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Vitamin B2 is a water-soluble compound related to a group of chemicals called Flavin. Flavins are involved in various redox reactions that play a protective and creative role in the body.Vitamin G or B2 (Latin name Riboflavinum - Riboflavin, Lakoflavin) is an easily absorbed yellow substance, a coenzyme of a variety of biochemical processes in the body that performs a key function in maintaining the health of people, animals.

Physical properties of the connection:

  • It has yellow-orange color, bitter taste;
  • resistant to acidic environment;
  • well tolerate heating (the melting point reaches 280 ° C);
  • poorly dissolved in ethyl solutions, water (0.11 mg / ml at 27.5 ° C);
  • insoluble in chloroform, benzene, acetone, diethyl ether;
  • collapsed in alkaline solutions;
  • decomposes under the influence of UV radiation.

Despite the instability in alkali, riboflavin is easily restored by joining hydrogen at double bonds. These properties of Vitamin B2 (oxidation and restoration) underlie the flow of cell metabolism.

The structural formula of riboflavin is C17H20N4O6.

The deficiency of riboflavin is classically connected with oral-genitally eye syndromes. Corner Haylit, light-free and dermatitis of the scrotum are classic deficit symptoms.

Consider in detail physico chemical properties, meaning, signs and consequences of a compound shortage, how to fill in a shortage, which contains, instructions for use (daily rate).


Who opened Lakoflavin?

The synthesis of vitamins of the group B falls on the first half of the twentieth century. However, in the process of research, scientists revealed that some compounds of this category are rapidly destroyed under the influence of high temperatures, while others - fully retain their physical properties, continuing to actively work in the body. This factor has become an impetus to a detailed study of the group and the separation of "unstable" to high temperatures of thiamine (B1) from Riboflavin (B2), which can maintain its structure even when heated to 280 degrees.

The history of the opening of the lactoflavin molecule is originated at the end of the nineteenth century, when in 1879 the scientist's brisis first received a useful connection. However, the identification of the substance was delayed for a long 50 years. And only in 1935, the German biochemist Richard Kun artificially synthesized a vital powder in its pure form necessary for the proper functioning of the organism of people and animals.

The name of vitamin B2 directly depends on the source of the compound:

  • Verdoflavin (from plants);
  • Lakoflavin (milk);
  • Ovoflavin (egg protein);
  • Hepatoflavin (from the liver).

A feature of the vitamins of the group B is an orange-yellow color that stains urine into a characteristic tone.

The basis of the riboflavin molecule is the isoalloxazine kernel (heterocyclic compound) to which the five-volume alcohol ribitol "sticks.

Vitamin B2 can be synthesized in kidneys, liver, tissues of the human body, a healthy intestinal microflora. The positive effect of riboflavin enhances thyamine (B1).

In the food industry, Vitamin B2 is used as a food dye (E101).

The role of riboflavina

The role of riboflavinaThe substance takes an active part in the flow of energy processes, helping the organism to split sugar. Vitamin B2 in conjunction with proteins, phosphoric acid, in the presence of macroelements (in particular, magnesium), produces the production of enzymes needed for the metabolism of saccharides, oxygen transportation.

Together with the B9 compound, Riboflavin is involved in the production of blood-brain blood brain, and with B1 - contributes to improving the absorption of iron.

What is Vitamin G?

Riboflavin controls the work of nervous, digestive, blood, cardiovascular systems. In addition, the benefits of vitamin B2 is that it minimizes the harmful effects of toxins on the respiratory system, improves the absorption of oxygen by cells of hair, nails, skin, increases the duration of their life, participates in the synthesis of hormones, enzymes, contributes to the normal course of pregnancy and the correct bookmark Fruit organs.

Nervous system:

  • prevents the appearance of cataracts;
  • improves the focusing of the lens, adapting the eye in the dark;
  • strengthens sleep;
  • relieves stress;
  • prevents the emergence of mental disorders;
  • improves metabolism in nervous tissue;
  • reduces pathological excitability;
  • Eliminates the fatigue of the organs of vision.

Cardiovascular, Blood Systems:

  • prevents the formation of blood clots (diluted blood);
  • Expands vessels (fighting with the development of hypertension);
  • acts as an indispensable element for the synthesis of antibodies, blood cells;
  • Takes part in the process of building energy substrates, providing normal heart performance.

Digestive system:

  • facilitates the process of suction of fats from the intestine;
  • accelerates the conversion of B6 into a biologically active form;
  • Improves the biliary function of the liver;
  • protects the intestinal mucosa, stomach from mechanical, bacterial damage;
  • accelerates metabolism;
  • Participates in the metabolism of BJW, as well as tryptophan, which, in turn, under the influence of riboflavin turns into niacin.

The simultaneous presence of riboflavin and proteins in the diet contributes to the healing of the wounds and the restoration of tissues after the injuries suffered.

Signs of deficit and testimony for use

If riboflavin deficiency increasesThe best clinical manifestations of vitamin B2 deficiency are studied on experimental animals. According to the studies conducted, scientists have found that the lack of riboflavin in the body of the beasts leads to the accumulation of lipid peroxidation products (floor) in the blood and the development of atherosclerosis, cataracts. Data of violations confirm the key function of flavoproteins in the decay processes of floor products and molecular synthesis mechanisms.

Symptoms of riboflavin lack (high-degree hypovitaminosis):

  • lip inflammation, language;
  • headaches;
  • oppression;
  • Inhibition of thinking;
  • increased photosensitivity;
  • deterioration of appetite;
  • coordination violation;
  • weakness;
  • depletion;
  • rash, burning sensation or skin pallor;
  • Violation of twilight, rubbed in the eyes;
  • Bloodfaction of lips;
  • Peeling of the whole body.

Signs of severe form of hypovitaminosis B2:

  • dysfunction of the nervous system;
  • hair loss (baldness);
  • Disruption of the thyroid gland;
  • irritability;
  • seborrheic nose dermatitis;
  • slow motive reaction;
  • generalized rash;
  • anemia;
  • skin inflammation;
  • deterioration of iron suction;
  • Failures in the work of the GCT;
  • insomnia;
  • angular stomatitis;
  • Weakness of the heart muscle;
  • conjunctivitis, blepharitis, cataract;
  • reinforced vascularization of the horny shell;
  • Reducing weight gain in children;
  • Growth delay in adolescents.

Indications for the use of the connection:

  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • eye diseases;
  • rheumatism;
  • hypo- and arriboflavinosis;
  • work with salts of heavy metals, poisonous substances;
  • hemeraralopia;
  • radiation sickness;
  • asthenia;
  • blood circulation failure;
  • long non-healing wounds;
  • Botkin's disease;
  • conjunctivitis, cataract;
  • enterocolitis, chronic hepatitis, colitis, liver cirrhosis;
  • Itching dermatosis, eczema;
  • turbidity of the cornea;
  • hypotrophy, anemia, leukemia;
  • violation of the intestinal function;
  • Red acne, candidiasis, neurodermatitis, photodermatosis.

Why do you need a riboflavin organism?

In therapeutic purposes, vitamin B2 is additionally used with: burn disease, frostbite, phototherapy, chronic hypoxia, redundancy / insufficiency of carbohydrate nutrition, during the course of an acute infectious disease.

Contraindications to the use of riboflavin - nephrolithiasis, hypersensitivity.

The human body is not able to accumulate the compound, therefore its overdose (hypervitaminosis) is a rare phenomenon that occurs only when the synthetic vitamin is introduced in large quantities, several times higher than the norm.

In this case, the excess substance is derived from the urine, however, the risk of the following reactions from the body increases:

  • local itching;
  • allergic rash;
  • tear eye;
  • The feeling of burning in the place of intramuscular administration;
  • impairment;
  • numbness of the limbs;
  • an increase in blood pressure;
  • Disorders of the kidneys.

The daily rate of riboflavin for the normal flow of metabolic processes in the body depends on the physiological state, physical exertion, diet and human age.

For an adult man, this indicator is 1.6 - 1.8 milligrams / day, for a woman - 1.2 - 1.3, for adolescents - 1.4 - 1.8, for pregnant women - 2, for nursing mothers - 2, 2, for infants - 0.4 - 0.6. The daily need for riboflavin for athletes, workers with severe physical activity increases to 2 units, for people whose ration is rich in protein products - up to 3 units.

Causes of reducing riboflavin

Causes of reducing riboflavinThe correct flow of metabolic processes implies the transformation of vitamin B2 to the fad and FMN coenses. However, some substances slow down this metabolism. Along with this, the lack of nutrient in eating in 80% of cases leads to a decrease in the flow rate of biochemical reactions.

Causes of reducing B2 in the body:

  1. Cooking food in open dishes. Given the fact that the solubility of riboflavin increases with heating, the draining of the "exhaust" fluid at the end of the cooking leads to a loss of 50-60% of the active substance. Cooking in the minimum water volume under a tightly closed cap will help maintain a water-soluble nutrient.
  2. Sunlight. Products left for 2 or more hours at the window lose 40 - 50% of the useful connection.
  3. Long storage or defrosting. The dish placed in the refrigerator for 11 hours is completely deprived of riboflavin. When storing products in a frozen state, the daily loss of vitamin B2 does not exceed 1%.
  4. Wrong reception of vitamin. The biological role of the substance, with an empty stomach, is reduced at 2 - 3 times. Therefore, Lakoflavin is important to take during or immediately after eating.
  5. Heating alkaline solutions containing nutrient (lemon juice, serum, milk) causes the "death" of the useful substance.

