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For events at school or kindergarten, role-playing games children often choose for themselves robbers . Having learned about the decision of your child, any mother thinks how to make it so that the image of this not the most positive character was created by her. The advantage is that the New Year's costume is robberized enough in the manufacture.

Another equally spectacular version of a pirate costume - Camcole, a flusted blouse with wide sleeves, narrow trousers and boots.

We think about the details

We are determined in advance, from which it will be a ready-made kit. It is quite acceptable if it turns out to be made up of shortened trousers, T-shirts, belts. If desired, the sharovar can be sewn. They are paired with pirated boots. Pattern for sewing pants is suitable simplest. If it does not turn out, nothing will happen. Pajama pants for children / adults will come to revenue. They redraw on the fabric, which can be both monophonic and a slightly noticeable strip.

Suit robber on a new one can sew and on the finished pattern. In large numbers, such patterns are presented in many magazines where you can find the drawings of the basic parts.

The required attributes of the robber costume are:

  1. Tel or shirt.
  2. Pants or short jeans with patches.
  3. Bandana.
  4. Weapon stock. In conclusion, we note that to create a robber costume with your own hands, it is enough just to show a fantasy. You do not need to buy anything.

Mastery bottom suit

Let's start instantly the robber costume with your own rowers. We find unnecessary things in the sown wardrobe, we go on them pieces of fabric of different colors. To create a plausible image, the pieces can be smeared in advance. Paint for this is suitable as it is impossible. Each puddle at the bottom is bursting.

Making the top of the costume

A shirt or vest (depending on which detail of the clothes will be found), which will be taken, can be decently worn, washed. If the thing is recently purchased, it is better to form artificially. For this, it breaks in several places, plus a small amount of "dirt" is added. It will be a guarantee that the robber suit for the boy will look like more. A young man can throw the vest to the shirt.

What robber without a vest?

So, the costumes of the robbing wogware look with this detail of clothes. There is no shelter over her sewing. It is enough just to fract the sleeves from the views of the sweatshirts, and we will get a stunning detail of the future outfit. If dad or grandfather does not feel sorry for old vest, you can wear it. The main thing is that the vest has pockets. After all, it will be threatening with cold weapons. Of course, toy.

Mastery headdress

A brazy or bandana - any of these hats will be quite a suitable option, if a solid goal is set - to make a new year's costume of the robber. Canya again will suit any. Its color and pattern do not matter. Worried about the edges of the bandana is also not worth it. After all, it looks untidy for this character - quite the usual thing.

All items for it can be found in the wardrobe. The main thing is that the outfit is comfortable and did not interfere with the child run, play, dance, have fun.

If the eye bandage seals with your own hands, then the template is pre-done. It takes a dense cardboard for its manufacture. Then the two parts of the dressing are cut on the finished template (the fabric should be black). After the part stitches.

Photo of a robber costume with her hands

Costumes robbing to be presented in different variations. Consider some of them.

Robin Hood - Dream of Boys

So, we start sewing another robber to the boy with their own hands. Among the necessary materials should be:

  1. Fabric (color green and brown).
  2. Tight white and gray matter (pieces).
  3. Pants or tights (non-screens).
  4. Bright feather.
  5. Velcro.
  6. Sewing supplies.

For sewing shirts, simple ancient technology is used. Cut a piece of fabric. Its length should be equal to the length of the finished product, multiplied by two. As for the width, it is calculated with the calculation of the back measurements and the length of the sleeveless pair added to it.

Then, in a folded twice fabric, a slot is made for the gate. The back is cut symmetrically along the axis, after which the velcro fastener is attached to it. With chalk, the contours of the sleeves are drawn, the excess fabric is cut. After stitching the side seams, the shirts can be proceeded to the alert. It is cut into the cloth.

costumes of robbers

Cap - "Pie" - the main and important accessory Robin Hood. We take a brown tissue and with the back of it, we draw the details in the number of four pieces. After all, we need Tula (two details) and fields (two details). Cut, turn and sew them in pairs. To attach fields to the Tul, you need pins. Since the finished product happens with curved fields, they are attached to the back.

Costumes of robbers - the dream of many boys. Therefore, we will react with all seriousness to their manufacture. Having seam, turn the fields. Next to the hat are sewn elastic. A bright feather (present or paper) will be a good field decoration. To sew the belt, the gray material is taken (its length should be a half waist girth, the width is four widths of the finished part).

The ends of the tissue cut is bend inside and processed. It develops four times in length, three sutures are laid. After the buckle is attached to the belt, it will remain to do holes in it. To make a knife, the pieces of dense fabric are suitable. It may be felt. Double parts are stitched and attached to the belt using velcro. So, another robber owes for a boy, with their own hands made, ready.

