Beautiful bows from ribbons do it yourself: 100 ideas with photos

If you love holidays - love to beautifully decorate your home, decorate the premises before the holidays, pampering our close presents and their original design, then be sure to study the presented simple workshops, how to create

Bates from ribbons do it yourself

. There are only a few simple movements and a simple tape to turn into a lush, bulk bow. We are confident that such master classes must be useful to you, even if you are a small checkewed lover, now you do not have to seek help with packing gifts for a holiday, for example, if you want to present original

Crafts for the new year 2019


Bates from ribbons do it yourself: photo

Surely you have ever seen how beautifully decorate gifts

Bows of satin ribbons do it yourself

And today you will learn how to do it, putting at least efforts. Only at first glance it seems that this is a task for the real professional, but today you will be convinced about the opposite. And the secret of our simple master class lies in a special template, we'll talk about it next:

  • 2.5 cm ribbons width

  • Cardboard Puzzled

  • Needle with thread

  • Glue gun

Such bowl bowls can become an element of decor, they can be used to decorate gifts, and you can take such an idea as a basis for creating hair accessories. For example, if in kindergarten will be

An organized day of knowledge

, For girls, you can cook such hair decorations so that they feel like real schoolgirls who come on September 1 to school in a festive form.

Bates from ribbons do it yourself: the best ideas with photos

First, we need to cook a pattern, for him we took a dense corrugated cardboard (any box is suitable). As a template, we will have a star with a seven rays, as we make a big bow, then the template should be big, in our case there was a circle with a diameter of 17 cm. In the center of the template it is necessary to do a hole that we will use to fix the edge Ribbons. And even for the convenience of the rays of the stars, we numbered, so you definitely do not confuse into the number of ribbon turns.

On average, one lush product will take 6 meters of ribbon, but it is better to take with a margin. You can not cut off the piece from the whole bobbin not to make a mistake. First, you need to skip the tape tip and fix it, after starting to pay everything better, moving in that order - 1-5-2-6-3-7-4. It will be the first circle of winding, and all of them need to do five, then the product will be beautiful and voluminous. Thus, on the template in us should turn out only 35 kettles.

Bates from ribbons do it yourself: the best ideas with photos

In the center, all lines must be combined, and fasten them with a needle with a thread, flashing with several stitches with a tape "design". But it is necessary to flash not tightly, but leaving the layers of moving relative to each other.

After that, you can start removing the loops from the template, then fix them. We had a "tail", which must be wrapped in the form of another loop, and the tip is glued to the center.

As you can see, we turned out volumetric

Bows from ribbons do it yourself, photo

Of course, they cannot convey their size, but you can believe us for the word - their diameter turned out 16 cm. You can make a bow and smaller diameter, then you need to make a smaller pattern and take narrower ribbons.

Bates from ribbons do it yourself: the best ideas with photos

Bates from ribbons do it yourself: Step by step photo

Let's look at a few more simple solutions, how to fold

Bates from ribbons do it yourself, step by step photo

Tell you how to do it. You know how many lifehams on the Internet can be found, which are designed to alleviate your life, it is not surprising that the masters have ideas, how to minimize the complexity with the tie of the bows of the most different size. For example, if you do independently invitations to the ceremony, guided by the presented

wedding councils

You can decorate them with miniature snow-white bows.

That is how we stumbled upon a whole adaptation to the tie of the bows, it has four sides and several teeth, thanks to which you can get decorating a different size. Of course, you will consider the stupidity to spend money on such a device, so we suggest you use the template and make such a cardboard device yourself.

Bates from ribbons do it yourself: the best ideas with photos

In the photo you can see what is simpler

make a bow from the ribbon do it yourself

: The tip must be fixed with a finger just above the teeth, crush the ribbon around the two teeth, then the second end to skip into the hole in the middle (between the teeth), make a loop and skip the end into this loop, strongly tightening it. It remains only to remove the bow from the device and disperse the turns.

Special devices are definitely an interesting idea, but we will teach you to tie a miniature

Bows from ribbons do it yourself. Master Class

It will be reduced using the most familiar table appliance - forks.

  • Narrow ribbon

  • Fork with four teeth

  • Scissors

Bates from ribbons do it yourself: the best ideas with photos

We will need a segment at least 15 cm. One end should be left short, and the second to make the turns around the fork's teeth. The long edge of the ribbons should be wrapped around all the teeth, then turn between 2-3 teeth. Now the second end should be missed between 2-3 teeth, after which both tips from us were on the back side of the fork and can be tied up with a nodule. When you remove the plug, then you will get a miniature bow.

Bates from ribbons do it yourself: the best ideas with photos

Now you know how to create

Bow from ribbon do it yourself, step by step

Description and photos will be your assistants in this process. With the help of the same fork, you can get a double bow, but for this it will be necessary to crush the cloves with several layers of ribbons. Such miniature bows can be glued to the hairpins or invisible, and you will get a bright and original hair accessory for your daughter.

Bates from ribbons do it yourself: the best ideas with photos

If you want to learn more about creating hair accessories, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Kanzashi technique, which allows you to perform stylish gum and clips, decorated with lush bows and flowers.

Beautiful bows from ribbons do it yourself: 100 ideas with photos

Beautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbons
Beautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbons
Beautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbonsBeautiful gates from ribbons

Satin tape is a very interesting and fairly universal material for creativity! With it, it creates a lot of crafts. In particular - bows from satin ribbons with their own hands! Lush, bright, different shapes and sizes, they apply not only to decorate boxes with gifts, but also for decorating rims, dressings, hairpins and rubber bands. In today's lesson, we will look at a few completely different, but, of course, beautiful options for the manufacture of bows for every taste! 😉

Perfect lush bow in 15 minutes

Perfect magnificent bow

Master Class

Cut off the four pieces of atlas: the two largest - the same length, one more - smaller and one more very short (we use it as a jumper).

We sew or glue with each other short sides first with one long, and then one middle strip. It turns out two rings as in the photo below:

We put them in half the seams down, put one more small detail. Stitch or glue in the center.

Slightly suggest a bow in the center:

The remaining short piece we bring to the long sides inside until the middle, like this:

Gently turning the jumper bow with the bottom of the second long strip inserted:

Stitch or glue the jumper.

So that the bow watched is neat, cut off the bottom of the "tails" of the painter. In the case of a satin ribbon, you can carefully treat sections with a lighter.

Bow ready! If you wish to make it even more lush, make three or even four rings, most importantly - so that every next thing is slightly less than the previous one;)

How to tie a bow from the satin ribbon on the fingers

Master Class

So, lay out the ribbon on the fingers of the left hand, as shown in the photo, and hold it with a big finger.

Twice wrap a satin ribbon around the fingers, like this:

We stretch the end of the ribbon between the middle and index fingers:

Big fingers continue to keep the end.

Next, I pull the end of the tape on yourself and apply under the loop:

Correctly pull and tie a nodule. Remove the bow from the fingers.

It remains to cut the masts of the ends and pour them with a lighter, so as not to disengage.

Three satin ribbons

For work, we will need three satin ribbons of different widths (5 cm, 2.5 cm and 0.5 cm), scissors, needle and adhesive gun. The edges are fired with a candle or lighter.

Master Class

Cut two tapes of the same length. We process edges with fire, so that the material does not lure. We put a wide ribbon in half, we plan the middle. Deploy back. We put on the table a wide ribbon, top with a narrower:

Next, we need to flip ribbons, fold their edges inward to the middle line, and flash the stitches.

We tighten the thread, forming folds, and tie a nodule.

Women hide a membrane from a narrow strip - just turn around it the bottleneck and fasten the adhesive gun or threads.

Bow ready!

Lush bows of satin ribbons do it yourself

For work prepare:

  • white satin ribbon 5 cm wide - 138 cm;
  • Dark blue satin ribbon 3 cm wide - 69 cm;
  • silver strip 1 cm wide - 10 cm;
  • line;
  • pins;
  • candle or lighter;
  • threads;
  • needle;
  • Elastic band.

Step-by-step instruction

Stage First

To begin with, we need to cut a white satin ribbon: 4 segments by 10, 11.5 and 13 cm.

Next, cut blue - three pieces of 22-23 cm.

A brilliant ribbon 10 cm long leaves untouched.

Now go directly to the creation of a bow - for this we will fold and fix the ribbons.

We lay out of two white segments of 13 cm direct angle, overlapping one tape to another, as shown in the photo:

On top of this corner, we put two ribbons with a length of 11.5 cm each. As a result, it will turn out such a "Christmas tree":

On top of these strips, we still have two more, but 10 cm long for 10 cm. I spoke our Christmas tree pins diagonally.

The remaining strips we fold in the same way, separately from just collected.

Now bend the corners of the tapes, as shown in the photo:

We fold the corners forward, along the first pins. We have a straight corner.

We do the same on the opposite side:

Then bend forward to the bottom corner and we spawned a pin.

From the lower angle, we measure 2.5 cm and celebrate this segment, again we apply a circle:

Stage two

We carry out a neat aims for just applied line and remove the pins. No need to cut off!

Cut off the excess along the stitches, retreating from them a few millimeters.

Gently we fall down the cut.

Then we tighten his thread and get some kind of bud :)

The second half of the bow is made similarly.

Two halves fasten threads.

White part of the bow is ready:

Now we will deal with color (in our case - blue) ribbon. We process open sections.

Having folded each segment in half, wealthing the middle and deploy. We fold the segments of the segment to the middle of the falsestone in several millimeters. Fix pin.

The next thing we need to do is to lay down the blanks on the other, like this:

We sew their contemporary wide stitches:

And now neatly tighten. Bit Bantian is also ready.

We put the white part of the bow on the blue:

We associate their thread, as shown in the photo. After that, fix the string and cut off.

Stage Third

Now we need to beautifully attach a bow to a rubber. To do this, we take a dual thread and with the help of the needle fasten a bow on the top of the rubber, stitching and priming it.

It is much faster than you can attach a bow with a thermoclaus, however, the gums are quickly stretched, and then remove the glued bow to replace the gum will be much more complicated.

Wrap a bug with a rubber band in the center of a silver ribbon, hiding the seams:

And fix the edge by threads.

The middle can also be decorated with beads, beads or sewing rhinestones.

Bow for a little fashionista is ready!

Large bow of satin ribbons in the form of a flower

For work prepare:

  • Wide satin tape (for this bow used 8 cm width, it is possible less) -150 cm;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • needle;
  • beads or rhinestones;
  • Brook-brook for the core;
  • felt;
  • Adhesive pistol.

Master Class

Option first

We fold a long tape into the harmonica and tie in the center of the thread in the tone.

Soak each loop and gently straighten. Between loops we sew large rhinestones or beads.

