Part 2

All you wanted to know about the epilation, but did not know who to ask.

All you wanted to know about the epilation, but did not know who to ask. Part 2

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We continue to discharge the myths about the epilayment and learn from the doctors of the epilayk clinic, Lazerjazz and Telo's Beauty, as far as the procedures expect if you have blonde hair, which means the absence of edema and other important little things.

After the previous article on the types of epilation, everyone - and we also have a lot of questions. To understand what to wait and, on the contrary, do not expect from the course of procedures, we went to the experts. This time immediately to three: Natalia Grigorieva (specialist in laser therapy, managing partner network of the clinics "Epilaich" and "Premium Esthetix"), Elena Nasatskaya (doctor-cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist Telo's Beauty clinic) and Karine Musayeva (specialist in laser therapy, Chief Doctor of Lazerjazz Clinic).

According to some issues, doctors were unanimous, in others - no. (So ​​do not be surprised by the controversial "yes, deletes" or "no, not deletes" in advertisements and on different sites. At all, you do not always try to cord in the clinic. Just sometimes different doctors are completely sincerely convinced of mutually exclusive things -) easier from This does not become, we understand. But we suggest yourself to decide whose point of view you trust more.)


1. Is it possible to call the exact number of sessions that is required to remove the hair?

Grigorieva HC.

Natalia Grigorieva, Epilaich Clinic.

Natalia Grigorieva: No. The exact number of procedures depends on the type of laser radiation, power, the size of the light spot and the cooling system of a particular laser (as far as it is possible to increase the heating of the follicle without pain and the risk of the patient's burn). The Lightsheer Duet diode laser removes dark hair for 4-6 sessions, light - for 5-8.

Elena Nasakaya: No. Alexandrite laser Candela Gentlelase copes with dark hair for 10 - 12 procedures. Light it does not remove, but slows down their growth.

Karina Musaeva: No. Light methods and elo-epilation remove dark hair for 6-8 sessions, light - for 6-10. More sessions can also be necessary for hormonally controlled zones: chin, upper lips, bikini and armpits. The laser removes the hair that is in the actual growth phase. On the legs, for example, in the anagena stage at the same time there are about 20% (that is, there will be no less than five procedures to reach all 100%). The hair growth cycle depends on different factors: gender, nationality, hormonal status.

2. Is it true that you can remove the hair forever?

Telos Beauty

Elena Nasakaya, Telo's Beauty Clinic.

Elena Nasakaya: No. The hair will disappear for five years, then we can not predict. Stress, childbirth and reception of hormonal drugs can shorten this period.

Natalia Grigorieva: No. Only those hair, whose follicles were completely destroyed forever. Damaged follicles after one or two years are restored and begin to produce the hair of the former "quality". Single hairs after the epilation course can appear, it is normal. It is believed that the hormonal failure can be reduced to "no" the whole course, but there are no studies on this topic. Judging by my practice is a myth to which wax depilation experts scare their customers.

Karina Musaeva: No. 5-20% of hair can recover, but they grow thin and weak. That the result is stable, it costs 1-2 times a year to make supporting procedures.

3. Should the hair fall out during or immediately after the procedure?

Natalia Grigorieva: Yes, if we talk about the alexandrite laser and photoepilation. Photoepilation and alexandritic laser use a rod and a hair tip 1-2 mm above the skin surface, like a heat conductor. This gives the effect of "total" loss here and now, but does not mean the destruction of hair lows. No - if about a diode laser. The diode laser penetrates deeper, and does not burn the hair rod. Before the procedure, they shave them, then they grow up and gradually "pushed out." At such sites are formed propellars.


Karina Musaeva, Lazerjazz clinic.

Karina Musaeva: During epilation on alexandrite laser, neodymium or multiplex, hair burns during the procedure. To carry out the procedure on a slot or diode laser, the skin should be smoothly shaved - that is, after the procedure on any type of laser, the patient leaves smooth skin. The "dead" rods fall out for 10-20 days.

Elena Nasakaya: Depends on the zone. During epilation on the Alexandrite laser, already existing hair falls out. Within 2-4 weeks, terminal hair on the legs, hands, in armpits and in the bikini zone grow, finally fall out and no longer appear. Above the upper lip hair is not growing after the procedure.

4. Is it possible to epilac the area with a tattoo?

Natalia Grigorieva: No. But small tattoos can be painted with a special white pencil and then do not bypass this zone.