Russian robber in all its glory

To create a grotesque costume, you will need the simplest and most affordable funds. In a jute or canvas bag (burlap should be unbleached) three holes cut through to push hands and head. Such a robber costume for the new year is the presence of a belt. A rope will cope well with his role.

Robber costumes for new year for boys

You don't need to wear any extra clothing under the resulting shirt. Burlap can be used to sewing pants. If this process of delight does not cause, ready-made pants can be chosen in the store. Only one should consider that they will need a small alteration. The choice is better to stop on a simple model, which is made of canvas. If this model has an elastic band, it must be replaced by the rope.

For tightening, the pantian will also need a rope. It looks like this: the ankle is done by holes. Then the ropes are then ropted. The options for a headdress for this option can be called several: tape or already familiar rope, supporting hair, roughly stitched cap, fur dad.

To give an additional color to the costume, you can put colored patches. Fabric for them is chosen contrasting, for example white in red peas. Seam is specifically made rude and noticeable.

Mate Rogue - the following image

If a man's dashing person is taken as the basis or Ataman himself, then for sewing his pants (they are similar to the previous version) you will need high-quality fabric. The top of the costume consists of a fur coat or an inside out of Toulup. They also wear on a naked body. For sweeping is used Kushak. A bright handkerchief is what it can be made. An experienced robber goes to the same shoes as a beginner. Plus wearing with fermented boots. Size and style shoes can be absolutely anyhow, as it is a trophy. For wearing trophy boots, the rope will be needed (it turns out through the neck) or a stick.

Eastern robber

This is the next colorful character who is likely to be interested. Naked torso is his distinctive feature. But he can not do without harslers or ports similar to the same subject of clothes of his Slavic fellow. The necessary heads are the Turban and Tubetsey. You can link the turban on your own, but it is more expedient to purchase a tuberette. An ordinary member of the shaky in shoes does not need. Ataman will need to buy shoes similar to the eastern so that their long noses be bent up. Eye bandage for Ataman is superfluous. We have already described above how it sews.

In conclusion, we note that to create a robber costume with your own hands, it is enough just to show a fantasy. You do not need to buy anything.

We looked at exactly how to sew and make the robber costumes for the new year for boys. It takes a little time for it, and the result is always pleased with the ruin.

If we We are talking about "do" You can use those things that we have at hand. It is elementary can be jeans, a black vest, a shirt or a T-shirt, a bandana. And the rest of the little things can be made with their own hands. For example, we can make a black bandage - from black fabric we can cut two mug. They are stitching them on the edge of the typewriter, turn out and gently sew the place not stitched before.

Send black lounge elastic to a mug - a pirated bandage for one eye is ready.

You can also put on my head to the brake black and draw a pirate sign on it).

robber suit for the boy do it yourself

If the costume is sewing , then we need to think about what will be in our set.

These can be shortened troughs, shirt, belt; You can sew jackets and put on them with pirate boots (they are sold ready and worth a penny).

You can sew a pants for the very simple pattern or without it. You can take the pajama pants of the child / adult, sens up completely on the cloth selected (it is possible to take a cloth to take a cloth, and it is possible and in a strip not very pronounced).

You can take the finished pattern.

robber suit for the boy do it yourself

There are a lot of such patterns on the Internet, as well as in the journal you can take ordinary basic patterns - trousers, shirts, vest and so on.

You can add an ordinary white shirt to suchhers, which can be careless to the pants and tie it with its belt.

Without a bandana and / or no hats, like Jack Sparrow just can not do). Please note that Jack's things are not clean)). Therefore, you can a little bit "stain" paint. But it is if desired only.

robber suit for the boy do it yourself

Bandana can be replaced by a golk, for example. You can choose a cloth into a cage, striped, one-photon suitable. Try.

☠ ☠ ☠

Think out makeup. The child can not offer anything, and an adult can be emphasized by eyes, making a shoe-handed hand).

And, of course, good luck in the new year).

The system chose this answer as the best.

The robber suit is probably the easiest in terms of manufacture. It consists of a shirt, pants, bananas, and some of the attributes need some toy weapons. We take the old pants of the child and we go on them multicolored pieces of fabric. For the truthfulness of the robber outfit, tear down down the bottom of the trousers below. You can wear a shirt on the top or a shirt, or the telnikha also making it a little worn or a little broken so that it seemed old. If a new shirt can be broken in several places and adding a little dirt. For the vest, the jacket of an adult with pockets will fit. Whether the sleeves will be helped. On the head as a bandanus we say to the Kosynka.

