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In psychology for women about how to love themselves, a lot is told, so you need to read more articles on this topic.

Love for yourself is a necessary element of a full, happy and bright life. But that you have already heard a million times. It is much more difficult to understand how to achieve, To make this feeling appeared. Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Clinics "First Step" Ekaterina Shurov said that it was specifically to do to love himself and strengthen self-esteem.

Take responsibility for your life

Do not give it to parents, bosses, neighbors. Your life, and your responsibility is also yours.

Source: Yandex.Cartinki
Source: Yandex.Cartinki

When I was a teenager, the phrase was popular in my environment - "Not we are, the life is such." And that all behavioral disorders were justified.

Each of your deed, every solution and every thought is reflected in your life. What you have is the result of your own actions.

Pay attention to how the world changes around depending on how you drive yourself. So you will slowly begin to realize that you are at the helm of your life: as you want, it will be. Gradually, you will gain confidence in yourself and love yourself.

Directly declare about your desires

When communicating with people, speak immediately, if you don't like something. No need to endure or adapt to be comfortable and good for everyone.

Come to the store or in a cafe, do not say: "Could you", "Will I give me", "I can please". Tell me: "I will", "I need."

Do not justify

Determine for yourself what you do, you consider it necessary, what matches your desires and needs. This is respect to yourself. And you do not need to apologize for it.

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Source: Yandex.Cartinki

Of course, you will always have any obligations to other people. And it is important to strive to perform them, if it does not affect your interests, but if suddenly something did not work out on time - this is normal. The main thing is that it is not in habit - respectful attitude towards the time and needs of others is the important quality of a mature personality.

If you were late, you can say: "Thank you for waiting!" You don't even be called the reason if you do not ask. And if they asked, it's easy enough to answer: "I got into the plug." You do not need to start in long explanations that you lay late, did not hear the alarm clock, then you could not find keys, etc. for a long time. This is not interesting to anyone. And looks like an excuse.

Control your behavior

As internal beliefs affect external manifestations and vice versa. Therefore, make sure that your back is always straight, and when we talk, you looked into the eyes of the interlocutor, and did not look around.

If it does not work, you can not imagine yourself, just decide: "Today I will behave as if I own the world. Only today in my voice will sound confidence and power. " Make it once and you will understand how it is easy and natural to be bold and confident.

Form adequate self-esteem

Self-assessment - how we appreciate yourself in different aspects of the person. A person forms ideas about himself in many criteria: mental abilities, appearance, career, income, status, personal life, etc.

What is an objective self-esteem? This is when I realize that I am not worse than others, but not better.

Many people do not even know how to evaluate themselves.

Such customers are in my practice. When I ask them to tell about myself, they answer: "Friends believe that I am fun," "Father calls me lazy." To which I always say: "This is what friends and relatives think about you. But are you talking about yourself? " And they can not say anything about themselves.

So it turns out that it is assessed, someone else forms our self-esteem, but not we ourselves.

Causes of low self-esteem

First of all, it is greeting from parents. For example, adults compare the child with someone. "That Misha does better than you. It runs faster, consists faster. "

For example, I was often compared with a neighbor girl. Mom all the time said that it is better to learn, it is better to play the piano. But I was always unclear what kind of girl was. Who is this neighboring girl?

Source: Yandex.Cartinki
Source: Yandex.Cartinki

Parents may appreciate the child, saying: "You will not succeed in you," "You have no place from that place", "you are not on your shoulders." And the mature man lives with the conviction of "I am nothing."

The child grows with adequate self-esteem, when parents love him as he is, not putting his expectations on him.

Often adults broadcast a negative attitude towards children, because they themselves absorbed him from their parents, copying their behavior and lifestyle.

By the 3rd year, the child can already navigate where its place in life: under the sun or in the shade. And he comes to the garden or other pre-school or school institution already with an formed self-esteem. And other children accurately read who in front of them: the leader or the victim. And they behave with him accordingly, fixing the belief of the child about themselves. And then the same happens with fellow students and colleagues.

Low self-esteem - the main reason for dislike

What are the signs of low self-esteem and what is it dangerous?

Signs of a person with low self-esteem:

  • Shortness, lawy
  • Uncertainty
  • Fear of saying about your desires and needs (for example, a person will be better to endure than to ensure to the toilet)
  • Destructive behavior - no growth in the career ladder, does not want to go to meetings with friends, trying to humiliate other people to raise and others.
  • Feeling awkwardness, the need for everything and always apologize
I had a client at the reception, which I apologized all the time. For not so sat down, put her leg to the leg, took a sip of water. She was awkward all the time.

Low self-esteem, it's when my place under the sun is somewhere in the shade.

"I am not worthy of this beautiful woman"
"I do not stand this wonderful man"
"I do not deserve good money, good life"
Source: Yandex.Cartinki
Source: Yandex.Cartinki

What is dangerous low self-esteem? A vivid example is Marilyn Monroe. IQ actresses was 140, and she was not deprived of the attention of men, but at the same time he considered herself stupid and talentless. As a result - depression, narcotic dependence and suicide.

A person with low self-esteem is such a sign - he is looking for either the one who can rely on, or to those who can humiliate in order to increase its self-esteem.

In some aspects, low self-esteem may be constructive. Here we are dealing with an inferiority complex for Adler. The hypercompensator feature function is activated. Bright example - Napoleon. Nechaty man of little growth won the floor of Europe. He succeeded, was it happy? Shouldn't you think about how to get rid of the complexes?

People with a high level of self-esteem. What are they?

People with high self-esteem live as they want, and not as they need. They make life solutions from their desires, and not from necessity.

People with a high level of self-esteem

Love those who love them.
Communicate with those who appreciate them and respects.
do not communicate with those who humiliate them / despises
Do not try to prove everything that deserve love: they know it
They are not afraid of being themselves: in any situation, they feel freely and confidently - they understand their responsibility for themselves and make decisions based on this

Have a high self-esteem - it means to live as you want

How to increase self-esteem?

Generate an objective idea of ​​yourself. No need to ask the opinions of others. Moreover, those who criticizes you all the time. But to the people who you admire, it is worth listening to the people.

Objective self-esteem - awareness of their advantages and weaknesses. And the latter are not considered as a tragedy, but as an incentive for development and additional features.

Diagnose and adjust your circle of communication. Create more often with people who praise you, pay attention to your advantages and which you are important. Interaction with those who criticizes you, reduce to a minimum. This is the simplest way to quickly love yourself, raising self-esteem.

Source: Yandex.Cartinki
Source: Yandex.Cartinki

Remember that you are worthy of compliments. Always take them with a smile and clear awareness that this is true about you.

Do not criticize yourself. Neither about yourself or in hearing. Even in a joke, it is impossible to do that. If you want to raise self-esteem, why do you convince yourself and others in your own shortcomings?

Switch attention from disadvantages. This is an important high self-esteem factor. Do what you get better than others. And be sure to collect your victories.

I, for example, I do an audit every six months. I discharge your achievements that I have occurred in the last 6 months. It can be achieving simple, for example, learn to bake cupcakes, because it is also a success, taking into account the fact that I am poorly cooking. And for someone, the achievement is to sign up for English courses or in a simulator room.

Show your victories to the world. This can be done through the social network. Here it is very convenient to go towards your fear. Let people value your advantages, and in this way you can increase confidence.

Do not compare yourself with anyone. In the world of the Internet, social networks do it difficult. But remember that people in their accounts show only what they want to show. All complexities, troubles and failures, as a rule, remain behind the scenes.

Here's how you can help yourself stop comparing yourself with others. Discard from social networks. At least for a week. And see how your self-perception will change when you will evaluate yourself regardless of what was achieved by others.

Get rid of negative beliefs about yourself. I recommend such an exercise to improve self-esteem:

  • Write all the convictions, because of which you cannot achieve your goals. For example, "I am terrible", "I'm stupid", "I am dissolved", "I am a slug", etc.
  • Listen to yourself. What feelings these beliefs are called in you?
  • Immerse yourself in this feeling, strengthen it, and then release, freeing.

Form positive beliefs. NLP comes to the rescue. You can write the phrase, the reverse of the one that torments you. For example, "I am terrible" to replace "I am beautiful."

That's how quickly you like yourself. Ask a loved one for you to "put anchor". To do this, he needs to tell your ear to you that you are beautiful. And at the same time it is slightly patting or shaking your shoulder.

You can also put anchor yourself. For example, a girl dissatisfied with his appearance can present himself on the seashore or on a yacht and say: "I am a beauty" shaking shoulders.

Source: Yandex.Cartinki
Source: Yandex.Cartinki

Simple exercise For those who do not know how to increase self-esteem:

  • Write the positive phrase, come up and draw it a symbol.
  • Draw this symbol on stickers and spread them everywhere, in different places. At work, at home, in the car, in the garage. You will constantly encourage the symbol that will remind you that you are smart, beautiful, loving and beloved.

But how else can you strengthen self-esteem. Just put on a computer or phone screensaver: "Hello, clever!" or "I am beautiful."

Do what you want, dropping all other motives. "What will people say?", "I will not succeed" and such thoughts should not stop you from entering the way you need.

Tell yourself "I want to earn more money and I am ready to leave low-paid work, which does not bring me pleasure." "I am ready to get acquainted with this girl. I am worthy that she pay attention to me. "

Take yourself completely. It is not always easy. But if you get rid of negative beliefs, create an adequate idea of ​​yourself and will listen to your needs and live in accordance with them, will definitely work out. And questions about how to take their drawbacks will not arise.

For women, one of the frequent causes of low self-esteem is a rejection of his appearance. Not such a nose, mouth, hands, chest. It is necessary to fix everything, go to a plastic surgeon, cosmetologist: cut, prick, smooth, increase, build up. But how to accept the shortcomings of your appearance?

No, you do not need to think about how to make yourself love yourself. Instead, I suggest you a good exercise that herself itself often practiced.

Stand in the morning, clean your teeth and, without looking at yourself in the mirror, go to the nearest store. Buy what you need. Believe me if you have 10 minutes to survive this condition, when you are unwrapped, with dirty hair go among strangers, your self-esteem will rise.