Karina Musaeva: No. For a laser, the tattoo looks like a skin 4-6 type of phytzpatrick. Two chromophore (melanin hair and exogenous pigment tattoo) compete for the absorption of light. This can lead to a burn, keloid and hypertrophic scar.

Vse Chto Vy Khototeli Znat OB Epilyatsii No Ne Znali U Kogo Sprosit 04

5. Is the contraindication of the presence of close veins?

Natalia Grigorieva: No. The light does not reach the depths of the location of the veins, and does not have any negative impact on them.

Elena Nasakaya: No. Contraindications are only: phlebitis (veins inflammation), thrombophlebitis and forms of varicose veins, which require treatment.

Karina Musaeva: No. Positive side effect of laser hair removal - removal of capillaries. Light energy is absorbed by hemoglobin in blood cells and the walls of blood vessels, it leads to their heating and destruction. The vessel disappears.

6. Laser epilation more efficiently than photo-?

Natalia Grigorieva: Yes. It has been scientifically proven that laser hair removal is a way of permanent hair removal. But there is no work that would confirm the same about photoepilation. In most countries, it is not used to remove hair, only for the correction of pigment and vascular disorders.

Karina Musaeva: Yes. The laser is aiming beam of light, photoepilation - scattered. She damages, but not "kills" the follicles forever. Photoepilation procedure is more painful and long.

Vse Chto Vy Khototeli Znat OB Epilyatsii No Ne Znali U Kogo Sprosit 05

7. Is it possible to make laser epilation of pregnant women?

Natalia Grigorieva: Do not. Research of light radiation on the body of pregnant women was not carried out. Those who only plan for pregnancy can carry out sessions of laser hair removal.

Elena Nasakaya: The manufacturer of Alexandrite Laser Candela officially permits removal from 12 weeks of pregnancy at remote zones (not bikini and stomach). But I recommend discontinuous procedures.

Karina Musaeva: The laser cannot negatively affect the development of the embryo. But pregnant women change dramatically hormonal background and sensitivity - can break the skin pigmentation and procedures will be less effective.


1. Is there a type of laser hair removal that removes flush, light and red hair?

Natalia Grigorieva:  No. Putching hair is not removed from light instruments (including eye-epilation). Light and redhead can be removed by any kind of laser, but the result can be both good, and bad it is impossible to give warranty.

Elena Nasatskaya: No. Laser and photoepilation slows down the growth of such hair, but does not remove them completely. Effective electroepilation, but it has a serious side effect - scars.

Karina Musaeva:  Yes. Combining different types of lasers - Alexandrite, diode - you can choose a program for fluttering hair. But their removal on the face and shoulders can provoke the opposite effect, to make them more rigid (this phenomenon is called paradoxical hyperitrihosis). With bright, red hair, a Cynosure Elite MPX multiplex (neodymium + alexandrithic wavelength) is coping with a laser-multiplex. It acts simultaneously on the follicle pigment and the microcapillary pigment that feeds the hair.

Vse Chto Vy Khoteli Znat OB Epilyatsii No Ne Znali U Kogo Sprosit 02

2. Is there an apparatus, the epilation on which is completely painless?

Natalia Grigorieva:  Yes. Lumenis Lightsheer Duet with vacuum gain. The HS handle covers the surface area in two or three times more than other devices (22x35 mm), and has a vacuum "capture". It blocks the transmission of pain pulse to the brain.

Elena Nasakaya:  No. But each subsequent procedure becomes more comfortable - due to the fact that the hairs are brighten and thinned. In general, it hurts or not, rather depends on the personal threshold of sensitivity.

Karina Musaeva:  Yes. Motif HR will be transferred easiest on ELOS Plus (Heat and Light Tinging) and ELITE MPX Cynosure Multiplex (blowing with cold air Zimmer Cryo). All devices have a built-in anesthesia system. In our clinic, patients can choose the laser that is considered the most comfortable.

3. Is it possible to remove the hair between the procedures than anything other than the razor?

Natalia Grigorieva:  No. The remaining types of depilation (wax, shigaring, chemical depilation) are injured Hair Lukovitsa . When the hair root is damaged or laser - the laser can not heat its pigment and destroy.

Elena Nasakaya:  Yes. In addition to the razor, you can use the cream for depilation. The remaining methods remove the root of the hair, and you need a lot of time to restore it.