An example of a simple robber costume:



5 years ago In order to make a new year robber costume

, You can wear a vest, dark shorts (pants), and necessarily - a dressing on one eye. Which can be sewn independently, to do this, make a pattern from dense cardboard and cut on it two forms from black tissue, cover them between themselves, do not forget to fix the elastic gum in the size of the head.

From attributes you can use a toy sword, a knife or gun. And put on the head of the bandana.

For the girl - the robbery you can make a fate air skirt, for this tissue strip, tie around the gum. The costume will complete the same attributes as for the boy.

And on the face you can make aquagrim: Go Green.


2 years ago

The robber costume for the new year is one of the most favorite costumes for boys, meanwhile, can be done at home, optionally to buy.

New Year's suit robber

For example, for such a costume you need to pick up an old hat, a white shirt, a vest, pants and a belt.

New Year's suit robber

Or perform a robber costume of marine expanses - a pirate for which bandages on the head and eyes, pants, shirt, vest, a cushy and toy sword will be needed.

Boots can be made on the basis of the existing shoes or boots by handling them only the lining or sew the whole, outlining the child's foot and building the scatter in approximately such a scheme as below.

New Year's suit robber

I advise you to carve a trial of cheap fabric and adjust the pattern right on the child, then make changes and carve out the details of the leather boot.

For a robber suit, you can use any available dark trousers or sew such from the leathes, to the bottom of the trouser cutting into an uneven zigzag.

Making the volume of the chest, growth, the length of the sleeves, the length of the back, the shoulder width, you can make the patterns of the shirt and vest of the robber.

New Year's suit robberQuickly carve out the missing components of the costume can be right on the clothes that the child is wears, the landing accuracy is not obligatory here.




I have a son this year in the garden in the scene plays the role of the robber, I can not find such a suit in our town anywhere (Musketeers, animals, knights, and so on there, but there is no robber). I decided that I would sew it myself, or rather not even sew, but a slightly pericing pants, buy a white new shirt, but the bandana and vest - a soul. So, for his work I took the following picture, according to which in the future and would be to make a robber costume. Here:

So, for a suit you will need an ordinary white shirt on the size of the child, wide sports pants of black or brown-colored color, about 0.5 meters of red fabric, 0.5 meters of black fabric, black socks and shoes. The shirt is left as it is, and the cat in sports pants is cutting off the bottom and affairs of "torn edges." Optionally, you can sew a patch. From red cloth Cut the triangle with 40/40/40 sides and a rectangle with the sides of 1.5 meters and 5 cm. For a suit, it is better to take a fabric that will not have to coach further. Triangle use in the form of bandans, and a rectangle - belt. The vest can be sewed on the pattern, which is given below, while the dimensions naturally need to take their own.



  1. 3 month ago
  2. Make a robber suit fairly easy and simple. For this we will need the following accessories:
  3. Vest. Suitable the usual marine. We will wear it under the jacket
  4. Pants. Any. Preferably, of course, red or brown.
  5. Bandana. Top of the bandana you can draw a skeleton or skull
  6. Belt

Toy pistol. Sold at any store and Aliexpress.

Eye patch

First we make a bandana. Suitable ordinary fabric. Cut a small piece of fabric and braid a child on your head. Simply and easily. For example, you can do it like this:


The eye bandage can also be done. We take the usual black cardboard, cut out a circle from it and do holes where you are satisfied with the rope so that the bandage keeps well on the baby's head.



For a children's suit you will need a male vest. It will be great if your husband has this, and at the same time it is no longer needed.

We rolling the sleeves, and on the bottom of the vests we will make imitation of the ribbon, you can simply cut the hem for zigzags.

I need to pick up a red handkerchief. It is advisable to sweep the telly to the scarf cloth in the color of the headscarf. It will only be left to sew a vest (and it is optional), the pattern is easy to do for any blouse of a child, as well as Breeches (although it is possible to take ordinary pants).


If you sew Bridges, take the same fabric from which you did vest. Bit Bridge to hedit it is not necessary, let it remain tagged, it is only for your hand.



Sea pirate also refers to robber, but you need a robber costume from the fairy tale "Snow Queen."

We sew pants and dark fabric in length below the knees. The bottom of the trouser makes torn.

Pants can be on the gum. We go two or three patch.

Wear a shirt and over the vest from the dark fabric, the preplant of the braided mandatory

On the head strip from the handkerchief. And as an example of robbers from "Bremen Musicians". In order not to be very naked during the New Year's matinee, we dress a black vest.


In order not to make a mistake, we broke the old pants of the child and made the pattern on them.



The costume of the robber can be made from what you have at home.

For example, this costume consists of dark trousers and vests. We put on the mask. It can be cut out of paper, and you can draw with a special black paint for aquagrim. :

For consupportion in hand, you can take a bag with money.