Sources of vitamin B2.

Today, the pharmaceutical preparations of group B are presented, containing the daily dose of nutrients. However, to replenish the daily need for riboflavin, nutritionists are recommended to introduce it with products of natural origin, since the use of a useful connection in synthetic dragees, capsules, tablets may cause serious harm to human health, in case of overdose or receiving a complex with an overdue expiration date.

Therefore, the best way to ensure the body with vitamin B2 is a properly balanced diet consisting of ingredients of plant and animal origin.

Consider what it is.

The riboflavin content in the lower products presented implies that they are environmentally friendly, grown without the use of harmful fertilizers, chemicals, antibiotics representing the potential threat to human health.

Table "What products contains vitamin B2"
No. p / p Product The content of riboflavin in 100 g of ingredient, mg
1Pine nuts 88.
2Liver calf 2,2
3Bakery dried yeast 3
4Bakery Yeast Fresh 1,7
5Milk in powder 1,4.
6Mackerel 1,4.
7Drying serum 1,3
8Dry cream 42% 0.9
9Wheat shoots 0.8.
ten Mustard powder 0,7.
eleven Almond 0,66
12 Solid grade cheese 0.5.
thirteen Champignon 0.45
14 Chicken eggs 0.45
15 Cocoa 0.45
16 Chocolate milk 0.45
17. Pasta 0.44.
18 Melange 0.44.
19 Turnip 0.43
twenty Barium language 0.4.
21. Cheese melted 0.4.
22. Truffles 0.4.
23. Bran 0.39
24. Milk condensed 8.5 0.38.
25. Chernushka 0.38.
26. Caviar of the Seresryugi grainy 0.37
27. Seeds of Seung 0.36.
28. Mackerel 0.35
29. Beans (soy) 0.31
thirty Broccoli 0,3.
31. Yeast beer dried 0,3.
32. Dry pods, peanuts 0,3.
33. Veal 0,3.
34. Cottage cheese 0,3.
35. Shipovnik 0,3.
36. Dry lentils 0.29.
37. Peas dried 0.28.
38. Petrushka fresh 0.28.
39. Mutton 0.27.
40. Spinach 0.25.
41. White cabbage 0.25.
42. Pork oily 0.24.
43. Gorky chocolate 0.24.
44. Wheat flour 90% 0.23.
45. Cabbage colored boiled 0.23.
46. Asparagus 0.23.
47. Rye flour 32% 0.22.
48. Herring 0.21
49. Beef 0.19.
fifty Green polka dot fresh 0.16.
51. Milk Fresh 0.15
52. Sour cream 0.14.
53. Buckwheat 0.13
54. Peanut 0.13
55. Oat flakes 0.13
56. Walnuts, cashew 0.13
57. Black bread 0.12.
58. Fig 0.12.
59. Wheat flour 72% 0.1.
60. Dye Dry 0.1.
61. Corn 0.1.
62. Grapes 0.08.

From the list it is clear that to provide seven products that contain vitamin B2 in the desired quantity, it is absolutely not difficult. Fortunately, the lack of riboflavin is a non-hazardous phenomenon for adults, since their body produces a substance in a minor quantity, which you can not tell about adolescents. The daily diet of children under 16, and especially up to 10 years old, should consist of products rich in the presence of vitamin B2, and fully cover the daily need for this nutrient. Otherwise, riboflavin deficiency in a growing body can lead to diseases from nervous, digestive, cardiac systems, growth retardation and the formation of pathologies in the process of development of internal organs.

The inclusion in the daily diet of 500 milliliters of sour milk and 100 grams of cottage cheese / solid cheese will help virtually fully satisfy the need for an adult organism in vitamin B2.

If someone from family members (more often in the elderly or in children) there are cracks on the lips, you need to include almonds in the daily menu (150 grams), beer yeast (100 grams), and replenish diet with pork or beef by-products. In addition, it is recommended to introduce products rich on beta carotene (pumpkin, carrots, blueberries, black currants, tomatoes, red peppers, apricots, persimmon, spinach, green onions, broccoli, grapefruit) in the diet.

In the case of taking synthetic vitamin B2 (in tablets), the connection must be used during meals. Otherwise, upon admission of riboflavina, an empty stomach, there is a bad absorption of the nutrient.

Remember, all group vitamins are closely interrelated. So, taking one of them as a medicine, the need of the body increases in other compounds of this group.

Vitamin recipes

Vitamin recipesIn summer, saturate the body with vitamin B2 can be replenished with a daily diet 300 grams of raspberry fruits, blackberries (0.05 mg / 100 g), blueberries (0.02 mg / 100 g). These food plants retain for the winter by the method of fast dry frost, they are peathed with sugar, and also prepare useful compotes, jams based on them.

In the autumn period, it is recommended to use a lingonberry (0.02 mg / 100 g). The fruits of shrubs, with proper processing, are able to maintain nutritional properties, in particular, riboflavin all winter. The principle of the workpiece is as follows: Berries to go through, choosing whole and unbound, then rinse quickly under a slight pressure of flowing water, fall asleep to the jar (two- or three-liter), pour pre-boiled with cold water, stored in the coolness (on the balcony) in a dark place ( In the box). On the day you need to eat 30-50 grams of fruits.

Late in the fall, after the onset of frosts, it is necessary to assemble rowan berries common, which is also a source of vitamin B2 (0.02 mg / 100 g). Of these, prepare a biologically active mixture. For this kilogram of rowan fruits, you need to go through, eliminate spoiled (rotten). Nice berries (whole or broken) rinse in running water and grind with a blender or meat grinder by adding 300 grams of walnuts or almonds. To the resulting nutrient mixture, enter 500 grams of honey collected from rowan, rosehip or dandelion. Cashitz mixed thoroughly, pour into opaque glass containers, stored in the refrigerator.

Use a vitaminized mixture during the winter of 30-40 grams per day, drinking with 100 milliliters with warm purified water.

Recommendations for the storage of products rich in B2

To eliminate the unwanted riboflavin losses in vegetables, meat, fish, fermented milk products by complying with the basic rules in the process of their processing and savings.

How to save vitamin B2 in food?

  1. When choosing cottage cheese, you should give preference to the product with a soft consistency: the more serum remained in it after the processing of raw materials, the higher the riboflavin content.
  2. In the process of cooking, potatoes and peas "give" vitamin B2 into water, as a result, after draining the liquid, the finished dish is completely deprived of the useful connection. Therefore, the infusion obtained is recommended to cool up to 30 degrees and drink 200 milliliters / reception.
  3. During thermal processing of food, you need to close the lid. Otherwise, the oxidation of vitamins is occurring and most biologically active components are disappeared with steam.
  4. When stored in the refrigerator, the vegetables are listened daily 1% of the useful compound, when washing under high fluid pressure - up to 5%. Given this fact, acquire products in large quantities and for a long time to soak in water is not recommended.
  5. Crupe cooking on the water and only after cooking in porridge you can add heated milk.
  6. Products containing riboflavin cannot be stored in light, they must be removed in a dark place (box, basement, cellar).
  7. It is forbidden to boil pasteurized milk.
  8. Frozen foods before heat treatment do not defrost, because the thawing into the light leads to the loss of the fourth part of the useful connection.
  9. Milk in a transparent bottle in 2 hours per light loses 50% riboflavin. Therefore, it is necessary to store an open product in a dark tank in the refrigerator not more than 3 days. Otherwise, the nutrients in it are disappeared, and the fluid is deprived of most of the vitamin B2.
  10. Riboflavina's loss during the preparation of products is: freezing - 0%, drying - 10%, quenching / roasting - 25%, cooking in water - 45%, heated - 5%.

"The worst enemies" B2 are drinking sodes, sulfonilamide drugs, alcohol and estrogens. These substances completely destroy the useful molecules of the connection.

Thus, the greatest amount of vitamin B2 is contained in products in natural (fresh). However, if necessary, thermal processing, ingredients (for example, meat, cauliflower, offal), should be boiled quickly, under the lid.

Vitamin B2, as a coenzyme

Vitamin B2, as a coenzymeIn well-used riboflavin products, it is usually in the associated state - as part of the coefficers of Flavinenindinucleotide [FAD] and FLAVINONONUCELOTIDE [FMN], which are connected by proteins. If you get into the body, in the digestive tract, vitamin B2 is influenced by enzymes, as a result of which the useful connection is released and its suction in the small intestine. After the flow of this reaction, the reverse process is launched in the tissues: the formation of FAD coenses, FMN from riboflavin, which is part of many enzymes.

What enzymes included in 2?

One of the most important enzymes produced by the human body and containing riboflavin is glutathioneducetase. It provides the reduction of glutathione (cellular antioxidant) after oxidation. This organic matter (tripeptide γ-glutamylcysteinylglycine) performs an important role: protects cells from the harmful effect of peroxidant compounds, free radicals, contributing to the adaptation of the organism to the conditions of the unfavorable external environment.

When communicating with radicals, glutathione gives active molecules its electron by activating the compounds. In this case, after the reaction, the tripeptic is oxidized, losing protective benefit properties. In order to increase the antioxidant capabilities of the cell, glutathionereductase restores the "exhaust" glutathione, returning its functions.