Some clients with understated self-esteem I ask you to experiment: not to wash your head for 3-4 days and see how others will react. And they will not respond by and large.

If you can't love yourself and independently grow up this feeling, please contact a psychiatrist or psychologist - a specialist will help you faster and more efficiently accept yourself.

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Your Vasily and Ekaterina Shurov

How to love yourself: Tips for psychologists

How to love yourself. Specific steps from psychotherapist5 minutes of reading 61.

Table of contents

How to love yourself: Tips for psychologists

One of the main reasons for the fact that people do not live their lives are unhappy, not successful, can not find a partner - dislike for themselves. But even to realize this problem may not all, and even more so, understand what you need to do in order to bring love to yourself. In such a painful state of dissatisfaction with my world, many have a lifetime, if you want to learn how to overcome this problem, how to love yourself and start living, then this article is for you.

What does it mean to love yourself

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the love of themselves has nothing to do with the concepts of egoism, narcissism, etc. Learning to love yourself - does not mean to take care only about their lowest interests, neglecting others. Such behavior is more likely talking about the opposite - about trying to assert the foreign expense, which is inherent in people with very low self-esteem.

Love for yourself is the acceptance of yourself, life in harmony with you and the outside world. This is a natural and modest feeling of yourself. A person who loving himself, respects his actions and words, forgives weaknesses, takes his appearance and always strives for self-improvement, without stopping in mental development. He is not concerned about to like everyone and everyone, critically refers to himself and people and surrounds itself only to those who really dear to him.

How to understand what you do not love yourself?

Any living creature needs love, and dissatisfaction of this need is immediately visible. And the most terrible consequences causes the lack of love for itself. On a person immediately seen he likes himself or not. As a result, the complexes are developing to themselves, first and foremost - a complex of inferiority, negativism, pessimism, a feeling of guilt, the fear of rejection. These signs are inherent to everyone who does not like themselves:

  • negative attitude to its own appearance, obsessive lookout of flaws;

  • inability to enjoy life;

  • painful embarrassment, attempts to stay in the shadow;

  • excuse for any of their action;

  • Strong suffering due to the slightest mistake;

  • looping on past failures;

  • The feeling that everyone remembers missing and discuss them;

  • painful dependence on someone else's opinion;

  • rejection of their own success;

  • inability to ask for raising at work;

  • inability to take compliments and praise;

  • Attempts will like, please;

  • Fear to cause negative feelings from other people;

  • The fear of facing the opposite opinion, it is inability to accept it.

Why many people can not love themselves: the essence of children's injuries

Psychologists believe that the roots of dislike for themselves lie in childhood and in that influence that parents and significant adults have provided on us. There may also be other factors, but they must lie on the prepared ground, and this is a certain type of education.

  • Cruel and neglecting, motivation with comparison, humiliation and depreciation, lack of emotionally support. This is the main factor of dislike for yourself.

  • Grass and rejection in the children's team, mockery jokes. Problems with teachers, educators.

  • The inability to match the fictional ideal. A man himself comes up with an ideal for himself, compiles the desired image on films and books, and naturally cannot achieve it. It becomes a source of dislike for yourself.

  • Non-cost of goals. Not all our plans are carried out, the reasons can be different, but a person confident, perceives the failure as a lesson, gets up and goes on, and a person, with a low self-esteem, can be disappointed in himself, loses love, and stop taking himself to appreciate and respect.

  • Life in permanent problems. Sometimes it happens that the person is forced to live, constantly overcoming daily difficulties: care for sick, poverty, unloved work, domestic inconvenience, etc. This depletes his psyche, deprives forces, and the resource for itself is simply not left.

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What makes dislike for yourself: inscribed consequences

Nelyubov to themselves gives rise to complexes, guilt, insulationism. A person belongs to himself, life and others negatively, with caution. The world is painted in gray and black tones. Here to what problems can cause his personality rejection:

  • Permanent emotional tension. Always ready for attack and reflections. Perceives any neutral remark of the surrounding "in the bayonets", it will be won by oblique glances, ridicule, rejection of others.

  • Bad character. No love and therefore he cannot build good relationships with others. Trying to manipulate or order, or afraid to ask. To say right what he wants, and that he feels can not be due to the fear of rejection. A person uses many non-adaptive psychological protection, and since his manner of communication with others only repels people from him, protection becomes more hard, behavior is less flexible, and he is finally approved that there is no value from herself and love him not for .

  • The position of the victim. In advance "surrender", occupying the position of the weak, in the hope that there will be no "beat" so that "beat". But this is the way to nowhere - the position of the victim is extremely vulnerable, nobody is experiencing love for the victim: nor others, nor she herself. Related usually annoyed and suffer, and other people pushes it. And the person himself cannot respect himself, being in such miserable condition - the psychology of the victim does not allow you to love yourself.

  • Bad relationships with others. People who do not accept themselves and others can not accept, their manner of behavior repels other people, they are difficult to love, most of them suffer "on debt service", but they usually do not cause them.

Go away Test for association

Love for yourself is an egoism?

Love for yourself is not egoism, not egocentrism. This is the acceptance of his personality with all its advantages and disadvantages. Love for yourself is no different from sincere love for another. This is how the great psychologist Erich Fromm wrote about this: "If an individual is capable of fruitful love, he also loves himself; If he is able to love only others, he is unable to love at all. "

The egoist is concentrated only on the benefits he can get on the interests of others he does not think. A person who loves himself loves the "man" in himself. It focuses on the development of his positive qualities, on the disclosure of its potential and self-improvement, on how to increase its self-esteem and the quality of life of his and loved ones.

How to become confident and love yourself: 12 Psychologists' Councils

Love yourself means to take yourself completely: your appearance, character, experience, mistakes and achievements. Just as we accept our favorite people - such as it is. It is quite a long and time-consuming process, but it will be rewarded with love for himself and other quality by the perception of himself and the world. But when you decide to change everything, life will begin to improve.

The following are the advice and recommendations of psychologists that increase self-esteem and respect for themselves.

1. Accepting yourself

The first step is to take yourself. You must accept all your creature with all the errors, failures, bad thoughts, with advantages, disadvantages, victories and nonsense, begin to take care of yourself. Sometimes it seems to us: here it would be right here, it would be better to improve, but it would be completely removed and then there will be the most perfect person. No, you are, and this personality needs to be taken. And then improve and do better.

2. We are struggling with dependence on other people's assessments

Love for yourself and dependence on the opinions of others - the impossible combination. Remember the episode of the inches when the beetle got rid of it because of his friends-insects criticized her appearance. The psychology of the person who dislike himself is also working - he betrays and refuses himself, listening to each critical comment.

How many people, so many opinions: you and only you should be your criticism and judge, and you need to compare yourself not with others, but yourself "yesterday". A self-sufficient person is able to independently evaluate his behavior and actions from the moral and ethical side.

3. Try to laugh above yourself

Do not feel too serious. The ability to translate into joking the trouble is necessary if you want to love yourself. Humor discharges the situation and removes tension. As Freud believed: Humor is the highest psychological defense inherent in the least neurotic personalities. In addition, a fun, easy view of things, helps to survive difficult times, misses and mistakes. The failure is not the end of the world and not a reason to get away from the distance, but this helps this helps a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at themselves and the situation.


If life gives you lemons, make it lemonade

4. Respect for yourself

  • Respect deserves every person. Respect yourself, do not detract your advantages, do not humiliate before others. Check and develop your strengths, not for boasting, but in order to serve you with a support. Believe yourself as for the best friend. You do not allow yourself to humiliate him? Here we respect no less.

  • Respect and love yourself and your body. Do not feed it harmful meal, watch out for health, exercise for fun and tone. Your body is a vessel for your psyche. Everything is interconnected, and there can be no healthy happy person in a sick body. High yourself and ladt. And your body will be your assistant in achieving the goal, not the source of discontent and disease.

  • Respect your mind. Do not allow negative, false, trash information to capture your mind. Carefully filter everything you read, see, listen. Our psychology works in this way: what you set up your mind, on that it will be focused. If you feed your brain with negative information, news about catastrophes and incidents, then soon your entire world will consist only of negative and terrible situations, and you will notice that anxiety is rising.

If you eat gossip and rumors, then do not be surprised that you are surrounded by gossips and liars. Looking around yourself positive, good news, interesting facts. This does not mean that you will never come up with something bad, but when the trouble happens, you will be armed with positive thinking, positive experience and knowledge that there is an exit from any terrible situation, and not even one.

5. Do not speak badly about yourself at other

It is unlikely that you will discuss your loved ones in a negative key with outsiders, humiliate them and make fun of their shortcomings. If you have love, you will not deride yourself. Each time you evil rink yourself with others, you create your own negative image, people perceive you as you present yourself and relate, respectively, and get rid of this image will be difficult to get rid of this image.

And even the habit of mentally scolding itself to be eradicated. If you made any error, you should not arrange a session of self-session, you will not help this case. Recognized the mistake, realized the consequences, start correcting.

6. Forbid others to dictate you how to live

For harmonious and happy life, clearly exhibited borders are extremely important. After you reach 18 years of age, no one has the right to indicate how you live. You can only give advice on request, but not directive. The fact that another seems to be granted, for you may be unacceptable and vice versa, and therefore no one has the right to impose their vision of the world to another.

Adjusting to other people's requirements and desires, trying to be comfortable, and to please others, you live not your life, losing precious time and effortlessness, real life passes by.


"Too many people overestimate what they are not and underestimate what they are"

Malcolm Forbes

7. Internal freedom

In order not to depend on the opinions of other people, you need to be free, first of all internally, and to do this, get rid of the criticism of the voice. Stop criticize yourself and others, look for flaws, let yourself be relaxed and listen to your intuition, become the main person for yourself.

Stop criticize yourself, does not mean to stop treating his actions critically. The behavior of a free person is based on a solid base of moral principles. A person should strive not to break either his nor other borders, but it has nothing to do with pressure, and the fear of violating incomprehensible rules.