If you want to make a robber costume - pirate, then it is created a little differently. It will take a shirt or a strip turtleneck that we cut around the edges. We wear a bandana on your head. In the hands take a saber.

From above shirt you can wear a vest.

Mmm Danone


I propose quickly and budget to make such a robber costume:

For the image you need to take black any trousers, striped vest. You can even paint a T-shirt in a black strip or on the contrary, a black t-shirt in a white strip with a guashi. Either black scotch strips glue.

If possible, take about such a vest:

After it remains for small - make a robber mask from the fabric. Cut the template and strip edge threads:

Adjust the image can be a dagger from the cardboard, you can cut on the template below:

Suit robber for the new year

Do you know the answer?

  • Most of all robbers suits are suitable for mischievous and mobile boys who will feel harmonious in this image. The costume of the robber can be made in several variations. The first is the image of an old robber, the second is modern. We will analyze each of them.
  • Modern image
  • Modern cinema and cartoons depict the robber in this form, as you can see on this photo.
  • If you decide to make such a suit, you should know from which parts it will consist. It:

Black pants or pants;

a jacket or striped t-shirt;


Additional accessories.

And now let's turn to the direct manufacture of every detail of the image.


To create a robber suit for a boy, optionally sew your own clothes. If you can find the necessary things in the wardrobe, then use them.

The robber is dressed in black pants or pants. Perhaps, in each closet you can find them. But if not, you can always sew pants yourself. Selects classic cut and universal material.

The top of the costume is a striped sweater or T-shirt. If such is not in your wardrobe, you can paint white sweater on your own. Robber costumes do not have clear standards, so you can combine the existing things.

Hide face

As a mask, you can use a black fabric strip with carved eye holes. The cloth is better to use knitted, it is convenient to work with it. Damage the edges of the mask and do not forget about the strings.

You can choose an alternative - draw the mask with paints. For this, the usual watercolor paint of black color will be suitable.

Boy robber suit


In order to complement ready-made robbers, use hats and gloves. The headdress that is suitable for this image should fit tightly to the head, be sure to black. You can choose a hat for several sizes less so that it does not completely cover the head.

Showing text

Gloves better prefer leather without fingers. But thin from the fabric is also suitable.

  • As an optional accessory, a bag with money, which can be made with your own hands. For this, two rectangles are cut out of dense tissue or burlap. After that, they are stitched to get a bag. Soaked inside out and filled with foam rubber or crumpled newspaper. In order to be clear that the bag contains money, you can decorate its dollar emblem, which is painted with a marker on the bag or cut out of green tissue. One of the options for how to make a robber costume with your own hands, depicted in the next photo.
  • Robber-pirate
  • The image of this robber was known from distant times and is often found in cartoons and movies. If you chose such a suit, you can familiarize yourself with the example of how it may look.
  • Such robbers costumes can resemble pirates. It consists of outfit from such objects as:

pants or breeches;

T-shirt or sleeveless;


Additional attributes.

Consider how to make it yourself every one of the listed parts.

Ripped clothes

Suit robber

For the bottom of the costume, old wide pants will be suitable, which are not sorry to cut. Cuts are made in the form of triangular teeth. At the same time, the length is removed to get breeches. Such a robber suit for the boy should not look strictly.

As the top of the clothes, you choose the old sweater or T-shirt. Why old? It is unlikely that someone will enjoy cut the new and even suitable clothes for socks. The sweater on the same principle we make torn.

If you do not have the opportunity to use ready-made clothes, you can sew it yourself. This will require cloth and sewing machine.

As an addition to clothing often use a vest. At the same time, clothing can be with various emblems and drawings.


The flaps of the tissue of the required color can be used as this head. Twist the fabric into several layers - it turns out a wide horizontal band, which is placed on the forehead, tolding from the reverse side to several nodes. You can use the bandanu, the same kink that covers the whole head.

Attributes of the robber

costumes of robbers

In order to get a bright New Year's costume costume, we advise you to complement it with an attribute. For this, a toy weapon is perfect. Revolvers or rifles can be used to give the image of truth. And if on the pants to tie a belt from the fabric, then this weapon will easily fix it. Sabls and daggers made of plastic are also suitable for the image of the robber.

As an interesting addition, you can sew a small bag that is filled with coins and is on the belt.

It looks good clips in the ear in the form of a round earrings, which pirates and robbers were worn by custom. You can complement the image and other details, if you think it is necessary.

costumes of robbers

The peasantry throughout the pre-revolutionary history of Russia has experienced oppression from the landowners, and therefore with sympathy belonged to those who struggled with oppressors. Therefore, the robbers, even very far from the ideals of justice, People's Solva did almost heroes opposing the unfair royal orders. After all, they, as a rule, robbed landlords and merchants, and not those who have nothing to take. But some robbers managed to enter the story, and their names remember even a century later.