Option two

More complicated, but more inactive. 🙂

Cut the ribbon to 29 identical segments. It is advisable to take a satin tape with a rigid edging - so the bow will be better to keep the form!

Next, take the segment, fold it twice, overlapping one edge of the tape to another. Stitch or glue edges. We repeat the same with the remaining ribbons.

Next, sew the details in four flower 9, 8, 7 and 5 petals.

Cut from a dense felt a circle.

We apply glue and alternately glue the flowers, starting from the largest and ending with the smallest.

The middle decorate the brother or beads and beads.

Luxurious lush bow do it yourself

For work prepare:

  • Satin tape (the more you need a bow, the longer and wider than the tape);
  • Clocks-crocodiles, paper clips or paper clips;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • glue pistol;
  • the foundation for the hairpin;
  • cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • Candle for cutting cuts.

Master Class

First we make a template - cut the square from the cardboard. More square - more bow. In the center cut out a long narrow recess (width of about 5 mm).

We have a satin ribbon, as shown in the photo, fix the clip and cut the end, so that it is a little longer the edge of the template.

Wrap a ribbon, as shown in the photo, and fix it. After completing three turns, cut the tip.

We take a needle with a thread and with a recess in the template we derive a needle. We flash all three turns of the seam "forward needle" and remove the ribbon from the template.

We assign a bow in the center.

We drag on the thread so that you can fix the base for the nipple below it. If necessary, we perform some more neat locking stitches.

We take a narrow tape, turn around the bow in the center and with the help of hot glue fix on the back side, simultaneously masking the locking seam under it.

Bow ready!

Bright two-tone bow from satin ribbons

For work prepare:

  • satin tape of two colors (4 cm);
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • needle;
  • glue pistol;
  • line;
  • Candle.

Master Class

Cut the tape with a length of 20 cm - 2 +2.

We fold the parts by connecting the exhaust to the wrongness:

We rock stripes in half and dragging the edges in opposite sides before getting a straight angle. Then we connect together and move the ribbon almost to the edge of the lower segment:

Two details:

Next, you need to connect corners with the edges of the parts by folding them in half:

We flash the details on the edge and tighten the thread.

Sut off another piece of tape length 7 cm. Wrap a ribbon middle of a bow.


Bowls of Kanzashi from satin ribbons

For work, prepare the same materials as for the previous bow.

Master Class

Cut the tape with a length of 20 cm - 4 + 4.

We connect two multicolored with an inside. Crawling the angles: one up, the other - down, changing the color of the upper ribbon.

We fold twice as in the photo:

Again twice:

We flash the edge.

Tighten the thread, we form a bow and fix it.

The middle is wrapped with a tape of 10 cm and fasten with glue.

Bow ready!

Lush two-color bows from ribbons with their own hands

For work, prepare the same materials as for the previous bow.

Master Class

Cut two white tapes for 20 cm.

Four purple tapes for 20 cm.

We plan the middle of the purple segment and fold the ribbon into the triangle. I turn over.

Watch the edges, folding free edges in half. I turn over.

We connect the top and bottom, like this:

We perform four of the same details.

The same makes the same with white ribbons.

We flash the edges of two purple blanks, tighten, fix the thread.

Next - two white.

We connect the white and purple bow, putting one to another:

A lilac ribbon we put in the tube and tie into the node. Rates from the nodal to three centimeters, cut off the ribbon.

We glue the rubber band and disguise the middle ribbon with a nodule.

Bows taken by their own hands are ready!

Satin tape bows 2.5 cm: Video master class

That's all! Now you know how to make a bow from the satin ribbon with your own hands. Share with us photos of your bows in the comments! 😉

Make a beautiful bow from satin or capron tape simply. Such an accessory can be decorated with a gift, garment or interior.

  • In the arsenal of each woman there are its secrets and tricks, allowing to ease and decorate our life
  • Bows of ribbons and other materials are capable of adding a festive mood and supplement the outfit, hairstyle, gift set, table service and other interior and clothing items
  • Many women think that make a beautiful bow on their own difficult
  • But this is not the case, all people can create a beautiful masterpiece
  • It is worth only to prepare materials and you can proceed to such an interesting needlework

How to make a simple beautiful bow of ribbon with your own hands?

How to make a simple beautiful bow of ribbon with your own hands?
How to make a simple beautiful bow of ribbon with your own hands?

Previously, bows and long ribbons were woven with girls in braids. Currently, first grades attach ready-made magnificent bows made of satin or kapron ribbons.

How to make a simple beautiful bow of ribbon with your own hands? The easiest and most beautiful bay is obtained from a two-color satin ribbon.

How to make a simple beautiful bow from the tape of two colors with your own hands?
How to make a simple beautiful bow from the tape of two colors with your own hands?

To make such a decoration, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare 20 cm wide ribbon (5 cm) of a light shade, and 40 cm of a dark shade tape 2 or 3 cm wide
  2. Fold a wide ribbon and glue the ends, as shown in the picture
  3. Top to attach 20 cm thin ribbon and also glue the ends. Stick them to folded ends wide ribbon
  4. The remaining 20 cm thin tape wrap in the middle of the received "sandwich" and do not tight node
  5. Send the ends of the ribbon inside the node or leave them free so that you can born to tie to clothes, hair or gift wrapping

Here are some more ways to make simple bows:

Simple handsome bow of ribbon do it yourself
Simple handsome bow of ribbon do it yourself
Beautiful bow of ribbon do it yourself
Beautiful bow of ribbon do it yourself

Another way to make a simple bow can be seen in this video.

Video: How to make a bow from the tape of any size?

You can make a beautiful bow from fine braid, folding her segments in the form of "eights", and then stitching them in the middle. The more details, the more beautiful there is a bow.

Simple bow of ribbon do it yourself
Simple bow of ribbon do it yourself
How to fold a thin ribbon bow?
How to fold a thin ribbon bow?

Important: Make a simple bow is easy. Show fantasy and after a few minutes the accessory for the holiday will be ready.

How to make a big lush bow of ribbon?

How to make a big lush bow of ribbon?
How to make a big lush bow of ribbon?
How to make a big lush bow of ribbon with your own hands?
How to make a big lush bow of ribbon with your own hands?

Make such a bow just:

  1. Buy the ribbon of the desired width. Length depends on how lush should be a bow - 1 or 2 meters
  2. Fold the ribbon "accordion"
  3. Tie in the middle of the caproic thread. Ends Leave free so that the product can be born to a gift or hair
  4. You can make a "sandwich" from individual glued elements, bandaging in the middle

Another way to make a lush bow. Prepare 2 meters of white ribbon and small beads.

Big ribbon bow
Big ribbon bow

Such a "royal" bow is made up of separate small details of bows that are sewn to the base of white felt. In order to make small items, follow these steps:

  1. Cut the tape on equal segments of 10-20 cm, depending on what size you need a bow
  2. Fold in half, outdoor out
  3. From a bent line, at a distance of 2 cm, you should drop glue and press this place tweezers so that the tape glued
  4. When the glue will dry up, remove the bows, and make a fold at the ends
  5. Crerate ends thread and sushach to the base
  6. You can decorate such a bow in rhinestones, gluing them to the middle or beads of different colors. All - the product is ready

How to make such a "royal" bow, can be seen in the video.

Video: Magnificent bow for a kindergarten

It is worth noting: such a decoration can be put on a daughter for graduation in kindergarten or on September 1. It will be perfectly complemented and a lush dress or school uniform.

How to make a bow from a wide ribbon?

How to make a bow from a wide ribbon?
How to make a bow from a wide ribbon?

Often to a suit of an adult or child, you need to pick up a bowler's tie. Of course, you can buy it in the store, but not always in the assortment there is a suitable color. Therefore, you need to make such a tie independently.

How to make a bow "Butterfly" from a wide ribbon?
How to make a bow "Butterfly" from a wide ribbon?

Perform these steps:

  1. Prepare 20 cm tape 5cm wide and 18 cm tape 3 cm width
  2. Fold the segments in half and glue the ends. Create them with a needle to glue the edge well
  3. When the glue will dry out, put one element on the other and make stitches with a thread in the middle
  4. Roll thread and secure
  5. In principle, this is enough, but you can tie the seam of a thin ribbon to the tone. "Butterfly" is ready

Beautiful Roses are obtained from wide ribbons. How to make such an original bow of a wide ribbon? Everything is simple.

How to make a bantle rose from a wide ribbon?
How to make a bantle rose from a wide ribbon?

Perform these steps:

  1. Get tape on your hand, as shown in the picture
  2. Make a node and remove the product with hands.
  3. Pour rose petals, bending them inside
  4. Do it all until the last petal
  5. Than a magnificent rose, the longer there should be a ribbon

How to make a small tape bow?

How to make a small tape bow?
How to make a small tape bow?

Stylishly and attractive on any interior item or clothing looks a bug made of thin tape. He adds sophistication and elegance. How to make a small tape bow?

For the decoration of gifts, a festive table and a BAND "Dior" is often used as a clothing accessory.

How to make a bow dior of a thin ribbon?
How to make a bow dior of a thin ribbon?

To make such an accessory, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare 1m ribbons 1-2 cm wide
  2. It must be cut into segments of different lengths. The number of these segments will depend on how much a lush bow you want to do. The length of the turns do this size so that this bowman lay along the entire length of the packaging box, the longer the coil, the more beautiful
  3. Finished turns to lay on top of each other, gradually reducing the size of each turn
  4. The last coil should be in diameter not more than 1 cm
  5. While the resulting bow of a thin ribbon to the tone, inwarding it in the last coil.
  6. Such an accessory can be attached to any surface: flat or round

Sometimes you need to make a lot of small tape bows. This will help the ordinary fork. Perform these steps:

  1. Prepare an atlantic tape with a width of 0.6 cm and a dining room fork
  2. Verify the tape on the plug, leave the ends of at least 4-5 cm
  3. Left edge of ribbons Wrap around the fork and make a way, encouraging it between medium teeth
  4. It turned out loop. Without tightening this loop, impose the end of the tape, but on top of the fork between the teeth
  5. Get the end of the ribbon in the loop from below and tighten
  6. Remove the bow from the plug and cut off the excess tape at the edges
  7. Feed cut off the ends of the ribbon with fire (lighter or match) so that the tape does not appear. Such bows can be made as much as needed - quickly and easily

More detailed instructions, how to make a bow with a fork and a thin tape, can be seen in the next video.

VIDEO: How to make a cute bow of satin ribbon and ordinary plug in 2 minutes?

How to make a bunt from a narrow tape?

How to make a bunt from a narrow tape?
How to make a bunt from a narrow tape?

Such an elegant accessory can decorate a gift, garment, table serving or even hair. An elegant and lush bow is obtained from a thin ribbon. How to make a bunt from a narrow tape?