  • When you:

  • go to visit;

  • spend time with buddies;

  • wear uncomfortable clothes;

  • Afraid to make a fashionable hairstyle;

  • refuse joys;

Go to the loud premiere, etc.

Ask yourself: I really want this? Who needs this activity? Or is it necessary, it should be, and, in general, what do people say?

The same applies to others, let people be by themselves, do not condemn them for incomprehensible to you, but not violating the law and the main norms of decency of behavior. Do not grieve and do not criticize others and yourself, like a grandmother at the entrance.

Do not drag on what you have under your feet. Raise your eyes. There, too, have something to see.

8. Consciousness

Often we live either in the past or in the future, and we do not notice the reality surrounding us, and cannot stop at the point "here and now." To follow all the above rules: Take yourself, do not allow others to drive you into the framework, recognize your true desires and needs, you need to realize yourself and increase self-esteem.

Ask yourself the following questions.

And take time to answer them.

How to love yourself

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9. Control over emotions

Learn to control your emotions, it is impossible to give them the opportunity to master you. To do this, recognize your triggers - which causes certain feelings, and work with them by setting installations. In the work on emotions, the psychologist may be indispensable. You will learn not just to restrain the negative - it is in itself not useful, but you can change your attitude to those situations that cause it.

10. Responsibility

Love for yourself is impossible without awareness and sense of responsibility. An adult man himself decides that when and how to do it, makes decisions and is responsible for them.

  • Get rid of such words and installations as:

  • it is happened

  • Just happened

  • what can I do

  • I do not decide anything

I was brought, etc.

You and only you decide what to do if you are just in prison, but the situation, because of which you turned out to be, again, the result of the decisions taken or not taken by you.

11. Answer for your actions and life

This item logically follows from the previous one. To make love for himself, you need to take responsibility and understand that in whatever point you have now become the result of your decisions and choices, which means to change everything in your power. Please accept your experience, understand that there are no errors.

Cases when you took "erroneous" were justified by making a decision, you proceeded from the idea of ​​the maximum benefit, having such a volume of information that was available at that time. Now relying on this experience, and knowing more, you can take a more profitable solution for yourself.

12. Engage in self-development

Without constant self-improvement, you can not be love. If you do not move forward, you start ridge back. Do something every day to become the best version of yourself. When you constantly learn a new, improve existing skills, overcome yourself, you can easily increase self-esteem and love yourself. Your self-esteem is also growing.

Become the person, the love of which is easy and nice

Conclusion There is no secret technique "Love for yourself in 5 days."

If it happened that education and all your life experience made you a man who does not like herself, change it will be not easy and unfair. But absolutely, every person is able to go through this path, increase self-esteem and self-esteem, begin to take care of yourself, and make your life with filled and joyful, complete success and happiness, namely, she has the one who loves himself and takes.

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Start consultation Dog in hearts

"To be beautiful - means being yourself. No need to take others to take you. Much more important is to take and love yourself, "Tit Nat Khan.

The most important solution in your life, which will change it forever, you can accept if you learn to love and take yourself.

This directly affects literally to all: and on your relationship with relatives and others, and on a career, and on hobbies. You will believe in yourself and build the future that always dreamed of. Without look at anything or anyone!

So why love yourself? Let's figure out.

We are all kind of childhood

I grew up in a big family: two older brothers, three senior sisters, three younger sisters and a younger brother. As you understand - it was not necessary to bored. But a big family is big problems.

The problem was that I was not like any of them, and clearly did not fit into the common picture. My sisters were high and very beautiful. They had long dense hair. I was low and rather puffy. And the hair was thin and sticking in different directions. I am not just complex - I did not love and did not accept myself.

In addition, all my sisters and brothers were very obedient. They always did what they wanted them, nicely smiled and did not show discontent. Another thing I am: Unrestrained, unmanaged rebar.

I had to keep the school uniform for my sisters. And the skirts were shorter to me almost half, the sleeves on the jackets were suspended by centimeters on 20. Naturally, I was like that.

But it was not the worst. I was constantly teased and mocked. Both at school and at home. Even in the family constantly had to fight for the "place under the sun". To somehow survive, I was forced to learn how to fight and squeeze attacks.

And so - I am 27 years old. I am married, bring up four children. In one day I understand that it is impossible to live so further, so I am gaining courage and first appeal to a psychologist. There is no other way out: I feel lonely, unnecessary and ugly. But at the same time, it is determined to change your life.

It took six months of intensive work on my problems that all were from childhood. I had to change literally all the old schemes: thoughts, beliefs, assessing the past events. Only after all this, I finally felt alive again.

This can be compared with the work of the restorer, which removes the layer behind the layer of old furniture, while getting to the original. So I - returned to my genuine and real.

The influence of the cultural environment

The society imposes people that our value is determined by the idols of modern culture - the latest technology, social status, eternal youth, sex, power, money, external attractiveness and glamorous relationships.

Only the fact is that if we look for confirmation of our self-esteem, based on the above, we will never be able to love yourself.

The inner critic will constantly whine and chip: "You are not good enough, you are missing, you are not trying enough, it is not smart enough, beautiful ..."

And these thoughts will not be either the end or the edge. You will constantly miss something for complete happiness. As soon as you reach some purpose, your ego will immediately turn on: "This is not what I dreamed about. You could not, did not, loser ... "

So what to do? How to learn to accept and love yourself? How to become happy in the end?

Look at yourself with other eyes

The feeling of self-esteem is sooner or later, it should literally make you look at yourself with completely different eyes - with love and respect. Acceptance and love - come from the inside.

The first thing to remember is: you do not need to be different to you to become worthy of love and adoption. Your value consists in true nature, the most essence of love and inner harmony. You are a wonderful light. You are love itself. We can bury our magnificence under the influence of external circumstances, but it is impossible to destroy it.

Love yourself is not the case of one day. This is an infinite, continuous process.

It should be born in you under the influence of appreciation and adoption.

So, 21 advice, how to stop neglecting and love to truly and forever:

1. Start your day with love, not gadgets.

Before you eat from bed - remind you that you are worthy of love. Inhale and exhale, pronouncing these words. Immerse yourself in love, dissolve in love ...

2. Allocate time for meditation and diary.

Be sure to spend some time, immersed entirely in yourself. Start with 5 minutes for meditation and maintaining records in the diary. Gradually increase the time of classes.

3. Learn to be happy.

Repeat statements that help become more positive. In order to secure the "material" passing - put on the right wrist a special bright bracelet. As soon as start criticizing yourself - remove it and move it to the left wrist. four. Be

Emotionally open.

Do not hide and do not hide your feelings. Shopping, food, alcohol are attempts to hide from them, and at the same time - and from sorrow and pain. Live free and easy.

5. Do not live boring.

Try every day to discover something new. For example, start learning a foreign language. Or go travel there, where they were never. Do what you have never done before. You deserve to live an exciting and incredible life!

6. Discover a healthy way of life.

Pick up a complex of exercise that suits you. For some, the optimal will be calm and pacifying yoga classes, for others - intensive power training in the gym.

Buy "healthy" products and prepare interesting dishes from it. Discard one day from gadgets and only do what it is useful and brings pleasure.

7. Get ready ... Let go.

Inhales deeply, relax and release everything worries you. We never see the whole picture. And even more so people can not know why and for which everything is happening so, and not otherwise.

Stop struggling with you and circumstances. Let everything be as it will be. Even if it does not coincide with your plans and projects. That is life.

8. Work on yourself.

Be prepared to let everything go and move forward to grow. Our life is a journey. We came to Earth in order to understand something and go to new levels of consciousness.

Do not fuss like penguins that are crossed on ice. In order to move forward, just one step, but verified and thoughtful.

9. Believe in your potential.

When you learn to love yourself - thousands of new features will open. Act and build your future - everything will work out.

10. Be patient to yourself.

Release, finally, all alarms and fears. Relax and turn the prosperity desire. Believe in yourself, act, and the results will not make yourself wait.

11. Be grateful.

Learn to thank the fate for everything she gave you. For skills and talents, beauty and perseverance. Even for disadvantages! Love yourself imperfect!

12. Trust your intuition.

Answers to all questions are within you. Just listen only to your inner voice. He will never deceive and will not let down. Do not confuse him with the voice of your ego, which sounds always louder and persistent.

13. Respect yourself.

No one ever should humiliate you. Drink away from their lives of toxic people. Let only those who deserve it in the heart.

14. Take the inevitable.

Our suffering is most often caused by past injuries or fear of future. Learn to live here and now. That's all you have today.

15. Forgive yourself.

What was - has already passed. All your mistakes and misses remained in the past. Print cards with the inscription: "I forgive myself for ...... (I didn't, I got sick, late, I did not understand immediately and so on)." As soon as you start rooted yourself - fill the missed words in the card and hide it on the table.

16. Learn to live, play.

Love yourself - means relaxing and learned to live, as if playing. Our world is too serious: everyone is rushing somewhere, competed with each other, trying to become better (richer, more beautiful) others.

For lightness and games - it seems there is no place. And here is not true! Live playing! As Psychiatrist Stuart Brown says: "The opposite of the game is not work, but depression."

17. Live in reality.

Do not hide in your shell. Speak loudly and express. Allow yourself to be heard, be understood by other people. You deserve it!

18. Focus on positive.

Check and praise yourself for success, no matter how insignificant they seem to you.

19. Consciously feel about life.

Do not live-sleep, but constantly ask yourself: "Is this a given choice - is this what I deserve?"

20. Imagine how life will change when learn to love and take yourself.

Dedote your life of love. To yourself. Let it be the most important.

We are all interconnected: when you love yourself - love you. Only through love, we can heal yourself, heal each other and our world.

Love is our goal, our true vocation. And she takes her beginning from love to herself.

Greetings, friends!

