Fellation is one of the criteria of a healthy sex life.

Currently, most people, especially young age, are quite adequately perceived orally-genital caresses in intimate intimacy. To fully enjoy a sex life, it is recommended to master how it works Fellation technique . Few people know that Fellation (the word "blowjob" is used in the people) is an technique of oral caresses, which many women practiced. Those who are not familiar with it are women inexpirated in sex, which most often do not reach orgasm, while some even have no desire to diversify their sex life.

Fellation is

Philosophy Phelllation

One of the main aspects of harmonious relationship is currently recognition of a man in his chosen one. In this case Fellation is One of the ways of placeing priorities in a pair, in the philosophical sense is a metaphorical dedication of a man in the "leaders". In ancient China, sex was part of a healthy lifestyle, a special place in which he held a blowjob. Language and genitals here performed two polarities for which the energy was carried out, which a person exchanged with his sexual partner. Therefore, a particular importance was paid to oral-genital contact, which was considered spiritual practice, which helps to improve sexual pairs.

Art of felling


Fellation is This kind of oral-genital affection, which was considered a few decades ago by deviation, but modern society is open to such forms of intimate contact between representatives of different floors, so the word "blowjob" no one causes shame or shock, and the felllation itself is not considered perversion . But it is necessary to understand the nature and psychology of this phenomenon, then it becomes clear to the answer to the question why men today wish and appreciate this form of sexual contact. In fact, this type of communication is very complex and covered a lot of riddles, it is necessary to use it with understanding the hidden meaning and philosophical interpretation, otherwise it will lead to negative psychological problems. Of course, this is only an assumption, let Art of felling Start today not fully studied.

Fellation technique


Sexologists claim that the blowjob is needed by a man, because he gives him great pleasure, more than a traditional sexual intercourse. Only some stronghold representatives do not like it because of the internal prohibitions or child injuries, so they consider this process something dirty. Another blowjob may not like because they just shy their member and do not trust him with their partner. Also, the blowjob is important for men, as they believe that if a woman takes his dick in his mouth, it says that he loves and take everything. Therefore, for most men, felllation is very important oral-genital affection.

The main thing here should be the right to choose by partners of his actions. If for some reason the blowjob is unpleasant, it is not necessary to make it against my desire, otherwise it will lead to negative consequences. According to sexologists, it can provoke the emergence of problems in relationships and violation of the sexual function. Fellilla is allowed when a woman is good with his partner if she has a desire to kiss him and touch, lick and so on. That is why it is so important to be performed and understanding the art of oral-genital affection, to study all sides of this process, understand his philosophy and psychology.

how to make fell

When to use fell?

Usually, the blowjob is used if there is a long and strong relationship between sexual partners, it is a little less often practiced in random relationships, looking for acute sensations. Practically always in pairs, with normal intimate relations, used Proper felllation With the sexual compatibility of partners. It depends on the fact that psychological comfort and proximity between a man and a woman affects the receipt of greater pleasure. Many couples note that due to a long trust relationship, where respect and love are present, the blowjob is of particular importance and unusual.

Technique for beginners

To know how to make fell, you must first master the simplest technique. So, the woman is invited to be kneeling in front of a man who lies on his back. Then you need to take his dick in the hand and spend on the head in the head. So that no traumatic moments arise, the woman is recommended to close their teeth with lips. It also helps slightly stimulate excitement from a partner. Then the member head must be taken in the mouth and slowly move towards its base, and then back. At the same time, the rate of stimulation should depend on the reaction of the man. Such simple felling is the first step to mastering the art of sexual contact. Before trying other techniques, it is recommended to master this.

Proper felllation

Butterfly Wings

Before you begin to develop this technique, you need to remember the anatomy. A man in several centimeters from the head below is an erogenous zone, which is a skin fold located in a vertical position. This is the most sensitive point. To bring the partner to ecstasy, it is necessary to find this point and spend the tongue several times. Then the tongue is carried out to the base of the penis, then again to the point. So you can continue until the most cherished moment comes. In any case, in everything you need training, so it is recommended to take a deep issue to achieve a qualitative result, given all the nuances.

