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Sincerely welcome all readers and subscribers "Useful Canal"! Today I decided to share with you instructions for the manufacture of a steep helicopter from the sheet of paper. My Malchischi Love to play with such helicopters even more than purchased toys. I am confident to your children (and grandchildren) this simple helicopter will also deliver a lot of funny moments;)

To begin with, cut out a rectangle with the sides from the usual notebook 6.5 by 20 centimeters And make a markup on it, like on this photo.

We make a helicopter from a notebook. It actually flies!

Solid lines indicate the places of future cuts, and dotted - folds. As for indents, the notebooks are quite easy to navigate. In the vertical direction it is possible to make a couple of cells - this is not critical. The main thing is that two blades (at the top of the sheet) were the same width.

Next, do cuts on the workpiece on solid lines and bend in places of dotted lines as shown in the following photos.

First make the tail ...
First make the tail ...
... and then flex a blade
... and then flex a blade

The bend on the bottom of the tail must be done necessarily, as it takes the design and allows the helicopter to be stable and smoothly fly upright. To the tip of the tail did not hang out, it can be fixed with tape, glue or stapler.

Iron bracket gives extra weight - and this is very good for flight stability
Iron bracket gives extra weight - and this is very good for flight stability

That's all - the helicopter is ready! Gently break the blades, take this aircraft for the bottom, stand on the sofa / chair and release. The effect will surprise you - the helicopter, rapidly rotating the blades, smoothly land on the floor. It looks like this:

Sorry for the quality of the photo - the camera is badly removed in motion (
Sorry for the quality of the photo - the camera is badly removed in motion (
In general, we love with my sons to make all sorts of toys from paper and other girlfriends. And, as practice shows - such a promotional "homemade" cause more interest in children more interests and delights than some purchased toys, more than a thousand rubles!

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Elena Goryacheva Master class on manual work. Designing from paper "helicopter"

Master - Class on manual work Production of paper «Helicopter »

Master class on manual work. Designing from paper "helicopter"

goal : Development of productive activities.

Tasks :

1. Improve the ability to work on the finished pattern.

2. Fastening the ability to create from Paper bulk figures .

3. The development of aesthetic taste.

Material necessary for work : Colored paper , color cardboard, simple pencil, adhesive pencil, threads., Beads, sticks from ice cream, black marker, sewing needle.

Sequence of work :

1. On the pattern to circle and cut out of the cardboard of any color cabin helicopter - 2 details .

2. On the pattern from cardboard of any color to circle and cut chassis helicopter - 2 details .

3. On the pattern to circle and cut out of blue Paper Glass for Helicopter Cab - 2 Details .

4. On the pattern of circling and cut from red cardboard tail propeller - 2 parts.

5. On the pattern to circle and cut Helicopter turntable From red cardboard - 2 details.

6. Cut from cardboard of any color nose - 2 details.

7. Cut from white Paper Eyes -2 Details .

8. Cut out small circles - decorations, from Paper Any color folded by harmonica.

We start assembly helicopter .

1. We glue the chassis at the top until the middle of the racks, raving the lower part.

2. We glue 2 parts of the cabin, while incurred between them from the bottom of the cabin cabin, and on top of the thread.

3. On both sides helicopter Glit glass cabin.

4. Printe from two sides nose helicopter , bonding both details.

5. on the tail helicopter We glue the parts of the propeller glued together.

6. We stick your eyes on both sides and draw a pupil with a marker.

7. We glue with each other two parts of the propeller.

8. On the thread pasted on top of the cab ride with a needle a bead and glued together two parts of the propeller.

9. We glue from two sides of the cockpit - decorations.

Helicopter Ready .

To the upper end of the thread attach a wand from ice cream, with which you can control helicopter .

PaperCreating miniature models in Origami technique is an exciting occupation for both adults and children. This technique teaches attentiveness and accuracy. It is also important that the Origami technique does not require any special devices to make interesting crafts, even quite complicated. You will need only scissors, paper, as well as a little labor and patience. This article will tell you how to make a paper helicopter. So, proceed.