Mythical Kudyar

One of the legendary characters is Kudyar - Ataman, whose name is called numerous villages, caves and mounds in Russia. There are many stories and legends about him, but it is still reliably known whether they are true.

Information about its origin is indicated in many sources of the 16th century and diverge. The most common version is that Ataman was the son of Vasily III and his wife - Solomia. She gave birth to him in the monastery, which was exiled for being fruitless, after which Kudyar was taken out in the forest, where he secretly brought up. In addition, according to this information, it follows that Ataman was brother Ivan Grozny and could well claim the royal throne.

In other sources it is indicated that Cudyar was the son of Prince Transylvania - Zhigmond Batori. After a quarrel with his father, he escaped and jumped to the Cossacks, and also served as an Ochrichnik at the king. After royal disfavor, it began to produce a disclaimer.

According to legend, Cudyar made his own thieves of the robbers and robbed the rich coozers.

costumes of robbers

Due to numerous raids and robberies, residents of many Russian provinces associated him with a symbol of horrific power. Legends say that after he left unpretentious wealth, which so far no one could find.

Stenka Razin: Wasy Robber or Hero?

The main rebellion of the 17th century was Stepan Timofeevich Razin, the nicknamed wall. He was not just a remote Don Cossack and Ataman, but also a good organizer, leader and military.

In connection with the tightened fortress rights in the Cossack region, the peasants who fled from the inner provisions of Russia began to flow. They did not have roots and property, so they were called "pigember". Stepan was one of those. Supposing the "Golaty" of the desired provisioning, local Cossacks helped them in thieves. Those, in turn, shared prey. For the people, Razin was a "noble robber" and a hero that hate serfdom and king.

costumes of robbers

Under his leadership, in 1670 a campaign was organized on a Volga, accompanied by polynomial peasant uprisings. The Cossack order was introduced in each captured city, merchants robbed, and the authorities were killed. In the autumn of the same year, Ataman was very wounded and exported to Don. Stopping, Stepan again wanted to collect supporters, but local Cossacks were disagree with this. In the spring of 1671, they assigned the Kagalitsky town, where the difference was hidden. After that, he was captivated (together with Brother Frol) and issued to Tsarist Voivod. After the sentence of Stepan fourth.

Vanka Cain

Vanka Cain is the famous robber and thief of the 18th century. Ivan Osipov was born in the village of Ivanovo Yaroslavl province, in the peasant family. At the age of 13, he was transported to the Lordsky Yard, to Moscow, and at 16 - having acquainted with the thief on the nickname "Kamchatka", decided to join his gang, passing his owner, passing his master and writing the Baric Gate. With the words "work the traits, not I" Osipov clearly described its life position.

Soon he was returned to the former owner. While Vanka was in the chandom debross, he learned that "sinters" was found behind the owner. When guests came to Barina, he told everyone that, on the omission of the owner, a garrison soldier died, whose body was thrown into the well. For this Donos Vanka Cain received freedom, and returning to his pike became their leader.

In 1741, Osipov wrote "repentable petition", where he said that he was a thief and was ready to assist in the capture of accomplices. With it, many deserters, thieves and gangsters were caught. For the betrayal of "his" he received the nickname "Cain".

But on this he did not stop. He was arrested in 1749, for the abduction of the 15-year-old daughter of the retired serve. And only in 1755, the court decided Vanka-Cain to execute with ruling and beheading, but the sentence was softened by the Senate. In 1756 he was carved and pulled out nostrils. Putting Cain's stigma "V.Or", he was sent to the link where he died.

costumes of robbers

Vasily Churkin: Huslitsky Robin Hood

Vasily Vasilyevich Churkin became a bright character of the criminal world in the 19th century. The exact date of birth is unknown. It is assumed that he was born between 1844-1846, in the village of Barskaya, Huslitsky parish.

Young Churkin began his "career" in the gang of Huslitsky Robbers, wrapped in 1870 on large roads: from Moscow to Vladimir. Later, because of the severe illness of the leader of the scenes broke up. Here Vasily was not confused and in 1873 he created his own whip. Soon he was caught, but under arrest he remained long, because he fled.

costumes of robbers

In addition to the robbeam, Vasily and his gang helped the poor, thereby won folk glory and recognition. He robbed only rich barns, and from the owners of the factory several times a year collected a small tribute in 25 rubles. Manufacturers did not mention his name in order not to bring trouble on their heads. Thus, Churkin created a reliable rear, who covered him from the police. He never raised his taxis and severely punished those who violated this custom.