In addition, Vitamin B2, as a coenzyme, is actively involved in oxidatively restorative reactions. It is known that oxidative processes are able to apply irreparable damage to the cells of the body, as a result, the slowdown in their flow helps, to a certain extent, to withstand the development of merciless disease - cancer.

Also, Riboflavin is also involved in the exchange of vitamin B6, folic acid, niacin, iron and is part of coenzymes that contribute to the splitting of BPU and transition them to the energy form.

Interaction with other substances

Preparation of a small amount of food at once (without re-heat treatment), the room of frozen products is immediately in boiling water (without prior thawing) or in the oven cabinet (in aluminum foil) will help maximize riboflavin in products.

Remember, the digestibility of vitamin B2 affects some medicines.

Riboflavin in the body almost does not accumulate, so products with it need it every day and try to preserve its content as much as possible in them.Consider the compatibility of lactoflavin and other drugs.

  1. The simultaneous reception of riboflavin, pyridoxine, vitamin K and folic acid leads to a mutual increase in the action of nutrients.
  2. Thyroidin increases the transformation rate of vitamin B2 into coenses.
  3. Erythromycin and tetracycline enhance the removal of lactoflavin.
  4. Riboflavin, together with nicotine acid, activates the mechanisms of detoxification of the body, as a result of which the derivation of finite metabolites of metabolites is accelerated.
  5. Powerful tranquilizers (fluorotiazine, aminezine), tricyclic antidepressants (imipramine, amitriptyline) and peripheral vasodilators (hydralazine, diazoxide, minoxidyl) suppress the utilization of vitamin B2, disturbing the synthesis of coefactive forms.
  6. Riboflavin increases zinc bioavailability.
  7. The joint acceptance of lactoflavin and iron leads to the accumulation and strengthening of the pharmacological properties of the trace element.
  8. Neuroleptics used in depressions and psychosis, in particular chlorpromazine, inhibit the transformation of the nutrient into a biologically active form.
  9. Diuretik Spironolacton blocks the synthesis of vitamin B2.
  10. Hypotensive preparations enhance the transformation of riboflavin into biologically active compounds.
  11. In the presence of boric acid, Vitamin B2 is destroyed.

Considering the mechanism of action and compatibility of medicinal substances, it is possible to easily draw up an effective diagram of feeding the nutrients, and subsequently warn avitaminosis.

Riboflavin during pregnancy and bodybuilding

Riboflavin during pregnancy and bodybuildingThe human body is the only "source" of nutrients developing in the womb of the fetus. Along with negative genetic factors, lack of basic nutrients, in 70% of cases, leads to a violation of the course of pregnancy, premature births, bleeding and the occurrence of toxicosis. In addition, most diseases detected in newborns are acquired during intrauterine development.

Numerous scientific research confirms the presence of a direct relationship between the deficit of nutrients and the deficiencies in the development of the embryo. In view of this, to future mothers it is advisable to take organic food additives and multivitamin complexes.

One of the most important nutrients during pregnancy - riboflavin (on Latin - Riboflavini). Vitamin B2 is necessary for the proper formation of the nervous system, muscles and bone skeleton in a developing fetus. The lack of this substance can lead to the intrauterine death of the embryo, early childbirth, the emergence of congenital anomalies (growth delay, leather damage, eye) in infants, decrease in lactation, development in the future mother of seborrheic dermatitis.

The daily need for pregnant women in B2 is 1.8 - 2.1 milligrams, and for nursing mothers - 1.9 - 2.5 milligrams. Do not be afraid if on the background of the Vitamin Urine reception turns into a bright yellow color. This phenomenon is absolutely harmless and safe for both organisms.

Since Laktoflavin is one of the main "participants" of protein metabolism, it is advisable to use it with strength sports and bodybuilding. Vitamin is especially useful for professional athletes, as it helps to transform the resulting energy into a muscular relief of the body. In addition, the nutrient regulates the flow of oxygen to the muscles, as a result of which the risk of the development of hypoxia in training is falling.

The daily rate of vitamin B2 for bodybuilders is 3-5 milligrams. Reception of food additives in which riboflavin is present, increases the results of force training twice.

Effects of using vitamin B2

Effects of using vitamin B2The mechanism of the biological action of riboflavin is to build two coenzymes, which are involved in the synthesis of ATP molecules and some proteins (erythropoietin, hemoglobin, catecholamines), which are part of the oxidative and reducing enzyme body systems. Along with this, Vitamin B2 is an indispensable "assistant" for the eyes. Protecting the retina from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, the nutrient is involved in building a visual purple. At the same time, the absorption spectra of lactoflavin (maxima) lie in the area 445, 375, 260 and 225 nanometers.

Therapeutic effects of vitamin B2

  1. Antihypoxic. Riboflavin, maintains the ability of cells to synthesize and effectively use the ATP energy molecules, including when the oxygen supply is disrupted to the tissues.
  2. Adaptive trophic. With regular consumption of vitamin, the normalization of metabolic processes in the body and improving the functional state of the brain.
  3. Detoxic. Lakoflavin in the complex therapy of the restoration of the liver enhances the hepatoprotective effect of vegetable preparations. Due to this, the barrier, excretory and digestive function of the organ increase.
  4. Keratoplastic. The nutrient is used to normalize the skin of the skin, resorption of inflammatory infiltrates, restoring the normal structure of the dermis and epidermis.
  5. Anabolic. Since Vitamin B2 increases the activity of plastic znealing enzymes and stimulates the synthesis of protein metabolism, with an increase in the dosage, there is a planned increase in the muscle mass of the body.
  6. Neurotropic. The enrichment of the daily diet products that contain lactoflavin leads to an increase in the synthesis of neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, gamke, acetylcholine) in the brain and the restoration of myelin shells of the nerve trunks (in combination with lecithine).

Mentioned effects are relevant only provided that the daily insufficiency of the nutrient is covered in full.

Scientific studies conducted in 2004, Nutriciologists Ruslan Piskoppel and Vladimir Dadali, confirm the fact that the concentration of biologically active substances in products over the past 20 years has significantly decreased. Therefore, the need for a huge number of diverse food arises daily. And since many vitamins, including riboflavin, are not able to accumulate by the body, to maintain their required balance in the blood is almost impossible. Therefore, to replenish the deficit of nutrients, it is advisable to use nutritional supplements in tablets, in capsules or as a dragee.

Balanced complexes of vitamins of the group B - "Neurobion", "Neurostabil", "Vita B Plus", "Vita-escort", "Vitabalans 2000", "in - 50". However, these drugs, in addition to the useful substances, contain capsule shells consisting of harmful ingredients: gelatin, starch, dyes. The use of liquid riboflavin (in ampoules) will help prevent the negative reaction of the body under the individual intolerance to the components. The composition of the vitamin solution includes distilled water and pure lactoflavin.

Clinical application

For the prevention and complex treatment of diseasesFor the treatment of B2-Avitaminosis, 10 milligrams of organic nutrient 3 - 5 times a day (oral or parenteral) are taken. Against the background of the reception of drugs, it is advisable to observe a healthy diet.

If there is a snooze on the mucous membrane of the mouth, to which an infection has joined, and at the same time with therapy, local treatment should be carried out - the bulls, ointments, rinsing, antibiotics. However, avitaminosis, as an independent disease, arise relatively rarely. Much more often the deficit of nutrients is manifested along with other pathologies against the background of long-term microelegenation. In such cases, vitamin B2 combines with other drugs.

Therapeutic use of riboflavina

Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract

It is especially important to use vitamin B2 with toxic lesions of digestive organs, in particular, Botkin's disease. This pathology leads to a violation of the functions of the liver (carbohydrate, antitoxic, pigment) and pancreas (incredorial). As a result, riboflavin metabolism and insular activity of blood are inhibited. The difficult course of the disease is accompanied by a sharp decrease in lactoflavin in Urin. According to the doctor T. H Barrel, Vitamin B2, as part of the complex therapy of Botkin's disease, improves laboratory indicators of blood and urine (sample of Kvika, bilirubin level). As recovery, the excretion of riboflavin with urinic occurs. This phenomenon is used as an indicator of the severity of the flow of infectious disease. In addition, riboflavin exchange is violated and with other liver anomalies (cirrhosis, fatty dystrophy, structural rebirths). Since the affected body is "unable to accumulate a nutrient, as a result, hypovitaminosis is gradually developing. In view of this, the use of vitamin B2 is a clinically reasonable solution. If the patient has diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (enterocolitis, ancinal gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux, delicate dysfunction), as a result of which the natural absorption of vitamin is disturbed, the drug should be administered parenterally.

Diseases of the heart

Pathology data in 95% of cases are accompanied by a violation of metabolism in myocardium. Vitamin B2, as part of comprehensive therapy, helps to normalize metabolism in the heart muscle, since it deposits the maximum number of riboflavin.

Pathology of the endocrine ring

The increased function of the thyroid gland and the basehouse disease increase the release of vitamin B2 with urine. Therefore, in the presence of these problems, Riboflavin is advisable to accept additionally. In addition, the excretion of the substance with urinus enhance the pathology of the pancreas, in particular, diabetes mellitus. The parenteral administration of the nutrient focuses its deficit and causes a short-term reduction in hyperglycemia. Violation of riboflavin metabolism is relevant for people suffering from Addison's disease. In this case, the allocation of a useful connection with urine is reduced by 3 times. Therefore, along with vitamin B2, a drug is used - deoxykorticosterone. Steroid hormone, acting on the bark of adrenal glands, stimulates the phosphorylation of riboflavin. As a result, the normalization of the urinary excretion of the substance occurs.


