help a new year mask in this. Together with a masquerade suit, she will help turn a man in a fabulous or cartoon hero. In this image, you can have a good fun at theatrical ball, carnival or just in the courtyard at the Mangala and unforgettably meet the New Year.

Pluses of self-made masks

Lovers of costume shows are preparing their outfits long before the holidays. Some prefer to buy ready-made costumes and embrace them a little, others - do it yourself.

Not everyone wants to spend big money on the purchase of the outfit, so it is important to know how to make a carnival mask with your own hands. To do this, you will not need to spend a lot of time and effort on its manufacture. If you properly observe all the nuances, the finished mask will hit you with its simplicity and beauty.

Making a lace article

This mask is able to turn an ordinary dress in the outfit for the carnival. The most attractive will be a product from black lace. It will give the girl mysteriousness and masts of mysticism. In the work you can use the material of any color, the main thing is that it corresponds to the shade of a festive dress.

To create a craft, we need:

  • tulle;
  • velvet tape;
  • scissors;
  • Black paint;
  • dense paper or cardboard;
  • Food film;
  • glue;
  • Scotch.

Method of making lace mask with their own hands Pretty simple and includes the following steps:

  1. Lace mask do it yourselfOn a sheet of paper, print the variant of the lace product you like. If you have the talent of the artist, then the mask pattern can be drawn.
  2. We put paper on the table or another solid surface. Covered with food film and carefully smooth out all irregularities. To fix films, we use tape.
  3. Tow tulle and cut off a piece that will completely close the finished pattern.
  4. We supply the pattern with black paint. Make sure that all small details are well painted, since the appearance of the future product depends on it.
  5. We leave the workpiece to dry and remove the tulle.
  6. With the help of sharp scissors, cut out the blank along the contour and make openings for the eyes.
  7. We measure the girth of the head and cut off with a reserve of ten centimeters two pieces of velvet tape.
  8. We glue the ribbons to the edges of the workpiece and give the product to dry.

Cat mask do it yourself

Such a drink can turn the girl into a mysterious and graceful predator. It is perfectly combined with any evening dress and complements the image. Before making a paper mask, do it yourself, The following materials and tools should be prepared:

  • black lace guipure;
  • Black tape from velvet or organza;
  • scissors;
  • needle and thread;
  • several tries;
  • glue;
  • Two large crystals.

The procedure for performing work:

  1. Mask cat do it yourselfWe take a lace guipure and measure the length you need for a mask. Gently cut off a piece of material without damaging the pattern. To create a mask, we will use two such blanks.
  2. Cut on the inside of the material semi-rope. We do it so that the holes on the two halves coincide. The central part of the workpiece, which is located at the level of the nose, do not touch.
  3. With the help of glue, we connect two parts of the mask among themselves and give me to dry.
  4. Cut up more lace at the bottom of the mask.
  5. We fold bundles in the form of a fan of several pynes in each. To the face of their part of the crepary crystals. We glue the finished parts along the edges of the mask to create the ears of the cat. If you want to get a panther mask, choose rounded feathers.
  6. We measure the girth of the head and cut off two tapes. Be sure to leave the reserve of tapes for their tying.
  7. With the help of a needle and threads, the trigger ribbons to the inner sides of the edge of the product.

Muscara option

This is a classic mask version, suitable to those people who do not like to work for a long time. Not only adults, but also their children can be attracted to the creation of this craft. It diversifies their leisure and help develop creativity.

New Year's carnival masks are manufactured from such materials:

  • Color double-sided cardboard;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • Wooden wand;
  • paint;
  • Tape from satin or velvet;
  • glue;
  • Painted Pynes.

Manufacturing instructions:

  1. How to make a carnival maskPrint the template you like billets. Cut it and fastened to the leaf of cardboard. Pencil supply the contour and cut out the workpiece.
  2. On a paper basis we fold a pattern of decorative elements.
  3. We glue all the details to the base.
  4. Take a wooden wand and paint it under the color of the cardboard. We look at the tape from velvet or satin and glue.
  5. Take a cardboard and cut a few identical rectangles. Apply a wooden wand to the inside of the workpiece and fasteners, gluing pieces of cardboard.
  6. We leave the product to complete drying.