When the Huslitsa remains unsafe, Vasily hid in other places. There are many versions of the death of Huslitsky Robin Hood, but the exact reason remains unknown.

Trish Sibiryak

Another folk hero of the 19th century was Trish-Siberian. Information about the criminal authority has survived quite a little, but by giving, he crossed the landowners and nobles. The people took the legends and fairy tales about him, representing the robber defender of disadvantaged. He was extremely careful and heter. Making raids on landowners, Trish-Sibiryak gave a part of the stupid fortress. People said that he didn't hurt anyone, but he could have "lied to the peasants" the barrina to punish, for example, to trim the vendors under the knees, so that the "hip" did not run. So he taught them "Mind-Mind."

Even after his arrest, rumors about him were not allowed to live calmly nobles. Yes, and they caught it only because the search for trisk was in the strictest secret, as the authorities were stirred by his smelters and tricks. The further fate of Trisk Siberian is unknown.

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New Year holidays or a thematic party are scheduled, then you just need to purchase a corresponding suit. After all, the attributes of themes and the dress code are not the latest components of the class holiday. A good outfit that is suitable in the figure and to taste it is expensive, the more time to exploit it once.

Make an excellent suit using brew materials and small costs are quite possible, only patience and enthusiasm needed.

  • How to make a robber costume?
  • So, you were invited to a party, in the style of robbers and you have a cheerful costume holiday. Considering the photo of a robber costume made with her own hands, it seems that it is not so difficult to make it.
  • Who is the costume?
  • First, you need to answer the following questions:

Who goes for a holiday (for whom will we do the outfit)?

Will costumes in one ensemble for all family members?

Do you make an addition to existing clothes or sew a suit with scratch?

Budget version or unlimited stock?

Costume Creating Material

Secondly, to solve what material and how to make a robber costume with your own hands:

Costume of fabric. The most popular choice of craftsmen and masters, because both the assortment of fabrics is wide and the cost is different. Plus there is an opportunity to supplement some of its part of the wardrobe with a novelty of a fabric, such as a raincoat or vest.

Costume suit. Here you can use cardboard, foil, parts of toys and even kitchen utensils.

Accessories for image

  • Thirdly, come up with accessories, for the image. After all, what a robber without weapons and hats (bondana).
  • Designing the image of the New Year's costume of the robber with your own hands to kindergarten, you should not make accessories from plastic or metal, for example, instead of a toy saber, you can make a sword from cardboard and foil, and instead of a gun, a bow with arrows will be suitable.
  • The most popular robber from fairy tales is a "nightingale robber", for this image it is worth remembering that the nightingales kind robber - took away from the rich, handed out the poor, so his clothes are appropriate.
  • To make the costume of the nightingale of the robber do it yourself, you will need:
  • Old pants (striped or red)
  • White shirt with long sleeves

Odnoton vest

Mattery for belt and bondana

Metal fittings

Weapons and whistle

On each trousers, scissors make large zigzags, imitating a torn edge, you can sew patchwork. Shirt leave unchanged, just do not but fasten the extreme buttons.

Fabric for belt and bandans can be taken any bright, well draped, it is desirable that the edges do not appear. The belt must be wide, about 10 cm.

  • For bandans, take a triangle, taking into account the size of the head, decorate it with metal rings or coins with a hole.
  • Costume accessories can be a toy weapon or a bout bag with stupid treasures. If our ward does not know how, or does not want to whistle, buy a small invisible whistle.
  • If you need to adjust an adult man and the budget allows you to create a robber outfit from such clothes.
  • Necessary materials
  • Telnyashka

Thin Sweatshirt Black

Sports pants or breeches

Leather boots

Bandage and patchwork fabric

It is convenient to buy in the sports store immediately and the Breeches and a sweatshirt with a set, then the costume will look intersective and finished.

The sweatshirt is ruthlessly cut by scissors, imitating the traces of claws of wild animals, the sleeves turn and make a fringe, the gate on one side we cut and tear up to the middle of the shoulder. A man will not be undressed, because The bottom will shine the vest.

Breeches cut off the bottom with a fringe and climb patches. Patchwork and wide headband should be one tone, from well-draped fabric. Accessories will serve a belt over the shoulder and the butti onions with arrows.

If you perfectly own a sewing machine, then you will easily find the pattern "Vest" and "pants-sharovar", as composite parts of a robber costume for a boy and make it with their own hands.

From a blue satin material, spread out the vest and pants - sharovars. If there are problems with searching patterns on the Internet, you can take the basis of any finished vest, it will only be left to adjust the size and pajama pants.

Under the vest you can wear either a white shirt or a long sleeve vest.

Do not forget to add a wide long belt tied with a side.