Vitamin B2 is used in the treatment of streptococcal lesions of the skin, erythrodermia, seborrhean eczema, exfoliative dermatitis, burns, photodermatosis.

Ophthalmological diseases

Exchange processes in the eye proceed with the participation of lactoflavin. Therefore, the presence of ophthalmological pathologies (primary glaucoma, presnector cataract, vascular vascularization, non-infectious conjunctivitis, keratitis of inexplicated etiology) and functional disorders of vision are direct readings for additional reception of vitamin B2. In addition, the nutrient is used in the treatment of migraines caused by eye overwork. In the treatment of these diseases, riboflavin use parenterally, orally and locally. For outdoor use, the optimal form of release - eye drops (2%).

In an obstetric clinic

In pregnant women in 80% of cases, a reduced concentration of riboflavin in the blood. This problem is especially relevant for herds, which suffer from the cracks of the nipples. Preventive reception of nutrient, during pregnancy, helps to prevent the development of mastitis and reduce the painful sensations in the chest 4 times. How to take vitamin B2? Futive mothers (in the last trimester) are recommended to introduce into a diet of 20 milligram substances per day, and women, within a week after childbirth, 20 milligram twice a day. If there are cracks on the nipples, oral nutrient reception (20 milligrams 2 times a day) is advisable to combine with local treatment with riboflavin ointment. For this, 2% solution is applied to the lesion focus three times a day after feeding.

In cosmetology

Given the fact that Lakoflavin is "skin" vitamin, a good color is impossible without it. Consumption of B2-containing products in combination with the outer use of riboflavin masks (1 time per week) leads to the activation of the "transportation" of oxygen to the tissues and the improvement of capillaries. Due to this, the angry rash is reduced, the complexion of the face is improved and the process of skin regeneration is accelerated. Vitamin B2, indispensable for hair and nails, as it helps to normalize fatty acid metabolism. When choosing riboflavin cosmetics, it is important to carefully examine the brand reputation and cost. Production of quality tools that contain a high concentration of active substance is a time-consuming and financially cost-effective process. Therefore, many firms using a negligible amount of vitamin, hide the authentic composition of the drug. An exception is some professional brands that beauticians are advantageous (Academie Scientifique De Beaute, Adonia Organics, Hysqia, Adina Cosmetics Professional, Beaubelle).

Diseases of newborns

Definition in the blood of the child Bilirubina is a direct reading for phototherapy. With light irradiation, in addition to the destruction of the toxin causing jaundice, the natural decay of vitamin B2 occurs. In view of this, the nutrient is included in the complex therapy of newborns. The daily rate of riboflavin for children (0 to 6 months) is 0.3 milligrams.

For weight loss

Vitamin B2 is involved in the synthesis of hormones of the thyroid gland, which regulates the metabolism in the body. Therefore, for a person wishing to lose weight, this nutrient is a daily "assistant". Increased daily dosage of riboflavin follows only by appointing the attending doctor.


OutputThus, Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin is one of the most important water-soluble vitamins, the health and beauty substance, the coenzyme of most biochemical processes, the engine's engine in the energy production processes in cells, the growth stimulator and the best assistant in the treatment of neurological and eye diseases. The connection plays a key role in the course of redox reactions, in the work of cardiac, digestive, nervous systems. Therefore, for good human well-being, it is important to provide a systematic (daily) intake of riboflavin into the body in the amount of the necessary daily rate.

The greatest amount of vitamin B2 is contained in fresh milk, cedar nuts, double meat.

The presence of rich riboflavin products in the daily menu is a guarantee of good health of all family members.

Article author:

Tedeeva Madina Yipanovna

Specialty: Therapist, radiologist, nutritionist .

Common experience: 20 years .

Place of work: LLC "SL Medical Group" Maykop .

Education: 1990-1996, North Ossetian State Medical Academy .

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General characteristic of vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 refers to Flavins

- Yellow substance (yellow pigment). He

Sustainable in the external environment, it is well tolerating heating,

but poorly tolerates sunlight, losing their

Vitamin properties under its influence.

  • In the human body riboflavin can synthesize
  • Intestinal flora.
  • Vitamin B2 products

Indicated the estimated presence in 100 g of the product

The need of vitamin B2 increases with:

large physical exertion;

pregnancy and breastfeeding;



Although riboflavin is present in green vegetables,

For a good absorption, they need to boil.

Vitamin B2 is well absorbed by the body if

in the stomach and intestines eat food, so vitamin

Preparations are well taken while eating or immediately

  • after her.
  • Useful properties and its influence on the body
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) takes
  • Active participation in the formation of some hormones
  • and erythrocytes, ATP synthesis (adenosine trifosphor
  • Acid - "fuel of life"), protects
  • retina from excessive exposure to UV rays,
  • Provides adaptation to the dark, increases sharpness

vision and perception of color and light.

Vitamin B2 plays a big role in splitting

proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is necessary for normal

The work of the body as a whole, because It is in the composition

more than a dozen enzymes and flavoproteins - special

Be healthy!biologically active substances.

Riboflavin is needed for growth and updates tissue, positively affects the nervous state

Systems, liver, leather, mucous membranes. He

We are necessary for the normal development of the fetus during pregnancy 7

And for the growth of children. Keeps skin, nails and hair

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Interaction with other essential elements

Vitamin B2 with vitamin

And provides normal vision. With it

Vitamin participation

Vitamin participationK, Vitamin

PP, Vitamin

PP, VitaminB6 and Folia

Acid go in the body into active forms.

Acid go in the body into active forms.Shortage and rejunction of vitamin

Signs of lack of vitamin B2

Signs of lack of vitamin B2peeling of the skin on the lips, around the mouth, on the wings of the nose, ears and nasolabial folds;

Cracks in the corners of the mouth, the so-called snags;

About preparations probioticsThe feeling that sand got into the eyes;

Itching, redness and tear eye;

Probioticsred or purple swollen tongue;

Slow healing of wounds;

Slow healing of wounds;light-free, phlegmology;

With a minor, but long-term shortage of vitamin B2, cracks on the lips may not appear, but the upper lip decreases, which is well noticeable in the elderly.

With a minor, but long-term shortage of vitamin B2, cracks on the lips may not appear, but the upper lip decreases, which is well noticeable in the elderly.Factors affecting content in vitamin B2 products

With thermal processing content in products

With thermal processing content in productsFactors affecting content in vitamin B2 products

Vitamin B2 decreases in a total of 5-40%. Riboflavin

Vitamin B2 decreases in a total of 5-40%. RiboflavinFactors affecting content in vitamin B2 products

Keeps stability at high temperatures

Keeps stability at high temperaturesand acidity, but easily destroyed in an alkaline medium,


Champignonand acidity, but easily destroyed in an alkaline medium,

or under the influence of light.

Home solderedWhy the deficiency of vitamin B2 occurs

The lack of vitamin B2 in the body causes diseases

Bificigardiogastrointestinal tract that breaks suction

food substances; deficiency in the diet of full proteins;

food substances; deficiency in the diet of full proteins;Reception of antagonist drugs Vitamin B2.

Increased riboflavin consumption that occurs

Increased riboflavin consumption that occursReception of antagonist drugs Vitamin B2.

In infectious fevering diseases, diseases

The thyroid gland and cancer also leads to a deficiency of vitamin B2.






Accuracy of information

Read also about other vitamins:

Water soluble vitamin B2 (lat. - riboflavin) was obtained during the chemical experiments in 1935. Riboflavin, together with other group vitamins, has a versatile effect on the human body - promotes the work of the nervous system, digestion, participates in oxidation mechanisms, overall metabolism, ensures skin health, hair, nails.

There are other names of this vitamin, which depend on what it has been highlighted. For example, if from plants - Verdoflavin, if with milk - lactoflavin, from the liver - hepatoflavin, from egg protein - Ovoflavin.

Products - Vitamin B2 Containers

What products are the most vitamin B2? The first place is occupied by the liver, for example, the beef liver is enough to eat only 50 g per day. And after it, there are white mushrooms, which are enough 75 g per day. For fans of fruits and berries, it is necessary to focus on a nutmeg grape, which is enough to eat 120 g.

What products are the most vitamin B2? The first place is occupied by the liver, for example, the beef liver is enough to eat only 50 g per day. And after it, there are white mushrooms, which are enough 75 g per day. For fans of fruits and berries, it is necessary to focus on a nutmeg grape, which is enough to eat 120 g.


Interaction with other substances

  • Beef liver 3.4 MGSVIN liver 3.0 FLOWN turkey turkey 2,7 ​​2,3 mg grainbread

  • Kidney

  • Beef kidney 3.0 MGSVION Kidneys 1.7 mg

  • White mushrooms

  • 2.45 mg

  • A heart

  • Pork Heart 1.7 Mini Migsis 1.5 MGDG Heart 1,2 Monster Hearts 0.7 mg

  • Feta Cheese, Goat

  • Feta 0.8 MGKOSIY 0.7 mg

  • Quail eggs

0.8 mg


Dry 0.8 mg

Patestone liver

0.6 mg


Wheat bran

During cooking products, always cover the dishes with a lid. From the interaction with oxygen, most of the vitamins are destroyed. Do not drain the water in which peas was prepared or potatoes, as it remains washed from Riboflavin products and other vitamins of Group V.