Corrugated paper accessory

For its manufacture Need to buy or find the following tools and materials:

  • The basis made from cardboard, papier mache or plastic;
  • Thin corrugated paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • satin ribbons;
  • Feathers painted in color paper.

The manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. Carnival Corrugated Paper MaskWe deploy a sheet of corrugated paper and cut it on the strips of seven centimeters width and thirty centimeters long. We harvest 30 strips and fold them in half.
  2. Twisting ready-made strips and gradually turn them. To give strength in the process of work, we glue the flower.
  3. We glue the flowers to the finished base. Make sure that there are no free spaces on the surface.
  4. To one edge of the mask, a lot of beautiful feathers are fed.
  5. We cut off the size of the head two ribbons and secure them to the finished mask.

Crafts from broken toys

Often after the new year there is a large number of broken Christmas toys. Before throwing them, you can provide them with another chance to serve people. From the broken material you can make the original mask for the carnival . For her you will need:

  • fragments of broken toys;
  • base from papier mache or plastic;
  • dense fabric;
  • a hammer;
  • pliers;
  • glue;
  • braid;
  • Decorative elements for decoration.


  1. Mask from broken toysFrom broken Christmas tree toys, we remove the fastening elements.
  2. Watch them into a dense fabric or towel. With the help of a hammer, we divide them into small fragments.
  3. Fastening elements unfold pliers to give them flat shape.
  4. Finished elements glit to the top and side parts of the mask. To the center of each circle is a decorative crystal.
  5. Mask we wash glue and gently apply the fragments of Christmas tree toys. Do it extremely carefully, as you can easily hurt.
  6. One edge of the product decorate the pen.
  7. Freak up two tapes on the edges of the product and give the product to dry.

Accessory from Papier Masha

All the masks you buy have a standard form and size. This will not say about the form of the face, it is individual for each person. Therefore, the purchased product may be uncomfortable. To avoid similar problems, we offer you master the creation of masks from papier mache . This process is simple and even a child will cope with it. List of necessary tools and materials:

  • newspaper sheets;
  • toilet paper;
  • petrolatum;
  • scissors;
  • water;
  • flour;
  • paint;
  • Tassels;
  • PVA glue.

We make a craft from Papier Masha:

  1. Cooking a plumber. To do this, in a pan, we pour a glass of water and bring to a boil. Mix the glass of flour with several spoons of cold water. Thorcing the mixture thoroughly, add it to boiling water.
  2. Papier Masha Mask for CarnivalAfter the mixture cools down, add four spoons of PVA glue.
  3. Cut into pieces of toilet paper and newspapers.
  4. Choose a person for whom you will do a mask, and lubricate it with Vaseline.
  5. Fill the bowl with water and begin work. Pieces of the newspaper are wetted and attached to the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead. We do it until the entire face is covered with newspapers. Watch that no gaps remain between sheets.
  6. Jump a piece of newspaper in the prepared mass and glue it to the first layer. We continue to work until the end of the layer.
  7. Similarly, we do five more or seven layers. The last of them should consist of a sliced ​​toilet paper.
  8. We dry the mask with a hairdryer and carefully remove from the face. Leave it warm to complete drying and hardening.
  9. Cut the edges of the product and make slots for fastening.
  10. Prayes a finished product and make up your taste.

Simple product for baby

It is so simple that it is quite possible to afford to make his child. It will be passionate about the process, and the result will delight not only it, but also you.

We need such tools and materials:

  • dense paper or cardboard;
  • stationery knife;
  • scissors;
  • hole puncher;
  • pencils, markers, paints;
  • Elastic for fastening crafts on the head.

Stages of work:

  1. New Year's mask for a childWe fold in half a sheet of thick paper or cardboard.
  2. With the stationery knife, cut out the holes for the eyes.
  3. Punch with holes for fastening gum.
  4. Color and decorate the mask.
  5. Rubber Break-free cracked on a girl's head or boy.

Crafts from fetra

For the manufacture of this beautiful and bright mask, we will need:

  • felt;
  • tape;
  • glue;
  • artificial flowers;
  • Sequins.

Completing of the work:

  1. Felt mask do it yourselfTake a piece of felt and draw on it the contours of the future mask.
  2. Cut it out of the fabric and make openings for the eyes.
  3. Fresh artificial poppies, daisies, roses or other flowers to mask.
  4. Purchase holes for eye sequins.
  5. To the inside of the product is sewn tape.