Perform these steps:

  1. Prepare a narrow tape of two colors and cut a circle of 2 cm from cardboard
  2. It is necessary to cut the ribbon on the segments of 5-7 cm
  3. Now we have a glue gun with a drop of glue to the cardboard circle and stick the edge of one of the segments of the tape. 0.5 cm once again apply a drop of glue and glue the second end of the tape
  4. Between the adhesive ends of the tape, apply glue again and glue the end of the tape of another color. Her second edge stick next to the edge of the ribbon, which was glued to that
  5. Repeat so until several rows of such turns are passed. The last 2-3 rows can be made smaller, and at the middle attach a bead or rhinestones

IMPORTANT: When you stick the tape segments, make each end through the previous coil. Thanks to this, the bow will be lush and beautiful.

A visual example, how to make such a bow, can be seen in the following video.

Video: Magnificent Band from a narrow satin ribbon / Kanzashi Master Class

How to make a bow on the hair?

How to make a bow on the hair?
How to make a bow on the hair?

Bow with your own hands for decoration hairstyles is original and beautiful. You can be sure about what decoration will be only with you.

How to make a bow on the hair? Perform the following steps:

  1. Prepare 2 cuts of 5 cm wide and 25 cm long, and a thin ribbon for the middle
  2. Take one segment of the tape and start the corner at one end.
  3. The second edge will also fold the corner near the first folded end. Then bend the resulting corners to each other. Build a folded twine needle
  4. Now close to folded corners, make another turn and secure the needle
  5. As if turning the resulting product, make a corner again to get "Rhombus". Do so until one small triangle ribbon remains
  6. Fold "Rhombik" in half, and once again in half. Now you need to be "corner" to fold the remaining edge of the tape. It turned out a triangle
  7. Keep it for the center so that all we have folded, did not disclose. Remove all needles
  8. Internal triangle, bend to the center so that the original "petal"
  9. Create with a needle and threads in the place where you keep your fingers
  10. Such details need to do two pieces
  11. Sew these details and tie out in the middle of a thin ribbon
  12. Sew this bow to a rubber band or stick to the hairpin, and a unique hair accessory is ready

Detailed instructions are in the video, thanks to which you will be easier to make a beautiful hair bow.

Video: MK - How to make a hair bouton from satin ribbon?

How to make a bow from a kapron tape?

How to make a bow from a kapron tape?
How to make a bow from a kapron tape?

If your daughter goes into the first class, then it must have the most beautiful and lush bows. How to make a bow from a kapron tape?

Make a lush and beautiful bow just. If the store did not turn out to be the width, instead you can use a cut from organza.

To make a bow, perform such step-by-step actions:

  1. Prepare two tapes 7.5 cm wide and 140 cm long
  2. Fold it along the length in half. Now the folded edge ripped on a thread with a needle
  3. When the entire tape is stitched, drive the thread until the strip turns into a 40 cm long
  4. Secure the thread and straighten the product along the entire length.
  5. Also also do with the second tape
  6. Cut the circle from felt or from dense tape with a diameter of 7.5 cm
  7. Make two holes in a circle, and insert a thin tape or braid into the tone of the bow.
  8. Apply glue along the edge of the base and glue the first gone tape
  9. We continue to miss the base with glue and glue the ribbon on the helix. When the first ribbon is over, continue to stick the second ribbon
  10. When there is a little space based on, cut off the excess tape and secure the thread
  11. Stick the entire tape, missing the basis in the middle. Do not forget to catch the edge of the tape so that it does not appear

See how to do it in the video.

Video: Lush bouton from organza. Master Class

How to make a bow of paper tape?

How to make a bow of paper tape?
How to make a bow of paper tape?

Paper bow can be spectacularly decorating a gift box or table setting. How to make a bow of paper tape?

How to make a beautiful banta paper tape?
How to make a beautiful banta paper tape?

Performing a paper bow stepmate:

  1. Prepare 12 2 cm wide tape segments and 25 cm long, and one 5 cm long ribbon - for the middle
  2. Start folding large segments "eight", as shown in the figure. The edges can be fastened with a stapler or glue the thermoclaim. Little ribbon will be built to get a ring
  3. When all the details are ready, start collecting a bow, beautifully placing the cookers and gluing
  4. The smallest round is glued in the middle
  5. On the reverse side, with a stapler, attach a thin braid or the same tape that was used to create a bow.

Master class of manufacturing such an accessory can be seen in the video.

Video: gift bow of paper do it yourself

You can make a paper bow and differently, as shown below.

How to make the original bow of paper tape?
How to make the original bow of paper tape?

In this method, the tape is not cut into segments, but is "eight" in a single design. In the middle of the flower is tied with a thin paper ribbon.

How to make a bow from tape to an extract?

How to make a bow from tape to an extract?
How to make a bow from tape to an extract?

When newborns Displays from the maternity hospital - This is an important event, and everything should be flawless. Therefore, the bow for the envelope of the newborn can be made with your own hands. How to make a bow from tape to an extract?

Tip: Tape choose a beautiful, for example, with gold edges, so that the flower is elegant.

Performing stages:

  1. Make segments of pink or blue satin ribbon, ribbons with gold edges of the same colors, conventional satin thin ribbon and braid with drawing
  2. Collect flower Start from a segment from a wide satin ribbon. Rent a ribbon in half and hide a thread with a needle. Also do with all satin segments, collecting them together in a circle. At the end, secure the thread
  3. In the same way, collect all the tapes. There should be 4 flower
  4. Apply thermocons on the felt basis and start gluing the flowers, first large, then descending
  5. In the middle, make petals made of thin braid with a pattern, gluing the pre-edge of the segments of this braid
  6. The last stage is gluing beads or rhinestones. Bow ready

See how this girl does in a master class in the following video

Video: Bow for an extract from the hospital. Master class from ribbons

To learn how to make such gates with your own hands, it's not difficult, but when there will be many experiences, you can even make money on such a needlework. For example, you can decorate banquet rooms or create accessories for suits and hair.

Video: how to make a bow-flower of a ribbon?

How to tie a classic bow

How to tie a classic bow
YouTube Channel Docrafts

What do you need

  • Tape;
  • scissors;
  • Bilateral scotch or glue gun.

How to make a bow

Enter the left side of the ribbon on the right so that the loop is turned out.

How to tie a bow: make a loop
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On the left side, make a similar one.

Make a second loop
YouTube Channel Docrafts

Take the right loop to the left.

How to tie a bow: Cross the loops
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Stretch a loop that is now located on top, in the hole below.

how to tie a bow: pull the loop
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Pull the loops to the sides, forming a node.

how to tie a bow: form a node
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Turn the bow so that both hinges are on top, and the tips are below. Holding the node, pull the right end of the tape. The left loop will become less and more careful.

Pull the right end
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Similarly, pull the left end of the tape.

how to tie a bow: pull the left end
YouTube Channel Docrafts

Now simultaneously pull for both hinges. The node will be stronger. Cross the resulting bow.

Conduct a bow
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Fold one tip ribbon along half. At a distance of several centimeters from the node cut it at an angle. Scissors should look towards the bow.

how to tie a bow: cut the tip
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In the same way, cut the other end of the tape. Get bow for a gift.

What else there are options

Another very simple way to tie a neat bow:

If you need to make a very tiny bow, use the fork:

Here's how to tie a bow immediately on a gift:

And if you make one more the same on top, the packaging will look more original:

How to tie a double bow on your fingers

How to tie a double bow on your fingers
YouTube Channel Red Ted Art

What do you need

How to make a bow

Spread the index and middle fingers. Verify the tape from above and wrap them with it.

How to tie a bow: Wrap your fingers ribbon
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Long right end wrap the fingers again.

how to tie a bow: repeat
YouTube Channel Red Ted Art

Stretch the same part between the fingers under the loop.

How to tie a bow: stretch the tip under the loop
YouTube Channel Red Ted Art

Rent a ribbon from top to bottom. Her tip skip through the bottom loop.

how to tie a bow: skip the tip in the loop
YouTube Channel Red Ted Art

Pull the tape and tighten the knot. After that, a shaped bow will be visible.

Tighten the bow
YouTube Channel Red Ted Art

Remove it from the fingers. The front side will be behind, so turn the bow to yourself. Get hinges.

Roll into the bow
YouTube Channel Red Ted Art

Cut the tips in direct or as in the previous method.

What else there are options

In this master class, the bow tie a little differently:

How to make a bow with a stapler

How to make a bow with a stapler
YouTube Channel Aira Tran

What do you need

  • Tape;
  • stapler;
  • scissors;
  • double sided tape.

How to make a bow

Take the tape and generate one edge in your direction for several centimeters.

Send a ribbon
YouTube Channel Aira Tran

Send the ribbon to the top about the middle of the curved part.

How to make a bow: Send another edge
YouTube Channel Aira Tran

Holding the ribbon in this place, lift and remove it so that the loop is down below. If finding it difficult, see the video instruction below.

Make a loop
YouTube Channel Aira Tran

From the free end of the tape, take another loop below. To do this, throw a ribbon through the bottom. Stick the bow in the middle.

how to make a bow with your own hands
YouTube Channel Aira Tran

Make some more loops from different sides.

Form the bow with your own hands
YouTube Channel Aira Tran

Build a stapler bowl in the center.

How to make a bow: Fix the tape
YouTube Channel Aira Tran

Excess tip Cut. Roll it and secure the stapler.

Make a middle of a bow
YouTube Channel Aira Tran

Stick the item to the center of the bow, the scales of the bracket.

How to make a lush bow

How to make a lush bow
YouTube Channel Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

What do you need

  • Wide tape;
  • scissors;
  • narrow tape;
  • Bilateral Scotch - optional.

How to make a bow

Turn the end of a wide ribbon so that it turns out the loop. The details are visible in the photo and in the video below.

Bow do it yourself
YouTube Channel Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

Holding the tip of the tape, turn it so that it is not in the middle, but from the top edge.

how to make a bow: scatter loop
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Wrap the loop with ribbon 5-6 times. The more, the more magnificent the bow. Exterior cut off.

How to make a bow: Wrap a loop with ribbon
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Bend the ribbon in half. Cancel it around the edges on the spot of the bend.

how to tie a bow: do shorts
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Cut a piece of thin ribbon, put it on the table and place a folded wide ribbon from above. Thug thin into the cuts and link the double knot.

How to tie a bow
YouTube Channel Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

Holding the ribbon in the center, pull out the inner loop. Remove it slightly into the opposite side.

how to make a bow: pull the loop
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Repeat the same with the next loop, stretching it into the other direction.

Pull out the second loop
YouTube Channel Hallmark Gold Crown Stores

Continue to pull the rest.

How to tie a bow: keep pulling loops
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Turn the bow and hang the ribbon. The bow can be glued to a gift or tie the thin ribbon to widespread around the box wide ribbon.