Chicken egg

0.5 mg


  • 0.2-0.4 mg Trout, salong

  • Baked 0.4 mg .Mussels, squid

  • 0.4 mg .Condensed milk

  • Daily rate of vitamin B2 for women, men and children Recommendations for the use of riboflavin are developed more than in 30 countries. Approved dosage for the adult population is 1.2-2.2 mg per day. Medical observations prove that vitamin B2 deficiency is formed in the body after 90 days when using 0.55 mg of riboflavin per day.

  • A healthy man should take 1,4-1.8 mg vitamin B2, a woman - 1.2-1.3 mg. During pregnancy, the need for a female organism in riboflavin increases by 0.3 mg, in the first 6 months of breastfeeding period - by 0.6 mg and 0.4 mg for all lactation. Babies in the first 6 months of life recommended by 0.4 mg. From half a year to 10 years, children are given to 1.2 mg vitamin B2. .For one intake, an adult can take from 5 to 10 mg. With severe symptoms of hypovitaminosis, it is allowed to take up to 10 mg three times a day. The medical course is 1-2 months.

Factors increasing the need for vitamin B2

The need for riboflavine increases with thyroid pathologies associated with a decrease or increase in its functions. Some pharmacological preparations used in the treatment of mental disorders, tested contraceptives cause the destruction of vitamin B2. The same property is characteristic of boric acid - the main component of most household chemicals.

Vitamin B2 is sufficiently resistant to high temperatures, but is extremely vulnerable to light, quickly dissolves in water. Long persists in the products stored in the refrigerator. In the process of defrosting, the light is destroyed in vegetables, beef meat.

Refusal of drugs, from the use of boric acid will help to avoid the elimination of riboflavin from the body. To preserve it in the composition of frozen products, it is recommended to immerse them in boiling water when cooking. For defrosting, it is best to wrap meat into an aluminum foil and put in the oven.

Features of use during pregnancy

In 80% of pregnant women, the resistant drop in the level of vitamin B2 in the blood is registered. Signs of hypovitaminosis are manifested in the early postpartum period by unpleasant sensations in lactic glands, the occurrence of the cracks of the nipples, the development of mastitis.

In order to avoid the emergence of negative symptoms in the last trimension of pregnancy, a woman is recommended to take 20 mg riboflavin per day. During the first week after the birth, the dosage is increased twice - 20 mg twice per day.

  • With the appearance of cracks of the nipples, local applications of 2% riboflavin ointment are added to the oral adaption of the drug. It is applied to injured areas after feeding a child at least 3 times a day. Physicochemical properties .

  • Needle crystals riboflavine yellow-orange color, grouped into dresses, differ in bitter taste. The active compound is stable in an acidic medium, quickly disintegrates in alkaline. When heated, retains its crystal lattice. Vitamin B2 is a natural caloricator that has a positive effect on human health. Riboflavin derivatives The coenzymes are part of vital redox enzymes. Vitamin K, folic acid and riboflavin enhance the active actions of each other. .

  • Thyroidine - contributes to the accelerated transition of vitamin B2 to the coenference. Erythromycin, Torontacille - accelerate the removal of riboflavin. .

  • Nicotinic acid in combination with B2 stimulates detoxification processes, speeds up the removal of products formed as a result of metabolism. The strongest neuroleptics, antidepressants of a group of tricyclic compounds, preparations for the expansion of peripheral vessels depress the recycling of riboflavin, suppress the formation of biologically active coefactant forms. .

  • Vitamin B2 increases the digestibility of zinc drugs. B2 contributes to the accumulation and strengthening of the pharmacological properties of iron. .

  • Diuretic preparation Spironolacton fully suppresses the synthesis of riboflavin. Hypotensive preparations and diuretic remedies reduce the bioavailability of vitamin, and contribute to the rapid transformation of vitamin B2 in coefficient compounds. .

  • Boric acid destroys riboflavin. Data on the mutual influence of vitamin B2 and other drugs make it possible to draw up the most efficient program for the treatment and prevention of avitominosis in different groups of patients. .

  • Vitamin B2 coenses Vitamin B2 is an integral part of the coenzyme of glutathionedase, which is independently synthesized by the organism. With vitamin deficiency, its activity is reduced. It is necessary for the reconstruction of cell antioxidants, for example, glutathione, after the oxidation reaction is completed. Glutathione protects cells from negative effects of peroxidant components, free radicals. With it, the body is able to withstand harmful external factors.

Glutathione during the reaction with radicals gives active electrons with electrons activating the compounds. Trepeptide oxidation occurs, accompanied by loss of protective characteristics. The antioxidant properties of the cell are restored due to the glutathionedization, which reconstructs the glutathione used and restores its activity.

Glutathione during the reaction with radicals gives active electrons with electrons activating the compounds. Trepeptide oxidation occurs, accompanied by loss of protective characteristics. The antioxidant properties of the cell are restored due to the glutathionedization, which reconstructs the glutathione used and restores its activity.

Riboflavin coenses are a mandatory component of redox processes. Cell oxidation provokes the development of irreversible cell pathologies. The containment of these mechanisms contributes to the formation of protective properties against cancer transformations.

Vitamin B2 is necessary for the metabolism of folic acid, niacin, vitamin B6 and iron. It is a mandatory component of coenzymes that are necessary for the absorption of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. With riboflavin, nutrients are converted into energy.

Biological role of vitamin B2 in the human body Without vitamin B2, physiological exchange of fatty acids is impossible. Its level is directly related to blood glucose indicators. Flavonoids of nucleotide riboflavin, transforming into a coenzyme, take part in the synthesis of proteins, stimulate the formation of hemoglobin, both under normal blood formation and anemia.

In the thick intestine of a healthy person, specific microorganisms are inhabited, which synthesize free riboflavin. The villus of the colon is actively absorbed by it. The degree of suction depends on the food that a person prefers. In the course of laboratory research it was established that more riboflavin is produced by the use of plant products. If the daily diet is based on meat, the active compound is less produced.

The extensive list of indications for the use of riboflavin is due to the spectrum of pharmacological effects:

The extensive list of indications for the use of riboflavin is due to the spectrum of pharmacological effects:


B2 strengthens the shell of cell cells, helps them produce and fully use ATP molecules. With it, oxygen exchange in tissues is restored.


  • Riboflavin is obligatory for the production of glutathione, neutralizing free radicals. Without it, normal fluctionation of hepatocytes - specific liver cells is impossible. Keratoplastic

  • Preparations of vitamin B2 have an anti-inflammatory effect in diseases of the skin, regeneration processes are activated during injuries, trophic ulcers. Anabolic.

  • Compliance with the active sports lifestyle requires daily use of sufficient doses of riboflavin. The drug stimulates the formation of protein in muscle fibers, speeds up the reaction of plastic synthesis. Neurotropic

The combination of B2 and lecithin ensures the formation and regeneration of myelin shells of nerve fibers. The preservation of persistent indicators of serotonin, gamc, dopamine is provided with a sufficient level of riboflavin.

The combination of B2 and lecithin ensures the formation and regeneration of myelin shells of nerve fibers. The preservation of persistent indicators of serotonin, gamc, dopamine is provided with a sufficient level of riboflavin.

Vitamins of various groups, including B2, cannot be deposited in the body. To maintain the optimal level of riboflavin, it is best to take vitamin supplements in the form of dragees or tablets.

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  • Useful properties of vitamin B2

  • Riboflavin affects the production of other vitamin compounds, promotes the synthesis and development of erythrocytes. Thanks to it, there is a high level of hormone secretion, exchange reactions with the participation of amino acids occur. B2 ensures the protection of the body from overcoating.

  • Application in medicine

  • With a deficiency of vitamin B2, the corresponding drugs are prescribed 10 mg from 3 to 5 times a day in the form of injections or in a tablet form. If, on the background of other symptoms of hypovitaminosis in the corners of the mouth, ulcers appeared, be sure to appoint local treatment.

  • In addition to the vitamin deficit, Riboflavin successfully copes with other unpleasant conditions:

  • Headache. Additives containing vitamin B2 substantially facilitate the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. Medical studies prove that Riboflavin will buy a headache. In children with a dosage from 200 to 400 mg per day, in adults - 400 mg for 3-6 months there is a reduction in the frequency of attacks almost 2 times. Therapeutic effect is preserved for 1.5 years

  • [1-3]

  • For the health of the eyes. With a lack of riboflavin significantly increases the risk of glaucoma - elevated intraocular pressure, which is considered one of the main causes of blindness. The use of ophthalmic drops containing B2 contributes to the active prevention of cataracts, cratoconus, glaucoma, age-related changes

  • [four]

  • For the prevention of cancer. Lab experiments make it possible to draw conclusions that riboflavin, like other vitamins of group B, is able to impede the development of some oncological pathologies - straight, colon and esophagus cancer, breast cancer, cervix, prostate cancer


For thyroid gland. Vitamin B2 regulates the hormonal activity of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands. Its lack of significantly increases the likelihood of developing various pathologies in the tissues of the thyroid. Impact on the hormonal background allows you to cope with the consequences of stressful situations, regulate the feeling of appetite, energy, emotional background, body temperature


With anemia. Without riboflavin, a full synthesis of red blood cells, steroid hormones are impossible. With its help, iron mobilization is carried out, the supply of organism cells with oxygen. The disadvantage of B2 increases the likelihood of anemia or its sickle-cell form


With Parkinson and multiple sclerosis. Scientific studies have shown that Vitamin B2 prevents the development of neurological disorders, providing a pronounced neuroprotective effect. Powerful antioxidant action, participation in the formation of myelin shells, mitochondrial function - all these qualities have a beneficial effect on the body in neurological disorders


During Alzheimer's disease. Riboflavin is able to lower the homocysteine, which the body could not be converted independently into amino acids. Regular reception of drugs containing B2 helps to normalize the concentration of homocysteine


Vitamin B2, as an antioxidant.

