Brutal man

Men love blondes, and women love brutal men. Women's views on men were not particularly changed for the last centuries, and the strong floor was pushing, as a real man should look and behave. Why do girls love brutal and how to become?

Women frightened through strong men they call brutal. But not all men have formed from the boys and got out of children's infantilism. Why should you raise the traits of a brutal man? Why are the brutal men more often achieve success in life? Why are Brutals are alpha males, leaders and winners?

1. What does the word "brutal" mean?

What is Brutal or Brutal? According to the dictionary "Ozhegova" or "Wikipedia", the word brutal is a harsh, rough, cruel, brutal. What does a brutal man mean? In a modern understanding, the phrase is used in relation to a man who has the following qualities: determination, confidence, straightness, severeness and rudeness.

Where did the word brutal come from? There is a theory that the word brutal happened from the Roman Worker of Young Brute, who participated in the murder of Guy Julia Caesar. But this is an incorrect theory, though beautiful.

Jason Steate.
Jason Steate.

In Latin, the word "brutalis" existed long before that. Latin word brutal (Brutalis) means cruel, treacherous, inhuman, animal and harsh. Not too positive value.

What is a brutal man in modern understanding? Modern society rehabilitated the word brutal in a positive side. The brutal man is a strong man with pronounced male and masculine traits.

What does a brutal man mean? The brutal person is characteristic of straight, decisive and confident actions. All these features are reflected in the style of thinking, behavior, appearance, manner, character. The century, when there are many unwell, infantile and weak men around, brutal men have become superpopular among the beautiful sex. Brutals conquer not only female hearts, but also the mountains of success.

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone

2. What does a brutal man look like?

"There is no more beautiful clothes on the light of the bronze muscles and freshness of the skin" Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky,

A courageous appearance became archaism when there are many dead, weak, sluggish and thin individuals. Sometimes people went to the gym, but for beautiful selfie and dating. But in recent years, the revival and love of sports begins. Increasingly, men and women are inclined to a more sporting physique, as a harmonious and attractive.

In fashion, not skinny or fatty people, but sports. Men prefer Fitonish with elastic pops, slender legs and athletic sinful bodies. Girls are reconstructed and love sports men with pumped body and press cubes.

What does brutal appearance mean? What to look brutal? Wide shoulders, a narrow waist and a sports figure are desirable. All this is achieved by regular training. 2-3 times a week train at home or attend the gym. Gradually sport will make your figure more athletic, biceps is larger, the neck is wider, and the body is pumped. Girls adore pumped men.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

3. What is the character of a brutal man?

Society has turned modern men in the podls. Education begins only from 30 years old, but not everyone. Guys are trying to become adults at the initial stage, but quickly blown out. Men behave like teenagers and do not want to be adults. To be adult is too difficult when you need to take a lot of responsibility for yourself.

Modern men are like teenagers. What signs of a not matured man? Who exactly can not be called a brutal or real man?

  • Sits all the time in the phone, without releasing it from the hands.
  • Playing computer games for days.
  • Looking for girls through applications and avoids a serious relationship.
  • Do not hurry to get confused in life, and floats downstream.
  • Can't long find yourself and throws from side to side.
  • Lives with parents and sits under their wing.
  • Interrupted by unloved work.
  • The son of my mother's friend is always better as everyone else.
  • Waiting for the weather from the sea and a miracle, so that everything will be finished from above.
  • It is afraid to communicate with a beautiful floor, preferring to sit on the Internet.
  • Not ready to work hard to achieve something in life.

You understood perfectly well, which is a sort of papin of tramp and mother of simpataga. The brutal man is the exact opposite of this list of infantile boys. The character of a brutal man is a man's, and not teenage.

Haftor Bjornsson
Haftor Bjornsson

4. Who takes an example of a brutal real man?

Boys and guys became difficult to look for the necessary samples of behavior. On television, pop and movies, many such examples, from whom just nausea. Samples of real men became rare when they were supplanted by grotesque persons of the incomprehensible gender. We need images of men who will define the necessary line of behavior to an adhematory boy.

See movies with powerful and strong heroes where real men are really shown. Jason Steate, Duane Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li. Imagine brutal characters if you want to like them.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

5. How does a brutal man eat?

Fought fast food, follow diet or become a vegetarian. This is possible, but not always reasonable. Such nutrition often kills men's testosterone. The man is becoming less courageous, constantly tired, apathetic and non-inteneric. Sexual attraction decreases.

For brutality, a man needs meat. A man is not a goat, in the grass, but a lion preferring meat. But fruits and vegetables are very helpful too. Choose healthy food to feel and look great.

Leonardo di Caprio
Leonardo di Caprio

6. What is a brutal man on a personal front?

Watch adult movies by day. But such a addiction is not always well affected by communicating with beautiful girls. A man spends his energy on what only prevents him from getting acquainted with hot tiptoes.

Throw this thing and remember to get acquainted. Artificial bodies on the monitor of unattainable actresses? Or hot, live and real body of a beautiful girl? You are waiting for a real girl with which the real proximity will be. How are you doing on a personal front? Everything is interconnected.

Robert Downey - Junior
Robert Downey - Junior

7. How does Brutal refer to equality with women?

Positively. A real brutal man is not going to coal a woman, but also does not want to go around them. Men put on the role of oppressors, villains and rapists. This is grind and low. Men with this categorically disagree.

Gender equality should not lead to the contempt and humiliation of one of the floors. Often, feminists are struggling not for equality, and for the advantages over others, which denies the very idea of ​​equality. It's time to stop fighting with men, and start fruitfully cooperate.

Men more often die on production, work in more difficult conditions, retire later, are severely punished in courts, have less social and legislative protection. You need to fight and defend men's rights.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

8. How does a brutal man behave?

The brutal man is an alpha male, and not Omega. In ancient times, Alpha-males were best mashed by a club, were excellent hunters, defended the territory from enemies, chose the best females. Leadership was the cause of survival. If the men of the tribe were weak, they lost to other tribes and became slaves. But this is at best. Omega lost opportunities to multiply or make decisions for their fate. The brutal man is a winner and alpha male.

Life is a fight

Brutal is not the man who is afraid of problems or has a good character. Brutal man, first of all, brave, solid, decisive, confident and strong. The brutal man has a loud voice, direct posture and officer shipment.

The brutal man holds the word that is rare in the modern world, and even the enemies respect such people. He does what promised or what he wants to do. Such people are difficult, and sometimes it is impossible to stop from the conceived. Brutal has an iron discipline, and you do not beat him.