What else there are options

In this master class, the middle of the tape cuts a little differently, and it also binds to the wire, and not a thin ribbon:

Here are different loops. Ribbon turn around the fingers, making the figure like eights. Then the loops are pulled in the same way:

And this bow is made with a plastic screed:

How to make a volumetric bow of individual strips

How to make a volumetric bow of individual strips
YouTube Channel The Flower Art

What do you need

  • Packaging paper or ribbon (about 3 cm wide);
  • scissors;
  • line;
  • Pencil - optional;
  • glue gun;
  • cardboard.

How to make a bow

Cut the paper or ribbon on the strips. You will need four parts with a length of 28 cm, four - 23 cm, one - 9 cm. The width should be 3 cm. You can cut the strips of a different size, but try to maintain the proportion.

Take one long strip and glue its edges so that it turns out the ring.

how to make a bow: glue one strip
YouTube Channel The Flower Art

Fold the detail in half so that the seam is opposite the bend. Apply glue to fold. Attach this place to seam and stick. You will get an "eight."

Make the "eight"
YouTube Channel The Flower Art

Make the same details from the rest of the long strips.

Bow do it yourself: Prepare other details
YouTube Channel The Flower Art

Cut from cardboard a small circle. Apply glue into its center and attach one big "eight".

Bow do it yourself: Stick the item to the cardboard
YouTube Channel The Flower Art

On it perpendicularly glue the second item.

Stick the second detail
YouTube Channel The Flower Art

Get the third top, and then fourth. Position them so that new loops are between the previous ones.

Add other details
YouTube Channel The Flower Art

Four "eights" are smaller sharpening in the same way. Each of them should be placed parallel to one of the large parts. In the video below the entire process is shown in detail.

Bow do-it-yourself: Get smaller details
YouTube Channel The Flower Art

Last small strip glue into the ring and attach to the middle of the bow. Finished decoration stick to a gift.

How to make a voluminous angular bow

How to make a voluminous angular bow
YouTube Channel Arena Blake

What do you need

  • Packaging paper or tape (about 2 cm wide);
  • scissors;
  • line;
  • Pencil - optional;
  • double sided tape.

How to make a bow

Cut the paper or ribbon on the strips. You will need three pieces with a length of 20 cm, three - 15 cm, one - 7-8 cm. The width should be about 2 cm. You can use other sizes, but try to save the proportions.

Stick to the edge of one long strip slice of tape from the back side. Get the edge as shown in the photo.

Generate edge strips
YouTube Channel Arena Blake

Then glue the edge to the front side of the strip. You will get something like a cone.

Bow do it yourself: glue the strip
YouTube Channel Arena Blake

Repeat the same thing on the other side of the strip. Thus, glue the remaining five long details. The shortest will need later.

Prepare details
YouTube Channel Arena Blake

Stick large parts on each other so that all corners look at different directions.

How to make a bow: glue big details
YouTube Channel Arena Blake

Jump the remaining three details on top. The corners of each new strip must be located between the corners of the lower parts.

Stick smaller details
YouTube Channel Arena Blake

Give the edges of the short strip and stick the resulting ring in the middle of the bow. Attach the bow to the gift.

What else there are options

A similar bow can be made from one tape using a special homemade device:

Welcome to the pages of the Bantomania website! Today I want to share with you a step-by-step master classes on the manufacture of bows.

Bows wear women and men (only in men call them a butterfly), and of course children. They are worn in the form of decoration or attach to clothes, shoes or different accessories, also bows are very stylish to use to decorate the interior, such as curtains or decorative pillows. They are so diverse that today it is definitely impossible to name how many types of bows in fact there are, besides the world of needlework constantly steps forward and more and new and new options for their manufacture are created. To create them, absolutely different materials are used - it can be all sorts of ribbons such as satin, rep, paper, lace, organza, brocade, and fabrics, cotton, felt, leather, and so on, this list can be continued infinitely. Because every needlewoman uses that it has, and, moreover, we all love to experiment and try any new fabrics and ideas or combine different textures and techniques.

I want this article to devote just a different options for manufacturing bows and will use different materials for this. Here the most important thing is to understand the principle of manufacture, but the materials can be changed at your discretion.

Bates from narrow tape

Let's start with the simplest, the bow is made from a narrow and long tape. On the segment of the tape you need to leave a loop in the middle and from two sides we will form a bow.


One side of the bow taking over the other


Now the bottom side of the bow is waking up in the loop and delay

Banta from narrow tape2

It is so easy and quickly a bow can be made and for example, to sew it to a skirt or a T-shirt, in the overall fantasy flight is unreasonable.

Banta of narrow ribbon3

The next bow will also be from a narrow tape, only a miniature size. I use such for decorating candies from ribbons.

Full master class on making candies See here -

For such a bow, the tape segment is required approximately 11 cm.

Sandy from tapes19

We celebrate the middle and start the end of the tape for it forming a loop. So do with both ends.

Sandy from tapes20.

Thread we flash and winding tie the middle.

Sandy from tapes21

The middle is decorated with station and can be used for their intended purpose.

Sandy from tapes23.

Magnificent bow from a narrow reps or satin ribbon


Magnificent bow from Kapron or Organs Tape

For such a bow, you will need a cardboard pattern or can be replaced with something like that. We need two parallel straight lines at a short distance from each other. I have a 13 cm wide template, the height here does not play a big role. Ribbon I have 2 width, 5 cm can be wider or already, it's at your discretion. I have a length somewhere 2, 5 meters, I did not measure this approximate assessment, if desired, you can also take more or less. For greater pomp, of course, you need to take more length.

Organs tape bow

The ribbon is winding around the template, and in the middle stitched or tied. In order for the ribbon to be fluttering even better, in the middle (where it is tied) make small penetrations and then the bow will be more lush, but I did not do them.

Organs tape bow1

Organs tape bow2

Fly and put as we like.

Organs tape band3

Such a air and light bow turned out. In this way, you can pack the boxes with gifts or make hair decoration.

Organs Tape Bow4

Similarly, you can make a magnificent bow and from the tape for packing gifts.

Magnificent bow

Bows - sprockets on hair band

Rubber The necessary accessory in the wardrobe of every girl. All fashionista dream of all sorts of beautiful rubber. And the feeling of beauty and the ability to appreciate the beautiful, laid in childhood. Girls learn to dress beautifully and properly pick up accessories. And loving and caring mothers can help. Beautiful gums for his beloved daughter can be created with their own hands. They are simple and quickly.

In the middle of the template, we draw tape. Tape length 52 cm for a star diameter is 6.5 cm. For diameter 5.5 cm. The length of the tape is about 43 cm. The assembly principle for both diameters is the same. Showing for example 6.5 cm.

The tip of the lace ribbon on the one hand, and we will work on the other, turn over and start to overeat every corner for the order of the ribbon. The main sequence, if you do in chaotic order, then the stars will not work! The sequence is clearly reflected in the photos. See and step by step ...

New collage

New collage1

When finished, we flash the middle to the thread to secure.

New collage2.

We also do the same with the reps tape.

The only one has been cut off, the ends of the repus tape must definitely be cut down a lighter so that they do not bloom, a comfortable way to fall ends - to turn the stars blank in half.

New collage3.

From the lace, we still make a billet of the star 5, 5 cm with a diameter. But it is sewn the appropriate middle of it. I had a sequence to 5.5, to the bottom put the rencestrant with a diameter of 6.5.

New collage4.

Next, under the bottom there are still placed and sew 6.5 lace with a diameter. We should succeed at the very top of the lace with a diameter of 5, 5 cm, in the middle of the reptile tape 6.5 cm with a diameter and at the very bottom lace 6.5 cm with a diameter. Then we sew a rubber band and sinking her strip of tape.

New collage5.That's all our gums are ready.


Even on the same principle, you can collect bows from a narrow organzic tape. Only these bows I placed loops on the top and made them a magnificent of the 4-layers.



How to make a bow of felt do it yourself


Lace Bow - Step-by-Step Master Class

Lace is always associated with femininity and tenderness and this bow will be for hair decoration. For its manufacture, I took two lace strips with a length of 29 cm and a width of 8 cm.

Bow of lace

Strips fold twice and spin the ends, cutting extra corners

Banta from Lace1

Then mint thread on the edge and our strip curls

Bow of lace2

We descend so both parts.

Bow of lace3

Then they cross them between themselves, and we cover the middle of the lace with another piece of lace, folding it into the ends.

Bow of lace4.

From the opposite side, sew a gum and sew the joints.

Bow of lace5

Decorating a beautiful suspension.

Bow of lace6

Send it to reliability.

Bow of lace7.

And that's what we did.

Bow of lace8.

Back side. You can already try such beauty)

Bow of lace9

Bow of leather with their own hands


Bow - Butterfly My Master Class

The next bow is a butterfly, but color only for women, and the principle of creating such what is usually carrying men. Although I believe it is a classic option that can be applied to different purposes.

You can play with dimensions and tissues. I am very mild on the touch fabric, pleasant coloring. Length 16 cm and width 4, 5 cm.

Bantian fabric

Fabric fold on half and spin pins.

Tissue bow1

The fabric is hung hard, so I processed it on a typewriter, but in principle you can also sew in the manual. I firm in the circular and leave a small hole.

Tissue bow2.

Through this hole turn the fabric to the wrong one.

Tissue bow3.

Now the remaining hole is made by manually by secret stitch.

Banta of fabric4.

Banta of fabric5.

I celebrate the middle and flashing the noboring bow on it.

Tissue bow6.

I close a piece of the same fabric.

Tissue bow 7.

And that's what I did. I like! And you?

Tissue BANT8.

Back side.

Banta of fabric9.

Cotton fabric bow


Little Bows of Wide Satin Ribbon

For the bows we will need a ribbon of 5 cm wide. And 6 cm long - 4 of these segments on one bow.

Bow of wide satin ribbon 1

Out up the ends at the ribbon and folds the segment on half, the ends of one half bend inside.

Bow from wide satin ribbon 2

We collect on thread the resulting petal.

Bow from wide satin ribbon 3

The second petal is added to the first and tighten.

Bow of wide satin ribbon 4

Other 2 segments are also collecting. And now they are crossing them among themselves.

Bow of a wide satin ribbon 5

Bow from wide satin ribbon 6

Send a rubber.

Bow from wide satin ribbon 7

For the middle, we take the cut of the rep and tape, make a knot and glit to the bow.

Bow from wide satin ribbon 8

Such a sympathetic turned out)))

Bow of a wide satin ribbon 9

Back side.