Make a New Year's mask not only beneficial with a financial point of view, but also fascinating. In the process of work, you can use all your creative potential and create a beautiful and original product.

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Each person, if he was invited to Masquerade, I want to come up with the most beautiful and interesting image. At the same time, it is important not to forget about the mask, because this is an integral attribute of a costume event. If you could not find the appropriate option in the store - you should not be upset. A similar thing can be easily made independently using a screwdriver.

Useful advice

Masks - unchanged items of any fun festival. Undoubtedly, their species depends on a solemn reason. Christmas can depict the characters from the Bible or winter images. For Halloween, it is worth staying on accessories displaying the spirit of the day of all saints, or embodying it symbolism.

Before making a carnival mask, you need to solve the issue in general and the outfit in particular. Only this can be achieved that this item looks natural.

If you are going to abandon the costume and use only one accessory, you will need to make significant efforts, since it will determine your image in such a situation.

As for the material for the manufacture, then, as you can see in the photo of carnival masks made by your own hands, it can be:

  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • textile;
  • gypsum;
  • polymer clay.

Rhinestones, sequins, glitters, beads, beads, tinsel, braid, lace can be as decor.

Venetian mask "Citizen"

This is one of the most neutral Venetian masks. It is a decoratively decorated copy of the human face and is attached usually with the help of tapes.

For the manufacture of a similar carnival mask from paper you will need to prepare:

  • paper for printer or newspaper;
  • printout with notes;
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic-based paints;
  • The appropriate blank for papier-mache from plastic.


  1. To impose on a carnival mask pattern moistened in water paper in 2 layers.
  2. Share the subsequent layers, missing them with glue. In total, 10 layers should turn out. The last two is better made from white paper.
  3. Put the workpiece by the window to dry.
  4. Remove the mask from the shape and fir the edges.
  5. Apply white paint on its surface.
  6. Pouch arbitrary patterns using a simple pencil.
  7. A printout with notes to break into a few pieces - they should be pasted in several places.
  8. Drop the product according to a pre-selected scheme, combining pearl paints or paints with a metal glitter with usual. At the same time, one side of the mask should be kept in warm shades, and the other is in cold.
  9. Applying a black marker, make a completed view patterns. If necessary, use gel handles for more detailed drawing.
  10. To decorate the accessory with drapering, rhinestones, beads.

Masquerade Mask for Baby

Here is the easiest technology of creating a children's carnival mask with your own hands:

  1. Print your favorite baby workpiece. It can be a poultry head pattern, a beast or a favorite cartoon hero.
  2. Cut the image and stir into the cardboard.
  3. Cut the product according to the template.
  4. Make from two sides small cuts for fastening gum.
  5. Decorate with glitter and beads.

Lace mask

Looks like such an accessory is very mysterious. The manufacturer's algorithm is as follows:

  1. Prepare a standard template (draw or print finished from the Internet).
  2. Transfer it to cardboard and cut.
  3. Print the resulting workpiece to satin fabric. Wait until glue gets dry and cut.
  4. Getting stuck with lace, as needed to cut everything too much. Lace should cover the accessory entirely. All the gaps should be hidden under the layer of black nail polish.
  5. Decorate the product to your taste using rhinestones, beads, blasting. Attach a wand or gum.

The mask can be made entirely of lace fabric. In this case, the lace used must be as dense as possible so that it can save the form.

Here you have to thoroughly work out the locations of the details and sections of the bends, and at the end - decorate the accessory.

A carnival mask for children and adults is a way to look fabulously and mysteriously. At the same time, you can safely abandon the purchase of the outfit and limit ourselves to only this accessory. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to do it.

Stock Foto Carnival masks do it yourself

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Mask is an indispensable attribute of a carnival costume, which gives the image of romantic mystery and charm. But it often happens that the meager assortment of shops stores does not allow to collect a harmonious outfit for a secular evening.

In this article, you will learn a few simple ways to make a carnival mask with your own hands, suitable for style to your evening image.

For masks as the main material, you can use fabric, felt, mass for modeling, for creating simple children's carnival masks, do it perfectly suitable for tight paper or cardboard.

If you want a more embossed and realistic Venetian mask, then for this, the traditional papier-mache technique will come to the rescue, which was used by the Master of the past.