The question "how to love yourself" at first glance, can show a little selfish, but it is not at all. Love for yourself is a necessary condition for a full and harmonious personality: both men and women. And if you feel that your love is not enough, or is generally absent - you need to take measures right now. When you again find love for yourself, the world will play with new colors, the relationship with others will be applied, and harmony will come in life. And let's start right now. Ready?

  • For convenience, we broke all the work on the 3 stages:
  • take and forgive yourself;
  • change thinking;

improve yourself;

Each of these stages includes 7 simple steps that you need to perform. To carry out this for any person, regardless of the circumstances, shaking his faith to their own significance. But before we start, let's figure it out, what does it mean to "love yourself"?

What does it mean to love yourself for this? The first thing you need to understand is that the love of the attachment that we experience to your loved love is implied by love. We are talking about respect, appreciate and take

Own advantages and disadvantages. Love for yourself - this is the ability to go out for one's own time, striving receive positive emotions from life

, Conduct a maximum of time with expensive people. It helps to have a feeling of self-esteem, to be sufficiently self-confident, do not hide from problems, but to solve them, improving the quality of your life, setting themselves the goals and reaching them.

In addition, it eliminates fear to be imperfect. A person thinks more about his own personality and is less worried about the opinions of others. This approach is also useful in that it helps more critically treat people, not seeking to please everyone, and leaving only those who really need.

We figured out this, now let's go to the main question: how to love yourself, and that for this you need to do.

20 tips how to learn to love and take yourself

Stage 1: Take yourself

The main purpose of this stage is to destroy stereotypes that interfere with fully love yourself, reconsider their views on the usual things, replacing them with new, more positive and pleasant. Also, this stage includes work on the awareness of its own uniqueness, uniqueness, which is a prerequisite for love for itself. Well, ready? Getting started.

Please accept your shortcomings

We are talking, first of all, about some shortcomings related to the appearance. Disadvantages are absolutely each of us. However, to someone they give constant discomfort, someone does not notice them, and someone manage to turn them into dignity. To accept your drawbacks, you need to understand a few simple things. First, your own flaws seem much a bigger problem than others

which can not be noticed at all. The reason is simple: each of us focuses on itself 10 times more than others. Proven fact. Secondly, it has long been known that the shortcomings of people Not related to their relationship with people,

Since 99% is playing the role of internal qualities. Remember someone from your friends, a loved one, and imagine it with the disadvantage that bothers you. Will you get worse to him, or to love less? Of course not. Thirdly, if the disadvantages cannot be changed, Worry about them meaningless.

As if it did not sound, it turns out more difficult. However, if you want to want to strongly, then it is forces. Just always remember that the success of a person depends on the internal qualities, and is not at all deficiencies.

We live in a world where the shortcomings have long moved to the background. Examples of models appeared, with imperfect figures (example: Majors Tobria, more than a million subscribers in Instagram), actors - with imperfect appearance (example: Toby Jones) and even speech problems (example: actor Argeni Mitti, diagnosis of cerebral palsy, played one of the main roles in the series "in all grave", which is considered one of the best TV shows of modernity).

Sorry to yourself mistakes

It is difficult to maintain a good attitude towards yourself, experiencing blame for all your drawbacks and mistakes. Disposterate to his own Person did not benefit. Therefore, learn to accept and learn from your mistakes, to extract valuable experience from them. The main thing is to realize that every error is done in the past. It must be taken into account as valuable experience, but not to engage in self-adhesiveness. When such thoughts appear, remind yourself that were confident in the correctness of their own actions

and sought for the better. Realizing that everyone may be mistaken, love himself becomes much easier. Allow yourself to finally be imperfect. Everyone has the right to make an error.

Accept yourself: 7 steps

Do not look for the reasons to love yourself To love yourself, do not need the reasons how they do not need to love parents and children. This love for expensive people does not require evidence and does not allow any doubts. Also exactly and love for yourself Must be constant and unconditional.

Just periodically remind yourself that you are an important, valuable and indispensable person for relatives, loved ones and friends. And this will help you realize your own value for yourself.

Love your body How to love yourself, if unhappy with your body? Definitely, in no way. It is necessary to realize that nature gave you this appearance and this health, and The rest depends on you.

However, it is important not only to love your body, but also to improve it.

Take care of sports, start watching nutrition and health, take care of yourself, spend more time in the park and in nature, relax well and pour. Even if the model appearance is far away, you will soon notice positive changes: the face will be funny, leather - smooth and clean, and in the eyes there will be a paddle light. Many people like metamorphoses help significantly increase self-esteem. Try!

Find your advantages

Have you ever thought about your positive parties? Try just sitting, thinking about and record the pros and advantages that make you stronger and more valuable for others. This is quite an interesting exercise. Make a complete list (you must be confident in each item). It is advisable to avoid common phrases in the style "I am generous!". Better write "I regularly make small gifts to friends." Think What other qualities you would like to see

In this list, and write down in a separate list. Every evening, look through both the list and think about what items you met today and how much. You do not need to put "estimates" and "standings", just comprehend each item. And at the end of the week, transfer one item from the second list to the first. It is not necessary to hurry, one item is enough.

Listen to your own desires Surely there are pleasant things that you do not allow yourself to do because consider them an excessive pamper

Or just afraid of public censure. If this is not an immoral, asocial or unlawful act, it is quite valid.

It may be a manifestation of internal freedom, expressed in an extravagant purchase or an unusual view of rest. For example, all friends and relatives consider you a serious person, and you want to visit the redemption party in the most popular city club. Just ignore someone else's opinion and go to the party. You can act in the opposite way. For example, if you don't want to go with friends to a party, just refuse, and do not worry that they will come. Own desires are more important.

If the friends say that you showed disrespect, parry that in this situation, their perseverance is disrespect, although you have already expressed reluctance.

Realize your uniqueness It is said that there are always several people in the world, very similar to you. But, There is no one

which would be exactly the same as you, and never happened. And never will be. You are unique, unique, and your life at the moment is a great gift, and great happiness. Feel this, remember this.

Smiling woman

Stage 2: Change Thinking

This stage includes work with the familiar beliefs, brain traps, which not only do not allow themselves to love themselves, but also decently poison life. Only won and overcoming these unnecessary beliefs, you can feel true love for yourself. Let's not waste time, start.

Stop yourself compared Among families will definitely have people who are better in something. One more earns, with another hard health, and the third masterboard plays the guitar. Usually we notice something one thing is really good, and scary Upure that we do not reach it.

This is an extremely unsuccessful strategy that generates dissatisfaction with its own life and numerous complexes. You do not need to try to surpass a neighbor or a friend who earns more and goodly organized a personal life. One of the oldest and most effective recommendations is that you need to navigate Only on their own successes and failures.

It is necessary to make efforts every day to become better than yesterday - only such a strategy leads to success. Improve, develop, get new knowledge, and your self-esteem will inevitably increase.

Stop complain Each person faces certain difficulties, fights with its own weaknesses, makes and corrects errors. Evaluate the surrounding validity of sober and rationally. Do not defeat the next failure, Direct efforts to find a solution to the problem.

Everyone knows that no one loves nodes and losers. Then how to love yourself with such perception of life? Be strong - strong personality cause sympathy.

Limit self-criticism

Any criticism is charged with a negative, especially the criticism of their own flaws. It is impossible to love yourself, being constantly dissatisfied with itself, because all thoughts are configured to fail. Be kindness and constantly remember that no one is perfect. Every time there is a desire to criticize themselves - stop, and think better about what you can praise yourself. I am sure there is a mass of reasons.

Change thinking: 7 steps

Think less about someone else's opinion Sometimes we attach an excessive value to the opinions of others, we give up pressure. Try to avoid it. Self-sufficient person is able to independently give a moral and moral assessment of his own actions, and It doesn't matter what they will think.

Learn to expose the events to critical understanding, and then you will not need to worry about other people's opinions. It will add confidence and increase self-esteem.

Get rid of Perfectionism In rare cases, perfectionism can lead to success. But most people it prevents being effective

, does not allow to enjoy life and adequately evaluate the results of its own actions. Just remind yourself that there is nothing perfect. Always strive to achieve a goal, and only then think how perfect is the result. Such an approach will allow you to become more productive and increase your own self-esteem.

Stop gossip and condemn What? Are you so grumbled and a gossip, a "smashing bone" familiar? Urgently get rid of statements and thoughts in a similar way! Remember that gossip, discussions, grumble and grinding cannot be brought to the surrounding world or your own life is nothing good. Nobody loves crumples and gossips.

How to love yourself, being such? The answer is obvious.

Overcome fears

The fear of failure is characteristic of people with low self-esteem, so it's time to get rid of it. Start methodically overcome the barriers set in front of you. Sign up for dance lessons, vocals or martial arts, participate in contests, learn how to perform in front of people (for example, sing in karaoke). Find a new passion associated with adrenaline (parachute or extreme jumping in water, for example).

Girl on the lake

Stage 3: Improve yourself The third, final stage, aims to create and strengthen habits that will help improve their body and spirit. If the first 2 stages were aimed at revive the love of themselves, then the goal of the third stage - Save and multiply this is a wonderful feeling.

Getting started.


An excellent way to multiply love for yourself is to pay time to self-improvement daily. There is a mass of techniques that allow you to correct the shortcomings, tighten the weaknesses, acquire certain abilities, improve physical form. Start actively develop, and soon you will feel how self-esteem is rapidly rising.

Carry me Many people are confident that an attractive and well-groomed appearance is needed only when looking for a satellite of life, and the rest of the time is not necessary. But the appearance is the brightest The indicator of the attitude of a person to itself.

Unexterable appearance, reference and stains on clothes show that a person does not really value himself, and the connection here is bilateral. Of course, one only to care for ourselves will not help to love yourself. However, in the complex, together with all the conditions we are talking about today is an important and necessary step.

Improve yourself: 7 steps

Put goals and reach them

These goals are fascinated and excited, focusing in a single point. Reaching them, you feel the maximum satisfaction from which self-esteem is growing rapidly. Remember that the goals are insignificant and imposed by external circumstances take energy, tired and rapidly bored. The present goals, on the contrary, charge the energy, fond, occupy thoughts and do not allow calmly sleep.