Bow from wide satin ribbon 10

Bow of wide satin ribbon 11

Magnificent Bow

Banta from Fatin

Magnificent Booth Paper Tapes for Packaging Gifts

Many love and receive and give gifts, but that the gift causes the greatest admiration for him to beautifully pack and decorate. For this purpose, you can use a conventional newspaper, craft paper or any other, but not too thick paper. If you want without extra costs, we take a regular sheet of newspaper and cut on strips, length and width of the strip can be different, it all depends on the size of the gift box , It is desirable to do the size of the bow below it. I note the middle and stick to it both ends of a paper tape, forming a loop. When the curls obtained are collecting among themselves, glue and attach to a gift. That is so fast, simple and not expensive can be beautifully packing a gift)


Bow from different types of ribbons


See also the master class of school bows

Write below in the comments What else would you like to see the master class on our website. And also share what happened to you? If the article was useful for you, share it with friends in social networks.

Lush fatin bows and miniature satin bows are found in our life everywhere: they decorate the hairstyle, boxes with gifts, holiday tables, children's things, belt, hair accessories. The scope of application of these decorative elements is expanding every year, and at the same time, the interest of adults and defers are growing to the peculiarities of their manufacture. Learning to make an elegant bow from the ribbon with your own hands is not at all difficult, even in the absence of experience. Methods for tying a nice accessory are very much, the choice of suitable depends on the size of the product and its future purpose, the characteristics of the material from which the bow is planned, the presence of additional tools at hand.

Materials and tools

For the manufacture of bows you will need a sewing needle, sharp scissors, a centimeter tape to measure the tissue strips of the desired length. You can sew manually or on a typewriter. For work, ribbons made from various materials are suitable. The most sought-after:

  1. Atlas looks spectacular, easily sews.
  2. Capron - durable and hard.
  3. Fatin and organza - air translucent fabrics. An essential drawback - the ends are often creepy, so they need to be melted with a lighter.
  4. Reps - a malleable material with a long service life.

No less popular lace bow from the tape. This material is well held by the form, the finished accessory looks sophisticated and expensive. At the same time, the lace is rapidly wear out, and it is difficult to care for him. Cotton products are durable, do not appeal at the edges. Of course, they quickly pollute, but the wash of this material does not cause difficulties. The simplest technique of sewing an accessory from multicolored ribbons is considered the Japanese canzashi method, which allows you to get beautiful multi-layer flowers of the most bizarre form.

The optimal option for novice craftsmen is a reps bantum from a wide ribbon, because with this cloth it is easiest to work.

Required tools

How to make from satin or kapron tape

Most often, satin or piping tapes are used for the manufacture of bows. There are many ways to make a beautiful accessory. The most popular methods are classic and two-layer of fine tissue strips.


This is the easiest way, its advantage is that there are no tools for work. Requires exceptionally hand dexterity.

Step-by-step instruction Recommended Width Ribbon
  1. Fold in half a strip of fabric.
  2. Sketch both parts for index fingers.
  3. Place one half to another, pull the knot or sew


The finished product can decorate hairpin. Another application option is the decoration hairstyles. Fastening the chain, you can wear a bow on the neck instead of the coulon.

On fork

In this way, it will be easy to make a pretty little bow. It will take a metal or plastic fork to work. Even a cutlery from toy dishes is suitable.

Step-by-step instruction Recommended Width Ribbon
  1. Wrap the strip of fabric around the plug.
  2. Strip one end through the center of the table appliance.
  3. Turn over auxiliary tool, tie two nodes.
  4. Edge

1-2 cm

Such an accessory can be decorated with a handbag, a wallet or keychain for keys. It is suitable for decorating children's toys. Bows are very beautiful: they are perfectly smooth, symmetrical.

Two-layer thin ribbon

This is a rather laborious way. For work, the fork and scissors will be required. In order for the tape, the ends do not showered, they will need to be laid.

Step-by-step instruction Recommended Width Ribbon
  1. From two sides to assign a ribbon between the progls.
  2. Make 4 smooth rows.
  3. Welcome to center striped of another color.
  4. Shoot all rows down and make a node.
  5. Crop the remains of the material

1-1.7 cm

You can decorate the finished product, it will suit it and to decorate the hairpins. A large two-color bow from the tape will also look good as a bookmark for books.


The finished handmade accessory resembles a bulk rose. "Flower" is made from the tissue of two colors. As auxiliary tools you need a fork, thread with a needle.

Step-by-step instruction Recommended Width Ribbon
  1. Fasten on the fork pink (red) segment of the fabric.
  2. Wrap around the teeth several times.
  3. Turn the plug at a right angle, strain the ribbon.
  4. At the site of the node to tie a green thread.
  5. Turn over with an invalid down, straighten the ends

2-2.5 cm

This bow is perfect for decorating a rim or hairpin. Hinting a "stem" from the wire to it, you can get an artificial flower - a great option for decorating a wedding or festive costume.


You can roll such a bow, without using the auxiliary instruments. To fix the resulting design, we need glue for textiles. After working, its surplus is carefully cleaned with a napkin.

Step-by-step instruction Recommended Width Ribbon
  1. Fold in half the segment of the fabric.
  2. Apply glue at the place of the joint, smooth out irregularities.
  3. Wrap the place of connection of the tape contrasting color, fixing the ends from the back

1-3 cm

The finished product can be used for a gift or as a costume decor. If you attach a metal ring, an elegant accessory will easily turn into an original key chain.

On the rim from a wide material

To work, need a needle with threads and scissors. The finished product is fixed on a plastic or metal hoop with an adhesive gun.

Step-by-step instruction Recommended Width Ribbon
  1. Take 6 identical segments of satin thin tape.
  2. Folded each in half, take turns to the thread.
  3. Help so that it turns out a flower with petals.
  4. Attach the middle of the felt.
  5. Make another chamomile from another material and attach to the first

2-3 cm

Instead of the rim you can sew a homemade on a hairpin or hair band. The most convenient to use the crocodile clamp. Better, if it is neutral without decor.

Minnie Mouse style

The child will be delighted with such a gift. For work, the sharpened scissors, a needle and threads are needed. Sew the accessory on the machine will be faster than manually.

Step-by-step instruction

Recommended Width Ribbon
  1. Sew two strips together so that they intersect in the form of the letter H.
  2. The third segment is twisted in the center of the resulting design.
  3. Print sticking ends.
  4. Behind you can attach hair band
4-5.5 cm

Usually, such an accessory from ribbons is used to decorate the rim with the ears of the famous Disney mouse (they can be cut from black felt). Also, the child can wear a bow on the mild toy Minnie Mouse.

On the neck

You can make a magnificent bow, which will become a real decoration of a children's costume. Additional tools for work is not required. It may take a lighter to fall the ends of the tape.

Step-by-step instruction Recommended Width Ribbon
  1. Wrap the segment of the fabric around the neck, crossed the tips.
  2. Stretch the right edge up, and then down.
  3. Make so that the long part is from above, and short - bottom.
  4. Form two semicircles, drag into the loop and straighten

4-6 cm

Accessory can be safely used instead of a butterfly tie. It is well suited both boys and girls. You can also decorate them a doll or a plush toy.

At the belt

Such a bow of satin ribbon can decorate a wedding or any other festive dress. Auxiliary tools for work is not required.

Step-by-step instruction Recommended Width Ribbon
  1. Fold the segment of the fabric twice, wrap around the belt.
  2. Take the ends in one hand, to another - the middle of the loop.
  3. Place the edge into the hole and tighten tighten.
  4. Tips tie a bow
Anyone. Instead of a ribbon you can take a wide belt

The bow on the dress performs a decorative function, and also emphasizes the grace of a thin waist. Beautifully looks like an accessory, made of color contrasting cloth. Popular coloring options are black, blue, bright red, saturated dark green.

On the back of the chair

Such a bow will be the original interior decoration. It will look good on the back of a wooden chair with a soft upholstery. For work, needle and threads, as well as a ruler and scissors for cutting strips. On the furniture you can pre-wear a case.

Step-by-step instruction Recommended Width Ribbon
  1. Collapse the strip of fabric twice so that the starve is from above.
  2. Fix in that position so that the edges do not shift.
  3. Start ends, leaving the hole in the center.
  4. Remove on the face, beautifully arrange on the furniture
7-10 cm (depending on the width of the stool's back)

Before tying a magnificent bow of the headband ribbons, it needs to be straightened.

You can decorate in this way, you can chairs in the kitchen in the living room, children's. Color must be harmonized with other elements of furniture. This type of decoration is well combined with the style of Provence (Rustic).

Manufacturing in Kanzashi

Kanzashi is a Japanese technique of making lush bows from ribbons. In the East, this method was known since the days of the Middle Ages and practically did not change. Asian needlewomen decorated with elegant colors from ribbons and worships.

Now the art of Kanzashi is very popular in Russia and Western Europe. Bows of satin fabrics made in this technique can be used to decorate the hairpins, packaging gifts, children's and women's dresses. The flower of the ribbons will look good on the cover of the casket for needlework or other little things.

Flower hairpins

This is the easiest work in Kanzashi technique. The finished product is glued to the metal base for the hairpin. You can use an additional decor - gold or silver cord, rhinestones, sequins. Step-by-step action algorithm:

  1. Cut on squares multicolored fabric strips.
  2. To form from them multi-layer triangular petals.
  3. To glue each workpiece, give her a rounded look.
  4. Connect all the elements with each other in turn to get a flower.

After that, the finished handicraft decorate, focusing on your own taste. In the center for decoration, you can put a small feature of the bee or butterfly. The hanging segments of the color cord will give the product a playful note.

Another elegant option, how to make a bow of hair ribbons:

  1. Form five petals from blue squares.
  2. Collect each of them in a fold, "blind" flower.
  3. Make two green leaves and glue the stamens to them.
  4. Attach this decor to the flower from the wrong side.

Next, the resulting design is fixed on the hairpin. Cabochon is placed in the middle of the flower. Such an accessory is well suitable for a white or blue dress.

For an extract from the hospital

A lush rose stitched in Kanzashi technique, you can decorate the overalls for the newborn. For boys traditionally choose all shades of blue, for girls - red, pink, orange. Create an original decoration is not at all difficult:

  1. Cut the strip of narrow tape on 6 pieces of 14 cm long.
  2. Out of the edges of the lighter, so as not to sleep.
  3. Collapse each piece twice, combine them with each other alternately.
  4. Attach another 6 billets by the second tier.
  5. Make several petals of silver or golden cord and form the third row.

The center is decorated: as an option, small beads are glued there. You can attach the craft on the jumpsuit using a glue gun.

To create accessories that will decorate the clothes of the newborn, you need to choose hypoallergenic materials. It is not necessary to acquire a bright saturated color tape to create a bowl of a ribbon, it is likely that it was made using harmful dyes.