The man is primarily distinguished by acts and his actions. Brutal seeks goals and energetic in everyday life. He is full of energy, not sluggish and passive. It acts, but not waiting.

The brutal man controls himself. He will not fuss, nervous or tremble in a difficult situation. Will not yell, beat the dishes and threaten. He is cool and calm in any situation. Louder than all the faint yard falls, and not thoroughbred dogs.

The brutal man is able to stand up for himself, his halves and other people. But this does not mean that he himself is looking for a conflict. Fighting, troubles and problems often overtake us against our will. Brutal can fight back and will not allow her legs to wipe. He will be in a fight and asked the defeat of the enemy. It seems that it is better to go around the party. It will be more expensive for yourself.

But times have changed. Brutal men are no longer masting a club or sword. Now Brutals are dressed in expensive costumes. They behave like the most civilized people. They do not fit into the usual situation. They reach victories not on a bolt of battle, but in their careers and affairs. Brutal character allows you to win the professional sphere.

Jet Lie
Jet Lie

9. What is Brutal's clothing style?

Men's fashionless time and other tinsel. Men do not need to be bright parrots, so that they are noticed. A man understands that clothes can be high quality or shit. Bright paints, Ponte and Paphos. This is impossible to surprise people now. In excellent and exquisite taste you can.

This does not mean that the brutal is non-good and inconspicuous. This person has chosen style and taste. Which is not bought on cheap signs. Brutal is not needed by tattoo, piercing, source, tunnels in the ears or clothing of the pop star. A real man stands out with a style, and not a cheap show and Musuroy.

Sean Connery
Sean Connery

10. What are the relationship of a brutal man with a girl?

Modern girls are independent and want equal rights with a man. But with all this, their preferences have not changed. All girls are looking for a strong man who can be a strong support in their lives and a stone wall. But there are no girls who are looking for infantile, weak and obedient men who would perform all their whims.

A man should not be fucked in front of the girl, to be a boy on bliss, succumb to manipulations, to be obedient and unquestioned to perform someone's whim. The man himself knows what to do, and not allows himself to wash. Brutal does not put a girl in relationships above himself, but prefers equal and full-fledged relationships.

Women should not try to be peasants, and men women. Women do not want to see with them another labour: weak, gentle, sensual and vulnerable. Women are looking for a real brutal man. Who knows what he wants. Which will not whine, complain and moan for any occasion. You are with yourself with a beautiful man of men.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

11. What is the reverse side of the brutality?

Sometimes brutal men differ slightly from what women expect. The negative sides of the brutality can be attributed to the dominant behavior, some emotional stuffiness, a small amount of romance, unshakable authority, patriarchal thinking, refrain and unshakable confidence in the correctness of his opinion.

But often, there are pleus, when a woman is easier to carry his female functions, dividing the role with a man.

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

12. Is it worth being a brutal man?

Everyone is the owner of his life. He choose who to be. But looking around. Now few people can be called real men. It causes sadness a little. The image of a real man is most like a brutal image, and not someone else.

Women missed the real men. Women instinctively stretch to the strongest individuals who can give the best offspring and better protect them from non-life of life. Modern brutal man is a man's dreams of all girls and women with powerful charisma. Girls always choose their real brutal, and not Mamkina pseudo-macho or weak.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

The brutal man is not a rude and cruel savage, but a strong representative of a kind. The whole problem of women, and a weak modern society is that there are very few of them. Strong brutal men are rarity, which means their price is very high. Can you assign yourself to brutal?

In our world there are different types of men who differ from each other with character and temperament. And what is the meaning of the definition of a "brutal man"? It is hard to describe the sense to describe a simple proposal, as the brutality happens both real and talked. Under the expression, the "brutal man" perceive the present, able to stand up not only for themselves, but also to protect the beloved people, a man.

Sometimes such a type is not understood by everything and like because of the arrogant behavior, vulgarity, straightness, but close and loving people know that he can rely on it in any situations. Brutality is not minus, but plus. As a rule, such men in reality become good husbands and excellent fathers. Mortar, they become calmer, wiser, but charm, power and masculinity remain with them throughout life.

Brutal male image

How to distinguish a brutal man from pseudobrutyl

Initially, the definition of "brutality" meant cruelty, rudeness. But now this concept is perceived in another color.

What is a brutal man? This means a courageous, straight, hard, but not cruel. It is surrounded by a mysterious and mysterious atmosphere, knows how to conquer a woman with his infertility, male charm, charm and strength. It is difficult to leave for such people and it is difficult for them to refuse. Even initially annoying a woman rudeness, gradually irritation disappears and its rigidity begins to be perceived as masculinity.

With such guys, every woman will feel protected, as if behind the stone wall. Of course, such a type does not like others, especially parents or other men. Their vulgarity, stiffness, even causes their relatives to beware, and other men are angry with a feeling of envy.

Subconsciously tough, rough and adamant guys like girls, because they feel strength in them. Other representatives of strong sex understand the privilege of brutal people and envy. Indeed, a brutal man will not allow himself to raise his hand on a woman. He may be cruel in behavior, in words, in relation to male representatives, but to strike the girl considers below its dignity.

The real brutal appreciates himself and will never fill him in the price with all sorts of ways. In any situations, he remains himself. His masculinity, rigidity manifest itself in choosing a vehicle, clothes style, a manner of talking, move, watch, and all this will look harmonious in it. Such a guy will not try to look worse or better who he really is.

Real brutal appreciates himself

This type of men is not alien and feelings, but he will tell only a chosen circle about them - the closest. Brutal representatives of strong sex are not amenable to emotions, they do not try to seem to be reserved, they simply come as they consider it necessary. Never under any circumstances will not prove something else, showing its strength. Such people make out for themselves and act accordingly.

Pseudobrvutility - This is a type of guys who exhibit their vulgarity and rudeness. Without a reason, they let go of vulgar jokes, wanting purposefully to insult someone or humiliate, especially in cases where they find themselves in a male company. But it should be noted that the company should consist of junior, weak and cultural guys. If the pseudvdalny guy sees that the fist's strength and his words are not on his side, then the showing silence disappears and it begins to behave very quietly and even dying.

Such guys say a lot about the fact that they are great defenders and macho. In fact, it is pseudobrutals who quickly disappear at the time of danger, if someone is suitable for them in a dark zakoleke. And such guys behave so much in the presence of women. After a similar incident, they, of course, will tell an amazing story in their justification. The rest will depend on the feelings of the girl to him, she will believe or not.