But the modern world makes it possible to avoid unnecessary trouble, so you can purchase the plastic base of the mask of all shapes and sizes in any store for creativity.

It can be decorate with various rhinestones, feathers, sequins and bright cloth.

Paper mask

This method will save a mass of time and will not harm your wallet.

First of all, to create a neat product, you need to draw the patterns of carnival masks with your own hands, or find them on the Internet and print (at the end of the article you can find several ready-made patterns, as well as a photo of carnival masks made with your own hands, for your inspiration).

To create a mask, you will need:

  • dense paper or cardboard;
  • glue;
  • pencil;
  • hole puncher;
  • lounge elastic;
  • scissors;
  • Scotch;
  • Paints (suitable gouache or acrylic, watercolor paints can deform the mask)
  • Decorations (sequins, rhinestones, stickers and so on)

A sheet with drawn or printed template must be glued to a dense cardboard so that the mask does not lose form.

If the template was printed on a black and white printer, then the future mask is better to paint paint. It will give her a festive look.

When painting, try not to paint the contours, since the next step will be the cutting mask. The edges of the product will cross the scotch and make holes holes or scissors. Grind in them with a lumber.

To make the mask well on the face, the length of the gum is better to adjust, pre-measuring the decoration.

The final stage is to decorate your work with all the fact that only you want: feathers, painting, sequins, stones, rhinestones and so on.

Carnival paper masks are made very easily and fast enough. In such an interesting and cheerful occupation, you can deal with the child, so your baby will be able to show his creative abilities and develop fantasy.

Masks from felt

Another option of a carnival mask for children with your own hands - a mask of felt. Such a product looks colorfully, unusually and serves more than one year.

To create such a mask, you will also need a template that you can find on the Internet. Most often with the help of such masks, children like to reincarnate in various animals, for example, in a coal or wolf.


  • Needles
  • Threads suitable in color felt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (if not, then the mask can be shifted and manually)
  • Chalk, soap or self-describing marker for creating pattern
  • Lumbering or ribbon

In order for the mask to be in size to your baby, it is better to measure the width of the face from the ear to the ear and draw or print a suitable pattern. Then, templates with a mask and the rest of the details are placed on the fetter of suitable colors, circle and cut out.

Collect all parts into the desired composition and notify. To the edges of a mask on a typewriter a ribbon or a gum, pre-fit them under the size of the child's head.

Decorate the mask with beads, sparkles or rhinestones if necessary. Mask is ready to complement your outfit.

Creative masks

In addition to the above methods, there are more creative solutions to create masks, for example, a luxurious lace mask for fatal beauties, made using tulle and black paint for fabric. Or funny half masks from cardboard in the form of unusual glasses, butterflies or just an unusual figure.

Mask is an important element of a carnival image. Creating a mask for a child, try to make it most comfortable as possible.

The mask is unlikely to damage the child's health, but makes the baby to capricious and remove an uncomfortable decoration because of what the whole image of a charming kitten or a brown bears will immediately disappear.

Stock Foto Carnival masks do it yourself

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How to make a mask do it yourselfUseful advice


If you are going to unusually celebrate the holiday, whether it is a new year, a party or birthday, then you can prepare a mask for yourself for this case for the rest of the participants.

Make a mask is easy, you just need to know several non-hard rules and have the necessary materials with you.

Several not very complex master classes for making masks can be found here, including New Year and carnival masks, as well as masks for children and adults.

Carnival masks do it yourself


You will need:

- Tulle

- scissors

- Ribbon.

- Black paint for fabric

- Food film

- Template for mask.

- glue (moment, superchalter, glue for fabric)


1. Prepare a mask template using paper and a marker or printer, and put it on the table. Cover the texture pattern.


2. Prepare tulle and cut a rectangle from it with about 25 x 13 cm.


3. Start circling the black part of the mask using the fabric paint.


4. Let the paint dry, and then carefully remove the tulle from the film.


5. Cut the mask, including eye holes.


6. Cook the tape, and cut 2 pieces from it, each about 50 cm.


7. Using glue, attach ribbons to the mask. Let glue dry.


You can make tapes shorter. The main thing is that you can make them freely.