Cut strips from different tapes
Outfall edge
Fold every piece of tape halve and secure
Connect the petals with each other alternately
Attach the second row
Shape the right number of tiers
Add Decor
Bottom to glue a blank from felt and insert a ribbon
Ready product

Methods of beautiful binding of the reps tape

The main features of the reps tapes are increased strength and compliance, the ability to acquire any form as a result of mechanical impact. They can be found in stores for creativity. A multi-layered or double bow made of this material looks effectively for a long time, without losing external attractiveness over time.


This craft can be decorated with a photo album or hairpin. The more colors are used, the hardest and more accurate to look like a accessory. Step-by-step instructions for manufacture:

  1. Form from segments multicolored petals (22 pieces).
  2. Attach them to a round-based felt.
  3. On top of the first tier glue the second of 16 parts.
  4. Make a third row of 10 elements.

If there are still several pieces of ribbons, they can be attached to a fetal basis. The cafeteria is glued to the rim, rubber band, hairpin or photo album with a special adhesive gun. You can immediately make several identical bows of different colors.

On rubber band

This accessory you can decorate children's hair, for example, secure your pigtails. It is better to choose for the manufacture of bright colors - red, orange, yellow. When working should adhere to step-by-step instructions:

  1. Take two repition strips of the same length, folded together crosswise crosswise - it turns out the basis for a bow.
  2. Glue the decorative grid on top.
  3. Forms from oval white blanks and fix it on the basis.
  4. Place decorative stamens in the center.

You can additionally collect leaflets from green segments and decorate them bows from ribbons. After that, the resulting design is securely fixed on the rubber band. An elegant accessory is well suitable for the summer dress or sundress.

In the form of a butterfly

This product will become an excellent gift for a boy of 5-7 years. Coloring is better to choose a one-photon: dark blue, gray, brown. Stylishly looks like a ribbon accessory in a small cage. For work it is necessary:

  1. Fold together two reps strips.
  2. Escape or stuck one edge to get a loop.
  3. To form a bowl bow with pointed ends.
  4. Secure with clothespins, neatly cut.

The resulting design is superimposed on a wide ribbon that performs the function of the base. After that, both stripes are sewn. In the middle make a screed.


Beautiful tape bows are obtained in American style. They can be of different colors. The finished product passes on the hair band or decorative rim on the head. Step-by-step guide:

  1. Form two eights of segments of material.
  2. Creares them with each other to get a flower.
  3. Start, pull in the center.

Next, to consistently impose a few more layers: the more, the more magnificent product works. The finished accessory simultaneously resembles a star, and a flower. In the middle of the bows, you can stick bright pebbles.

Create a decoration for a gift box

There are several ways to make bows for fastening on the boxes. The color must be chosen by the color of the packing of gifts or contrasting. You can make few small elements of the decor, placing them in different places, or one large.

Name Bantian size and shape Type of suitable ribbon Manufacture
Lush Medium, in the form of the letter x From reps or atlas
  1. Prepare three identical in length of segment.
  2. One folded fourly. With the second we do the same, crossing the ends.
  3. Make a tie in the middle
Terry Round flower Fatin, organza, lace
  1. Fold the fabric strip, cut in the center two triangular shape holes.
  2. Attach a small piece of ribbon in the middle.
  3. Pull out all the tips so that the bow of the ribbon is fluffy
Double Small, in the form of the letter x with freely hanging ends Atlas, Capron, Cotton
  1. Fold the tape several times.
  2. Attach another strip with crossed edges.
  3. Collect together both fragments with the help of the third

The colors of the bow should correspond to the style of the gift packaging. For men, strict options are suitable: black and white cage, chess pattern, longitudinal or transverse stripes. For women - romantic, feminine: pink (decorated with hearts or flowers), noble burgundy or scarlet. With the style of Provence, light, pastel tones are well combined. With the direction of High-tech - silver and all shades of gray, as well as any color with the effect of glitter.

If the bow is one color with a box, it can be visually lost on its background, so it is better to choose a contrasting color. Recommended combinations: red and blue, black and white, green and orange.


Projecting options

Having understood how to make an accessory with your own hands and how to tie a lush bow from the Kapron tape, you can go to the decor. For decorations, it is permissible to use any blowing materials. Fasten them to the finished product best with a special adhesive gun. You can use the usual glue for textiles in the tube, but then you need to remove the excess with a soft napkin, otherwise the accessory will look untidy.

Beautiful bow from the tape will be able to apply as decor:

  • lace and guipure of any shades;
  • beads and glass;
  • Beads of different sizes, artificial pearls will especially be understood;
  • semiprecious stones;
  • Rhinestones and sequins with gloss effect.

Cotton or repusive bow can be decorated with a small brooch. But for less dense tissues, capron, organza or fate, it is better to choose other options.

The easiest way to decorate the bow using ready-made stripes. Stylized flowers, geometric shapes, symbols and logos, cartoon characters can be depicted on them. These elements are glued or sewn (manually, typewriter).

General recommendations

During operation, it should be remembered that the purged side of the tape made with its own hands should be hidden. Slices in cotton and reps strips are gently treated with a secret seam. Fatina, Organza, Capron and Atlas, the ends fall on the open fire so that the threads do not appear.

It is possible to determine the desired tape size for wrapping and creating a bow in a universal formula: measured the height and length of one side of the package, these indicators are folded, and the amount received is multiplied by six.

Free ends of the ribbon when tie a bow should not hang from the box cover. If the edges turned out too long, they are shortened. To do this, they are neatly cut by sharply sharpened scissors (both at the same time to save symmetry), and then fall with fire (lighter).

Before you make a bow from satin ribbons with your own hands, experts recommend a little practicing in the manufacture of paper crafts. This will help better understand the general principles of folding accessories from matter. You can use photos and step-by-step instructions with graphic illustrations.

If you plan to use the finished product for decorating a suit, its painting should be harmonized with clothes, or at least not to be out of the general ensemble. These uncomplicated rules and recommendations will help not only understand how to make a bow, but also to find a worthy access to the accessory.

Loose edges of the tape should not hang from the box cover
At the beginning of work it is worth practicing on paper tapes


Main photo

Without anything can not do any girl? Without bows! After all, they make it the most different: a cute, funny, serious, young and adult. Bows are put on when they make a hairstyle in a kindergarten and school, for holidays or just for every day. They decorate not only hair, but also handbags, phone covers and even clothes! This is an excellent gift to any young fashionista.

And if he is made with his own hands, it will definitely get charming and so good anyone else! Handmade is always in price. Do you want to learn your hands to create real little masterpieces? Then our material is for you.

Of course, very beloved and unusually popular are satin. This is understandable: they have the brightest colors, besides, they are on the pocket of any needlewoman. But you can also use the rep companion tape, satin, brocked, fabric, silk, or velvet. Bows of them are no less interesting and original. In addition, it is a great way to show fantasy! Fatin, organza and the most different fabric - do not believe, these are also materials for your creativity. Turn on the fantasy and create with us.

Bow on hands from satin ribbon

Satin ribbons are the most favorite and affordable material. And we offer to start with them. If you are a novice in this matter, first you should learn to tie a beautiful bow from the finished ribbon on your hands. Make it quite easy.

This is a very simple tying technique. And we will help you: carefully follow this step-by-step video. A little time, attention, and you will definitely work out!

How to starch the satin ribbon?

To close the satin ribbon, you will need starch and water.

The proportions are: for one art. Spoon Starch Take one glass of water. First, dissolve starch about a third of a cup of cold water. Put the remaining water to bask on the stove. As soon as it boils, a very thin ridge pour dissolved starch into it. Constantly stirring, cook for about 5 minutes.

Remove from the fire, cool slightly and put in a mixture with a tape. Keep 20 minutes. Then squeeze, dry and join the paper.

Now you can make a bow from the ribbon, It will be smashed less and keep the form!

Beautifully tying a small bow on the fingers

If you do not know how to tie a bow from the tape on your fingers, these photos will help you with this. There is nothing complicated here too. Of course, you first stand a little stretch, but then you will do it with ease.

On the fingers a mini bow

This cute little bow can be decorated with hairstyles, clothes or handbags. In addition, this is the fastest way to beautifully tie a bow from the satin ribbon. On our pictures you can see more and more detail.

Double mini banta tying scheme on fork

Charming small bowls from satin ribbons can be tied in a very unusual way - with the help of the real table appliance - forks! Do not be surprised. These baby bows will decorate a funny postcard, hairstyle or clothes of pupae, rubberry or hairpin for little girls.

The master class in their manufacture is presented on our photos.

Double mini bug on fork photo MK

A very tiny bow can be tied even on a comb!

Classic School Booth from Kapron Tape

The classic will always be in fashion. It is appropriate anyway. The same applies to wide bows, especially school. What kind of hairstyle is associated with the holiday of first-graders on September 1, the last call or graduation? Right! With white big bows on your head!

We suggest you do just such. It is very elegant and volumetric. Perfectly decorate tails and pigtails. About how to make it stages, read below in our material.

White bows balls

Before proceeding with work, prepare not too short segment of the kapron tape. The optimal length is about one meter. And the width should be at least ten centimeters.

Step 1. To begin with, our ribbon you need to take, bend it very carefully in half. And then free edges be sure to be made by pins. Step 2. The edges that are on the sides, you need to fall as a match or lighter. Do it quickly, so as not to burn all the product. Then scroll these edges too with each other. Step 3. To this edge, where you sewed two ends, see any hair band chosen. Step 4. Now keep sturdy threads along the fold line. Step 5. Remove the pins and accurately roll up and pull the tape. Step 6. . Manually form a magnificent bow and once again squeak it with a needle with a thread.

Interestingly, the classic method of tying a bowl is called yet French . And therefore, dear readers, do not look for a French bow, this is our, familiar and beloved - classic!

Balls from organza

Organza - gentle and air material. From it you can make magnificent festive and casual decorations on the hairpin and rubber band, put on the rod. They are perfect for girls, girls of different ages.

To create it, it will take quite a bit: a meter ribbon 2,5-3 centimeter width, threads, a needle, a glue gun, a rubber, a piece of felt of the ribbon color. Detailed MK watch for free in this video.

Very smartest and festively watched huge balls balls from the fate. In order to make such a gorgeous ornament, you will need two segments of a 1.5 m with a size of 1.5 m per 15 cm. You will get a big magnificent bow, which will be appropriate even at the wedding celebration!

From two tapes width 5 cm

This is one of the simplest two-color bows that even a beginner master can quickly do. The process, of course, is unprecedented, will require time and patience. But the result will be very pleased.


* Photo MK: Aljona Batistik

So what do we need?


  • Purchased ribbons. They must be two species - different colors and widths, length - the same. For example, you can take white and beige colors.

    The length of the tapes is 47 cm. And the width of one - 4.5 cm, in the other - 5 cm. You still need a narrow segment of the tape to the tone of your bow. The width of about half a centimeter, 10-12 cm long.