Vitamin B2, as an antioxidant.

The active compound contributes to the synthesis of glutathione - antioxidant, which has a detoxifying effect, helps to remove free radicals from the body.

  • Application in sports

  • Riboflavin is a permanent participant in the basic physiological processes occurring in the body:

  • All these mechanisms are carried out with the formation of energy. Athletes and sports doctors became interested in the influence of vitamin B2 on the synthesis of protein. Over time, they set the direct relationship between riboflavin doses and muscle quality. During the research it was found that the female organism needs high dosages B2 for full-fledged recovery after intensive loads. Over time, it has become an integral part of sports nutrition, providing high muscle stamina.

  • An indicative of the 20-day experiment with the participation of 14 Canadian swimmers. The subjects were divided into two groups. One received riboflavin daily at a dose of 60 mg per day, another placebo. After a certain time, a swimming test was carried out - 6 times 50 meters of freestyle. The results after the test showed that athletes who took Vitamin B2 improved visual acuity, the body became more resistant to hypoxia. In comparison with the control group, there was no significant changes in blood or physical stability.

  • [ten]

  • The results pushed scientists to develop a special dosage for athletes. The anabolic effect is only the coenses of riboflavin - mononucleotide, Flavinat. The synthesis of amino acids, fats and carbohydrates flows with their participation, the reactions of oxidation and recovery are normalized, the production of hemoglobin is activated. These properties are the main factors of growth and restoration of physical activity.

  • Application in cosmetology

  • Riboflavin is part of cosmetic and caring for skin, as it is capable of maintaining collagen, to ensure hair health and skin, promotes rapid regeneration, eliminates dryness and inflammation. Collagen fibers maintain the elasticity of all skin layers, prevent the formation of early wrinkles, slow up the age changes. Chronic lack of vitamin B2 provokes earlier aging.

  • For the preparation of cosmetic masks at home, riboflavin can be purchased at the pharmacy. Preparations, which he enters, are released without a recipe and differ available. An ampoule B2 should be opened immediately before use, as the air provokes the destruction of the active elements. You can add riboflavin to your favorite shampoo or mask.

You can prepare an effective caring agent yourself, for example:

Nutritional mask.

The egg yolk is whipped with a teaspoon of honey to thick white foam, introduce a teaspoon of castor, rapid, olive, almond or any other natural oil. All components are thoroughly stirred and added with a riboflavin ampoule. The composition is applied for the entire length of the hair, wrapped her head and withstand from 30 minutes to 2 hours. After a certain time, the hair was washed as usual.

Moisturizing mask.

Good for brittle, risen, dull hair. They take on the tablespoon of jojoba oil (can be replaced by avocado) and liquid glycerin, added by an ampoule B2. To stimulate hair growth, you can enter a slightly essential oil of rosemary, carnations or mint. After applying on the hair, the head is wrapped with a towel. The mask can be kept as much as there is free time, it is best to leave for the night. Wash out the composition with a small amount of shampoo. Strengthening mask.

Depending on the shade of hair take a bag of ordinary or colorless henna, powder is poured with hot water to the consistency of thick sour cream. After cooling, pour the ampoule of riboflavin, mix. The mask is applied on the roots of the hair, wrapped and withstand at least 2 hours. First, the hair is rinsed with warm water, and after 5-10 minutes wash, as usual.

Symptoms lack vitamin B2

Hyovitaminosis can develop due to insufficient use of nutritional products. Animal protein, dairy products also contribute to the development of B2 deficiency in the body. In addition to food factors, the lack of riboflavin may be caused by the diseases of the liver, disorder of intestinal suction, frequent diarins, insufficient levels of thyroid hormones, alcoholism.

  • The lack of vitamin B2 can lead to negative consequences:

  • dermatological diseases;

  • redness and swelling of the mucous meal, throat;

  • corner stomatitis;

  • swelling and cracking lips;

  • hair loss;

problems with conception;

sore throat;

Ice eye, conjunctivitis;

  1. liver dystrophy;

  2. Neurological disorders.

  3. The lack of riboflavin is usually combined with the deficit of other vitamins. In severe cases of avitaminosis, the metabolic disorder is observed, a decrease in the concentration of flavine coenzymes. A long lack of vitamin B2 threatens the development of anemia, cataracts.

  4. Effects

  5. When the first signs of hypovitaminosis appears, the lack of vitamin B2 is quite simple to fill. Later symptoms are not amenable to adjusting food additives. Skin diseases, hair loss, growth brake in children, neurological problems require complex treatment.

Liquid bifidobacteria concentrate

Chronic deficit riboflavin causes premature aging, no longer life expectancy. The cells of the body lose the ability to natural rejuvenation.

  • In intrauterine development, with a lack of B2, the late development of the internal organs, a slowdown in growth is detected. Children react to hypovitaminosis slowdown in all brain processes, lagging in physical parameters. Frequently often in children's and adolescence, pathologies are manifested by the nervous system, signs of personality disorder, underdevelopment of cerebral shells.

  • Externally, riboflavin deficiency is easy to determine the cracks and crocks on the lips, too pale skin color. These signs are combined with impaired pain, tactile sensitivity.

  • Hypervitaminosis Vitamin B2.

  • The use of high dosages of vitamin B2, at times exceeding therapeutic recommendations, does not cause symptoms of intoxication. Despite this, doctors insist that people with a burdened allergological history should not experiment with an increase in the dosage of riboflavin.

When consumed more than 27 mg vitamin B2, a small amount of compounds in the liver, kidneys and a heart occurs. Excess riboflavin, which is not absorbed by the body, is excreted in urine. To clarify the type of side effects, the group of subjects offered high dosages B2 - at least 400 mg per day for 3 months. Even with such a multiple exceeding the recommendations, negative symptoms of hypervitaminosis were not fixed.

Indications for reception


The purpose of riboflavin preparations is advisable under a number of diseases:

Hemierolopy - pathology, in which vision in the evening and night time is disturbed. Vitamin B2 is prescribed along with retinol.

  • Conjunctivitis of various origins - the condition at which the eye sclera is inflamed. Irit is an ophthalmic disease that flows with inflammation of the iris.

  • Inflammation of the cornea (keratitis) regardless of etiology. Eczema - skin disease, which is characterized by rashes, a feeling of skin burning.

  • Hepatitis A, other liver pathologies. Diseases leaking with digestion disorder. Conducting anemia at which there is a sharp drop in the hemoglobin level. The mechanism is associated with violation of the intake, suction and removal of iron by the body.

  • The radiation disease is a dangerous state that develops with long-term exposure to radiation. Analysis on vitamin B2

For the surrender to the level of riboflavin, minimal preparation is required. It is forbidden to use any food 8 hours before taking a biomaterial. Allowed to drink non-carbonated water. Smokers should refrain from cigarettes at least 30 minutes before analysis.

For research take venous blood. On average, the level of riboflavin in the body of a healthy person is about 137-370 μg / l.

Some pharmacological preparations affect the blood indicators in the blood. Ethanol, barbiturates, thyroid hormones, antidepressants of the tricyclic group, connections that block the tubular secretion - significantly reduce the level of riboflavin. Probenecide, anticholinetics are able to activate the absorption of B2 from the colon in the bloodstream.

  • Where can I pass the analysis?
  • If there is a laboratory diagnostics in any clinic, then explore the blood to the riboflavin level can in any case. On average, the price of the survey is about 2000 rubles.
  • Names of vitamin B2 drugs in tablets
  • In order to purchase foreign or domestic drugs of vitamin B2, the recipe is not required in the pharmacy. Depending on the testimony, you can buy a tablet or an injection solution. Immediately, we note that the cost of riboflavin preparations is available for all.
  • The most popular counterparts of riboflavin include:
  • Vitamin B2 - tablets of 3 mg No. 30 "TEVA KUTU" Production of Poland.
  • Riboflavin - Tablets of 5 mg of LLC Borisov Plant, Belarus.
  • Dopperkels Active L-Carnitine + Vitamin B2 - Filty Tablets.

Salges Vitamin B2 - Tablets at 50 mg in bottles of 100 pcs, US production.

Natures Bounty - Tablets containing 100 mg of riboflavin, bottles of 100 pcs.

Riboflavin-mononucleotide - 1% solution for injections, ampoules 1 ml of Pharmstandart-Ufavita, production Russia.

How to save riboflavin in food?

Riboflavin, like any water-soluble vitamin, is absorbed quickly and with the same ease of ease. Cooking with heat treatment leads to the fact that B2 is completely destroyed.