But it is always necessary to remember that making a blowjob to the unverified partner, it is necessary to use a condom, because with this form you can pass herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea or hepatitis in and so on.

Phelllation Art: Tips and Technology

Fellation This kind of oral affection, which is able to master every woman who wants to deliver to her man an unforgettable pleasure. At the same time, the art of this technique can even be trained in absentia.

Fellation began to acquire a special popularity not so long ago, but so far a significant part of people, including young people, considers such affection by something unacceptable and unacceptable. Girls who have no experience in Minehete are most often in principle inexperienced in sexual relationships and may be subject to anorgazmia. This is explained by the fact that among women, never experiencing maximum pleasure in sex, most not applied in practice felling technique and even did not want Although ever diversified with a partner sex life.

To date, the vast majority of young people relate to oral caresses, as something ordinary and even necessary in intimate relationships. It is in order to bring a great pleasure to the partner and get satisfaction, it is necessary to study the basics of the felling technique.

Mastery of oral-genital affection

First of all, you need to study Simple technical technique For beginners: it is advisable to get on your knees in front of a man who at this moment or lies on the back, or it is worth it (it all depends on your preferences). Next, gently take a member in your hands and slowly swipe the tongue in the head. Then you can lick your lips with the language. As practice shows, men such gestures are pretty excited. It is important to remember that at the next step it is advisable to hide the teeth behind the lips in order to avoid possible injuries that the partner can do it and save you both from further pleasure. In addition, this technique enhances male excitation even more.

Having made the ring with their own lips, take the head of the member in the mouth and begin gently move to the base of the member, after - raise the head again. To understand what kind of speed of movements is needed, you should listen to your own intuition or look at the reaction of the man. In the case when the soft slip does not go out, you need to lubricate it with saliva, and then again to circle it.

If you felt that the elementary techniques you have already mastered, you can move to more sophisticated and effective methods of providing pleasure that your man crazy.

  1. Butterfly wings. To bring a partner to the desired moment, you need to study a little anatomy: under the head of a member of a man there is a super-sensitive zone, which is presented in the form of a vertical folds of the skin. After finding the so-called "crown", start spending in it in a vertical position, following the specific name "Butterfly wings". Next, pass the language to the base of the member and come back to the crown again.
  2. Cape. This is a unique, but effective way that employs your tongue like a vacuum cleaner. Start sucking a little member in the mouth somewhere until the middle, then take a second pause and push member from the mouth. A similar trick is very much designed by many representatives of strong sex.
  3. Silk whirlpool . This method is particularly sensitive and with it it is necessary to envelop the man's sexual body all the time. You can move the tongue to any side: in a clockwise arrow, against the horizontal member and vertically.
  4. The most "sweet" method of oral pleasure for men will serve a whipped cream or custard, which woman will Lying to the tongue From the genital man. Such methods very often lead guys delight.

When can I use fabrication?

Usually, the technique of oral caresis is used among partners who are in long and strong relationships, and it is much less common in non-constant links. Similar practice is capable not only diversify bed a long partner knowing each other, but at the same time strengthen Their relationship due to the colossal and positive influence from the psychological side.

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Aobert. 2018-06-08 10:16:00

I can add that all my passion, which is great and for a long time with swallow, did me fell, no longer for the first time many for her husband!

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Fellation is a kind of oral affection with the use of language, lips and throats. This is one of the typemino, you can say that - this is most of the oral sex of what is simply under this concept. Non-frameing contact between partners are the most sexual relationship.

Why do I need felllation? i

This technique of the blowjob is recommended to use couples in long and strong relationships. This will bring a variety to sex life, strengthens the communication of partners, will increase the level of trust. Therefore, if the girl wants to give his man to the maximum pleasure, to become a guy's only beloved, as well as increase the psychological level of relationships. The best solution will learn to make the fell by the most advanced techniques.

Tips beginners Phelllation practices:

Right start 2

A common phenomenon when girls start stretching the preludes, they are long looking at a partner for a long time, who is trying to pass the phrase "let's come back!". A woman touches to an intimate place through clothes and try to grasp Tamdirka. Most men argue that long affection is annoying and declaring. It is enough just to spend your hand or more actively touch, I will makebore about its fantasies. The best way to put a sex dick in binding is to take it entirely in the mouth until it has increased in size. This entry like all guys.