Karina Musaeva:  No. Deposition by the electric razor, wax, tweezers damage Rod Volos , and the laser beam should affect the melanin, which is located in it. Before reaching laser hair removal, it is recommended to grow hair 2-4 weeks.

Vse Chto Vy Khoteli Znat OB Epilyatsii No Ne Znali U Kogo Sprosit 01

4. Is it true that swelling and redness are signs that the epilation procedure was effective?

Natalia Grigorieva: Yes. Perifolicular edema (around folina) - a sign of the destruction of the hair onion. It occurs within 24 hours after the procedure. Therefore, according to the rules, it is recommended to make test outbreaks on the control zone and let go of the patient for a day to make sure the laser parameters were correctly exhibited.

Elena Nasakaya: Yes. After the procedure there should be edema. Redishes may not be, it is an individual reaction caused by the patient's vascular network features.

Karina Nasakaya: No. Edema and redness are not obligatory side effects. Eknesses arise in patients with sensitive skin. The appearance of redness depends on the color, the skin and thickness of the hair on the processed zone. Black thick hair due to the presence of a large amount of Eumelianin in them well absorb light and heated, so redness can be stronger.

5. Elos-epilation more efficiently than laser and photo-?

Natalia Grigorieva: No, rather, on the contrary. About 10 years ago, Lumenis has created the world's first photosystem with contact cooling and protected it with a patent. Syneron could not get around him, and was forced to reduce the power of light energy to avoid skin burns. And in order to increase the total heating - added RF pulse. It turned out "Elos-epilation": low power of light, strong heating of the skin without the destruction of the hair follicle. Due to the high pain of the procedure, the specialists sometimes turn off the radio frequency heating, the remaining energy is not enough to "kill" the follicle irreversibly.

Karina Musaeva:  Yes. Elos-epiilya has advantages over light epilation methods. First, it can remove bright and rigid gray hair. Secondly, the shade of the skin is not important. Thirdly, it is possible to sunbathe immediately before- and the epilation procedure.

Vse Chto Vy Khototeli Znat OB Epilyatsii No Ne Znali U Kogo Sprosit 03

6. Does epilation affect the emergence of neoplasms? Are there research on this topic?

Natalia Grigorieva:  No. Special studies were not conducted, but the connection between the epilation and the occurrence of oncological diseases was not found (for so many years not a single case of oncology, which would be caused by hair removal). Most devices are approved by the FDA - an organization that studies the impact of various means and techniques for the appearance of neoplasms.

Elena Nasakaya:  Not really. American scientists concluded that the appearance of malignant tumors "programmed" by the body. Epilation cannot provoke their appearance, but can accelerate their growth, as essentially the procedure is physiotherapeutic.

Karina Musaeva: Lasers who have the approval of the FDA and the Ministry of Health, warn skin cancer. However, the frequent thermal damage to the melanocytes of the moles activates their growth, and as a result, it may lead to the reincarnation of benign formations in melanoma. Therefore, I recommend to spend removal after removing all dubious elements in the irradiation zone.

What to choose if I have ...?

To summarize - what epilayment is still worth going - we asked all three doctors the same question. What method is suitable for a specific combination of color and hair color. We look at their recommendations:

Natalia Grigorieva:

Televant Leather + Dark Hair . Tip: Alexandrite, diode laser. Dark Leather + Dark Hair . Tip: Neodymium, diode laser. Light leather + blonde hair . Tip: If the skin and hair is the same color - electroepilation. If there is a difference between their shades: a neodymium or diode laser. Hard hair . Tip: The "rigidity" criterion is not key to choose a laser.

Elena Nasakaya:

Televant Leather + Dark Hair . Tip: Alexandrite laser. Dark Leather + Dark Hair . Tip: Neodymium laser. Light leather + blonde hair . Tip: Alexandrite laser. Hard hair .Tip: El slot epilation.

Karina Musaeva:

Televant Leather + Dark Hair . Tip: Diode, Alexandrite laser, Elos-epilation. Dark Leather + Dark Hair . Tip: Diode, neodymium laser, eye-epilation, laser-multiplex (alexandrite and neodymium wavelength) Cynosure Elite MPX. Light leather + blonde hair Tip: Alexandrite laser, Elos epilation, Cynosure Elite MPX multiplex. Hard hair . Tip: Diode, Alexandrite laser, Elos-epilation.