  • We fold the housing of the helicopter
  • Making blades
  • We fold the housing of the helicopter

    • Step2.Step 1Take a sheet of paper (size A4);
    • Generate one angle so that the square is the square as much as possible (as in the figure);
    • The remaining part of the sheet of paper must be cut off and so far, soon it will be useful to us - of it we will make the blades for our helicopter with their own hands;
    • As soon as the square is ready - it is necessary to draw four lines on it, as in the picture;
    • On these lines, we will make bends;
    • Step3.Next, it is necessary to heat the sheet of paper in the marked places so that the result is a blank under the helicopter, as in the picture;
    • All lines must be carefully stroke - Origami technique requires accuracy;
    • Now we see two triangle-pockets in front of them, and we will work alternately with each of them;
    • We take one of the triangles and bend the corners of its foundation to the center, as a result we will have a rhombus;
    • Step 5.Step4.Make sure that this rhombus is smooth;
    • After that, bend the corners of the rhombus, as in the picture;
    • To fold the helicopter with their own hands, it is necessary to monitor the evenness of each line, all the bends in the Origami technique should be done very clearly;
    • Now we look at the top small triangle, which was formed after we made the previous step;
    • This triangle must be bent down as in the picture;
    • After that, insert two corners in each other, with whom we worked in the last two stages - the result of this Step7.Step6.operations should look like in the figure;
    • Similarly, bend should be made and on the other half of the rhombus, and on the second triangle;
    • After you have done all these operations, you will have a blank from paper under the helicopter, as in the picture, it looks like a helicopter yet, but still ahead;
    • Your workpiece should have a hole from below - and now we will use an interesting technique, not as often found in the Origami technique;
    • Step8.Through the hole you need to inflate the entire workpiece so that a three-dimensional figure is obtained, in shape resembling cube;
    • On one of the faces of the cube, the fold line should be enjoyed in the middle - just on this line it should be folded the cube obtained from paper;
    • The top lines bent just that the cube should be connected and thoroughly to try their hands, they should well hold;
    • As a result, after this operation, we get the fuselage of the paper helicopter.

    Making blades

    Step9Step10Now we return to the paper cut at the very beginning. Our helicopter needs blades, and now we will make them with your own hands, of course, also in the technique of origami.

    The remaining strip of paper must be folded into the harmonica, as shown in the picture below. Make a blade is not so difficult, as you can see. We deploy the harmonica - and we see that it turned into a detail missing us.

    It remains the last barcode to finish doing a helicopter in the Origami technique: you need to insert our paper blades into the incision, which is at the top of the fuselage. And finally, our helicopter is ready.

    You will learn how to make more complex helicopter models, viewing this video:

    Assess the method of manufacture:

    Stars: 1.Stars: 2.Stars: 3.Stars: 4.Stars: 5.



    estimates, average:


    out of 5)



    Paper helicopter do it yourself

    Master classes for creating helicopter models

    We suggest you to make several models of paper helicopters from the simplest to complex volumetric crafts. In the proposed master classes you will find schemes that you can download and print, and detailed step-by-step instructions and photos.

    A child can easily cope with our models independently or with an adult. We have placed lessons ascending complexity: from simple applications to complex 3D models.


    We collected several schemes that can be printed, transfer to colored paper, cut and create an application:

    Download big picture

    Download big picture

    Download big picture

    Download big picture

    Download big picture

    Download big picture

    Several examples of applications:

    Muha Helicopter for Grade 3

    In class classes, such a model of a surround helicopter is offered:

    Paper "flies" scheme with wooden rotator:

    Flying helicopter.