You can add an embrace image with accessories - a hunting hat with a feather and a toy gun is perfect

Just replace pants, on a fate skirt, plus striped funny tights and baby ready.

Give feminine accessories, for example, instead of a bandana, cut out a mask from a tight fabric and decorate feathers into the tone skirt. The young warrior will look touching and frightening at the same time.

Photo of robber costumes do it yourself


Please make repost

Without a masquerade costume, neither one matinee or other festive event, nor in kindergarten or school.

For several decades among the workers, pirates are in constant popularity - pirates are the robbers of marine expansion. The images of the noble robber of the birthplace of Houd or the popular Jack Sparrow are equally in demand.

The boys, cartoon lovers, of course, are fascinated by the pretty three gangsters from the "Bremen Musicians", and the girls watched the cartoon "Snow Queen" do not mind to try on the image of a small robbery.

So the costume of a sea or land gangster is very in demand, both among the kids and in the midst of senior adolescents.

Advantage of costume

Probably one of the reasons for the popularity of the image of romantics with a large road is the simplicity of the manufacture of appropriate clothes, which can be clearly seen, considering in the photographs of robbers, made with their own hands.

It is not difficult to choose the appropriate color gamut - for the pirate there will be a combination of white with black with the addition of a pair of shades for elements of clothing or accessories.

Production rules

That's just no rigorous restrictions or canons exist. The only wishes for the work of the robber - the clothes should be old and worn. Well, can't "villain" are distracted by such trifles as a new outfit, and follow fashionable trends!

  • Old sweater, with torn sleeves, just a white shirt - already details of the future costume.
  • So, everything depends on your imagination and those materials that found in a wardrobe.
  • Pirate
  • For the "plausible" clothes of the sea robber are necessary:
  • vest;
  • vest with pockets;
  • pants;
  • eye patch;
  • boots or high shoes;


bright belt;



Most likely, almost all of the listed can be found among old things. It may have to sew pockets to a vest, where it will be convenient to put a gun.

Pants are suitable any - jeans, pants, leggings. For a larger effect, they should be "decorated with multi-colored patches.

Take a handkerchief on the head of the boy, "impose" a dressing for the "knocked" eye and the costume of the "old" sea wolf is ready.

In such a suit it is time to go to the body of a merchant ship, the holds of which are naked with gold and precious stones!

Comic Trinity

It will not be much difficult to "turn" his child in one of the characters of the cartoon "Bremen Musicians". Here, first of all, it all depends on the complex of your child. If he is full - surcharge to Morgunov's costume, high - will be Vicin, and Cornish-Nikulin.

There are no special materials to buy. It will be necessary only to watch the cartoon once again and remember which character in which was dressed.

Jack Sparrow and Robin Hood

Create an image of a noble robber, the hero of the British ballad is simpler. Just to a suit of an ordinary robber instead of a gun, add a bow and quiver with arrows.

Important! Quiver with arrows should be behind the back of the robber from the Sherwood Forest, and on top of the clothes they throw a hooded raincoat.

  • Recall the image of the famous cinema pirate Jack Sparrow. Give your choice similarity with it is very easy. We need a mustache and a beard with two thin strands.
  • If there is no special desire to manufacture such attributes, you can simply draw them with a marker or marker on the face of the child. It is necessary to wear on the head of a tricon hat or a bandan. From under the head of the head, the long rows of pigtails must seem, and the sword is turned on in the hands.
  • Nightingale robber
  • For a costume of the villain of Russian epic, it will take:
  • White shirt;
  • old pants;
  • Dark vest;
  • Toy weapons;
  • Old scarf for belt;

Material for payments and bandage bands;

Metal buttons;

  1. scissors and threads;
  2. whistle.
  3. Make your own hands Solovy-Robber costume will not be a lot of work.
  4. Manufacturing process
  5. Scissors cut both pants trousers, giving them a worn, old appearance and put the patchwork.

The same can be done with shirt sleeves.

We assume a wide bright scarf - it will execute the role of a Kushak.

Bandana must decorate iron buttons.

A handful of a toy weapon and a bag with stupid treasures.

The boy should be accessed in a whitewash, the main chip of the nightingale-robber. If it fails to achieve the desired effect, you will have to use a small whistle.


  • Looking through movies about historical medieval events come to the conclusion that the robbers of that era sought to certain elegance in clothes.
  • Unlike previous options, when clothing was specifically cut and stood, in the manufacture of a suit with his own hands for a robber boy, the opposite should be proceed - try to give the form of the Victorian era.
  • Necessary elements of clothing

The inalienable details of the costume of medieval robbers include:

wide pants;


Classic hat.

You should take care of such accessories as a cervical handkerchief, a vest with several pockets and a belt.