Male's pitched image

Also, men who have a similar warehouse of character can easily offend a girlfriend and even hit it. It seems to them that this proves their strength and cruelty. They constantly justify their actions in the eyes of the people around. In fact, they simply do not have enough of them, no strength to find decent rivals, they need to prove all the time, both themselves and others who do not exist in reality masculinity and brutality. However, the surrounding people are able to distinguish brutal guys from actors. Some women believe in such pseudo-acters, but then begin to suffer and worry. This is not surprising, since every representative of the weak gender, choosing a guy, counts on his defense and love, but in the end receives one who is unable to do anything, but can asserted at the expense of female weakness.

The image of a brutal man

Such a man always stands out from the crowd, because the people of this category have great attention to the body and are regular visitors to the gym to create a beautiful relief. He also pays attention to the brutal style of clothing, for him it is important, the main thing is not to overdo it, small carelessness is also welcome.

What is in the wardrobe of the brutal guy:

  • A large number of diverse jeans,
  • Various types of shirts,
  • Leather dear things
  • Non-classic jackets
  • A variety of expensive accessories: clock, belts and so on.
The image has an important value.

Inner world of brutal men

The image has an important value and must coincide with the character and behavior, otherwise the beautiful packaging will not be able to hide from the surrounding inner state.

The main feature of a brutal guy is confidence in its forces, abilities, in itself, but it is important not to confuse this attribute with self-confidence and porch. To achieve the desired girl, he will not strain and affect. He will change tactics and will pretend that he does not notice her.

Such a guy knows how to defend his point of view and always stands out for his relatives and people close to him. The brutal representative of the male half does not humiliate the dignity of other people for self-affirmation. At times, he cuts and asserts, but never overtakes a stick. Ladies look at such a man with admiration.

Special charisma in men

The real brutal has a special charisma and find out it easily on the taped and slim figure, a courageous and easy walking, style of clothing, a straight, penetrating look. Many ladies precisely in such a male form find stability, reliability and confidence.

How to achieve the image of Brutal

In order to become brutal, it is necessary:

  • Believe in yourself and be able to respond for your actions,
  • Get rid of complexes
  • Be slightly mysterious, as this feature is inherent not only to women, but also men,
  • Be reliable to be close people can count on you,
  • Choose a brutal style of clothing to be able to stand out from the crowd.

In witty people there are more chances to conquer a woman and achieve its location. A real strong sex representative should be able to support any dialogue, be able to interest the environment. Also, the sense of humor should be not alien to him.

Mysterious facial expression

Basic signs of a brutal guy

  • The attractiveness is a mysterious smile, but without coquette, carelessly laid hairstyle, a bristle;
  • Straightness - not in his character of hypocrisy, flirt, lie;
  • Gait - scattered shoulders, unhurried and light gait, straight posture;
  • Lack of rudeness - even in conflict situation, Brutal retains its dignity and responds to the opponent tactfully and politely;
  • Confidence in every movement, because Brutal is able to inspire peace of mind to others, and they will continue to cope with his friendship and partnership;
  • The figure - the painted muscles and the tightened figure are achieved by a regular visit to the gym;
  • Compliments - Brutal guys complain of the ladies compliments and they sound naturally, without a flattery and hypocrisy, although not very often;
  • The look - a straight and perming, he never takes the eye and does not hide them, as his confidence is read in his eyes.

Brutal means charming, charismatic, courageous, confident, etc. It is difficult to compete with such people. Currently, the brutal remains a bit. Unfortunately, today it is often possible to meet representatives of strong sex, which their manners and behavior have become more like hysterical young lady, but the real brutal men still remained. Each girl prefers to see a man next to him who is inherent in the character of Brutal, so such a man is always surrounded by female attention.

The brutal man is rude, decisive, strong, courageous, capable of making accomplishments and solving on himself, a real leader ... Men can be divided into several types, putting the classification of certain features of character and behavioral features.

We all heard about such a thing as a "brutal man", but do we understand it right?

This question is interested in a huge number of women, because many ladies are experiencing a certain attraction to bad boys.

Brutal male value words

Definition of the concept brutal man "Give it very difficult. Brutality can be real or talked. How to distinguish them?

To begin with, we will deal with the concept of brutality.

Initially, the word "brutality" was associated with cruelty, rudeness and straightness. In modern society, it got a different color. If the man is brutal, he can attribute such qualities as masculinity and rigidity, but not at all cruelty. Such a character is surrounded by the atmosphere of mystery and mysteriousness.

Brutal men with ease conquer the hearts of women using their charm, strength and inflexibility for these purposes.

They know how to care for a woman and always know exactly what they want and how to achieve it.

Brutal man Pays attention to only worthy and beautiful women. Simple "Zamhhryshka", as well as an easily accessible lady, he will be not interested. He loves to conquer and achieves his at any cost.

Attributes of a brutal man

Inalienable brutality attributes are: leather things, denim clothing, dark glasses, the predominance of black in clothing, negligence in behavior, availability of accessories (hours, medallions).

To such men, as a rule, surrounding do not experience sympathies, this is especially true of their parents of their second half and strong sex. Their rigidity, vulgarity and rudeness is alarming parents. The guys, looking at them, feel the feeling of envy, because subconsciously women more like the rudeness and "bad guys".

Brutal guy is

How to distinguish a real brutality from fake?

However, let's determine what the differences between the real brutality and the fake.

Pseudobrutal guy plays showing. He is constantly lets the vulgar jokes, knocking someone to offend or humiliate. This type of men collaborates due to the weaknesses of other people, including women.

A real brutal man has hardness manifests itself in behavior, gestures, words, attitude to male representatives, but he will never be offended by a woman. This is lower than its dignity. Such a man is confident. His masculinity and rigidity manifest themselves in the manner dress, talk, move, watch. All these features are combined in it harmoniously.

Brutal men are not trying to seem better or worse. They control their own emotions and come as they consider it necessary.

Summing up above said we note that Brutal man is A real man who can stand up for himself and his loved ones.

Despite the characteristic features of character inherent in it, it is still possible to rely on it in any situation. Such guys, as a rule, become exemplary husbands and fathers. Over time, they are gaining wisdom and calm down, but masculinity, strength and charm do not leave them all their life.

Brutal man

In modern society, a brutal man is acquainted. It characterizes complex those representatives of strong sex that enjoy more than all women's attention. What is obliged by harsh guys of suchPopularity and why this type of men causes a special delight in women -Dale.

Who is such a brutal man i

To understand the truth of the word "brutal", you should contact the dictionaries. This word hit the Vuscian language from Latin, translated means "stern" or "rough." In the translation of other languages, this word means "cruel".