  • Leaf. This is a very important item. It can be made of a dense piece of cardboard. Dimensions: Height - 20 cm, and width - 11 cm. It requires exactly in the middle to cut the hole with a width of approximately 0.5-1 cm: starting on top and not reaching the end 3-4 cm. Laman for a bowl
  • Beautiful middle for a bow on your taste.
  • Threads, needle, scissors, glue "moment" (can be glue gun), lighter.

Now proceed to the process.

Stage 1. . Wrap the first ribbon slightly macasok around the pattern. On the front side there should be three ribbons, on the wrong one - two. We fasten them with clips.

step 1

Stage 2. . We take a thread with a needle and gently flashing the ribbons through the hole in the lecture. Now we remove our billet, do it very carefully.

Step 2.

Stage 3. . Next there is nothing complicated: just tighten the thread and form the first bow. I fix it again with a thread and needle.

Step 3.

Stage 4. . Exactly the same manipulations are carried out with the second bows. Send to the second - rubber band.

Step 4.

Stage 5. . We take two bow and sew them with each other. It is clear that the lower should be with a rubber band.


Stage 6. . And now it's time to remember about our thin ribbon. It needs to wrap two bows several times to braid it once again. Be sure to make ends.

Step 6.

Stage 7. . We glue the selected middle to a bow. Now you can braid pigtails and put on bright hair bows taken by us.

We decorate the middle

It is very important to correctly choose the correct combinations of colors for multicolor bows. Only in this case the result will be very pleased, and the product will look harmoniously.

To help you - our color circle (combination of colors) >>

3 photos MK

Multilayer option, see the assembly scheme:


School option:


Third idea:


Bow Mickey from Fatina and Rec

This amazingly cute bowl will charm any young princess. In it, it will be similar to the American cartoon hero Mickey Maus. The product is very unusual. Reminds a small bow with a skirt, only inverted.

Bant Mickey

You need to cook:

  • A piece of tulle about 3 m long, choose the width to your taste: if you want a big bow - choose from 10 cm;
  • Two pink bows in white polka dots. You can make them yourself;
  • Two clamps or two rubberbies;
  • Glue gun and scissors.


Step 1. Cut the tape tape half. Take one part and wrap it on your hand. Remove from the hand.


Step 2. Cut a piece of Tulle about 5 cm and tie out a blank removed from the hands right in the center.


Step 3. Cut the tulle on the edges of the bow. Relieve and flip.

Flues of the middle

Step 4. With the help of adhesive guns, glue the billet from the tulle to the climb or rubber band.

Stick to the barn

Step 5. To the bottom of the workpiece, glue a pink bow. Decorate your tails or bundle.


If you stick a bow with tails, it will also look very cute:


From the reps tape and lace

If you have a schoolgirl, which is very capricious in choosing hair jewelry, then give her bow. And be sure - she, surely, will remain satisfied!

for school

* Photo MK: Maria goodies

Prepare to start:

  • Two reps tapes: One of them should be blue, and the other with a bright print - in our case it is a white ribbon in small blue polka dots. But you can choose your colors. The width of the tape is small - only 2.5 cm, and the length is 21 cm;
  • White lace: You also need it a bit - 43 cm and width - 4 cm. It will need to be cut into two equal parts;
  • White satin tape: its width is 2.5 cm, and the length is 43 cm. It will also need to be cut into two identical parts later;
  • Beautiful middle for a bow;
  • rubber;
  • Special glue "moment" (you can take a glue gun);
  • Threads and needle.

Now let's start sewing our bow.

Stage 1. . Take the reps' ribbons. How to remember, you have two. Now everyone needs to be very neatly folded in half. Films need to be carefully sold to be visible.


Stage 2. . In the hands take one of our ribbon. And one edge should be wrapped in a cute to the middle split. Perhaps the first time it will not work, but you work out. End fasten in the middle of our tape. Similarly, do with another end. What should we get? And these are two "kulechka" on both sides.


Stage 3. . Then make the same with another ribbon. Each billet we flash the surrender to a solid thread.


Stage 4. Two blanks need to put each other, preferably tight, and then flash them together. If you are all done correctly, you will lie in the form of a butterfly.


Stage 5. And now you will prepare our white satin ribbons and openwork lace. We act like this: first put the ribbon, we put our lace on it. To glue them, prepare a lighter. Now very neatly along the edges spend fire. The edges are lightly cut and glued. Similarly, we make the second workpiece. We are tightened with a dense thread in the middle.


Stage 6. . Send to the billet from lace and tape gum. Remember that the rubber band is best selected in the tone of the bow.

Stitch together

Stage 7. We collect our beautiful fluffy bow, glue all the parts with each other, including the middle.

glue middle

From braid and bugs

Such a bowl is perfect for the rim. You can also decorate a small clinch. Hairstyle will look cute and unusual.

From Tape

So, we will need:

  • 1-2 meters Tesma, choose the color according to your desire;
  • a small piece of felt tissue (you can take a felt or any other soft tissue);
  • Beautiful button;
  • Hair Climber;
  • glue gun.

Now proceed to the process itself.

Step 1. Cut two felt mug with a diameter of about 5-6 cm. We take one circle and sew the braid to it.

like this

The principle of this: starting from the outer edge in a circle, gradually fill the entire circle. Each new turn braid must slightly cover the previous one. As a result, you must get a neat and tightly filled circle with rushes.


Step 2. We draw up a middle: Send to a mug with a braid button.


Step 4. We take the second circle, do neat incision. Insert the hair pressure closer.


Step 5. Printe the two parts to each other.


We can bind the braid - it will turn out more original! And from the colon bows of the bow will turn out more.

Two-color original flower

Of course, you will have to work yourself on your own, but you will definitely believe that no one will definitely be such an original decoration!

Original assembly

Prepare to start:

  • Reppetant tape of two colors, each color take no more than 60 cm;
  • Beautiful middle;
  • Threads and needle.

We present you a step-by-step master class with a detailed description.

Stage 1. . Each tape can be cut for 6 pieces of 10 cm.


Stage 2. We start sewing them with each other. We take the ribbon of the same color (in the photo of the white), put on it to the ribbon of another color (green) so that she covered her half. We sew them at the top.


Stage 3. . Take the white tape and put it under the green, which has already sewn. Sust again all at the top.


Stage 4. Repeat the drawing: Take the green again, the white, the green again, and so on.


As a result, you should get like this: top of the ribbon of green, under them - white.


Stage 5. . Now tightly sew the prepared workpiece at the top, strongly pulling the thread. So that the middle is not broken, make a few more stitches. You have to get a blank resembling the sun: the rays should be alternating in color.


Stage 6. Turn your blank. Bend white rays and suck on the needle. Do these manipulations with all white rays. Sing the ends to the middle.

Stage 7. Now take a green ray and thread it through the neighbor white as in the photo. Sust in the middle.

Green ends

Also do with the rest of green rays.

hereinafter the same

Step 8. Turn over the resulting workpiece and attach a round middle.


The resulting flower can be glued to the gum. It is an excellent handmade decoration and for a handbag, and as a decor for a cover. And from it you can make a wonderful interesting brooch.

And in this article, read how to make a hairpin with your own hands >>

Bow on the template

This is one simplest bows. It is made according to the template that is cut in advance.

Simple option

* Photo MK: Met (ettibrasletti)

You will need:

  • Ribbon (rep or satin). You can take a width - a small bow is obtained from a ribbon to 2 cm wide. Length - depending on your stencils;
  • Two seminal star stencil, one of them is less than half. In the middle of the stencil you need to cut a hole in order to be tape. To print our pattern - click on the picture, it will increase and you can download. leaf

    In this MK, the stars were used with a diameter of 9 cm and 6 cm.

  • Durable threads, needle, sharp scissors, lighter or matches, glue (best adhesive gun).

Now we will tell you, dear readers, step by step, how to make a bow from the ribbon with your own hands using a stencil. By the way, it is perfect for beginner masters.

Step 1 . Out of the edge of our tape and very carefully do it in the center hole. Now you need to wrap our ribbon around the first beam. And to bring it back to the center. You have to get a petal.

Wrong on the template

Step 2. . In the same way, you turn around all our rays of the template.


Step 3. . Now you need to flash our billet in the center.


Node hide. Do not forget to fall out the cut end of the ribbon.


Step 4. Remove the stencil. Make similarly to another such workpiece and one on a small pattern. As a result, you should have two large flower and one small.


Step 5. We make a middle: Cut a small piece of ribbon (about 12 cm), we pour it on both sides by a lighter, we collect and tighten the tight thread with a needle.

Step 6. . We collect and glue all the workpieces: first two large, then one small and middle. Send them to rubber bands, clamp or hairpin.


Flat bowl of ribbons of different widths

Such a cute bow is very and very easy - you will need 20 minutes, no more. It can be attached to the rim or rubberry, decorate them a dress and even shoes.

Brown design

* Photo MK:

So, prepare:

  • Three types of rep and tape: thick one-photon tape 2.5 cm wide - length 40 cm; A narrow one-photon tape with a width of 0.7 mm - length 33 cm; Thick tape with a 2.5 cm wide - length 22 cm;
  • Beautiful decoration for the middle (it can be the cabochon, bright rhinestones or button - choose to your taste);
  • Threads, needle, scissors, glue.

We start doing our bow.

Step 1 . We take a one-photon thick ribbon, fold it in half and cut.


At the ribbons we plan a middle and every end we will be adjusted to it on the one hand. To make it convenient for you, fasten them with a pin in the center. Exactly the same manipulations are carried out with the second ribbon.


Step 2. . We fold the two obtained billets with each other slightly macas. You must have a billet, similar to a butterfly.

fold on each other

Step 3. . To put on the resulting workpiece, we first our adeed tape, and then it is already narrow on it (cut off a piece of 23 cm long), the ends bend to the wrong one.

Crawling to Incain

Step 4. . The remaining piece of the tight ribbon ribbon is perpendicular to the bowl of bow butterfly. Then we tighten the bow, cut off the unnecessary pieces and stitch.

Step 5. . Now it's time to decorate the middle. It can be seed or glued.


If you add such a bow with long ribbons that attach a slightly at an angle to the middle, you will get a so-called type of bow - bow-tie.

"Sandy with pomposhki" on the hairpin

These bows-candies for hair are more suitable for our cute babies.


You will need:

  • a small piece of tulle 12.5 cm wide and a length of 21 cm;
  • very small piece of silver ribbon (no more than 5 cm);
  • Color pumps with a diameter of no more than 0.5 cm - about 70 pieces;
  • Adhesive pistol. That's all!

Stage 1. . On a piece of tulle evenly on both sides of the center for dispense of pumps.

We distribute pomposhki

Stage 2. . Lower edge Overview on 1/3. The edge must close the pomponiki. Similarly, over the top edge on 1/3. He must also go to the pumps.