Basic technique 3

After completion of the foreplay, the main part begins. Before proceeding, it is important to abundantly moisturize the penis, to do this, tongue or completely pass the mouth upwards, tightly pressing the tongue to the flesh. At the same time, try to assemble the maximum number of saliva. If it is to flow, it's even for the better.

The main thing in the whole process is to keep track of your teeth, they should not participate in felling, if it certainly does not wish a partner. Neacocker movements may not be as noticeable during a blowjob, but after graduation, unpleasant or painful sensations and memories are not the best.

Tip! When the girl has a small mouth, and the size of a significant member is significant, the difficulty arises to completely cover it, so it should be helped by hand, just not to do so that it becomes becoming in the process. The optimal option will use it on the trunk, the etienten zone is not so sensitive, so you can even squeeze hard. Avot head opposite is very gentle, it will only suit her warm wet mouth.

Then you can move to the rigging techniques.

Do not forget about the testicles 4

Often girls performing felling do not pay attention to the scrotum. Ignoring this intimate area of ​​a man deprives you of the opportunity to show the highest class and deliver the unique bliss to your partner. But after a certain part of the basic technology passes, you will enter the rhythm, you need to go further.

Take the scrotum with one hand, only one should remember that it is extremely sensitive, therefore it is impossible to push it hard. So you hurt a man, but too easy touch will cause tickle. Start erotic caress with the testicles, but do not stop doing fell.

how to make fell

Then you can rinse the scrotum, continue actively moving your hand. Mix the testicles, shove the language between them, play by moving them along the scrotum and spend our tongue from the bottom to the front, in a circle and in any directions.

Go to simplicity 5

This is the most ignored place for women. Many men heterosexuals do not allow to stimulate this area and is very in vain, because in addition that it brings unique satisfaction, it is also useful for health. Before invade the prohibited territory, ask permission, or do not ignore the negative reaction of the partner.

The best stimulation of the perineum is a pressure that is carried out with the help of knuckles of fingers. First, it is necessary to have very easy pressing, then you can enhance touch, depending on the preferences of your man.

If the guy is located anal caress, then for them you need a silicone grease. Just sleeping not enough. Lubricate your index finger, grop the anal hole, and the pressing of the press fall inside. If the partner promotes the thigh, the protolkniecets further. In order to move, you need only a few centimeters. This technique will help you reach the gold standard, one finger caresses the anus, eating, the second hand dick. In order to learn this technique, practice is needed. But as a result, the orgasm is guaranteed.

Love blowjob 6

The main secret of granting a man is a man concludes a woman to what she does. If you can connect to the partner and feel one way, the effect of the process will be much more effective. A man will feel your passion and enthusiasm.

Phelllation methods

Therefore, it's not bad if it will be your personal initiative, make a fillation, for example, in the morning when waking up or on its arrival home. You can tell him somewhere in a man. Show all your views that you like what you are doing and do what you like. Watch him in the eyes, smile. Speak how good you. Great only those who really like it.

The ending 7

If the caffery is led by a kfysical conclusion - orgasm, the best option will swallow sperm. If the girl does not want to do this, you should prepare the napkin in advance to get rid of it in advance. Another option is to quench sperm, penis pulling the sperm. After do not rush to run to the bathroom, so as not to spoil your impressions.

Other felling methods 8

After the basic techniques of oral sex and concomitant techniques can be expanded, it is possible to expand themselves with different experiments. And in the world of sexual love there is an extensive amount of fantasies, types of sexual contacts. A huge advantage is that all information is available and every person can use it, learn to please the partner daily with new products and the creation of new plant in bed. Modern people simply have no right to fresh sex.

Basic techniques and felling techniques 9

Lips make a ring, take the head into the mouth and gentle movements move to the base, then back to the end.

Fellation technique

The speed of movements should be selected individually, depending on the preferences of the partner. One may like a slow pace, another quick, more often it can be determined by the reaction of the man, moans and bends. If a soft slip does not work, it means not enough lubricant, lick the language again the entire surface of the penis.

When elementary movements are cleverly, you can move to the use of more complex and perversioned methods of presenting a man.