Watch out for the continuation of our project "All about epilation". In the following material, Lena Kornkov, Karina Tumanskaya and Arina Esipova will tell how much hair left them to the middle of the course)

Hair removal forever - the most efficient salon and home methods

Such a fashion trend as smooth skin is borrowed by us among the inhabitants of the Ancient East. At the Egyptians, at all times, hair removal was considered aesthetic improvement of the body and a sign of pronounced ability to perceive the excellent and harmonious.

Over time, the beautiful floor of Europe began to get rid of visible vegetation at different parts of the body.

Which method of epilation is considered the best today, and which innovative methods are used by modern cosmetologists, consider in this article.

Professional techniques

Today, all existing epilation methods consist in the destruction of hair follicle and blocking the proximal convinced tubules.

This is the main difference of epilation from depilation, which is based on hair removal without damaging the hair onion. Most women consider these events identical and in vain.

Choosing technology to combat unwanted hairs on the body, a woman should determine for itself a goal - to get rid of the hair for a while or remove them forever.

Full hair removal implies the use of hardware cosmetology. When it is used, the structure of the hair onion is subjected to a devastating process under the action of special energy waves.

Laser hair removal

Hair removal forever the most efficientIn contrast to the usual techniques that give the temporary effect, the use of laser epilation allows you to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body forever.

The technique is based on the destruction of the hair bulb with laser radiation. The hair absorbs the beam, and due to instantaneous heating collapses. This method allows the follicle to death and prevent further growth.

It's important to know! Absorb the laser beam is capable of hair with a dark color, and get rid of gray and light vegetation, applying the method, will not work.

To fully prevent the growth of hair in the epilacable area, several procedures will be required. This is explained by the fact that some follicles are in the stages of conception, and the hair itself is not yet visible on the surface of the skin.

To fully remove all hair, you will need to withstand the time, that is, the cycle of replacement of vegetation (20 - 45 days).

Laser hair removal is characterized by a number of positive qualities:

  • the safety of the technique;
  • During the procedure, the integrity of the skin is not disturbed;
  • increased degree of effectiveness;
  • After use, scar tissue is not formed;
  • Epilation is carried out in a comfortable environment;
  • painful sensations are absent;
  • The technique can be applied both in the summer and in the winter period of the year.

Laser hair removal can turn into a cosmetic salon client with all sorts of side complications and manifestations:

  • skin burn (it happens if the specialist does not fulfill due cooling measures during the procedure);
  • infectious damage to medium and deep departments of the hair follicle with further purulent inflammation (more often found in patients inclined to strong sweating);
  • allergic reaction;
  • recurrent herpes (manifests itself in patients with weakened immunity);
  • Polyethological inflammatory lesion of the conjunctiva - mucous membrane of the eye, violation of vision, photophobia (if the patient refuses to use during the procedure of special protective glasses, the laser beam falls on the protective shell of the eye, which will cause listed negative manifestations).

The duration of the procedure is from 2 to 20 minutes. The course includes up to 4 procedures. The price varies within 1000-4000 rubles, depending on the epilized zone.

Ultrasonic hair removal

Effective hair removal tool foreverThe essence of the method lies in the use of an ultrasonic wave and a special substance, which under the influence of intense frequency oscillations falls into the structure of the skin and destroys the follicle.

In addition, the active material is capable of slowing the cellular production of the hair, which prevents its further growth. After the procedure ultrasound, the skin retains its smoothness for a long time.

As a rule, for ultrasound epilation, experts resort to the help of gel-like substances, which include the following plant components:

  • ginseng root;
  • Sea dew (medicinal rosemary);
  • lemon mint;
  • Eskulus.

Enzyme components protruding:

  • Lidase;
  • elastase;
  • papain;
  • trypsin;
  • Chemotripcin.

Before conducting the procedure, the patient should reflect the vegetation to 3 mm.

Ultrasonic hair removal is divided into several stages:

  • Sample is carried out on allergic manifestations from the substance used;
  • The selected area is processed by an antiseptic;
  • Skin covers are coated with gel, followed by treatment with an ultrasonic apparatus;
  • At the end of the procedure, the residual substances are removed from the skin surface, and hair removal is performed using thick sugar paste or wax.

For complete removal of vegetation, 7-9 procedures will be required. After each session, you need to withstand a break, which ranges from 20 to 40 days.