So, the brutal imagine is a rough, harsh type, from which itifies the attractive courage. This is not an external severity, but a whole complex of internal qualities, which is reflected in what a man looks like.

What qualities a brutal man has 2

Naturally, everyone has a male, a unique set of qualities, which has fallen as a result of education, work on themselves, acquired experience and appearance. But there are some characteristics that are inherent in the stable type of guys.

Confidence 3

Men with brutal characterities of character highlights the rest of their deep, calm, peaceful confidence. They are confident in their future, in their own business and actions. This quality is like a magnet attracts people to them.

Focus on actions 4

Activity And the results is another positive quality of Brutal, which is used to maximize to achieve success in life. They are the people of action. All that the true man will schedule, will be implemented. Due to the information, the man does not throw words to the wind, restrain their promises never stop, starting the way to achieve the goals. Only the same way, they are not thrown to halfway their unfinished things, but at the same time do not take something that, in their opinion, they are not under power.

Brutal man and its quality

Aggressiveness 5

In contrast, the bastard of men belonging to other psychological types, brutalize pronounced aggression. They do not show it in a hidden, depressed form, but actively implement, and they do it as open as much as possible. But this does not mean that a woman is in danger next to the brutal. Only, on only those who are equal to them, and also exceeding those who are equal to them, and cruelty is the result of an evolutionary process in which only the strongest representatives survive are survived.

Adventurism 6

Brutalovna scares the danger and risks, they simply do not tolerate boredom in life and are easy-to-disguise on adventures, if we are confident that everything will turn in their favor. On-vacation adrenaline and therefore often their hobbies or professionality are associated with something that forces them to be on the verge. Brutal harvested speed, extreme sports, they love to compete icocling, but most of all they love to win.

Modesty and silence 7

Brutal man

Men of this type of type do not like to brag about their achievements, try to behave as modestly as possible. At the same time, they are not very talkative. Their speech is reduced only to the statements that have a real meaning. Such a man is impossible to find for discussion of other disadvantages.

Dominance 8

Leadership qualifiers are not too expressed externally. But they are necessarily present by the type of men. Brutals, as a rule, are leading in life. Empty in various social groups, where they turn out. They can be formal, official leaders, occupy leadership posts. But not renewable are informal leaders. They occupy the dominant positions of interconnecting with the opposite sex, even in a friendly environment, are, and not led.

Uncompromising and radicalism 9

A strong man is unwelling only to make decisions, but also to be responsible for their consequences. There are practically no persuasive representatives of strong sex, they are fundamental to compromise. In solving those arising in the path of life or dependence problems, they tend to act from the position of radicalism. Ie, if necessary, they burn bridges and never regret it.

What does a brutal man mean

Responsibility ten

This man has a highly developed sense of responsibility. In addition, they are at least as possible to be responsible for their words and actions, they will still imagine others in this matter. The brutal man knows how to value closeness, take care of them and understand that he is responsible for those who are the desired.

In general, the personality of the brutal man is a heroic set. Such representatives of the strongest, strengths and confident. That is why women fall in love with such rooms and men almost at a glance.

Fashion on brutality eleven

A relatively recent brutal man became fashionable. This can be observed throughout the world. The designer designers began to produce collections of clothing, emphasizing all the strongest qualities. Hairdressers and stylists also tried impressed this trendy trend. Fashion on the male severity and the primitiveness of Beavoles records, and changes in the trends are not predicted. This is the case of one simple reason - the image of a brutal man practically everyone watched the shower. Here are the main components of the image:

Brutal man who he
  • beard, or small bristles, if the man is at a man;
  • Classic and non-classic costumes;
  • jeans and stylish shirts;
  • Dear accessories and perfume;
  • Easy negligence;
  • Confident, relaxed smile.

The main component is well-groomed. Despite the fact that the courageous representatives of the strong-phon carry notes of primitiveness, this does not concern not well-friendly.

Why brutals like girls 12

At all times, their energy and magnetism of the force they attracted their energy and magnetism, which they differ. Each girl on the subconscious level dreams to be next to the neurogenous one man, with whom you can feel like a weak, notable. So the nature arranged in nature - they need protection and support, Mat. Who will be the main in their lives will indicate the direction. Just next to the strong, confident and decisive man, the girl can afford to comprehend the whole potential of female energy.

The qualities of a brutal man

The second, which is quite exciting ladies in brutal guys - their confidence. A woman and a girl with a confident man feels like the same, the Eeschoctional is rising. Additionally, male confidence gives a woman of feeling, which, according to psychologists, is a basic need for the need.

Another reason, the climbing girl consider attractive brutal men - these are congenital instincts produced in antiquity and laid at the genetic level.

How to develop the qualities of a strong man thirteen

In fact, the brutal can be anyone who wishes it. To do this, it is necessary only to put acel and begin to work out the main personal qualities inherent in this type. The chapter, in the process of working on yourself, not to lose its uniqueness, inherent.

To start your PAIPO development of masculinity worth paying attention, first of all, at the complexes. Any man understands and knows his best parties, and also without removing councils his shortcomings. Brutals work on themselves daily, onthen the spirit and body, are not afraid of the challenges of fate. To become such, it is important to be important for the guarantee and success. Strong men work on self-esteem and increase the level of consideration. But they do this not at the expense of other people, but competently with themselves.

Brutal man and his features

To become a brutal one, you should learn to respect yourself and others. It is worth working as an imbreak of the potential of masculinity. This is a way that can overcome Danacone to everyone. True brutals are experiencing themselves on strength daily, achieved their capabilities, and not spend the time in vain, trying to impress someone.

Pseudobrvutility 14

Because of the fact that what has become very fashionable and popular, often in real life there are many people who are trying to imitate it. Pseudo-propulsion is very easily recognized. When a guy who does not possess the qualities of a real man, trying them, it only leads to the fact that he repels from himself people of Izhenchin.

Not real brutals - one bubble, unlike true harsh men who know the price with their words actions. Pseudobrutals have everything built on an external illusion. They love to love at every step about their feats on the sexy front, demonstrate the power, boast some financial or professional achievements. But all these are only words. Brutals real prove their strength to the case and are unnecessary in that the whole world knows about it.

Not real are brutalized in support and praise most. That is why they are on words of themselves, trying to make an impression. But at the same time they do not possess the nobility, understanding of personal responsibility, the power of will. Here, in terms of calcmentation, you can easily recognize the insincered, pretending brutal.