How to make a cat mask


You will need:

- scissors

- Lace Beika

- Glue

- satin ribbon

- Small decorative feathers, if desired

1. Cut the lace bay, so that two equal details come out.

2. Connect the halves of bey, as shown in the image. Must get the main part of the mask. In the middle secure glue.

3. Cut unnecessary parts to get the necessary form.

4. Enclose feathers so that they resemble the cat's ears.

5. Prepare a satin tape, cut it into two equal halves and glue each part to the left and right end of the mask.

How to make a mask on Halloween


You will need:

- Nylon grid

- Lace

- scissors

- Ribbon.

- Super glue

- sticky aerosol


1. Prepare first mask pattern.


2. Put 2 rectangle masks from a nylon mesh and lace (first lace, and on top of a mesh). The size of each rectangle is about 25 x 13 cm.

3. Connect the fabrics with each other using the sticky aerosol. Put the workpiece for something heavy, and wait a bit.

4. With scissors, cut the mask, including eye holes.


5. Cook the tape, cut it in half and glue each half to the mask so that you can wear it.


New Year's masks do it yourself


You will need:

- Felt

- artificial flowers

- Ribbon.

- Glue

- Sequins.


1. Cut out the mask from the fetra, having drawn it with a simple pencil. To make it easier to understand where to cut hole holes, attach a mask to the face and circle an approximate place.


2. Separate the petals from artificial colors and stick them to the mask as you like more.



3. Next, glue the sequins to the mask around the holes for the eyes.


4. Stick or tape to the back of the mask so that it can be put on.



Paper mask do it yourself


You will need:

- Cardboard

- scissors

- stationery knife

- thread (preferably elastic) or not very wide gum

- pencils / markers, etc.

- hole punch, if desired


1. Prepare a sheet of thick paper or cardboard and fold it half.

2. Use the stationery knife to cut the holes for the eyes.


3. Make a hole punch or a knife for attaching a thread or gum.

4. Decorate the mask to taste. If this is an animal, you can draw your nose, mustache, ears, etc.


How to make a carnival mask


You will need:

- Sample mask (can be found in specialized stores) or cut out a cardboard mask.

- Multicolored feathers

- rhinestones

- Sequins

- Super glue

- Toothpick


1. Prepare a sample mask and think about how you want to decorate it.

2. To gently glue rhinestones, use glue and toothpick - make it in glue and apply on the mask. Enclose rhinestones around eye holes.


3. You can stick rhinestones from the upper side of the eye hole, and from the bottom to apply sequins. To make it apply glue to the bottom and gently sprinkle on it.


4. Also with glue, add multi-colored feathers. How many feathers, and where they will be placed, you choose yourself.


5. It remains to add an elastic band or tape to put on the mask and leave the glue drying.


Cardboard mask do it yourself


You will need:

- Cardboard

- scissors

- Glue

- leaves of different colors and sizes

- sticks, twigs, seeds, feathers, etc.


1. Cut out a mask from cardboard

2. Stick the leaves as shown in the image (or select your option) so that the mask becomes like an Indian attribute.

3. Start decorating a mask with various items according to your taste, the main thing is not to overdo it and do everything symmetrically.

How to make a paper mask. Decorating paper roses.


You will need:

- A simple papier-mache mask or plastic (without patterns and patterns), purchased in the store or you can cut on yourself from cardboard

- corrugated paper

- Glue

- scissors

- feathers, at will


1. You need to cut off about 25 straps of corrugated paper. Their length can vary from 25 to 40 cm. Mix each strip half.


2. To make a pink out of a paper strip, start to twist it, as shown in the picture. As paper twisted, turn the strip of 180 degrees. To keep the flower, you can fix some places with glue.


If you want to know what other flowers can be made of paper, go to our articles:

How to make corrugated flowers

Paper Flowers in Quilling Technique

Flowers made of paper

How to make origami-flowers from paper

Plastic Bottles Flowers

3. Start sticking roses to the mask. Add glue to the bottom of each flower.


4. If you wish, you can add decorative feathers.



You can try using different colors and types of paper.

Masks for children with their own hands. Noses of animals.


You will need:

- Cardboard packaging for eggs

- Paint

- Tassels

- rubber

- thread and needle

- dense paper

- Glue

- scissors


1. Take the packaging for eggs and cut the items with deepening - they will play the role of noses that need to be decorated.

2. So that you can breathe a nose, make some small holes in the workpiece - use a needle or carnations.


3. Start opening a cardboard nose in the color of your beloved animal. Dorisite some details, such as nostrils, teeth, etc. Look in books or the Internet, how animals look like to create a maturity of a mask.