The advantages of ultrasound epilation include:

  • lack of painful sensations;
  • long efficiency;
  • There is no risk of the appearance of rough fiber litter and spots of various etiology on the skin;
  • the possibility of applying hair different colors;
  • The technique is effective even in hard-to-reach areas;
  • restrictions are practically absent (for example, the session can be sunbathing);
  • An affordable cost of epilation.

The disadvantages of the technique should include:

  • need for pre-depilingation wax;
  • It is not possible to achieve a resistant effect.
  • A number of conditions prohibits the processing of an intimate zone by this method;
  • The drugs applied have a negative effect on the cells surrounding the follicle;
  • Performance is lower than laser epilation.

The cost of the session varies in the range from 800 to 2,800 rubles.


Effective hair removal epilation foreverThe technique is used in cosmetology for more than 150 years. The essence of the procedure lies in the effects of electric current to the root of the hair, as a result of which its structure is destroyed.

Current supply is carried out using the finest needle, which is entered into the skin structure by 5 mm. Thus, under the influence of current, the sprouting section of the hair dies.

A small discharge current, which is delivered to the desired area by a thin needle, contributes to a significant increase in temperature at the bottom of the hair onion, which leads to its melting. The technique is able to get rid of unwanted vegetation of any thickness and color.

Electricity is used in various parts of the body with the exception of the axillary region, as important representatives of the lymphosystem are located here, the damage to which can lead to undesirable consequences.

To carry out electrolysis, cosmetologists use various ways:

  1. Thermolysis . It is carried out with the use of alternating current of low high-frequency voltage. Its action is directed to the melting of the hair onion. It is more often used with a thin structure of hairs.
  2. Galvanic electrolysis . Impact has a permanent electric current of low voltage and sodium ions formed.

    When contacting liquid components of the skin, they form a small amount of alkali metal oxide, which completely destroys the follicle.

    Once the hydrogen bubble appeared on the skin surface, the specialist can extract the treated hair. This method allows to painlessly carry out the procedure and is characterized by efficiency even when working in complex areas.

  3. Bland-method . This is a comprehensive application of the two methods listed. Due to this, the time of processing one hairs is significantly reduced. Blynd-epilation has proven itself perfectly when working with rigid hairs and with a deep location of the follicle.
  4. Sicavenial Blynd. . The method is more perfect in comparison with the previous way. The effect on follicles is characterized by intensity, and the pain syndrome is minimal.

The advantages of electroepilation include:

  • the possibility of complete destruction of the hair onion and preventing further growth;
  • The efficiency of the method does not depend on rigidity, hair colors and skin condition;
  • affordable cost of the procedure;
  • With certain session skills, it is possible to spend at home using a portable apparatus;
  • Paints are practically absent.


  • session duration;
  • The use of a number of devices requires additional anesthesia, especially in the intimate area;
  • The method cannot be used to remove hair in axillary sections;
  • Antisanitarian and poor equipment sterility leads to infectious infection with infectious pathogens;
  • In some cases, the effects of epilation with electric focus is the rustling of hair;
  • swelling of soft tissues;
  • The appearance of red dots;
  • Efficiency is completely dependent on the experience of a cosmetologist;
  • You can not use the method for self-removal of unwanted vegetation in the bikini zone.

On average, the cost of one minute of epilation is 40-45 rubles. For the processing of one hairs takes up to 10 seconds.

Elos epilation

Hair removal forever the most efficient way reviewsThe development of the methodology was engaged in leading engineers of the medical sphere, so it could be called with confidence as the safest and painless way of getting rid of vegetation on the body.

The method is effective when removing white, red, dark and powder hair. During the session, the specialist applies additional cooling activities.

Directly, a special gel substance is applied to the epilacable area, which will accelerate the delivery of the current to the desired point.

Elos comes into contact solely with the structure of the hair and follicle. Laser exposure is to heat the hair with light energy. Gradually, the temperature increase occurs in the roots, which speeds up the destruction of the hair with electric shock.

The integrated use of current and light allows you to avoid damage to the skin and prevent side manifestations.

The benefits include:

  • the possibility of applying any type of hair;
  • lack of pain;
  • Side effects are excluded;
  • Comfort and speed of the session;
  • Unwanted vegetation disappears forever.

The disadvantages of the method include:

  • high cost;
  • The impossibility of conducting the procedure at home.

To completely remove the hair from the area being processed enough 4-5 sessions. The gap between the procedures is 40-60 days. The cost of Elos epilation starts from 700 to 6000 rubles.