Butterfly wings ten

In order to correctly reflect these techniques, you need to know the anatomy of the penis: under the hype of a high sensitivity zone. Externally, it is represented by the cleanlock of the skin. After detecting the crown, start led by the neo-language in the vertical direction. Language Maximum melt reminds sobbabbles. Next, go back to the base of the penis and again returns. Working with a tongue is the most important aspect. The girl can open here such a fantasy here, it can be teasing movements or circular losses, tips. The main thing is that he does not lose to you in your mouth.

Cepchik eleven

This is a unique way that implies suction on the principle of a vacuum cleaner. The main thing is not to overdo it, since the skin of the sensitive head may not withstand strong pulling. At the beginning, shove in the mouth of a member until the middle, then pull it out completely from the mouth. A similar trick is very much designed men. Then repeat suction again as much as possible.

What is Fellation

Vacuum technique implies what you will remove all air in your mouth. In order to properly perform it, it is possible to practice on your own finger, feel that the air does not remain, the cheeks are drawn. It follows to get rid of the air when a member in the mouth. If you do it before, then the big risk scratch it with his teeth.

Silk whirlpool 12

The reception is simply striking the male, according to sex polls, this method likes them most. Sexual workshops include it. Woman envelops a member as a career as wide as possible. Spend clockwise, against, vertically, ie, create enveloping movements without taking the tongue from the flesh.

Dumping thirteen

The sweetest methods are attracted by representatives of the male half. When the organ is coated with tasty, for example, cream or custard. A woman is licking by a rapid enjoyment. It plays the maximum erotic role as an internally exciting partner. Therefore, it is better to choose the ingredient who employs a girl.

It is interesting! The probation of the existence of the felling was in ancient Greece, but the ratio was specific. The images are known between a woman and a man with representatives of a strong half.

All about Phelllation

In ancient Rome, it was only afraid of marriage, that is, with unauthorized individuals. These are actually humiliating for the making, therefore used in the mund. Therefore, in the modern world there is an approval that it is not a blowjob.

Ancient Indian Treatise of Kamahautrase Fillation Description in detail.

In some cultures, for example, in rural areas of Cambodia and Thailand, a kiss and touch to penisums are not considered any absolutely erotic movement. Therefore, everyplain can climb and delight without any reason.

Important! Caressing his beloved, remember that a person is individual and it is quite normal, that he may not like what of your techniques, learn after all the same on his tastes.

Massage lubs 14

Exercise chewing. Delicate movements should be produced, try to capture the particle orders, imitating chewing. And you can also fall into the scrotum area below the horses.

Talk during blowjob 15

Women are amateur and this is the only way that will accurately like any man. In the time of how a member is in the mouth, a woman is talking, sings, a melody, publishes some sounds. A huge advantage is that a man will not hear Nislov, but vibrations that are created during the voice are very pleasant. It is perturbed with the scales of testicles.

Contrast blowjob 16

Here uses the technology of alternate touch with different temperatures.

Why need felllation

This refers to cold ice and warm lips; Natural temperature and mouth after chopped hot drink sips. If, during the morning coffee, the girl will take a dick in his mouth, then the man will definitely feel the difference, it will be unusual. And the cold implies the use of ice and warming with its own warmth. You can also take a mint candy, a lollipop that will help create a coolness.

Recommendation. Even if it seems stupid, but the girl stands before the process of satisfying the man, to practice independently. What can I use? Any continued graduate: cucumber, banana. It is possible on your own finger. It is advisable to train the mirror to see how you look at this moment. For many women, this is a decisive factor of felling. You can also masturbate yourself to enhaunately enjoyed. You should not limit yourself in caresses and in no way a partner.

If the pair makes a felling sexual relationship, it will bring not only a variety, but their proximity is impaired, maybe they will discover other parties to themselves, will trust each other their secrets and fantasies. In order to make a man unforgettable pleasure, the integrated input with the basic methodology and techniques of oral affection should be used. Do not be afraid to experiment, sincere desire can make this process of Divine, even if it is not ideal.