Learn to say "no!"

It may seem that this recommendation "from another opera". But the ability to refuse directly associated with self-esteem. Do just what you want. Verify your own opinion, will and desires, do not allow manipulation. Pretty soon you will feel that I have become true to yourself, and it will help you love yourself, more than ever.

Change the environment

The circle of communication determines the attitude to life, so you should prefer positive, energetic, good and smart people. And the displeased grills and gossips are better to avoid, minimizing communication. If these are relatives or other important people who cannot be excluded from the circle of communication, hint periodically that they should be positive. Believe me, it works!

Learn to use affirmations

This powerful technique in systematic use allows you to solve almost any psychological problem. Find affirmations to help imbued with respect and love for yourself. At first glance, it may seem that it is a waste of time, but believe me, it's not. However, here you need to be patient here. Affirmation begins to bring a tangible result only in a few weeks of permanent work, and maybe a month. But this is one of the most effective tools in working on restricting beliefs.

Again yourself

Little, but a pleasant reward for the next achievement is also a reminder that you are worthy of remuneration. It can be a delicious cake or hike in a restaurant. If you like to read - buy an interesting book (preferably expensive and in a beautiful hardcover). You can buy a video game, go to the bath, fishing or massage.

Our main unit dedicated to the answer to the question of how to love himself came to an end. I hope you just read this information, and began to actively apply in practice, because it is possible to achieve the result. To realize the value of love for yourself, let's talk about how it can change life.

Why love yourself - is it so important?

  • For many people, the dislike for themselves is the cause of most failures. Little to love yourself, you will significantly expand your capabilities at the expense of a number of factors:
  • A good attitude towards himself inevitably leads to an improvement in relationships with friends and relatives;
  • Increases energy, thanks to which you can manage more tasks, it is more efficient to work on achieving your goals;
  • Getting rid of the habit of "self-confidence", you will open up for new emotions, much more pleasant;

From the circle of communication, familiar, who continuously contributed to your life a negative, and their place are occupied by pleasant and friendly people.

A man with a high self-esteem always seeks to look good, engaged in loved ones and carefully spending his own time, which inevitably positively affects the quality of life. Therefore, the right attitude to yourself needs to educate and protect, not allowing external circumstances to influence self-esteem.


Each person must apply efforts to form the right attitude towards himself, of its own life and all its achievements. There is no secret technique, how to love yourself once and for all. This is a long way, which is obliged to pass every person, dreaming of success and happiness. And every step on this path is worth the effort, because the unconditional love for himself will make it happy not only you, but all the ways you are dear.

Hello everybody! Do you want to be happy? What is included in this concept, how to harmoniously live? A person has basic needs, without the satisfaction of which he will experience an emotional void. The need for love and recognition is the third basic need that is important for humans. When a person accepts himself, the rest are considered to him. But what if the person has a low self-esteem, and it cannot position himself on a par with the environment? In this article we will find secrets how to love yourself and start respecting ourselves, as well as see practical recommendations, how to live in harmony with you.

What does it mean to love yourself

There are extremes for the development of self-assessment of the individual when the person will "become" and deals with "Samoystvo". Both the other option is bad, since inadequately overestimated and understated self-esteem causes difficulties in communicating and building a long interpersonal relationship. Therefore, be sure to find out how to increase self-esteem, from our past article and apply these tips.

Women and men have "weak places", where they do not always feel confident. For the female half "weak place" is its appearance, for a man - his achievements in life. In these and some other areas, people are most vulnerable. If a person does not appreciate himself, does not respect and does not put the borders, others are difficult to assess him in dignity.

Having experienced insecurity, a person is characteristic of accomplishing other people in the emotional pain, which he is experiencing. As a result of such internal experiences, he immersed in depression, anger and is distinguished from communicating with others. But all this may not be if he starts to change the attitude towards himself.

What does it mean to love yourself? Many psychologists studied this question and determined that to love themselves - it means to take themselves. To accept the one who you are, forgive yourself for the mistakes perfect, refer to yourself positively. There are many literature that talks about making themselves. Even in the Bible it is written that the man loves the neighbor, like himself. That is the basis of good relationships with others is the acceptance of yourself.

It is important to understand that love for yourself is not egoism, it is the adoption of all its advantages and disadvantages, the right attitude towards them. If a person uses others for his own interests, violates their rights and manipulates, it is egoism. A person with adequate self-esteem and normal values ​​will not do that.

The consequences of dislike

When a person does not accept himself and his appearance, he develops complexes. This may be afraid of people, a complex of inferiority, a sense of guilt, negativism and other bad psychological phenomena. As a result, he suffers internally, people surrounding him and the spheres of his life suffer.

  1. The consequences of such an attitude to themselves such problems may be:
  2. Boxy - in constant nervous voltage, a person begins to defend themselves, especially this quality is manifested in women. Trying to hide your weakness, women "attack": they begin to manipulate men, satisfy only their needs. This is utopia, since they will not be able to build close and long-term relationships, playing the role of bitch.
  3. The victim is another protective position. With fear, declare themselves people sacrifice themselves to notice them and love. The danger of such behavior is addicted to another person. As a result, a sense of rejection, loss and despair appears. Relationships on such a base can reach the hysterical when problems appear.

Disorders and failure. Those who have not accepted and have forgiven themselves will experience problems in building relationships and difficulty in work.

Basketball player

Unfortunately, unaccustomed to himself, unfortunately, can not be happy.


Suppose you realized that with self-esteem you can not get laid. What to do next?

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In psychology there are many techniques that allow you to determine the level of self-assessment, taking yourself. These are scientific experimentally proven, and popular science techniques to determine the main inclinations of the individual.

After passing one or more tests, you defined your problem. But the tests do not allow to correct and increase self-esteem. They are as an indicator that allows you to observe by yourself, pay attention to your behavior or character traits.

Tips for psychologist

Take yourself - it adequately perceive its internal and external qualities. A change in personality is a long and time-consuming process, provided that she wishes himself. Below is a selection of rules that will help you independently change, love yourself and your body (if, in your opinion, the problem is in physical disabilities).

We are struggling with addiction from other people's assessments

The overwhelming majority perceives themselves as they dictate it. This attitude begins with a school bench, where the assessment of the teacher is unshakable and disadvantaged: what level of knowledge saw the teacher, it means that there is such. Such evaluation judgments affect us and in adulthood.

Dependence on surrounding estimates constantly feeds a person, he always strives for approval, if it is not, the level of self-assessment is reduced.

Try to fight this dependence: Speak your opinion, let it be wrong, do not believe in what has been said in a negative key, if you do not agree.

Try to laugh more often

Humor helps survive in the most difficult situations. Transferred everything in humor, you change the perception of the world. The ability to laugh at their missions - art that is not for all. Scientists have proven that 5 minutes of sincere laughter prolongs life for 1 minute. If you laugh more often, life becomes brighter and longer, if you believe the research and minds of our contemporaries.

Customize positive. Positive thinking helps to achieve goals. Even the most unpleasant situations try to wrap a joke. There is a story in which the girl "played joy" - she found something to rejoice even in the most ridiculous situations, when the leg broke or was rejected by relatives. This game really works! Look for a reason to rejoice in everything!

Don't talk to others about yourself bad

Each person has the right to make mistakes, but if you say other predominantly your shortcomings, they believe that these are your basic qualities. But along with the flaws, everyone has a huge amount of advantages. Each person deserves respect and love. When it is difficult for you, convince yourself of this. Notice your positive qualities not with the goal of boasting, but to use them for the benefit.

Prohibit others dictate you how to live

To live in harmony with you and the outside world, it is important to set your borders. What is acceptable to others may be impossible or disgusting for you. What is bad for others, for you may be excellent. We are all different, so do not let others dictate you, how to live, how to be what to do.

A constant desire to please someone, adjust the values ​​of someone stealing the golden time of self-realization. When you adapt to the requirements of others, you do not live your life. It is necessary to listen to the advice, and the directives reject.

Control over emotions

If you do not learn to control your emotions, they will take over you. One fine moment is not restrained anger, insult, malice can compromise you strongly. Unrestrained behavior entails loss of self-esteem and respect from others.

Puzzled girl

I suggest you pass the test for the emotional intelligence of Nicholas Hall. It consists of 30 questions, passing time - 5 min. In the results in the second scale of "managing their emotions", your level will be shown from 6 to 36.

Answer for your actions and life

Self-assessment is made up of many components, but it's never late to take responsibility for your life. If you make small steps to your dream, you will see that they still achieved a lot. Start with small: take responsibility for early sleep and early waking up, take responsibility for the use of more water, lack of overeating and so on.

Exercise self-development

It is always useful. Trainings, motivational programs, motivating books will benefit you for a long time. Communication with smart people who can teach you something, enrich you spiritually. If a person does not develop, he degrades.

I understand your situation, and since you are reading this article, I have an effective solution for you.