4. Prepare dense paper and cut out the mustache from it. Stick them to the workpiece.

5. It remains to sew a gum so that the nose can be put on.

New Year's masks for children


You will need:

- Pattern masks

- Fabric (in this example, the color is purple)

- lining tissue (thin fleece);

- Lace (in this example, color is black)

- thread and needle

- scissors

- Pins

- Velvet Ribbon.

- Decoration.


1. Prepare the main and lining fabric and cut the mask details using the pattern.


2. In the event that you have laces have seams on both sides, you need to cut the seam with one of the sides.


3. Use the pin to attach lace on the sides of the mask (you need to do it from the wrong side), while making small folds.


4. Now the lace needs to sew to the main part and cut off the excess.



5. Insert the velvet tape under the lace and secure it with pins.


6. Sewing machine will detect the lining fabric to the main part, as well as slits for the eyes.

7. Decorate the mask to taste, for example, you can add a small spider or snowflake.


Masks do it yourself (photo)



Venetian masks do it yourself
















Carnival masks do it yourself


You will need:

- dense paper

- Cardboard

- Colored feathers

- stationery knife

- Glue

- Simple pencil

- Sequins, if desired

1. Put the cardboard on the table, put a tight paper sheet under it.

2. A simple pencil draw the contour of the mask, and circle this circuit with a marker. Figure Masks Do how you like more, there are no strict rules.

3. Use the stationery knife to cut the mask and eye holes.


4. You should get two blanks - from cardboard and tight paper. Use the glue to connect them.


5. Use the glue to attach feathers and sequins around the eye holes. You can use any decoration to taste.



6. It remains to attach the usual gum to the mask. Instead of gum you can try to glue a flat wand (skewer) to keep a mask in your hands.

How to make a new year mask


You will need:

- Threads and needle

- scissors

- Shily

- Cardboard

- tape or gum

- nail polish

- Decorations (Sequins, Beads)

- Lace fabric

- Glue

- Satin fabric

1. On plain paper, draw the template of your mask.

2. Cook the cardboard, put the pattern on it and circle.


2.1 Cut the holes for the eyes.


3. Start glued to the cardboard mask fabric. Wait until the glue dries, and cut it out. Get rid of excess fabric.


4. If necessary, fir the ends of your mask.


5. Stick to the mask lace and cut off extra parts.



6. If you have a space uncovered with lace, put it off with a black nail polish.


7. Decorate the mask to taste - you can use, for example, sequins, gluing them around the holes for the eyes.

8. Shell Make holes for fastening gum.


9. Measure the desired gum length and tie it to a mask or a trick.


Video how to make a mask

How to make a terrible mask

Papier Masha Mask

How to make a papier mask. Jason Mask Part 1

Scary masks do it yourself. Jason Mask C.2

Each child wants to be the most beautiful, interesting and original on the creative event. Mask is a stunning accessory that complements any image. In this article we will look at: how to make masks for children with your own hands.

Mask "Butterfly"

Mask "Butterfly" Master Classes

You will need: Penocarton, scissors, gum, centimeter, glue, paper sheet, pencil.

Masks for children do it yourself, step-by-step master classes

Master Class

  1. Measure the distance from the ear to the baby's bridges.
  2. Fold a sheet of paper in half, measure the resulting distance and draw the butterfly wing. Masks for children do it yourself, step-by-step master classes
  3. Cut the template.
  4. Attach the pattern to the face of the child and mark the space of the slot for the eyes.
  5. Cut your eyes on a paper template with a slight margin.
  6. Cut the template on the foam, then cut it out.
  7. Make a decoration for a foam mask (it can be brought, droplets, flowers) Then glue them. Masks for children do it yourself, step-by-step master classes
  8. Measure the size of the gum from one ear to another, make small holes on the edges of the mask and secure the rubber band.

The carnival mask "Butterfly" is ready! I recommend to view this video!

Mask from hand

Mask from hand

You will need: Color cardboard, simple pencil, scissors.

Master Class

  1. Select the position of the hand.
  2. Circle their hands on cardboard.
  3. Cut the mask. Master classes
  4. Attach the mask to face, mark the slits for the eyes, then cut them out.
  5. Cut from cardboard nails and ring, then stick them on the mask.
  6. Fold the cardboard in half and cut the "double" tight wand.
  7. Stick the wand on the side of the mask as a holder.