What is Elos epilation and what are the main differences of the technique, find out from the video.


The impressive effect is noticeable after the first session. After a full course of cosmetic procedures, you can observe an excellent result that is saved about 15 months.

If the procedure is regularly, the hair structure will become weaker, the shade is lighter, which will gradually lead to complete destruction.

The device for photoepilation has a double filtering system that makes the removal is doubly safe.

The essence of the method is to exposed to the hair with a powerful light pulse, which radiates a special lamp. Melanin, located in the structure of the hair, absorbs the light wave, which leads to heating, and then the death of the hair onion.

Even one processing session with this device is able to reduce the amount of hairs by 40%, while the structure of the remaining vegetation weakens significantly.

The advantages of the method include:

  • No skin contact during the procedure is missing;
  • The general condition of the skin is improving, normalizes the natural production of fibrillar protein, which contributes to rejuvenation;
  • The skin becomes elastic, vascular defects disappear;
  • skin infection is excluded;
  • The session is carried out no more than 20 minutes;
  • Unwanted side manifestations are practically absent;
  • The possibility of using the method on any part of the body.

Among the disadvantages allocate:

  • Low efficiency of the method when removing light and gray hair;
  • During the use of photoepilation at home, there is a risk of burning;
  • During photoepilation of the intimate zone, the patient experiences uncomfortable burning sensations.

The cost of the procedure will depend on the area on which the prestige of the cosmetic institution needs to be influenced. The price of the most popular zones ranges from 1000 to 8000 rubles.

Homemade methods

The effectiveness of the removal of excessive hair cover at home will depend on the body site, individual characteristics of the person and its willingness to make maximum efforts in the struggle for perfectly smooth skin. Consider the most popular ways.

Depilators creams

Hair removal is forever the most effective way folkIn the manufacture of creams, special substances of chemical origin are used, which are able to significantly weaken the hair onion. This method is suitable for a quick, uncomplicative and practically painless result.

Most often, these funds are used to process the intimate zone and skin face.


  • the possibility of applying at home;
  • Lack of pain.


  • With increased skin sensitivity, there is a risk of irritation;
  • Unpleasant odor.

You can buy a cream depilator for 200-300 rubles.


The method is considered to be a good method of getting rid of unwanted vegetation. Although most women doubt its effectiveness, but the method found their fans.

When using hot wax there may be a burn of soft tissues, so you need to use the method independently with caution. After the tool fully covers a certain area on the body, it can be removed along with the hair root.

Ideal for dark and hard hair on legs, hands and forearms.


  • Wax is capable of removing the hair with the root for a while;
  • Hair growth resumes a month and a half.


  • For a good clutch with a means, hair should grow at least 4 mm;
  • Holding vegetation causes pain syndrome.

The wax price is about 250-400 rubles.

Shave and nippers

Effective hair removal method foreverShaving is considered the most common way to get rid of unwanted hairpots. Efficiency is visible immediately and there is no need to visit an expensive cabin.

It is possible to remove vegetation on the body, though not forever, however, for a rather long period.

The method can be called confidently the cheapest, as the procedure will require an ordinary razor machine and any special cream. Of the disadvantages, frequent injuries of the skin are distinguished.

To the available methods that can be applied without leaving the house, there is a way of removing hair with forceps. However, this will require several hours of free time and the power of the will to endure the painful sensations.

Machine epilator

The miracle device works on the principle of forceps. The machine pulls hair together with the root.

The action can be carried out at the expense of a disk or pincen system. Metal or multiple tongs rotate quickly, gradually exciting hair and pulling them out.

However, if you get used to its work, you can appreciate the advantages of the device:

  • smooth skin for several weeks;
  • hair removal together with bulbs;
  • The procedure lasts no more than 25 minutes;
  • Compact device size, which allows you to always carry it with you;
  • Having bought an epilator once, you can not spend money on the removal of vegetation on the body for a long time.


  • soreness;
  • The impossibility of use in the bikini zone.

The unit's price is from 2000 to 5,000 rubles.


Effective hair removal foreverThis method is applied by women not one century. The method is differently called sugar epilation.

To prepare an effective remedy you need purified water, sugar sand and a bit of lemon juice.

The finished mixture is applied to the surface of the hair cover, and the spongy flap of the fabric is put on top. Processed hairs adhere to the flap, which will lead to their removal along with the root.


  • pain is practically absent;
  • The infection is almost impossible due to the presence in the composition of lemon juice;
  • Ease of use.