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  1. To learn to love yourself and live in harmony with you and others, make small tags towards positive. Here are the exercises for every day:
  2. Write on a sheet, what positive traits of character or abilities you have. Then analyze, in what positive points are you strong most of all, what else to develop what distinguishes you from others.
  3. Write on a leaf, with what major difficulties you have come across, and how you managed to overcome them. Think over these situations, remember your emotions. For it it is worth respecting yourself!
  4. Remember all the goals that you managed to achieve.
  5. Think, write down the shortcomings and weaknesses that you have overcome.
  6. If there is a choice: buy a few things or one good - buy one good. In this thing you will feel more confident.
  7. Try every day to devote time to your health. Start playing sports, drink more water, fit it right.
  8. When you meet with you, smile in the mirror in the morning, wish a good day.
  9. Be kinder. As you know, kindness will save the world. Do not judge others, you do not know what they had to go. During the day, try to drive away from yourself condemning thoughts.
  10. Write down on the leaf phrase "if I loved myself, I ..." and continue 10 points.
  11. Write down 10 flaws and paraphrase them in dignity, for example: "I am a transmission" on "I am a generous (Aya)". You need to choose only the qualities or features of appearance that interfere with living. If we are talking about physical disabilities, it may look like this: "I have big ears" on "my beautiful medium-sized ears that allow me to be special and good to hear."
  12. Let yourself sometimes relax. Pizza times a week, a relaxing bath with candles, a favorite dress, dressed without reason, help relieve stress and feel like a living, confident man.
  13. Think positively, because these are therapeutic emotions that help learn to rejoice in every day. Someone said: If I got two legs today, slept under the roof on the bed, I have one replacement clothes and is not hungry, then I am one of the few rich people on earth.
  14. You need to get used to rejoice in the trifles: to notice the movements of beautiful leaves on the branches, listen to the singing of birds, rejoice in your luck, after the failures to get up and go on. Take responsibility to enjoy life. And stop comparing yourself with others. It is known that there are no equal people on Earth, we are all different. Even twins are different.
  15. Comparison with others destroys joy and content life, oppressing confidence and taking itself. The person is inclined to compare himself not with those who live worse or looks, but with people who are more successful on social situation or achievements. This is what prevents rejoice.
  16. Move the focus: if you compare yourself, take the basis of people with disabilities - those who have lost all the terrible randomness, lost their relatives, lives in the worst conditions. Appreciate what you have. Life is only alone, and there is no time to grieve. Spend your time on something worthwhile. The best means to enjoy life is to help in need.

A man with a high self-esteem always seeks to look good, engaged in loved ones and carefully spending his own time, which inevitably positively affects the quality of life. Therefore, the right attitude to yourself needs to educate and protect, not allowing external circumstances to influence self-esteem.

Use affirmations.

  1. So, how to love yourself, start respecting and live in harmony with you? Recipes are simple:
  2. Take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and life.
  3. Try to think positively, look for reason to laugh even where it is not funny.
  4. From the morning, set up positive emotions, emphasize your advantages for yourself, and reflect the shortcomings.
  5. Learn to respect yourself, do not allow yourself to humiliate, ridicurate, build personality borders.

Do not pay attention to environmental assessments.

Psychological tests to determine the level of self-assessment will help themselves. If necessary, contact a specialist for helping yourself. I wish you success!

Sincerely, Lyudmila Redkin

  1. Thin moments
  2. All that is required in order to have love is love.
  3. Love does not require conditions.

This experience is absolute and perfect.

We will analyze in detail the question of how to develop love for yourself.

What is often confused by this concept

This concept is not associated with narcissism!

This love does not mean to consider ourselves "PUP of the Earth" and think that "all below you." True love

- This is a natural and humble feeling that you take in yourself.

There is no strain and the accompanying effort. :

  • Having this feeling you
  • stay in harmony with himself;
  • Walk the world easily;
  • Feel confidence in any situation;

Respect everything you do and what you say.

This is such a landed and natural feeling.

We will analyze where to start to love yourself completely and fully. Consider all 19 ways.

19 Recommendations of psychologists

  1. How to love and start respecting yourself: 16 exercises to live in harmony with you and feel happy1. Aware that no one and nothing external will complement you, you are already self-sufficient You have to love yourself no matter what you have a second half
  2. Or not. You should not see your happiness only in your girlfriend or guy. Know all the ways of liberation from love dependency. No thing will complement you. These are all external temporal attributes.
  3. Your love for yourself should not be based on what you're dressed or what is your car. This is a mistake to love yourself for a cool hairstyle or a cool T-shirt
  4. . A T-shirt will surf and ever break. And the hairstyle will deteriorate due to the wind, and sooner or later you will flash. You love yourself just so, without reason

. Understanding this will close your questions about how to love yourself and raise self-esteem.

2. Accept yourself completely

Accept yourself the way you are

  1. Love yourself in any manifestation and expression, in any verbal and non-verbal expression. Love all your mistakes that you did in the past
  2. . It is important because people often condemn themselves, hate themselves and despise those things that are made in the past. At that time and with those knowledge, the action for you was the most faithful
  3. . Aware that you made those actions in the past, which led to errors, because I thought at that time that they would be the most correct for you. Conference, then you admit a mistake, but you love them with these mistakes and take them. Thanks to your mistakes you are where now

. They made you stronger and stronger. Implement these knowledge and no longer worn about how to learn yourself to love and respect.

When the word "acceptance" is no longer associated with you with weakness, you start living with ease and tranquility, previously unprecedented for you.

Accept all your shortcomings and love yourself with them: there is something that is

Mantra for all occasions: "There is something that is. And this is normal. "

The girl should know everything about how to love himself without the help of a psychologistExample. Yesterday I saw in front of people, I could not make a report and did not prepare.

There is something that is, and this is normal.

Use this phrase as a practical advice on how to love yourself and stop engaged in self-vacation. What is a thin face

  • which many forget about:
  • This does not mean that you now have come to the fact that you are a dull and boring creature and now always stand on the couch and do nothing! No.
  • You still strive to be the best version of yourself.

You just do not condemn yourself for your shortcomings.

3. To love yourself you do not need a reason

You are self-sufficient and should love yourself without a reason.

If you are looking for reasons to love yourself, then love will not be complete and all, and doubts and reasons for reverse appear in the head. You do not need a reason.

As soon as you start thinking: "I love myself, because ...", they appear immediately the causes of yourself not to love!

If you are looking for reasons to love yourself, you find reasons for doubt!

You love yourself and point. Without a reason.

You are already self-sufficient and there is no reason for the opposite.

Thank you for this awareness. You will know everything about how to love yourself and increase self-esteem to a woman or a man.

to love yourself, you need to let go of past mistakes4. Stop putting people to pedestals and realize that everyone is equal

There are no those who are better or worse than you.

Stop comparing yourself with other people and undermine your self-esteem.

Otherwise, you will get to an endless race with myself and never solve your questions about how to love yourself and be confident by a person.

Get out of the influence of social programming. Give yourself aware of how people zombie.

Make a choice and allow yourself to be equal to everyone and experience the inner ease.

5. Never compare yourself with others

Comparison of yourself with others always causes a sense of misappropriation and condemn yourself.

Never hudded for others and do not strive to be the one who you are not! Example

. You look at your neighbor, how he successfully lives and how the business flourishes with him, compare with his position, and you upset yourself and load yourself because of this comparison.

Comparison of yourself with others interferes with making yourself.

You can't be the one who you are. You will not work to live someone else's life. No matter how hard you tried, you will have to be cheaper, sad versions of the person, followed by you!

The best thing happens is to be yourself.

Do not try to be the one who you are. Do not try to be like everything.

All people are equal to among themselves regardless of nationality.Whether and go beyond your capabilities, expand the comfort zone.

It often happens that unconscious girls compare themselves with each other. And as a result, then they are always competing with someone. It is like an endless wheel of suffering and chase.

With this type of thinking, women's questions about how to love themselves and increase self-esteem in the psychology of perception, will forever remain open.

Who can you compare yourself? The only person with whom you must compare - !

It's you yourself

For example, what was you yesterday and what are you today.

A fine line. Try to compare ourselves with yourself not concern the results achieved, but we have to have received new knowledge and awareness.

  • Ask your questions every day:
  • What am I wiser than yesterday and what did you know the new?
  • What lessons I learned from today?

Was the comfort zone today?

Only such a comparison with himself takes place.

If there is no answer, then you remind yourself what you need to work and where to strive.

6. Respect your body and your mind

Consider the sixth council of the psychologist about how to love yourself.

Respect your body and mind - this means that you love yourself as a spiritual person who can think and be conscious, and you love your healthy body and watch him.

Comparison of yourself with others will not help you love yourselfRespect your body - it means to lead a healthy lifestyle

  1. How to respect your body: Do not drink alcohol, cigarettes and other harmful substances.
  2. You have to love your body, and love for it is expressed by the fact that you are not bugging it harmful, alcohol, inhale things and do not undermine his health. Develop your body, go to the hall.
  3. Feel pain from muscle growth, when the understanding that muscles use all their potential and you use them correctly. It's fine. These feelings of the development of body muscles and nutrition of the right food give

You have great confidence and ease in the body. Apply your body for it.

People drink and live their lives so much, because they hate themselves and do not know anything about how to learn to love and appreciate themselves.

Respect your mind and consciousness, do not stuff his false information

  1. What does this mean and how to introduce it:
  2. You do not need to watch any garbage on TV.
  3. You need to think positively, have clear and clear thoughts. Have pure thoughts. And then you crumble your questions about how to get rid of fear and uncertainty.
  4. You remove all negative thoughts that only interfere with progress.
  5. You need to develop your mind, learn new concepts, ideas, topics, look for the best solutions.
  6. Let me rest on your mind.
  7. Meditate. You can read more about how to meditate.

Show him that you respect him.

The introduction of these principles will be one of the main trumps that closes the question of how to start loving yourself a loved one.

7. Remove the negative grilling grandmother, condemning other people and yourself

  1. Why you need to stop condemning others and yourself
  2. Condemnation of others or yourself, grumbling takes a lot of energy. This is a negative that people hold in themselves.
  3. Together, to condemn people who seek something, better do more useful things, do what you do and have fun.
  4. The more you condemn other people, the more you themselves drive yourself into the frame "be like everyone and not stand out among the crowd." Jeff Seid could love himself and his body

Replace the condemnation and grumbling to adequacy, simple contemplation and sober vision of situations.

It will also be the main council of a psychologist on how to love himself after 50 or an older man.

But, alas, and among the younger generation this bad habit is found.

  1. An example of how the condemnation of others limits you yourself
  2. For example, a man sings songs on the street with a harmonica.
  3. And you pass with a friend and start watering it with mud: "Here the Shalyapin was found, there is no voice, there is nothing to do, yes to him in the circus", etc.
  4. It comes time when you already need to speak in front of people on the street and sing a song. But you start shaking, you are tense and confidence is lost somewhere.
  5. It is this grinding grandmother, condemning others, limits in actions and you.

Never condemn anyone. Both yourself and others. :

  • The only thing you can condemn
  • Did I do everything in my power?