Mask from hands is ready! I recommend to view this video!

Bright mask

Bright mask

You will need: Colored paper, simple pencil, scissors, gum, glue.

Master Class

  1. Draw a mask pattern in the form of owls on ordinary paper.
  2. Mark the spaces of the slot for the eyes and ride the holes.
  3. Transfer the pattern to blue paper, then cut out the mask. Master classes
  4. Make circles for eyes and decor for ears of black paper.
  5. Cut and attach the beak, as shown in the image.
  6. Cut small and large pedeshes from colored paper and stick them to the mask.
  7. Do 2 holes on the edges of the mask and secure the rubber band.

Bright paper mask ready!

Turtle Mask - Ninja

Turtle Mask - Ninja

You will need: Felt of orange and green flowers, simple pencil, scissors, adhesive gun, velcro.

Turtle Mask - Ninja

Master Class

  1. Print the template. Turtle Mask - Master Classes
  2. Transfer the pattern to the felt, then cut the items. Turtle Mask - Master Classes
  3. Cut 2 orange strips for ties. Turtle Mask - Master Classes
  4. Spread the items using a glue gun. Turtle Mask - Master Classes
  5. Attach the velcro in the right places.

Turtle mask - Ninja Michelangelo is ready! I recommend to view this video!

Mask Man - Spider

Mask Man - Spider

You will need: Red felt, scissors, black marker, sewing machine, rubber band, sewing pins.

Master Class

  1. Print the template. Master classes
  2. Make 2 billets from felt.
  3. Make a chain by a marker on one of the blanks, then step up the line. Man Mask - Spider, Step-by-Step Master Classes
  4. Crerate the blanks between yourself with pins and place an elastic band. Man Mask - Spider, Master Classes
  5. Start the edge of the mask.

Man mask - Spider ready! I recommend to view this video!

Paper mask "Owl"

Paper mask "Owl"

You will need: Paper beige and white, scissors, templates, glue, gum.

Master Class

  1. Print and cut patterns.
  2. Transfer them to colored paper, then cut out.
  3. Rush the fringe as a plumage, on each element on the edges, as shown in the image.
  4. Glue parts with each other.
  5. Do 2 holes on the edges of the mask and secure the rubber band.

Mask from paper "Owl" is ready!

Creative mask

Creative mask

You will need: Cardboard, scissors, not wide elastic elastic thread, stationery knife, markers or pencils, hole punch.


Master Class

  1. Fold in half a sheet of cardboard.
  2. Draw a mask template on the half.
  3. Cut the eye hole using the stationery knife.
  4. Do the hole punch hole for gum. Master Class
  5. Cut the mask.
  6. Draw a muzzle on the mask - nose, ears, mustache.
  7. Secure the gum.

Creative mask is ready! I recommend to view this video!

Emotional mask

Emotional mask

You will need: Colored cardboard, pencil, eraser, scissors, glue.

Master Class

  1. Draw on a sheet of cardboard oval such sizes to cover the entire face.
  2. Draw your eyes and mouth relevant to the emotion you want to show.
  3. Cut oval. Master classes
  4. Cut eyes and mouth.
  5. Pencil residues will erase the eraser.
  6. Cut a cardboard wand that serves as a holder.
  7. Stick the holder to the mask.

Emotional mask is ready!

Paper Mask "Cat"

Emotional mask is ready! Paper Mask "Cat"

You will need: Dense paper either cardboard white, pink and black, glue either double-sided tape, gum, scissors, simple pencil.


Master Class

  1. Draw the cat's muzzle on a black sheet, then cut it out.
  2. Draw a middle for the ears and a muzzle on a white sheet, then cut out and glue. Master classes
  3. Cut white mustache and pink spout, then glue them.
  4. Draw and cut the eyes.
  5. Attach the gum.

Mask of paper "Cat" is ready! I recommend to view this video!

Photo master classes

We present to your attention a photo gallery of step-by-step instructions. Choose the best thing in your opinion the mask, carefully read the process of manufacture and proceed to the creation of a masterpiece. Also browse the paper mask article for this click here.

A monkey
Owl and Lisa
The Dragon

Templates of children's masks


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