Characteristic of a brutal man
  1. Causes behavior bordering amoral.
  2. Disgusting attitude towards others who cannot benefit. Pseudobrutals Hamyat by serving staff, they can lift their hand on women, offend other people. Which are weaker than them.
  3. Cowardice, and carefully disguised as reasonable.
  4. Excessive boasting, protruding on their status, financial situation and other advantages.
  5. The tendency to lies in the trifles, embellish your stories.

Insureness of the person perhaps, therefore, who wanted to develop true masculinity, it is worth working on themselves, and not waste time and energy to imitation.

The main advantages of brutal men 15

The power is the main advantages of men with fashionable complexing today, called "Brutality". Additionally, it should be noted that such men enjoy greatly popular with women. It is easier for them to get acquainted dating and enchanting representatives of the opposite sex in pronounced courage.

who is such a brutal man

The brutal man is a man who does not require self-esteem feeding. It is unauthorized due to the number of broken hearts, he is absolutely all equal to him about him in society. This is another of the advantages of men of this type. In life, in the professional and social sphere, such representatives of the strong-headed is much simpler. Due to their confidence and focus on the actions, bringing results, such men are more successful.

disadvantages 16

Women note that a significant lack of brutal men is low emotionality, lack of sentimentality and a tendency to romantic gusts. In fact, such men may have a highly developed ability to feel, but due to the life-produced life plants, they use special ways to experience emotions, which is why they look pretty cold, and sometimes even insensitive.

The brutal imagine is the alpha male, which every woman dreams of. This is an attractive person, regardless of what external data acquired its nature. But not only congenital qualities make a man so. Of course, the image of the real brutal and its internal qualities is an essential of stubborn learning over himself and self-development.

And now jokes to the side, dear reader. We will talk about whether a brutal man is who, in general? The theme is old as the world, the concept of brutality over the past millennia was subjected to amazing metamorphoses. And in order not to come to a linear solution to the issue, consider the question from different points of view: linguistic, psychological and biological.

What is he Brutal? Is the brutality of a man and women equally perceive the brutality? And how important is this role in modern society, which has a pronounced pacifist development vector.

Men and women perceive brutality in different ways

The etymology of the word is ruthless to the wet dreams of thinners of infantile girls and those who want to become unformed boys. The word "brutal" has a direct origin on behalf of the Roman politician and speaker. Mark, Yongy Brut, was the very guy who, despite the plebeian race, made his career at Yulia Cesar, and then treacherously stuck in his chest dagger.

In Italian, the BRUTTO word has been preserved, which is "bad". In French, there is also similar sound and meaning of the term abruti - sludge, descended. In Russian, the word "brutal" also had a rude value. No romance, no "strong men", no matter what masculinity and the more sexuality it was not about. Brutal - always bad, sloppy, rough, and also a traitor.

Frame from the movie "Rocky" - a real hero of our time

But over time, the term acquired another, more positive color. This can be associated with the development of a film industry, where the images of the unshaven, punished men who despise compromises and saving weak rifles from the evil gangsters by issuing a hail of bullets and swirls to the skulls, became something quite ordinary, granted. After all, old Rocky (performed by the Sylvester is a stall) no one will name the Pai-boy. It is he who is the quintessence of brutalism - sweaty, harsh, strong, but not devoid of spiritual heat hero.

The editors of interviewed dozens of familiar girls. According to our research, from the definition of a "brutal man", rude and cruel, but such a type still does not imply the prime and inclination towards the peaceful solution of the conflict. In the nature of the brutal guys there must be rigidity in relation to themselves and others. They love to dominate in a relationship, being the leaders in the group for them as the same norm as the street transition to the green light. After all, being a brutal - this does not mean to demonstrate neglect of the law or instinct of self-preservation.

Jason Statham - Son Mamina Girlfriend, Brutal, Page Quotes and Dream Your Girl

In his behavior, the brutal guys openly show some proximity to natural wildness. Often, ladies perceive such behavior as the force behind which you can hide as behind a stone wall. If we consider Brutal from the point of view of representatives of weak gender, this is a person with the following qualities:

  • Courageous appearance. Wide shoulders, volitional chin, a narrow waist, a confident look.
  • An independent, adamant character. At the same time consulted with mom - never, but with the chosen - always.
  • Understanding what he wants from life. But all the plans need to share with the parent.
  • Clear followed by your word. This is important for any man, not only Brutal.
  • Physical strength. The most difficult point. Some respondents confuse the concepts of "pumped" and "strong". In most cases, there is a pumped torso, cubes of the press and all this is.
  • Domineering. The ability to make a decision for someone, lead people, take responsibility. Some respondents also mentioned a loud, command voice.

The image of a classic kinheroya is evaporated, which we wrote above. Such a man seemed to come down from the movie screen, and it was he who could take a passion for strong shoulders and carry into a bright and reliable future.

Learned in this description yourself? If not, this is normal, because a male look at this sociocultural phenomenon is somewhat different from female.

Above we wrote that the girls perceive the brutality otherwise. The most common reasoning is: "I want a man who would change my life for the better, he should be strong, independent, and at the same time wildly sexy." No one says: "I want a weak, flexible, like a plasticine, a guy who would perform all my whims."

Choosing Brutal, the girl should be ready for the fact that the noble prince is the full opposite of her chosen one

However, dreams often break about the harsh reality. To the back of the brutality can be attributed:

  • Not readiness to listen and hear someone else's opinion (even if it is correct);
  • Emotional misfortune;
  • The absence of romance (after all, it is more inherent in "Omers", unable otherwise, to attract the girl);
  • The unshakable authority to which the rest should obey.

Although Brutals are considered more attractive, ladies who have chosen their choice on such men, sometimes you have to pay.

According to our study, men are perceived by the brutalism as a rough, powerful, passionary force, causing respect and tremble from the like. From early childhood, boys are driven down (often - in the literal sense of the word) in the head that they should be "men", never cry, give delivery ... This installation is transmitted from the Father to the Son for thousands of years.

Thus, in the cultivation of male muskness, an important place is occupied by aesthetics of direct action. No common attributes or contrived facts. Only specific qualities defined by them and obtained according to the results of the achievement actions. And here it is not about "brutality" as such. Most men do not operate with such a concept. For us, "brutality" - synonym for masculinity.

Frame from the movie "Eddie Eagle" - tapes about the real man, who set the goal and achieved her

And the real man should:

  • Hold the word. Even rivals respect honest men. And the easiest way to lose respect - become a liar. Liarsov does not respect nobody.
  • Solve problems. Both their own and others. And without inquiries.
  • Be able to stand up for yourself and for your own. Not always conflict is the fault of two people. Sometimes the conflict finds us yourself, even if we do not want. A man must be ready.
  • To own oneself. Beat on the table a fist and yell - unworthy man. The man will not lower himself with a leash and indulge with its weaknesses.
  • To take responsibility. For yourself, for your woman, for children. Liability in life a lot, and all - our.
  • To achieve goals. Not all were born energetic achieved. But everyone can become them.