Giving similarity

To achieve complete identity with the robber of the Middle Ages will contribute to the invoicate beard and mustache. An elegant element will be the decoration of the hat with a bright ribbon.

  • Excellent if there is an old wig with curly curls in your wardrobe. For several centuries ago, they wore not only representatives of the nobility. In the extreme case, you can independently make dreadlocks, so popular among modern youth, and use them instead of traditional medieval wigs.
  • Making fashionable pigtails is unlikely to cause difficulties. You should simply twist several sheets of colored paper, giving them the shape of the braids, and then stick with a dozen blanks on the cardboard and place the entire design under the hat.
  • Girly robber
  • If the house grows in the house Girl Sorvi head, then she will surely want to appear on a holiday in a romance costume with a large road. And for this, the outfit is unlikely to have to acquire any additional materials and decorations. Most likely necessary for the robe there are in the wardrobe:
  • blouse;
  • vest;


cocked hat;

  • gloves and belt;
  • Toy pistol and saber.
  • Dropped by the girl in selected clothes, tied the belt, putting on the head on the head-tri-carcale and handing "weapons", you can go with it to the festive event.
  • Another no less spectacular suit for the young thunderstorm seas, which consists of:
  • Camzole;

Blouses with wide sleeves;

belt with massive fucking;

narrow trousers;

Boot or high boots.

The most pleasant thing in all this is for the feet of daughter for a holiday, it is not necessary to buy anything. All the necessary attributes for creating the image of a girl-pirate will have home.

Original photo ideas of a robber costume

The robber is one of the most sought-after images on children's matinees and holidays. If your child loves to bore and energy from it beats a fountain, then turn it into a similar fabulous character will be an excellent idea.


  • Advantages of the image
  • Probably the main advantage of the romance from the big road is simplicity of manufacture. It can be made up of clothing, which is already in the children's wardrobe.
  • As can be seen in the photo of the robber suit, made by her hands, there are no restrictions in the color solutions in this case. You can choose the elements exclusively in the black gamma or play with contrasting colors.
  • The most popular combinations for the image of the pirate are:

black and white;

white and blue;

black and golden;

black and red.

Outfit for New Year's matinee

Composite elements of the New Year's costume of the robber do it yourself are a vest or shirt, pants in the style of militaries, boots. It is better if the clothes will have traces of hurry.

For the top of the costume will fit a canvas bag. It needs to cut holes for hands and heads. It is not better to use a belt as a belt, but a rope.

No rules how to make a robber costume with your own hands, no. You can safely make combinations to your taste. Even a classic white shirt can be part of the image. It is enough just to throw a vest suitable on it.

And you can take an old sweater, feel the sleeves from him - and in your hands the detail of the robbery wardrobe. Speaking about vest, it is better to choose a model with pockets - it will be where to shove the gun.

Pants will suit any - jeans, pants, leggings, broad breeches. The color is preferably brown, black or blue. For greater effects, "decorate" their flaps made of colored fabric.

If you do not have suitable high boots, they are allowed to be replaced with dark boots or flakes.

The baby's head will give a handkerchief of the picturesque color, make it the appropriate makeup, hand the toy weapon - the image of the robber is ready.

The costume of the robber for the boy with his own hands, if you wish, you can supplement the mask from cardboard, thick paper or fabric. Remember, it must be made as accurate as possible.

Do not forget about the inalienable attributes - toy knives, sabers, pistols, hatchets. You can hang a bag with coins on the belt, to wear a clips in the form of a round earrings, and decorate the neck with a rough gold chain.

Medieval option

The feature of the robbers of the period of the Middle Ages is the desire for grace in clothing. Such a conclusion suggests itself after watching movies about those times.

Inalienable elements of the image of the Victorian era are wide pants of dense tissue and high leather boots. It is from this that needs to be repelled by creating the costume of the nightingale of the robber with her own hands.

The top of the outfit can be represented by a shirt with wide sleeves from a slight, flowing material. Do not forget to think at the attributes - neck scarf, vest with pockets, headdress, belt.

If you make a little effort, you can create a bright and individual image. Look at the baby's closet - you will definitely find everything you need for the manufacture of a suit.

An analogue of blouse from Batista or Shelke can perform a checkered shirt or turtleneck with a leather vest. Complete the dress with an eye bandage and a hat.

It's great if you have a wig with dreadlocks. Covenate mustache or beard will also be.

Outfit for girl

The costume of the robber for the girl is very interesting in its manufacture. It consists of pants, skirts, blouses with a vest. Korset is appropriate.

The branded triangle is suitable as a headdress. Inalienable accessories outfit robber - belt and gloves. It is advisable to pick up high boots on your feet.


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