    The first helicopter saw the light in the late 30s of the 20th century. The principle that lay down the basis of its creation, Igor Sikorsky (the author of the very first model) learned from the sketches of the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, compiled 500 years before. The reduced copy of the flying machine of the Great Artist and the inventor you can make a sheet of cardboard or tight paper.

    Required tools and materials:

    Print or draw a template on a cardboard sheet

    Cut out the workpiece on solid lines and make curbs on dotted: Fragment A - to yourself, fragment in - from yourself.

    Bend fragments of C and D towards yourself so that they fall on each other.

    Generate the foundation of the "legs" up and put on it the stationery clip.

    Climb higher and, holding a toy with two fingers for a clip, throw it as much as possible forward. Under the pressure of air flows, the blades will begin to rotate, fascinating the body and not allowing him to immediately fall on the floor.

    Helicopter from cardboard and plastic coil

    This model of the helicopter will be an interesting toy for children, as it can also be launched into the air. Making it you are interested in spending time with the whole family.

    • Square sheet of hard cardboard size about 20x20cm
    • Light plastic coil from under the thread
    • Nylon thread or thin line
    • Ruler and pencil
    • Scissors
    1. Cut the propeller from cardboard, as shown in the figure, observing the proportion. Dimensions in the drawing are given in inches, 1 inch = 2.5 cm.
    2. Mark dotted lines.
    3. Stick the coil exactly to the center of the propeller.
    4. Tie a thread or fishing line to the coil. Watch the coil thread (15-16 revolutions will be enough).
    5. When the glue is completely dry, slow down the blades down the dotted lines.

    To start the helicopter, put the coil on the pencil, bring it into the vertical position and sharply pull the thread on yourself.

    Realistic volumetric helicopter model

    The next model does not fly, but it looks more realistic than the two previous ones.

    To make such a helicopter, you will need:

    • Scheme here
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Feltolsters for painting a helicopter
    1. Print the template on a sheet of thick paper and cut all the details. Note that the blue lines do not assume suns, it is just the outlines of doors and windows on the fuselage.
    2. Color the toy fragments before bonding to gluing.
    3. Bend for dotted lines of fragments 3, 4 and 5.
    4. Fragment 4 - propeller. Divide it the blades and roll the base into the cylinder. Beat the corners out and stick to the roof of the fuselage when it is ready.
    5. Fragments 3 and 5 make up the tail. Push it deep into the fuselage, otherwise the center of helicopter gravity will be shifted, and the design will be laid back.
    6. Spread the fuselage. Bend the corners on the fragment 2 and glue it to the curved edges of the fragment 1. Then roll and glue the other parts of the fragment 1.

    Helicopter in Origami

    We offer you a step-by-step video lesson, how to make a helicopter in Origami technique. To make this model you need only a piece of paper A4 paper and a little attention.

    How to make a helicopter 🥝 from paper using origami technology

    From this article you will learn how to make a paper helicopter using Origami technology. Learn how to make a military model helicopter with your own hands, which will fly long. Spend only 1 sheet of paper to create origami, learn the modular folding technique. If you are interested in Origami, then this article is for you. And the phased production of the helicopter will help you to achieve the desired result.

    Tools and materials

    • A4 sheet - 1 pc.
    • Scissors - 1 pc.