What point of view is closer to reality? As usual, the pluralism of opinions prevails, and the truth is hidden somewhere in the middle. Therefore, we turn to biology and history that will displaced everything into place.

In the time of cavemen, Alfachi survived. Only a strong physically, wild and cunning man could fill the mammoth, to move the predator from the cave, to win the new territory. Omega had nothing more than feed for fauna. Thus, the aesthetics of direct action prevailed. Will you do not sing a mammoth - you do not sing. Do not cast a predator - you will not live. All the essence of the man boiled down to actions.

Nowadays, society adopted a pacifist development vector. So far, politicians embarrass weapons and build "Brutal", among ordinary people, the rejection of conflict will grow. Today, a man is much more common with domestic, than with military challenges. Accordingly, actions have changed.

Brutal took a pen in his hand instead of the feather, and instead of knightly armor, he had a suit with a tie. Conduct the mixer so that he does not drip, score a notorious nail into the wall or negotiate with business partners - no less courageous than breaking the jaw to someone in a fight.

The man is determined by the actions - it was 10,000 years ago, it happens now

In addition, in our time, the borders between the floors began to gradually wrap. A woman working as a welder or cranewner, no one surprises. At the same time, some initially men's professions (for example, an accountant) became for the most feasible.

In this regard, the weak floor, despite its independence, began to test the deficit in all the senses of this word men. Knights (whose temper also did not differ in particular gallarium and softness), capable of sticking all its problems on their wide and strong shoulders.

From the point of view of biology, and people are part of the animal world, females always instinctively stretch to stronger males. Which and the nest will protect and the meat in Berloga will be clarified. In our more pacifist time it is difficult to understand who speaks and does, and who just says. Therefore, preference is given to those who at least look courageously.

The topic of what he is a brutal man is very versatile. Much depends on which point of view to consider the object of our study. The term "brutality" itself significantly modified. Nowadays, he stopped perceived as exceptional cruelty, bloodthirstiness, a tendency to betrayal. Today, a brutal man is not shovel with a dagger over the belt. But who is he?

Tie a daughter a bow in the morning - it is also severe, courageously, brutally and not all on the shoulder

Women believe that it is strong and in a certain degree of an independent man, in the appearance of which some gloss is necessarily present. Men tend to replace "brutality" by courage. And the masculinity lies in the actions. Agree, it is unlikely that you can call a peasant of an inflated handsome person who is not able to make an elementary thing around the house. Name Brutal - maybe called a man - hardly. And the story with such a interpretation agree.

If you summarize, we can say that a brutal man is a person action that is not alien to self-discipline. To maintain a good physical form to please a girlfriend, or tie a daughter a bow in the morning - it is also severe, courageously, brutally and not all on the shoulder.

Brutal - means "rough" and "harsh" from Latin Brutalis, cruel, read dictionary definition.

Modern explanatory dictionary of the Russian language Efremova gives the Word Such a definition: "Brutal (about act, behavior), rough, cruel." The historical dictionary of the gallicalism of the Russian language determines the word the same and gives an example of use:

"Small officials with inclination to brutal, despotic appeal."

It turns out that the word is negative. So, the use of the word "brutal" in a positive key is that pop culture is actively impressive, incorrectly.

It is clear why many women tolerate can not tolerate typical "brutal men" and try to avoid communicating with them with all their might. We'll figure it out for what signs of the ladies calculate those most hated "brutal".

Mul Muscle Point

In the cold months, the real "brutal men" probably feel terrible suffering. After all, when frost is standing on the street, you have to wear a different kind of sweaters, hoodies, and even jackets to a heap. With such a wardrobe, it is difficult to show the world to achieve your achievements on the field of lifting weights and muscle buildings. But the real brutal man should be strong, like an ox, and hardy, plus it is simply obliged to have a frightening appearance and to demonstrate it.

Bodybuilders who shocked Russia and the world: to the rocking chair and now (48 photos)

Muscles and their demonstration about and without - a sure sign that in front of you the guy with the deposits of the real brutal man. As a rule, such a character does not see anything galloping that everywhere to wear a tight shirt, either and at all go to public places with a naked torso. If the weather allows, of course.

As for the female perception: on the one hand, a strong muscular body likes many ladies, but on the other - its constant demonstration, reaching the absurdity, cannot but annoy. In the end - what will think others?

Around some enemies

The habit of being always relaxed is definitely useful. However, these brutal men have extremely developed this skill. Going outside, a man with the inclination "Brutal", as a rule, includes defensive regime. This is especially pronounced if the man turns out in society not one, but with a girl.

Stepping the threshold of the house, the brutal man immediately takes a harsh and focused appearance, as if hinting around that the jokes are bad.

Of course, a woman in the company with such a gentleman may be somewhat alone. After all, even a harmless promenade with a brutal man in the park looks like intelligence in the rear of the enemy. And if, feel God, some unfamiliar guy will accidentally look at the girl, and a brutal man will notice it - writing gone.

Woman as a kind of property

As for the relationship with the opposite sex, here the real brutal man is stable and consistent. A woman such a cavalier perceives not otherwise as a property, a personal thing. Before the explicit demonstration of this item may not reach, but in the lexicon "brutal man" can often slip phrases like "This is my woman", "You are my woman."

At the same time, in communicating with that very "his own woman", a brutal man tend to manifest itself as a sort of aggressive without a special occasion of the defender, ready to defend his property as a lion. The habit of partly is associated with the above-mentioned point of enemies, which exactly desisted everywhere.

"It is always not you." 5 signs of reference cattle

Male hobby

No, there is nothing reprehensible in the hobby like regular viewing of the football or eternal repair of your own car. However, at a truly brutal man, these hobbies can, first of all, to reach fanaticism, and secondly, to pour out in the read-adjacent "Cho, how not a man?" In relation to other people.

In other words, if a real "brutal man" finds out that a neighbor of the floor is enjoyed by the breeding of hydrangea or yoga - gross, or, at least, oblique looks not to avoid.

"What's the electrician?"

For a real brutal man, there is nothing more humiliating than to invite another man to the house who will repair something. If you believe the complaints on women's forums, such behavior often leads not just to quarrels, but to serious breakdowns and even injury, when a man refuses to call a qualified wizard and decides to do everything with his own hands.