Did I do everything that could be better?

8. If you don't like something, then do not tolerate, act

You can verbally say to a person that you do not like it either by faith and gestures to show that you do not approve it.

Grilling granny not wanting to love anyone and needs the psychologist's councilSince childhood, Mom talked you to endure in difficult situations and allow them to be.

It was also in school. No need to endure!

Never hudded for others and do not strive to be the one who you are not! This is not necessary words, it may be actions that push what you do not like.

  • : Man smokes in the car. And you do not tolerate the cigarette smoke and never smoked. You are immediately looking for options for solving the unpleasant situation for you and speak it out loud.
  • I suggest a person to get out of the car and smoke on the sidelines.
  • I say that I do not carry a cigarette smell and I have an allergy.

I say that we will not be able to communicate with him until he stops smoking.

Implement this psychological technique and love yourself will become easier.

The more you will solve unpleasant situations for you, the more love will appear and respect for yourself.

9. Have Personal Borders: What do you take in people, and what not :

  1. Why is it important to have personal boundaries
  2. The peasant drive and ask to leaveIt is thanks to the personal boundaries, people will know that you are allowing, and what is not, and they will already adapt to you.

It is thanks to them that you will begin to better understand people, and no one can sit on your neck.

  • Example.
  • I do not like when a person sits on her neck.
  • I do not like gossip, liar and hypocrites.

And so on. Also Write your preferences

that you appreciate and respect people.

So you will know what you yourself want. You will know clear answers to questions from psychology on how to love yourself and respect.

10. When you achieve your goals, encourage yourself in every way: for example, buy yourself sweets

Good friends will always help the Council.If you put a goal and implemented it, please yourself the most pleasant things.

  • How it helps you in the future:
  • Thus, unconsciously you fasten in your head, that it is doubly pleasant and delicious.
  • There is more energy to realize the goal.

Purchase yourself something, rewarding yourself for the result - emphasizes it, causes natural love for their efforts and the efforts.

For example, I love to buy myself sweet: chocolates, cake. To whom to taste. It is always nice.

Implement this and you no longer need the advice of a psychologist about how to start loving yourself and respect.

11. Do not work and do not let nods to cry in a vest

You are not a sponge and not a vest in which you can cry! Let it clearly understand everything around.

man eats appetizing cakeWhen you whose yourself next to people on life and people, you just show them that they can also do with you as well.

Natching does not solve the problem!

Nutics do not want to love, love a strong personality!

  1. How to stop nodes: If a person is next to you, neotes
  2. , on people, pours out the soul and crying, ask him: "How will you solve your problem?". If he continues to whine, then he is not going to solve anything
  3. . So, man wants to just feel necessary for you, pour out your soul, feel your empathy. Ask yourself: "Why do you need such people?"
  4. . Without a doubt, get rid of whinships, and you will already feel how you started to love yourself more for it. Take away whims from your social circle

And around you will be a strong and healthy ecosystem of emotions and only strong personality nearby. No whitik will not pull you down.

Also on the site there is an article specifically for weak gender about how to become a self-confident girl and raise self-esteem.

12. You yourself create all situations: take responsibility for yourself and your actions

  1. How to learn this using a piece of paper and pen Whatever situations have occurred, no matter what happened, ask yourself the question: " How did I create this situation?
  2. "And write down the answer to this question on the leaflet. Little baby whines and crying to console and love him
  3. Find as many answers as possible, where exactly you are the initiator and creator of the situation. Include as many answers as possible to the question.
  4. Thus, you stop blaming others in what you have now. You will stop complaining about others and whining.

There will be an understanding that the situation in which you are now is, only on your shoulders, and you are one responsible for what happened.

Apply this effective way of psychology on how to learn to love yourself, in practice.

An example with the situation when a man came up with a man on the street

  • As a person brought the situation to this:
  • I myself too aggressively and emotionally behaved.
  • I myself called and provoked a man.
  • I could just go at any time.
  • I myself was looking for an adventure.
  • I first pushed a man.

I myself pulled the negative that I had copied for a long time.

13. Know your strong qualities and unique values, write them down and remember them

Know exactly what value is in you what attractive characteristics and quality.

If you do not know that, you will not be able to develop love for yourself and when communicating with people it will be hard. For example, It's great if during communication with people you, not even straining, bring

  • A man who owns martial arts knows how to protect himself and does not need advicesuch things as:
  • good atmosphere and interesting pastime;
  • many positive emotions;
  • sense of freedom and liberation;

Fun and laughter. Whoever you are .

You already have value at least because you are unique

Written writing your unique qualities and remember them. It will help to cope with restless thoughts on how to learn to love yourself a woman or a man.

  1. Answer in writing to the following questions:
  2. What attractive your personality?
  3. What are your hobbies, interests, hobbies?
  4. What sensations do you give people who are in your environment, do not try and do not make efforts?
  5. How deep do you know how to express your interesting person when communicating with other people?

How independent are you alone and free inside?

Values ​​from different people are different. With the development of your personality, your values ​​can change.

Video on how to increase objective self-esteem

  1. 14. More trust yourself and your intentions, act according to your desires
  2. Say what I want.
  3. If what you do is coming from good intentions, trust them, do and implement them!

Whatever your desires and intentions, act according to them.

Do not be afraid to seem to those who do not want to see others! Because this your life and you live for yourself, not for others!

The more you trust yourself and act according to our desires, the more you live the life you want.

  • Examples of how people restrict themselves in life due to someone else's opinion:
  • Some people do not want to fully express themselves and their identity, because they are afraid to offend other people.

Someone does not want to dance because it is afraid to experience the views of disapproval or cause smiles on the faces of others.

You can read on the FEELPASSION website about how to score on someone else's opinion and get rid of shyness.

15. more interested in yourself, do self-analysis, strive to be the best

  1. How to learn to love yourself and be confident personality
  2. Fill your life with interesting events for you! Be myself for an interesting person.
  3. Find the responses that you start and bring happiness, fill you with love.
  4. Open new things for yourself that increase your condition.
  5. Find classes, during the execution of which the love of yourself increases.
  6. Find your bias, performing which you forget about what is happening around and fully immerse yourself in the process.
  7. Be even better than you now. Develop in the direction you love.
  8. You must live the life of your dreams you want to live. Strive for this. Two guys cheer themselves and know how to relax in the club

Find what causes your passion and motivation in life. You can read on the site more about how to motivate yourself.

Adhere to these principles, and you will not be more bathe about how to learn to love life and yourself.

  • Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What are your bias in this life?
  • What excuses you and is delighted?
  • What humor do you like?

What kind of music do you like?

  1. 16. Put yourself a big goal that will excite and not give to fall asleep, and implement it Put yourself such a goal that will excite you and not to get
  2. ! Live this dream and embody her every day. The more you put a goal, the more energy appears in the body
  3. To implement it and embody into reality. .
  4. If the target is low and petty, then so much energy will be Thus, on the way to a big goal, you will live an interesting life

, Respect to yourself and the feeling that you are growing, and not stand still.

Remember the importance of the goal and you will close your questions about how to learn to love yourself and become an interesting person.

17. It is important to love other people: do not try to change them

  1. It is important to love and take people as they are. What does love people mean and take them as they are Van Damm dancing for himself with girls in the bar? This does not mean that you run to help homeless and evil people.
  2. This means that you take all people as they are, do not resist their nature and you are not trying to change them. It is useless to try to change all people
  3. . Especially if they do not ask you about it. It's like trying to change the universe. Attempts to change everyone is the resistance of reality
  4. . Resistance enhances stress and internal burden. You do not resist their essence and do not spend power to change them. All people around are the reflection of you yourself.

. What you see them, so you yourself and you are. If you think that all evil around, change your perception. Maybe you yourself are angry inside and you need to work with it.

Realize these principles, re-read them sometimes and do not worry about how to love yourself and other people too.

18. You do not need to be a superidean person

Our society, media masses and television inspires perfectionism and the desire to be superideal and correct.

Allegedly you should have the perfect body, education.

In fact, no one wants to be perfect and correct!

Replace this desire for the desire to fully accept and love yourself in any manifestation and expression.

People want to be themselves.

Let yourself and other people be as they are.

So you will know everything about how to take yourself and love.

  • MUGI was able to love himself and all people19. Do not forget to respect yourself and simply look
  • The appearance determines not the future attitude towards you surrounding and not the attitude of the opposite sex to you.
  • The appearance determines first of all your own attitude towards yourself, your self-esteem.
  • If a person does not look very good: he is untidy, in dirty pants, a unstained shirt, unpleasant smells come from it, then this suggests that, first of all, this person does not respect himself.
  • From here, it is no longer necessary to count on respect for anyone. And even more so it will undermine your confidence.
  • It is enough to look fine, good, decent.

No need to wear expensive costumes for several thousand. They really do nothing.

Sufficiently fit your idea that normal

To be in pathetic steep places, it is absolutely optionally to have super-like clothing.

To do this, it is enough to look suitable for its idea that it is normal.

Well, it is desirable, of course, learn in advance about the requirements of the institution and correspond to them. If there are no special requirements, then do not fit anything.

  • Incorrect tips from other people and mistakes Very stupid advise man always thinking positive
  • . It is equivalent to keeping in the head and forcibly cling to some thoughts. Any condition is temporary and non-permanent.
  • . All people change the state and there is no point in making a person to depend on the state and chase constantly behind him. This does not mean that you can now be a nasty evil grandmother
  • . No. Need to love yourself no matter what condition you are

. Be congruent with yourself and love yourself in any manifestation.

On this, all the tips are completed. Now you know everything about how to love yourself and correctly interpret this concept.

Wise words

Love is the lack of separation and boundaries between people. This is when you are dissolved and you see yourself in every person.

Love all people much more beautiful than love yourself one or only your partner.

Love includes a sense of strong attachment and desire to be with a man. It can also be directed to objects, places, phenomena. It is also considered in philosophy as a subjective selective feeling, which is directed to the object of love and causes happiness.