    Step-by-step manufacture of paper helicopter

    1. In order to make a paper helicopter, we need to divide the paper sheet with 2 parts with scissors. One of the parts should be a smooth square. We do not throw out the second part, it will serve us with the workpiece for the blades of the helicopter.
    2. Severe the square on all the lines of the fold so that the bent square formed 2 triangles, or rather 1 rhombus.
    3. Corners of the upper rhombus bend closer towards the middle. The resulting little triangle from above bend the edge in the middle and reject in the original position.
    4. Reveal the inner side and bend the vertical lines to the middle. We get 2 vertical and oblong triangle. Bend the figure in half and turn the craft rolled triangles down.
    5. We do the same robot on the other side of the helicopter so that it turned out the same figure as on the other side.
    6. We note for yourself the line of folding a small triangle on top and turn the tail along the fold line on the right side, flex, and on the left side.
    7. The same is done on the other hand and we get a figure similar to a diamond with 2 wings.
    8. I turn around the figure horizontally and the bottom triangle we fold exactly in half - it turns out the scan of the rhombus. The same is done with the top triangle. We turn over the other side and in the same way bend the upper and lower triangles.
    9. Sticking wings bending in half and hide inside the helicopter. Figure is obtained with a small triangle on the right side. The sides of the triangle bend inside from one and on the other. How to make a paper helicopter further? Simply!
    10. On the lines of the fold of a small triangle, bending the body of the helicopter.
    11. The resulting wing of the helicopter is prevailing so that the size of the wing has decreased in two. The wing is folded in half and a part of hiding inside the frame.
    12. The second wing is straightened, extreme 2 cm wing bend in half and once again in half. From the second wing it turns out the tail of the helicopter.
    13. Return a piece of paper and cut out 2 horizontal strips from it. Bend strips in half, cut out a small triangle on the scene of the bend and krepim on the wing number 1. Also out of the paper, cut out another 1 horizontal strip, bend in half, cut out the triangle on the scene of the bend and secure on the spoken room number 2. We get a paper and color helicopter, which Long flies.

    Video instruction

    How to make a paper helicopter? A helicopter made of paper to do with your own hands, but a detailed video will help you to achieve a better result, in which you will see all the stages of the manufacture of helicopter without glue without using paper clips and cardboard. You can learn how to make a toy military helicopter from paper.

    So, you know how to make a helicopter from paper with your own hands. This handicraft is not easy, but it does not need templates for it. Without the expense of leaves A4, you can easily make origami helicopter. The model of the helicopter is military, and it will fly not 1 minute. Modular folding origami helps you make a helicopter quickly. If you wondered how to make a helicopter paper from paper? "This article will help you understand all the intricacies of this process. Have you already collected the origami helicopter or plane? What scheme or template helped in creating a helicopter and did he get? Share with readers of this article in the comments.

    How to make a paper helicopter at home?

    If you wish to productively spend time with your child, then origami from paper is an excellent option. If you have a girl, then you can make flowers, a variety of animals with it. But if you have a son, then you will definitely need to know how to make a helicopter from paper. Any boy will be interested in designing such a toy along with his parents.

    What materials are needed

    If you are interested in how to make a helicopter from paper, which flies, you need to purchase special materials for its manufacture. It:

    • Dense paper. You can buy multi-colored sheets of A4 size, and after choosing a suitable color with a child. Usually for the manufacture of a helicopter just just one sheet. If you failed to buy a cardboard, then you can use conventional paper.
    • Clip. With it will hold the bottom of the toy. It is impossible to glue the details in any case, because because of this helicopter will not fly.
    • Pencil. It must be used to schedule all the details. By the way, the usual handle may come.

    Sizes of the future toys

    Many are interested in how to make a helicopter from paper to create only one sheet of paper. Of course, in this case, the paper toy will be very small. If you want to make it big, then you need to take Watman. However, the child is best to do small helicopters. If necessary, the A4 sheet must be reduced. A rectangle must turn out, the dimensions of which are 3 cm wide and 14 in length.

    How to draw details

    How to make a paper helicopter with your own hands? Yes, very simple. But first you need to prepare all parts of it, which will be fastened in the future. The main part is prepared as follows: you need to draw a line in the center of the leaf in length and in width, two intersecting lines will be obtained. It is these strips that will denote cuts and folds. It will be easy to understand how to make a helicopter from paper. In principle, you can do without it, but it will be much easier.

    Paper bending

    After that, folded the paper in half. Until the middle of the resulting folds need to be cut. The result is two sash, which in the future will be the wings of the helicopter. If you don't know how to make origami from paper (helicopters, in particular), then you need to act very carefully. It must be remembered that the paper is very gentle material, so you need to work with it very carefully.