"The husband annoys - ashamed to call the electrician, because" he's a man, he must be able to fasten the outlet "."

"The week argued, call the repairman for the washer or not. I myself repaired, broke again. As a result, the creak called. "


The wider, the better!

Fortunately, this feature is not inherent to everyone, but only the most brutal of brutal men. It comes down to the manner to sit, putting the legs as wide as possible. The habit even has a special name - Mentrun (from the English man - "man" and Spread - "scatter (Sia), spread (SIA)."

Regarding the sources of this habit there are several versions. The most common comes down to the fact that such a pose of a man seems to show their "dominant nature" and seek to show an advantage in relation to other representatives of a strong sex.

However, men themselves love to be justified - allegedly sitting so easily sitting. Yes, and in general - the whole thing in physiology, they say, in men the angle of the femoral bone is less acute, because of them and need to sit with wide legs.

Women are not satisfied with such excuses. Some ladies prefer to be angry, throwing disapproving views. Others are trying to fight. A vivid example of such a struggle was the action of the Blogger-feminists Anna Dovygleyuk.

The girl looked into the men in the St. Petersburg subway, sitting with widespread legs, and poured them with water mixed with a bleach. Feminist promotion received ambiguous reviews on the net. Many, even representatives of the faces community, accused a girl in obsaania and inadequate behavior.

Who are feminists? Why do they respect and do not like?

Women can be pleased. Too brutal - bad. Hlypik - Also nothing good. And it happens, the ladies and at all roll out the claims of men almost in an even place, due to the living trifles. Look, what kind of harmless habits of the guys repel the weaker sex representatives already on the first date.

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Most men are wondering why they treat girls with all over the soul, give them gifts, they recognize them in love, and they do not appreciate it. At the same, some brazier guy behaves as he wants, and the girl will simply stick to him. And everything is very simple - he has the quality that you do not have - brutality. Today we are with you and we will talk about this quality.

What is he a brutal man

What is brutality

Brutality is cruelty and rudeness. For several centuries ago, this concept sounded that way. The reader must now think about the fact that it is necessary to become inhuman jubian. No, it is not. If you become an inhuman booby, then create an impression of a nasty person with whom you should not communicate at all. Believe me, you will not look in the eyes of girls better.

Now, in the modern world, the word brutality has become synonymous with the words of masculinity. This quality should be a real man. Brutal guys never suffer from lack of female attention and progressive ego. Now this word begins to acquire more positive meaning for you!

The embodiment of the brutality are the following actors:

  1. Jason Statem.
  2. Brad Pitt.
  3. Tom Cruise.
  4. Ashton Kutcher.

So, Brutality has quite a lot of signs . Conditionally, they can be divided into two large groups:

  1. External.
  2. Internal.

Let's talk in more detail about all signs of a brutal man.

The appearance of a brutal man

What a brutal young man looks like

Brutal men look different. In the modern world of glamorous clothes and female boys, the ordinary male simplicity in clothes is considered something special. So, external signs of brutality:

  1. Simple clothes.
  2. Light inaccurability.
  3. Strong and confident look.
  4. Direct posture.
  5. Muscular body.

Under simple clothing here is the ordinary things that can be very stylish. The main thing is that they are definitely male. If you wear pants, shirt and shoes, you will be like a man. And if you are dressed in tight jeans, a T-shirt with rhinestones and sneakers in the style of "Unisex", then not very. So, a brutal young man wears exclusively men's clothing. And any deviation from such a style considers unconventional sexual orientation.

Light inaccurability manifests itself in such trifles as:

  1. Three-day bristles.
  2. A little shaggy hairstyle.
  3. Downed knuckles on fists.
  4. Starting collar on the shirt.

Such inaccurability should give a guy of sexuality, and not to take it. This does not mean that it is necessary to become an union, nibble nails and not wash. This man should be accurate, but not pedantic .

A strong and confident look attracts the attention of girls. Remember, if you saw a girl's cute you, and started looking at it with a smile, not to get out of your eyes, she will smile and slightly embarrassed. However, this will be a sign that you liked.

And what will happen if you ourselves lower your eyes and hesitate to look at a pretty girl? That's right, you will create the impression of a weak guy. Self-confident people always look into the eyes when talking.

Standard brutality

Direct posture - The most important sign of brutality . Can you imagine to Jason Statem walk, having embarrassed, and pressed my shoulders to yourself? Of course not! And why? Because he is brutal! Direct back and confident gait - the most important indicators of self-confidence. Most often about a man begin to judge exactly.

About the pumped body should not speak. Optional to be steroid monster. But the V-shaped figure, wide chest and biceps must be emphasized by your clothing.

Definition of brutality

What is the character of a brutal guy

No matter what appearance is, one entourage does not make sense without internal qualities. In nightclubs, you can often see how the guy who is dressed in simple, having fun in the center of the dance floor, and the attention of all girls is drawn to him. And the guy who is well dressed, but hesitates to express himself, it remains not at affairs, and aware that the next evening failed.

The psychological qualities of a brutal man play a very important role:

  1. Self-confidence - This means that in any situation, the guy feels calm and comfortable. He is not afraid of conflict situations and conversations with unfamiliar people. That is why such people are quite quickly achieving respect, often the soul of the company.
  2. Perseverance - The most important quality of the real man. Imagine that the guy received the refusal of the girl who is not indifferent to him. What will he do - go home, dropping his arms, or find a way out of the situation, will make a girl and will send a conversation to another bed? Obviously, the second version of the answer. Persistence is also very important in business and career growth. After all, it is quite difficult to imagine a successful man who has no money. In other words, perseverance is something that distinguishes a brutal man from not brutal.
  3. Dominacy - In a relationship with a girl, a brutal man will be the main thing. The initiative comes from him. It is he who offers how to spend time. At the same time, he should not stick to the mouth of the girl, but he must be the initiator. Under the girl he does not bend. If he feels like a girl to put pressure on him, he either put it in place, or find such words that the girl herself will forget about an unpleasant conversation. It is such men who can make girls happy, and soft and kind men, unfortunately, quite often use.
  4. Justice - The brutal man will never hurt those who weaker it, and will not be able to pass by such a situation. It is unacceptable for him.
  5. Responsibility - For each of his word and act he answers. Moreover, he realizes that everything that happens in this world is the result of its previous actions. In case of failure, he will not be discouraged. After all, his position is the owner of life, not a victim of circumstances.
  6. Active life position "If a man does not suit something, he will not be silent about it." However, it will not be imposed on its mind too.