  • not suitable for allergies for citrus
  • You can not apply after sunny baths and in the presence of a wound on the skin.

With thread

This simple way is suitable for those who want to get rid of hair on the face. It can be used for all types of hair and with increased sensitivity of the skin. In addition, the method cannot be called painful.

Technical features of use complicate application at home, but if desired, all manipulations can be mastered.

To remove cotton thread take and perform the rotational movements, which lead to hair pulling.

Technique allows you to remove hairs with special accuracy, so the method is ideal for the correction of circulating arcs. The disadvantages include itching, redness of the skin and the impossibility of use in other zones, except for the person.

The video shows the technique of hair removal thread.

Folk recipes

Remove hair on the body, using folk remedies. Consider the most efficient recipes.

Bow plus basil


  • Basil leaves - 15 pcs.;
  • Onions - 1 big head.

Basil leaves finely nourish. From the bow to remove the transparent film. Both ingredients will be confused before the formation of a viscous casis.

Blend on the selected area and leave half an hour. Ruff the residues of the mixture under running water.

The course is 12 procedures. Unwanted vegetation disappears for 6 months.

Crazy grass

How to cook a mixture of dopeThe finished agent can be purchased at the pharmacy, and you can prepare yourself. The decoction based on this plant easily removes unnecessary vegetation.


  • Durama grass - 1 cup;
  • Water purified - 1 liter.

Pour grass with cold water and put on a water bath for 1 hour. Ready decoction to cool to room temperature.

Using a cotton swab to lubricate a specific zone on the skin surface with the resulting means. The procedure is repeated at any convenient case. Vegetation on the body temporarily disappears.


The tool allows you to get rid of the boring vegetation forever.

To remove hair with the root, it is necessary to add a few crystals of manganese into the bath with water and get it around at half an hour. The procedure is carried out daily for 1 month.

Vegetation will disappear on the legs and in the intimate zone.

Effective wild grape properties

With this simple way, you can achieve excellent results. It will be necessary to squeeze juice from the shoots of this valuable raw material of winemaking.

The resulting liquid is carefully launched into the skin with unwanted vegetation. The procedure is carried out at any convenient case.

The hair falls out after the third session, and the effect is preserved for a long time.


A means of confidence can be attributed to the best solutions to get rid of hair on the body. By the way, those who tried this method on themselves consider it the most productive.


  • iodine - 8 drops;
  • Summer alcohol - 15 drops;
  • Castor oil - 1 tsp;
  • Ethyl alcohol - 2 tbsp. l.

All components mix and give it up until the solution becomes pale.

The solution is applied to gauze flap and apply to a certain sections 2 times a day for a week.

Unnecessary vegetation on the skin will disappear forever.


In conclusion, we can conclude that the removal of the hair is forever - this is the task not from simple, especially if you look for yourself the most efficient way.

If you have to get rid of unnecessary vegetation on the body using a certain methodology or an effective folk recipe, share your experience in the comments to this article.

Mycollages - 2021-03-26T144748.712.jpgBoosters, skinBusters ... What is the difference? The first is cosmetics, reinforcing the effect of leaving creams and serum, the second - injection drugs with the action of such a biorevitalitis and Filler at the same time. About them and tell.   Anna Smolyanova, Cosmetologist

SkinBooster - means "enhancement, firming skin." Indeed, the drugs of this category have the ability to strengthen the skin, deeply moisturizing it and activating the synthesis of collagen, and also literally "push" wrinkles, straightening and sealing skin. What to consider skinbusters - biorevitalizats or fillers?

"The skinBuster is a gel based on a stabilized hyaluronic acid and occupies a borderline state between biorevitalizats - moisturizing and stimulating skin with preparations and fillers - gels that ensure the effect of filling the skin rates and replenishing the lost volumes, explains Anna Smoljanov. - The fact is that, unlike classic revitalizants, as part of which hyaluronic acid is not stabilized (not subjected to special processing) and therefore it is quickly absorbed, the skinbuster consists of a stabilized hyaluronic acid (subjected to special treatment, as a result of which its molecules are fastened, "crosslink "Between yourself), it is introduced quite deeply and a longer effect is achieved."

Now there are many different skinbusters, but in these preparations are very important: the composition (stabilization of the CC), its concentration, which will ensure the effect of moisture and skin stimulation, and compliance with the introduction technique recommended by the manufacturer.