    Finishing stages of work

    Now you need to cut a sheet in two parts over the length of the paper. These cuts should be located below the first slots. After that, it is necessary to fold in the direction of the center of both lower sections by creating the flap of the helicopter. The central fold should be divided into two folds, which form the bottom section of the toy. For reliable fixation it is necessary to use a clip. In addition, she will add a toy a little weight, due to which the helicopter will not fly away because of the slightest meters gusts. It is not recommended to lubricate the parts with glue, since because of this, the device may not fly. Then you can boot the upper part (wings), after which the outline of the helicopter will be visible. Now you know how to make a helicopter from paper. But that is not all. It is necessary to check whether it flies. If this does not happen, it means that something was done wrong.

    However, not everyone gets to create a helicopter in this way. Therefore, you can use a simpler option. Many are interested in how to make a helicopter from paper, the scheme of which is already available in the finished form. In this case, you just need to take a pattern, the photo of which is located just below, after which it is necessary to transfer it to paper and cut. Where the dotted line is depicted, the paper should be folded. So it turns out a good helicopter, but only its creation is much faster.

    What if the helicopter does not fly

    If the helicopter does not fly, it is already unlikely to correct it. The only option is to make a new one. But before proceeding to its creation, it is necessary to determine why the first toy did not fly. During the helicopter flight, he pushes the air in the opposite direction, so the blades begin to move up and down. It is for this that the turntable consists of two blades, each of which should receive the same impetus in different directions. It makes the toy fly. If this does not happen, it means that the toy was created incorrectly. Therefore, it is necessary to determine what exactly in it is not.

    Perhaps the wings turned out to be different sizes, so one of the parties receives a large load, because of which the helicopter and stretches down. As a rule, it falls one side. If the blades of the turntable of different sizes, then it will not spin, so the helicopter will fall vertically. It may not fly, and due to the fact that the glue was used during the work. In the glued parts of the details there will be a smaller area of ​​contact with air, so it pulls the toy down. But even the worst helicopter can fly, if you go out to the street into windy weather.

    Now you have learned how you can make a helicopter at home with your child. Of course, the baby should only participate in the performance of work, and all the main stages are assigned to the shoulders of an adult. If you entrust all the work to the child, the device is unlikely to fly, because of what it is upset.

    Paper helicopter do it yourself

    Very funny model! The helicopter, falling on the ground, does not fall sharply down, but circling around its axis. So it turns out because our model has a blade. These blades are streamlined and the helicopter is smoothly and beautifully lands. Model is simple in manufacturing. The only difficulty is necessary to share paper on equal parts using a pencil and a ruler. Junior class student such a task is not only sought, but also useful. And preschoolers will cope with work if you help them. Having learned to confidently fold the model, it will be possible to do without a ruler, performing all the work "on the eyes."

    • Paper
    • Scissors
    • Ruler and pencil
    • Stationery clip

    Step 1

    Blacksmith on a sheet of paper and cut the paper strip 21x5 cm. We draw in the middle a vertical line. The line can not be drawn, but to outlaw a fold - fold the strip in half, then straighten - here is lithium and is scheduled.

    Step 2.

    Third stripes - 7 cm - Bend down

    Step 3.

    Expand the paper, make a cut in the middle, to the fold line.

    Step 4.

    Follow the line just below the fold line. Divide this line into four segments.

    Step 5.

    Make cuts on both sides of the planned line, cut through a quarter of the paper width on each side.

    Step 6.

    Bend one side to the center, thoroughly smash. Also start the second side.

    Step 7.

    Be cohere as shown in the figure, the bottom.

    Step 7.

    Secure the lower part of the helicopter of the stationery clip. Scatter blades. Model is ready for flights!

    To start the model, you just need to lose it from the height of at least your elongated hand. But if climbing the chair, or the table, it will be more interesting.


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