Of course, we presented to you a certain collective image of a brutal guy. There are no ideal people, and every man committed a deed for which he was ashamed. The main thing is that the qualities of which we talked above prevailing the qualities of women-like boys.

If you have found drawdors in the qualities of a brutal man, work on them. And you yourself will notice how women's attention will be much more. I wish you success!


What do girls think about the qualities that a brutal man should have? Answers you will learn from this video.

Who is a brutal man and is it possible to build relationships with him?

Now many women adore brutal men. This is due to the fact that they see the masculinity, as well as force. In this article we will tell you who is such a brutal man.

What does a brutal man mean: the meaning of the word

Wikipedia is a rude or cruel, expressing rudeness or cruelty. Initially, this meant a cruel man which behaves quite rudely. Usually it is so-called alpha males. But over time, the word brutal changed its meaning. Now almost every woman wants to meet with such a strong sex. The fact is that in connection with the popularization of feminization, and the manifestation of equality, a large number of women are tired of feeling excessively strong.

Almost every woman, even the strongest, I want to feel the weak, to solve some of the problems and troubles. However, this does not always work, because society is accustomed to the strength of women. This explains the popularity of brutal men. Initially, a brutal man thinks how about who can really take care of their second half, and solve some of her problems. Sometimes such a person does not give the right to choose, because it is confident in its right. It is to male strength, as well as the ability to make decisions stretch women. Oddly enough, such men have a huge number of connections and relationships. This is due to the acute need of men's forces among women.

Brutal man
Brutal man

Brutal man with a beard: imaging or character?

With the popularization of the beard, for many ladies a brutal man seems like a tall man, with a stylish beard, pretty courageous, daring. Oddly enough, but such an appearance may require a huge amount of time and money. Accordingly, most often it is not the indicators of male strength, but simply care, and the need to build an image. It's just a picture, for which I will not cover any male strength.

The most interesting thing is that now a huge number of diverse trainings and coeches that help men look pretty stylish, and create a certain brutal image. Although in fact in the shower man is not so. As experience shows, such representatives of strong sex have a lot of women. That is what seduces men, and also makes them seem brutal, take a lot of effort.

Brutal man
Brutal man

Should I have a relationship with a brutal man?

The fact is that such a person will most likely not appreciate the real value of relationships, this is an ungrateful matter. Usually, such men in the first place put only themselves, as well as their interests. He spoiled on his second half or a girl who wants to be near him. Most often, such men with a woman as long as they are interested in and profitable. Usually, a brutal man is not attached to the soulfulness, and a particular person.

For them, an external shell is important, and so as long as it is interesting, they are in relationships. After the brutal male disappears interest in the woman, he throws her. This is due to the fact that due to its image, pretty external data, such men have no relationship shortage. That is, he really will quickly find you a replacement.

Bad guy
Bad guy

For such men, an ideal woman is preferring free relationships. No matter how strange it sounded, everyone walks in itself. That is, in fact, people live together, they have some kind of relationship, but everyone is free to do what he wants. Very often it applies to relationships with other sexual partners. For a brutal man, it is very convenient when a woman does not require anything from him and does not ask, but he takes it as it is. Such men really appreciate their own freedom and point of view. Most women are accustomed to Monogamy, want serious, permanent relationships.

This is due to the fact that from our childhood most girls read the fairy tales of love to the coffin, about how lovers die in one day. But in fact, in life, everything is not at all, especially with brutal men. Very rarely, such men live with a woman for quite a long time, in constant and stable relationships.

Image of masculinity
Image of masculinity

What characteristics should a brutal man be posted?

Many girls believe that they are inherent in the following characteristics:

  • Will strength, i.e. volitional character
  • Physical strength
  • Courageous, pretty appearance
  • Man knows how to follow himself, and always reserves the last word
  • He knows how to answer for his actions and, accordingly, take on any responsibility
  • This man is inherent in some mysteriousness and a woman does not fully understand what they want from her, or that in the head of this man

Now the concept is cruel or aggressive changed. Now the brutal man is the one who is inherent in masculinity, as well as force. For many girls, such men are ideals. They are often idealized because they want to be behind the stone wall. At the same time, for brutal men, very negative sides are characteristic of which girls immediately do not pay any attention, as they are fascinated by appearance and rectilinear behavior.


Danger of brutal men

Negative sides of a brutal man:

  • He is emotionally greedy. That is, this person will never make you a mass of compliments, laugh loudly or open your delight.
  • Such a person considers his opinion to priority and, if not more, is the only right.
  • It is very old-fashioned and is not ready to make compromises. First of all, they are guided only by their own interests. He will initially think not about his wife and family, but only about himself.
  • Such people are poorly capable of catching information, or rather listen and hear.
Brutal actor
Brutal actor

What is the popularity of brutal men?

Why are the brutal men so popular? This is due to the fact that we live in the age of unisex. That is, now a lot of things are sold for both men and women. This applies not only to toilet water and leather care products, but also clothes. Many men lost their courageous appearance, and prefer to look like girls. That is why among women there will be a shortage of true masculinity, stiffness. This explains the popularity of brutal men.

The most interesting thing is that among the male part of the population, the word brutality is perceived somewhat differently. For men, it is really an alpha male, a person who pays attention to a lot of women who all achieved himself and leaves the opportunity of the last word. However, if women can be impressed only by the corresponding appearance, then men often evaluate in content. Accordingly, the guy with a beard and grated jeans is unlikely to be considered brutal if it does not work, sits on the neck of some kind of relatives. Men in this case are more straightforward, and such a brutal male is unlikely to become a friend and will be respected among men.


Brutal man or cute friend?

Advantages and disadvantages of brutal men:

  • Psychologists argue that all men are divided mainly into two categories. These are brutal men who differ in masculine, high growth and broad shoulders. That is, such a person is able to give healthy offspring.
  • The second category is the so-called representatives of FRENDZON. Women with them are always friends, communicate. It is pleasant to spend time with them, but girls are not ready to make a certain kind of relationship with them.
  • That is, in sexual terms, a truly brutal man attracts a woman more. But at the same time the second category of guys is more suitable for creating a family, and ensure, as well as raising children.
  • Accordingly, it is necessary to choose representatives to choose, whether they want to be in power of a brutal man who will not be considered with the opinion of their second half, or to live with a less attractive representative of a strong sex that will take care of his family and listen to the opinion of his wife.

Relationships are possible only if the man suits everything. That is, a woman satisfies externally, in sex, and also does not load with its own problems. That is, such a man can deal with himself and pay a lot of attention to friends, and not only.

Video: Brutal man


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