To preserve the maximum concentration of riboflavin in products, it is important to comply with some rules:

Frozen products should be immediately placed in boiling water. Frozen meat, fish is best wrapped in foil and put to defrost in the oven. In no case do not leave frozen fruits, vegetables for thawing at room temperature. In this case, riboflavin is destroyed from the effects of oxygen.

Dairy products, meat, fish are not left in light. The sun's rays cause quickly degradation of vitamin, lead to the impact of the products.

Pasteurized milk in which riboflavin is present, do not boil, but use fresh.

During the cooking of meat, fish, vegetables with a saucepan cover with a lid. This is necessary for the smallest contact of products with oxygen.

If you want to save vitamin B2 in products, you should refuse to be soaked and marinated. Aggressive acetic and salted marinades contribute to the destruction of riboflavin.

Of course, the daily diet is impossible without thermally processed products. Therefore, to ensure the organism, a sufficient amount of riboflavin needs to systematically use dairy products, dried fruits.

The soft curd is contained vitamin B2 more. This is explained by the large residue of serum in the product.

If you leave the milk in glassware on the table during the daytime, the loss of riboflavin in 2 hours will be 50%.

During cooking products, always cover the dishes with a lid. From the interaction with oxygen, most of the vitamins are destroyed. Do not drain the water in which peas was prepared or potatoes, as it remains washed from Riboflavin products and other vitamins of Group V.

Washing vegetables and fruits in a large amount of water causes the loss of part of the riboflavin contained in them. About 1% on the day of useful substances is destroyed when stored in the refrigerator.

Food should be stored in a dark place, do not leave for a long time. Eating best of all fresh vegetables and fruits, without exposing them to heat treatment. The smallest loss of vitamins contributes to cooking in a double boiler.

Possible harm and caution

Any side effects against the background of riboflavin reception are rare. In allergy patients, some signs of allergic reactions can be observed - itching, tearing, runny nose, rash. Very rarely patients note negative symptoms from the vision of the flies, the blurring of the outlines of objects, fog. Quite often, the use of vitamin B2 is accompanied by the release of bright yellow urine. This is due to the enhanced excretion of riboflavine exchange products through the kidneys.

Groups of persons with a high probability of development of vitamin B2 deficiency are identified:

Vegetarian athletes.

American sports doctors and Canadian nutritionists pay attention to the fact that awesome athletes are more inclined to the development of hypovitaminosis B2. Sports loads increase the need of the body in Riboflavina, and vegetarians exclude animal products from their diet, in which it is concentrated in a significant amount - meat, milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt. Associations of sports doctors insist that the athletes who hold a vegetarian diet will consult with nutritionists regarding the reception of riboflavin additives.

Pregnant, nursing women and their children

. Pregnant women, nursing women, in the diet of which are not enough meat and dairy products, as well as vegetarians, are more susceptible to the development of riboflavin deficiency. During bearing and breastfeeding, it can negatively affect the development, child's health and the state of the mother itself. The insufficient level of riboflavin increases the likelihood of pregnant women. For the fetus, vitamin B2 deficiency threatens the development of congenital heart pathologies.


And people who consume little milk.

Dairy products and meat are the main products providing the organism of riboflavin. People who refuse dairy products and vegans are more susceptible to the development of non-discharge of slavelavin.

People with Brown-Valetto-Van Lera syndrome.

A rare neurological disease developing in childhood causes deafness, rabbarium paralysis, respiratory symptoms. The pathology leads mutations with the SLC52A3 gene responsible for the encoding of the riboflavin intestinal carrier. For these patients, the use of vitamin B2 additives is one of the fundamental directions of therapy.

Separately, vitamin B2 speak quite rarely, much more often remember the entire group B, which includes 6 different vitamins and several vitamin-like substances.

Nevertheless, Vitamin B2, or Riboflavin, is worthy of a separate word. It is an indispensable participant in the work of the nervous system, metabolism, neutralizing the harmful compounds and the implementation of other essential processes necessary for full-fledged existence and occur in all parts of our organism.

A person gets vitamin B2 as part of food, and with its insufficient content in the diet or with an increased need for it, it is possible to take biologically active complexes with its content.

Vitamin B2 content in products (100 g)

2.8-4.6 mg liver

Kidney 3.5 mg

Yeast 2-4 mg

Almonds 0.8 mg Cheese 0.6 mg .

Cocoa 0.45 mg

Cottage cheese 0.3 mg

Date 0.1 mg


What is Vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2 is a water-soluble compound related to a group of chemicals called Flavin. Flavins are involved in various redox reactions that play a protective and creative role in the body. Food rich in vitamin B2 Vitamin B2 can be obtained from vegetable and animal products. The richer is the liver and kidney. To a lesser extent, Riboflavin is present in yeast. From the vegetable products they are rich in vegetables, cereals, nuts. Daily need for vitamin B2 2In men, the need for this vitamin is about 1.6-1.8 mg, women are slightly smaller, 1.2-1.4 mg. Increase the need for vitamin B2 Among men, more vitamin B2 is required to those who are professionally or simply intensively engaged in sports, and also consumes an increased amount of protein food in order to increase muscle growth. The additional presence of protein in the diet creates the need to increase the dosage of the incoming vitamin B2.

In women, the presence of vitamin B2 in the composition of food should be increased if they expect a child or breastfeed. - C17. Htwenty N4O6

Microelement compositionBiofidobacteria

Persons of both sexes are required by rhoboflavin nutrition, if they often transfer stress, suffer from anemia, diseases of the digestive organs.

Mastering Vitamin B2 of food

Vitamin B2 is well absorbed from food, but it has some features. From vegetables, it is absorbed better if they are exposed to thermal processing before that.

Those who decided to start using vitamin B2 in the form of food additives should be remembered: riboflavin is well absorbed when there is enough food in the gastrointestinal tract. If you take capsules and tablets on an empty stomach, vitamin is worse.

Similarly, if a person sits on a strict diet and eats completely in a little, it reduces the digestibility of riboflavin. Biological role of vitamin B2 In the body, the function of vitamin B2 is as follows: • Participates in blood formation, strengthens the effect and improves the absorption of vitamin B6 and iron, which also actively implement the formation of blood components

• helps to replenish the energy resources of the body - the formation of ATP molecules • Supports the formation of a number of important hormones

• takes part in the work of the organ of vision, increases adaptation to the dark, protects against excess solar radiation, improves eyesight

• Pregnant women contribute to the normal development of the embryo, young children promotes growth and development processes. • is responsible for digesting macronutrients, mainly coordinates the splitting of large molecules to smaller before they   • Improves nervous system • Normal flow of vitamin B2 is necessary for good skin and hair condition

  • • Strengthens immunity, contributes to the development of protective antibodies under different diseases
  • • improves the function of the thyroid gland

• Improves gas exchange in tissues. Signs of lack of vitamin B2

The disadvantage of riboflavin and the need for additional use of vitamin B2 is fairly easy to install, if you just look at the person. The first thing for the shortage of this vitamin appear external changes:

• peeling and cracks arise on lips

• Sounds in the corners of the mouth are formed

• It is possible to redness


• Sometimes it is noticeable to peeling the skin and the formation of scales in the areas of natural folds on the face and head (near the nose, ears, etc.).


More serious disorders that have already connected with appearance may appear, but health. It:

• Cataract, rustling of vessels in the cornea, keratitis, etc.

• Weakness, pain in the muscles

• Malokrovia

• Neuritis, neuropathy.


Signs of excess vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is limited to the muscles and liver, but it is considered to achieve hypervitaminosis. If the body has enough riboflavin, and its further receipt is required, then the received dosages of vitamin B2 are not digested.

Factors affecting content in vitamin B2 products

An interesting fact: when cooking, when a high temperature is still affected by it, only a small part of vitamin B2 is subject to destruction. At the same time, when exposed to direct sunlight, riboflavin is destroyed. This means that in the cooked vitamin B2 dishes enough, but it is better to avoid their long-storage.

Why the deficiency of vitamin B2 occurs

In a small amount of riboflavin is produced by the microflora body of the human intestine, so the prerequisites for its lack may be created in the presence of dysbacteriosis.

The full absorption of the substance is possible only with a healthy gastric or intestine mucosa. Vitamin deficiency may occur with various digestive diseases.

Under the excess presence of protein in nutrition, the body is actively spending riboflavin. Consequently, if there is a lot of protein, animal food in your diet, there is a risk of the development of hypovitaminosis B2.

The lack of vitamin develops with prolonged diseases, they also deplete its internal reserves.

Finally, riboflavin deficiency occurs when the use of some drugs, such as some psychotropic agents and boric acid.

Vitamin B2: price and sale

Finally, riboflavin deficiency occurs when the use of some drugs, such as some psychotropic agents and boric acid.

If you decide to increase your health, you will probably need a taking vitamin B2. It can be obtained from food, and with a clear disadvantage or for the prevention of hypovitaminosis, vitamin is also recommended to apply in the composition of vitamin complexes.

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The full absorption of the substance is possible only with a healthy gastric or intestine mucosa. Vitamin deficiency may occur with various digestive diseases.

Under the excess presence of protein in nutrition, the body is actively spending riboflavin. Consequently, if there is a lot of protein, animal food in your diet, there is a risk of the development of hypovitaminosis B2.