People often wonder how to love themselves, but it is important to understand that this is not the case of one day. It will be necessary to work on yourself, over your own approach to life, above the subjective system of values ​​and priorities.

What does "love yourself" mean in psychology

Taylor Lautner knows how to dress well and often pampers himself

  1. Consider what it means to "love yourself" in the context of the psychology of the personality. Love for yourself is a complex feeling that consists of several elements:
  2. Taking yourself. This means accepting appearances, minuses of character and abilities, mistakes in the past. Of course, this is not a reason for poking with your weaknesses. Just need to remove the feeling of shame and guilt for all this. People often make the opposite direct - make themselves change towards public standards. But there are several problems here. Firstly, such a "peroxide" often passes painfully for a person. Secondly, people around them often changed without difference, you changed or not. Thirdly, if you go against your natural qualities, it is not a fact that it will change them.
  3. Attention to yourself. A person is characteristic of its needs and desires. If you yourself will not satisfy your desires, then no one will do this. In general, attention to myself is a care for career growth, health and body, prosperous, good relationship with loved ones.
  4. Self-development and love for work. Loving person will love all his manifestations. Including its abilities and results of work, as part of yourself. All people have a desire to embody themselves in the world, leave a trace in history. Therefore, for a person, the desire for self-development. Because of this, in the question, how to love yourself, psychology directly indicates that self-study is a mandatory component.
  5. Self-sufficiency is the lack of painful dependencies from close people, work. Of course, this does not mean that no one is needed by a person. Everyone needs to communicate, build relationships, implement yourself. But when a person puts his self-esteem and the integrity of his "I", depending on the success of the work, proximity to a person, it will sooner or later lead to a catastrophe. Self-sufficiency is the ability to live without anything or anyone. The self-sufficient girl is not the one who does not need a man, and that that can be happy and without him.

Confidence is an assessment of your abilities and resources, as sufficient to achieve the main life tasks. Also here comes in the feeling of his rightness, definiteness in decision-making. First of all, this is a subjective positive assessment of himself, so there is not enough external well-being for confidence. Problems appear as a child due to improper education of the "obedient" personality or inadequate requirements, gross criticism, big life failures.

Tips for psychologists as a woman to be happy

In how to love yourself, the advice of psychologists first of all suggest that it is necessary to get rid of the illusions, as if for happiness, you need money, beauty, loved one. Of course, you have it all nice, but not necessarily.

Happiness is a subjective positive perception of itself and the world, the ability not to worry, confidence in their forces.

There is no emotion man alone. They come only in emergency situations. Therefore, happiness is not emotion, but satisfaction with your own life and by me. This is also a subjective attitude, which strongly depends on the internal assessment system.

Stylish guy
If you want to raise the number of happiness and learn how to love yourself, then below are the most important advice.

Advice that should be adopted by each

Get rid of the victim's complex In this life, nothing is smooth, so if you suffer, the happiness is unlikely to become your constant companion. Pity to himself is a self-destructive feeling that the child develops in herself in childhood in attempts to manipulate adults by tears and diseases.

The same strategy, but already at an unconscious level, people use in adulthood. Persistently remove any desire to cry and suffer.

Stop dreaming

Fantasy poison life invisible way. You're dreaming about something, because this (about what you dream) you are not enough. Why not enough? Maybe you consider yourself and your life is defective, and also do not know how to love yourself and be happy without it? Then it directly indicates dissatisfaction with itself.

Stop dreaming. If something really is needed, then put the target and systematically reach.

Raise self-esteem

First you need to get rid of the previous system of values, where you need to be beautiful, successful, smart and have another million positive qualities. Of course, for adequate high self-esteem, personal development will be required, but you can love and respect yourself without any positive character traits.

Differences low self-esteem from adequate

How to start respect

  1. Often, people do not understand how to love themselves and begin to respect, due to the fact that they do not see their own advantages. To solve this problem, you need to perform several actions:
  2. Make a complete list of all your qualities of both positive and negative. The list of their positive features should be learned by heart and repeat several times a day, praise yourself for their presence. But for negative qualities in the list it is necessary to forgive every day. It is also impossible to justify their presence, but also to blame themselves.

Develop. Regularly improve your positive habits and do something to eliminate negative qualities. No need to put global goals (quit smoking in one day), develop gradually without hurrying.

An important component is praised for every minute achievement. And for failures you need to forgive yourself and remove the feeling of guilt that arises.

self-esteem, pictureHow to take your appearance

  1. For a woman, a key point in improving self-esteem is how to take your appearance and love yourself. This task can be implemented in two stages:
  2. Destroy the old system of beliefs at the expense of appearance. All ideas on the score of "thick do not love" and so on to delete, because they are incorrect. You can love anyone and for anything. Each person has its own coordinate system regarding appearance. Some methods of evaluation are more common, others are less. But the soul mate can find everything.

Praise yourself in front of the mirror. Please believe that various exterior flaws are not so significant. Praise your appearance just like this or for specific features. At first, such an exercise may seem uncomfortable, stupid, but it is only a sign of an internal conflict between what you are doing and what you feel. Continue exercise every day and the results will not wait to wait.

In order to love yourself and be sure, a positive assessment of your qualities, resources and abilities is required. You can use gesture language, which immediately affects mood and thoughts. To do this, you need to smile more often, talk louder, above to keep your head.

It is necessary to learn how to refer to criticism correctly, get rid of perfectionism, habits to compare ourselves with others and everyone will like the desire.

Psychological techniques

To love yourself, use psychological techniques and rules. There are a lot of them. Within this article, consider several of them.

Girl holds a broken mirrorExercises for every day

  1. If you want to know how to quickly love yourself, remember the exercises for every day and do it carefully:
  2. Every day you remind you that you can love and respect yourself and you just need it so that no additional reasons are needed for this. No thing is able to supplement the personality of a person, all the mistakes are in the past and the present "I" have nothing to do, and the presence or absence of a second half should not affect the number of happiness in your personal life.
  3. One of the best exercises - praised itself in front of the mirror. For girls, it is especially important because it is necessary to praise your appearance. In addition, this exercise can be done in the mornings when cleaning your teeth, which charges you positive for the whole day.
  4. Take yourself and forgive for your shortcomings and mistakes. The habit of scolding himself appeared in childhood, when parents brought up an obedient child into us. It must be understood that the whole system "good-bad" in reality does not make any sense. No one pays attention to your mistakes. It is stupid to blame himself in what you did or did not stupidly. After all, then you had another experience and knowledge, which means you could not see the error.
  5. Affirmations are short formulations with praise that you need to repeat daily. The main condition for success should be a variety. That is, affirmations must affect all areas of activity. It is desirable that they concern the topic forgiveness for disadvantages and past mistakes. Do not create a cumier.
  6. The desire to be similar to someone says that you are unhappy with themselves. From this you need to get rid of. It is necessary to realize that all people are equal and weakly differ in abilities. Particularly can not be dependent on the assessment of idols. Therefore, you need to relate to other people as equal to themselves.
  7. You can not compare ourselves with others. Each person has advantages and disadvantages. Of course, everyone seeks to hide their problems. As a result, it seems that others are better. So it turns out that comparing itself with other people always leads to the development of an inferiority complex. Do not try to be such as everyone, be yourself.
  8. Praise yourself constantly for everything that is, and if not for something, then just like that. Put yourself an alarm clock for every hour and whenever he shames, praise myself for everything that comes to mind. Praise yourself - the basis of high self-esteem. This is the most important exercise for how to love yourself.

It is impossible to negatively refer to other people. The condemnation of others leads to the fact that the person and itself begins to scold for similar actions in a similar situation. If you will despise people who do not have money, they never recognize their own poverty. The ability to forgive needs not only on itself, but also on other people.


Mirror techniqueThese are exercises based on the use of muscle relaxation with self-education and self-education. Autotraining may even treat vegetative nervous disorders due to the trophhotropic reaction and improve the work of the parasympathetic department of the nervous system. There is a division of exercises to the "lower", when a person relaxes and is engaged in self-sustaining, and "higher" when he is in the trans.

  1. The lower steps include the following workouts (all of them are performed lying or in half lying position):
  2. Present your body with heavy and nerviar. Task - relax muscle tone.
  3. Making breathing, breathing, exhale and again delay, spending on each stage exactly 5 seconds. The task is to develop uniform breathing.
  4. Represent how heat is bottled by body or separate limb. The task is to achieve the expansion of sebum vessels.

Imagine that I put something cold on my forehead. The task is to reduce the headache.

The highest level is designed to create complex experiences. It is difficult to master it yourself, a teacher is required. But for the task, how to love yourself, these exercises are redundant. Therefore, in this article we will not be considered.

If you want to love yourself, where to start, the answer is simple - it is necessary to get rid of the previous assessment system, it is critical to analyze all ideas about good and poor behavior, life and results. Next, it is necessary to learn to recognize negative thoughts about yourself and remove their will. Finally, you need to develop a habit of constantly praising yourself for any achievement or just so, without them.

This problem has a root in childhood when we were told how a good, obedient child should behave. Of course, reinforcing all these punishments, swearing and other actions that destroy the self-esteem of children. Therefore, it is necessary to not only change beliefs, but also to know how to love yourself more than a man.

Guy in headphones
Before you love yourself, the woman does not necessarily become a leader. Leadership is not just a character trait, but a conscious choice that is not necessary in all situations. But if you want to have such quality, it will be necessary to develop a charisma, professionalism, responsibility, the ability to lead people and set the tasks in front of them.

A man with a high self-esteem always seeks to look good, engaged in loved ones and carefully spending his own time, which inevitably positively affects the quality of life. Therefore, the right attitude to yourself needs to educate and protect, not allowing external circumstances to influence self-esteem.

  1. Quality inherent leader
  2. You need to learn to forgive yourself for disadvantages and mistakes, as well as praise for any achievements, and if they are not, then just like that.
  3. You can perform some particular exercises: praise in front of the mirror, meditation and so on. But in any case, learns to think correctly and manage its consciousness - a prerequisite. This will require the power of will and permanent workouts.


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