Oral sex is very popular with many couples and has become an integral part of the sex life of a modern person. But despite this, guys and girls have many questions regarding the physiology of the genital organs and the methods of their stimulation. We suggest familiarizing yourself with the male erogen zones and the main techniques of felling.
Fellation: Best Tips and Basic Technology

Men's erogenous zones

The most famous and most beloved men form Oral sex - Stimulation of the penis of mouth, tongue, teeth and lips. Penis is the most sensitive erogenic zone, but not the only one, therefore it is recommended to begin with less susceptible parts of the body, gradually moving to groin and penis. The excitement will grow slowly, but right.

Scrotum. The sensitivity of the scrotum is very individual. Some men love when the testicles caress, lick and tick the tongue, while others are absolutely indifferent to stimulation. There is only one way to check it out - try!

Crotch. The crotch is called the zone between the rear of the penis and anus. In this place you can feel the body of the penis, which is under the skin. Kisses, affectionate language or light pieces are ideal for stimulating this zone. Feel free to apply strong pressure and patting - they will be pleasant to the penis.

Anus area. Anus and skin around it is very sensitive to Oral caress But this part of the body is left unattended. Why? Because the anus is associated with the function of the feces. Many women do not like the idea of ​​touching anus with their lips and tongue. But some men do not accept approximation to this zone. It is worth stimulating an anal zone or not - to solve only you.

Trunk. Of course, this area needs to be kissing and stroking, but with the use of pressure, as it, unlike the head, is not particularly sensitive. The rear side of the barrel of the penis is less solid even in the erected state. When the lips wrap the trunk of the penis on both sides, then the sensations are obtained stronger than when sliding of the language.

Head. This is the most sensitive part of the male body and very susceptible to all types of caresses: to lips, tongue, saliva. You should not leave the headless, but it costs to do it carefully - avoid touching the head with nails and the more teeth.

Bridle. Bridle, that is, a bunch connecting the extreme flesh of the penis with the trunk, is the most susceptible part of the head, its stimulation causes the greatest pleasure. It is advisable to start caravas not from a bridle and head, but to explore other areas of the body with their mouth and slowly approach the penis. ATTENTION: Maximum caution and softness is required here! Delicate touch is enough to deliver a man very pleasant sensations.

Basic facilities

During oral sex, it is better not to dwell on one technique, but to vary them and try new. What a single man likes is not impressive. Therefore, experimenting boldly, in carefully.

Licking. Language is soft and wet, it can be called an ideal tool for erotic affectionate. Language is able to move differently: make circles, slide up and down, vibrate, crush or touch very easily. The way you will manage the language depends only on your fantasy.

Sucking. Sucking is felt by a partner as a soft traction. This technique causes excitement when applied on nipples, head, penis barrel.

Pressing. To create pressure, it is enough to use the language, lips and in some cases teeth. Pressure from soft to strong creates a huge range of sensations in erogenous areas. In caresses you can also use hands and mouth.

Picking. Teeth create both very sharp sensations and pain. They are better not to apply for caressing head, bridles and scrotum, since the careless movement will cause a man of severe pain.

Aid. You can strengthen the sensations of the partner using a ice cube or mint candy. Put something from them in the mouth and proceed to the caress of the penis. Chocolate topping and cream is very pleasant to lick, so you should not neglect the delicacy in an erotic game.

Oral sex and hygiene

Since Fellation and in general, oral sex implies close contact of the mucous membranes and genitals, the cleanliness of the body is simply necessary. But hygiene should not be aggressive: from soap and lotions it is better to refuse, because they can cause irritation on the sensitive skin of the genitals. Intimate deodorant will also be superfluous. It is enough to wash under the shower and lose a drop of liquid soap for intimate hygiene, then it's good to wash it with warm water. Internal smell of a person (not sweat) acts on a partner an exciting, so it is better not to interrupt it with a deodorant and perfume. If someone fears for his smell or taste, then you can start the prelude in the shower.


Protection against venereal diseases, especially from HIV infection, is extremely important. Before entering into sex with a man, ask him to pass the tests and make them yourself.

You should not hope for good luck in such an important issue as sexual safety. With vaginal I. Anal sex You can protect yourself from infections with a condom, but oral sex implies direct contact with the genitals - the risk of infection is very high!

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