Stage 3. . Over the edges on the left and right so that the pomponices are distributed on both sides of the center evenly.

Survision from the side

Stage 4. Drip glue droplet and squeeze the center so that you have a bow.

Squeeze, glue

Stage 5. . Stick a piece of silver (pary) tape in the center.


Stage 6. Stick a bow on the hairpin. Your child will be happy!

glue to the hairpin

Lessons and master classes for inspiration

We present you a small collection of ideas for inspiration. You can gradually replenish it.

Pink tenderness from lace and satin

This sweet and charming bowl with lace is suitable for festive outfits, and for every day. You will need quite a bit: a piece of satin and lace tape, beads and a little bit of free time.

White-blue Kanzashi

School style option. Make such a miracle for your student, and it will be unique. If you make a bantum from a velvet tape, that is, the blue satin replaced to velvet, you will get no less interesting option!

Three ways in one video "How to make a butterfly from the ribbon" from Svetlana Zolotareva

If you are very novice, we advise you to watch this video - all stages are shown in it very simple and understandable.

Unusual way to fold the ribbed ribbon

There is nothing complicated, but the result simply admires!

Gentle bows from the reps tape

This lush bright bows is perfectly suitable not only for babies, but also schoolgirls. You will have to work a little over them. See the master class on making in this video.

Luxurious delight

Such bows for real princesses and queens! New design just luxurious.

Baby on the first tails:

  • Master class from Alena Khoroshilova. Everything is very simple: fold the harmonic ribbon and go. You will have a real funny multi-layer children's bow. For details, see the video:
  • Master class from Tatiana Marchukova. Adorable cute godbades for baby girls See online in this video:

Testing technique Bantia

In Soviet times, all girls ran to school with such bows! The tapes were simply walked into the pigtails, they did "lamb". Now not all moms know how they did it before. In this video, it is described in detail about how to have a bows in the braid.

Before watching it, make tapes. If the hair is slightly lower than the belt - their length should be at least 2.5 m, if higher - enough 1.5-2 m.

How easy and beautifully tie a bow of ribbon

Bow of tapes - accessory, invariably present around us not only during the solemn events, but also in ordinary life. There is a lot of different bows on sale, but with your own hands made of amazingly beautiful things will cost many times cheaper, and it will look original, not beaten.

The content of the article

Can you kill with crochet? Publish work on

Bow of tape: where applied

Mom girls know exactly that without a variety of diverse bows it is impossible to send a daughter even to kindergarten, not to mention the matinee or other festive action. And the most unusual, beautiful, bright accessory from the tapes should decorate the hair, girl's clothes on her birthday.

How easy and beautifully tie a bow of ribbon

The bow of the tape is also appropriate in the following situations:

  • For the manufacture of hairpins, rubber bands;
  • when finishing dresses, blouses;
  • For belt design;
  • When the gift is decorated, etc.

Depending on the purpose and idea, the bow can be of different sizes and species: flat or lush, simple or multi-layered, using finishing shoelaces, etc. The tape itself can be any - a motley, monophonic, with a textured surface, smooth, with finishing stripes or without.

What materials are used for the manufacture of bows

The tape does not necessarily apply a wide, elegant accessory also leaves the narrow strip, turning into the hands of the craftsmen into the womb flower. Materials are used as tape material:

  • atlas;
  • Natural or artificial silk;
  • Capron;
  • Nylon and other fabrics.

The chic bow can be made of polka dot fabric and even in a cell. A special place in the manufacture of decoration on the hair or for the design of gifts is occupied by the color of the ribbon. Before you decide on the dominant bowl of the bow, you should consider both the purpose of the event and the color of all the items of clothing, shoes, as well as other accessories.

Permissible in the manufacture of a bow from the tape a combination of several colors, and not only different tones of the main direction, but also contrasting colors.

From the courage and latitude of fancy, the craftsmen depends on how interesting, the exclusive bow will succeed.

Whatever technicians and tools, the materials did not use the master, making an accessory from the tape, the result will always be delightful in identity and uniqueness.

Bow of a tape of two colors, master - class!

Bow of a tape of two colors, master - class!

We need a tape of two colors width 2-2.5 cm and 60 cm long, clothespins, a pattern of cardboard and a needle with a thread.

Template as in the photo on the left:

Template as in the photo on the left:

We fold two ribbons with an invalid side to each other and a lighter we fall around the edges:

Bow of a tape of two colors, master - class!

We begin to fold the ribbon as in the photo and fasten the clothespins on the template:

Bow of a tape of two colors, master - class! Bow of a tape of two colors, master - class!

When the tape is decomposed and fixed, we flash the thread across the bow remove the tape from the template and collect it on the thread, straightening the bow:

It turns out such a bow, the middle time is copied to the thread several times and you can sew on clothes or glue for a gift:

Bow of a tape of two colors, master - class!

Little bow from the reps tape, master - class!

To create a bow, we will need a reps tape with a width of 1.5 and 0.5 cm, a length of 60-70 cm, a thread with a needle and a lighter.

Fold a loop from the tape, as shown in photo 1:

Little bow from the reps tape, master - class!

Fold the loop from the center of the top down to the base and secure the pin:

Free tips fold the cross on the cross and secure the needle.

Little bow from the reps tape, master - class!

The bow is essentially ready, now it needs to be filadied and strung.

Little bow from the reps tape, master - class!

The stitched place is intercepting the thin reps ribbon and tie a node from behind:

Little bow from the reps tape, master - class!

It turns out a beautiful bow, just do not forget to melt the tips tips on the lighter.

Little bow from the reps tape, master - class!

Rosette from satin ribbon, master class!

Here we were useful to the second pattern. We make a rose from the satin ribbon on the template, although you can do on your fingers.

2 cm width tape and a length of 80 cm to 2 m, depends on the number of petals and pomp future flower. Mix 11-15 times a tape on the template:

Rosette from satin ribbon, master class!

Remove from the tape template and make the node free ends:

Rosette from satin ribbon, master class!

Fend from above in turns every ring is right, then left at the same time turning the tape on the front side:

Rosette from satin ribbon, master class!

Total will get several petals, and leave the last ring in the middle of the flower:

Rosette from satin ribbon, master class!

Rose from satin ribbon is simple and bulky:

Rosette from satin ribbon, master class!

How to make a lush bow of satin ribbon

How to make a lush bow from satin ribbon:

The diameter of the finished bows is 14 cm. (If you want to reduce the size of the bows, boldly reduce all the stated dimensions by 2-3 cm.

We need:

  • Tape 50 mm width (5 cm) 6 segments of 14 cm
  • 25 mm width ribbon (2, 5 cm) 6 segments of 10.5 cm
  • Thin silver tape 3 mm about 6 segments of 15 cm and 6 segments of 8 cm
  • Circle of felt with a diameter of 5.5 cm
  • Heart or flower for the middle
  • Thread, needle, scissors, lighter
  • Adhesive gun or glue-moment transparent, or titanium glue
  • Elastic or crocodile for fastening.

An important rule! Ribbons Immediately after cutting, quit around the edges so that they do not fall !!!

Step-by-step master - class Look at the link

Volumetric Booth from Gift Tape For 3 Minutes

Volumetric Booth from Gift Tape For 3 Minutes

We will need:

  • Paper tape (any width, but more 1cm)
  • Thin paper tape (0.5 cm)
  • scissors

Step-by-step master - class Look at the link

Little Bow for Jewelry

Little Bow for Jewelry

Today I want to share with you the simplest way to tie a bow, for the manufacture of 1 bantas requires exactly 1 minute. America I certainly do not open, but I am sure someone my master class will simplify life and free some time on other important things. The master class is designed for beginner needlewomen.

To work, we need a dense tape with a width of 1.5 cm. And the tape cord in the main color (I have golden).

We pay your fingers the main ribbon flashes. Remove the loop, intercepting her fingers in the center. Then we make a double turn at exactly in the center of the future bow tape-cord.

Little bow of ribbon do it yourself

Cut the cord. I turn over the bow facial side up, cutting a ribbon forming beautiful tails. It remains only to straighten a bow. MK source

Simple and beautiful satin ribbon bow

Simple and beautiful satin ribbon bow

  1. Prepare scissors.
  2. For one bow, we will need two types of ribbons, I have a beige color (4.5 cm wide and 47 cm long) and white (5 cm wide, and 47 cm long). You can use one tape on both tiers.
  3. We also need a 0.6 cm tape segment with a length of 12 cm,
  4. Laman (my milestone has a height of 20 cm, and 10.5 cm width). The leaflers are smoothly divided into the center, in order to flash through our workpiece.
  5. Needle with thread.
  6. Glue to secure the middle (I use the polymer "dragon").
  7. Lighter for melting edge tapes.
  8. Mains for our product.

Here is our set of all necessary.

Step-by-step master class See by reference

Little Bow for Gift from Satin Ribbon

Little Bow for Gift from Satin Ribbon

For a bow, I used a satin ribbon, 40 cm. It is quite enough. On both sides, the edges have fallen a lighter and you can start tie.

Step-by-step instruction

Bow of satin and rep and ribbons

Bow of satin and rep and ribbons

I want to introduce you another master class on the manufacture of a bow of ribbons. This time we will decorate the clip-clamp. To work, you will need:

  1. 2.5 cm wide ribbon;
  2. Ribbon 1,5 cm wide;
  3. 1 cm width ribbon;
  4. Clip-clip Long 5 cm;
  5. threads;
  6. scissors;
  7. lighter;
  8. Glue or adhesive gun.

For the first layer of a bow, take 2 cuts of a wide tape with a length of 14 cm each and 2 segments of a narrow ribbon 14.5 cm length each. To the ends of the tapes do not flip, I melt them with a lighter.

Wizard-Class See by reference

Making a large satin ribbon bow

We will need a ribbon 3 cm wide and scissors.

Make out of the tape the first loop, as in photo 1:

In the left hand, make a similar loop:

Crossbet the loops from the ribbon and the top loop stretch through the hole between the hinges, so that the node touches:

Tighten the node, turn the bow so that the hinges are from above, and the long tips from the bottom.

Pulling in turn Free ends of the tape Adjust the loop of the bow: Make them more or less:

Bow ready. Now we will deal with free tips. Fold them in half and cut at an angle of 45 degrees:

If necessary, fall the tips with a lighter:

Video lesson how to properly tie a bow of tape for a gift

See how to properly tie the box with ribbon and tie a simple classic french bow.

Here should be booted video, wait or refresh the page.

How to make a magnificent bow of transparent tape

Here should be booted video, wait or refresh the page.

Magnificent gift bow from ribbon, easy way

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Unusual gift bow from ribbons with their own hands

We will need a wide satin ribbon, double-sided flexible tape and scissors.

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