The lack of vitamin develops with prolonged diseases, they also deplete its internal reserves.

Under the excess presence of protein in nutrition, the body is actively spending riboflavin. Consequently, if there is a lot of protein, animal food in your diet, there is a risk of the development of hypovitaminosis B2.

Vitamin B2: price and sale


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Under the excess presence of protein in nutrition, the body is actively spending riboflavin. Consequently, if there is a lot of protein, animal food in your diet, there is a risk of the development of hypovitaminosis B2.

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Finally, riboflavin deficiency occurs when the use of some drugs, such as some psychotropic agents and boric acid.

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Catalog of products containing group vitamins in 2Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Chemical and physical properties 2Vitamin B2.

(Other names: Riboflavin, Lakoflavin, Vitamin G)

- Water soluble vitamin B.

The chemically pure vitamin B2 preparation is a crystalline orange-yellow color powder, with a weak odor and slightly bitter taste. Vitamin B.


represents a derivative


associated with sugar alcohol - D-ribitol.


Chemical formula Vitamin B2


Vitamin B2 is poorly dissolved in water in the proportion of approximately 1: 800 (0.12 mg / ml at 27.5 ° C). It is practically not soluble in fats and ethanol, in acetone, diethyl ether, chloroform, benzene, but is well soluble in alcohols. Riboflavina solutions have the form of a greenish-yellow liquid and in ultraviolet rays have a bright yellow-green fluorescence. Under the influence of long ultraviolet irradiation, riboflavin turns into compounds that do not have biological activity. Riboflavin must be stored in a place protected from light. Vitamin B2 is destroyed in alkaline solutions, especially when heated, but stable in aqueous acidic solutions.


Vitamin B2 was first isolated from fermented source serum in 1879. Synthesized by P. Car meter and R. Kun in 1935. In industry, riboflavin is obtained by a chemical synthesis of 3,4-dimethylaniline and ribose or microbiologically, for example, using Eremothecium Ashbyi mushroom or using genetically changed bacillus subtilis bacteria.

It is easily absorbed, as well as all vitamins of group B, riboflavin does not accumulate in the body. Therefore, you need regularly products containing vitamin B2. In small quantities, it can also be synthesized with intestinal microflora.

Liver calf

General information about vitamin B2


, also known as

Vitamin B2.


- Easily absorbed colored microelement, playing a key role in maintaining human and animal health. It is a central component of FAD cofactors (flavineenindinucleotide) and FMN (flavinmonucleotide), and therefore needed for all flavoproteins. Thus, Vitamin B2 is important for the implementation of various cell processes. It plays a key role in energy metabolism, as well as in the metabolism of fats, ketone bodies, carbohydrates and proteins. Milk, cheese, leafy vegetables, liver, kidneys, legumes, yeast, mushrooms and almonds are good sources of vitamin B2, but the effect of light destroys riboflavin. The name "Riboflavin" comes from the words "Ribose" (sugar, the restored form of which, ribbon, is part of its structure) and Flavin, the annular part, which gives the oxidized yellow color molecule (from Latin Flavus, "yellow"). Restored form, which in metabolism is found along with an oxidized form, is colorless. Riboflavin is visually known as vitamin, which gives orange color solid B-vitamin drugs, yellow color of vitamin additives, and an unusual fluorescent yellow color of the urine receiving vitamin preparations in high doses. Riboflavin can be used as an orange-red color food additive, and, as such, has E101 number in Europe.


Riboflavin is used for treatment

hypo- and avitaminosis B2, hemoralopia, conjunctivitis, keratitis, irita, cornea ulcers, cataracts, long-domestic wounds and ulcers, total nutritional disorders, radiation sickness, asthenia, intestinal function disorders, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, influenza, eczema, corner stomatitis ( Zapay), Glossitis, Neurodermititis, Seborrhea, Red Acne, Candidose, hypotrophy, anemia, leukemia.

Daily Vitamin B2 Consumption

Physiological needs in vitamin B2

according to 0.35


Methodical recommendations of MR

On the norms of physiological needs for energy and food substances for various groups of the population of the Russian Federation:

Refined physiological need for adults - 1.8 mg / day.

Physiological need for children - from 0.4 to 1.8 mg / day.

Methodical recommendations of MR

Table 1. Recommended daily rate of consumption of vitamin B2 depending on age (m




Daily need for vitamin B2, (mg)

Breast kids

0 - 3 months

4 - 6 months.

7 - 12 months.




0,6 Refined physiological need for adults - 1.8 mg / day.


from 1 year to 11 years 2thirteen

3 - 7

  1. 1.0
  2. 7 - 11.
  3. 1,2
  4. Men
  5. (boys, young men)
  6. 11 - 14.
  7. 1.5
  8. 14 - 18.
  9. 1,8.
  10. > 18.
  11. Women
  12. (girls, girls)
  13. Pregnant
  14. Nursing

Sources of vitamin B2.

  1. Intestinal bacteria synthesize vitamin B2, however, as the synthesized riboflavin can be absorbed in the thick intestine of a person not installed; Therefore, when assessing the amount of vitamin B2 obtained, only its content in food and in preparations, if they were used. Vitamin B2 is mainly contained in meat, partly in dairy (more in fermented products), as well as in some plant products. Especially a lot of it in bakery and beer yeast and in the internal organs of animals (Table 1). Riboflavin is destroyed under the influence of ultraviolet light, so milk sold in transparent bottles (from glass or plastic) is likely to contain less riboflavin than milk in opaque containers.
  2. Table 2. Vitamin content in
  3. in food products
  4. Vegetable products for animal origin
  5. Number of vitamin B.
  6. in mg per 100 g of product
  7. Cheese
  8. 0.40.

Meat Skinny Barans

Meat skinny beef

0.20 Meat skinny pork


Milk whole

Bull liver



Yeasts Bakery dry 6.00.

Cattle heart Cattle brain Yeast Beer Dry





0.50 Lentil 0.30

Soy (beans)

Wheat flour 2nd grade 0,2

  1. Rye flour
  2. Bread rye from wallpaper flour
  3. 0.18.
  4. Corn (grain)
  5. 0.17.
  6. Green peas
  7. Mushrooms
  8. Vitamin B2 functions in the body
  9. Riboflavin is a biologically active substance playing an important role in maintaining human health. This is one of the most important water-soluble vitamins, a coherence of many biochemical processes. Vitamin B.
  10. Sometimes called vitamin growth - in the absence of it in food there is a delay of growth and development in children. However, this applies to all Vitamins of Group V.
  11. The most important functions of vitamin B2 in the body:
  12. Participates in carbohydrate, protein and fat exchange.
  13. Participates in the synthesis of glycogen. It prolongs the life of red blood bodies and together with folic acid (vitamin B9) participates in the process of creating new blood cells in the bone marrow, promotes the synthesis of erythropoietin (the main stimulator of the blood formation).
  14. It helps to assimilate the iron necessary to create new red blood cells, and together with vitamin B1 helps to maintain the level of this trace element in the blood.
  15. Strengthens immunity and protective mechanisms of the body.
  16. Plays an important role in the work of the nervous system, it helps in the treatment of its diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and increased anxiety.
  17. We are needed to activate a number of vitamins, for example, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), folic acid (vitamin Sun) and Phillaxinone (vitamin K).
  18. We are necessary to maintain the normal state of the mucous membranes of the oral and intestines.
  19. Adjusts the function of the thyroid gland.
  20. Provides normal light and color vision, reduces eye fatigue, protects the retina from the excessive effect of ultraviolet rays, provides adaptation to the dark, increases visual acuity and plays a large role in the prevention of cataracts.
  21. Helps prevent acne rash, dermatitis, arthritis and field.
  22. Accelerates healing damaged tissues.
  23. Keeps healthy nails and hair needed for health and beauty skin.
  24. Need for breathing cells and their growth.
  25. Reduces the impact of toxins into light and respiratory tract.
  26. Factors reduced vitamin B2 in our body:
  27. Mental or physical stress.
  28. Large physical exertion.
  29. Strong heat or cold also improve the need of the body in Riboflavina.
  30. Reception of oral contraceptives.
  31. Medicines used in psychiatry.
  32. Boric acid contained in more than 400 household means (for example, washing powders).
  33. Insufficient or, on the contrary, the increased function of the thyroid gland.
  34. Systematic alcohol consumption.
  35. Vitamin B2 deficiency (Arriboflavorno)
  36. Avitaminosis arising from the lack of vitamin B2 is called an arriboflavinosis. Signs of the arriboflavinosis appear after 3-4 months of almost complete absence of vitamin B2 in the food diet.
  37. Healthy people riboflavin is constantly excreted with urine
  38. Therefore, the deficit with insufficient consumption is found quite often. However, riboflavin deficiency is always accompanied by a deficit of other vitamins. The riboflavina deficiency can be primary (with a lack of vitamins in a daily diet), or secondary (when the body is not able to use vitamin consumed due to disorders of intestinal suction processes, or with an increased vitamin excretion from the body). There may also be a temporary deficiency of vitamin B2, which often occurs during stress.
  39. The occurrence of riboflavin deficiency is most closely associated with a sharp decrease in its consumption (the absence of milk and dairy products, eggs, meat products) and with a decrease in the admission to the protein, especially animal origin (with a lack of protein increases the body loss of this vitamin).


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