Features of administration

Injection methods of unequal, because all drugs are different and require special introduction techniques. "Skinbuster is not the easiest drug in order to work with it without special skills," explains Anna Smolyanov. - It should be introduced deep into the dermis, but to control it to be on the border of the dermis and hypoderma, so it is important to feel when the deep layer of skin goes into subcutaneous fatty cells.

Several facilitates this procedure using special reinforcing techniques with cannula. Let me remind you that it is a hollow tube that does not have an acute end, which allows, not traumating the surrounding tissues, evenly distribute the drug in fan technique. Earlier, linear techniques were used for the introduction of skinbusters using a 13 mm needle, which often knocked out the patient from the rut, since it threatened the appearance of pronounced bruises. Now high-level professionals can perform micropapul technique using dispense syringes that allow you to work as a specialist without fears, and do not worry about the fact that they will introduce too much drug to one point. "

Zones of action

For each drug, there are their zones in which they work most effectively. What is the case in the case of the use of skinbusters? "It should be noted that many patients insensitive to botulinitherapy have recently appear," says Anna Smolyanov. - This may be associated with individual features, frequent intake of antibiotics. Many patients also note that the effectiveness of these drugs is shortened. As we know, botulinity therapy is usually used in the interbrass and forehead. So Introduction to these zones of skinbusters provides long-term moisturizing and reducing the severity of static wrinkles.

Mycollages - 2021-03-26T151357.636.jpg

Also well skincasteries work with the so-called rings of Venus - wrinkles on the neck. In addition, we can use them for reinforcing equipment, which provides face lifting. For example, our task is tightened by balls, and often, placing hopes on the injection of unstabilized hyaluronic acid, like most of the classic revitalizants, we get swelling.

The use of stabilized hyaluronic acid provides a slower release. Therefore, the use of reinforcing technician based on skinbusters allows to reduce the manifestation of PTOs even in patients with a deformation morphothype, especially those inclined to swelling. "

Who comes up?

"Skinbusters are a good choice for those who are not sensitive to botulinity and has pronounced static chances on the skin of the face," says Anna Smolyanov. - Those who have atrophic scars of the Package either after the chickenpox. Who needs long hydration, but cannot often visit the cosmetologist (the number of procedures is based on 1 time in 4-6 months), as well as those patients who note the wrinkles of smiles, Venus rings. That is, those chances that are difficult to correct dense fillers, as the contouring of the drug often occurs, its visualization in the form of specific sausages.

Skinbusters are distributed in these zones more evenly, and the use of special administration techniques (the creation of additional lattices or other reinforcing techniques) makes it possible to ensure the effect of pushing these wrinkles and reduce the formation of skin rates. "

Mycollages - 2021-03-26T152527.771.jpg.

When to wait for the result?

One result is needed instantly, others are ready to wait for a longer effect. "I always tell my patients like this: if you want to see the effect of instantly moisturized skin, then absolutely no difference, which drug will be introduced - clean hyaluronic acid or glycerin (many revitalizants are created on its basis)," explains Anna Smolyanov.

Both of these components attract water and give the effect of moisture. The effect of the skinBuster should be assessed after one and a half - two months, when it is its stimulating effect at the level of the dermis, where active cells produce collagen and elastin are fibroblasts. Accordingly, it is not worth estimating the result immediately after the introduction of the skinBuster, but after one and a half months it is worth the smoothing of static chances and atrophic logs. "

Duration effect

Both the expression of the action and its duration depends largely on the initial state of the skin. However, it is necessary to comply with special recommendations that affect the duration of the effect. "Do not forget that the introduction of any drug, be it revitalized or skinbuster, requires additional correction of the drinking regime," Anna Smoljanova warns. - If you drink an insufficient amount of water, then a drug based on hyaluronic acid to get water for tissues will be simply nowhere, therefore, the effectiveness of the procedure will decrease.

With some skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, when the skin is distinguished by a destroyed lipid layer, a longer and frequent passage of procedures will be required, because such a skin gives moisture and is dehydrated faster. In this situation, correctly adjusted home care can help, which should include funds with components such as a squalane, ceramides, sphingolipids, that is, though it fills the lipids of the skin, because the sebaceous glands cease them to produce in sufficient quantities.

In addition, the effectiveness of the procedure will be evaluated and depending on age. If a somatically healthy and enough young man (35-45 +) comes to the procedure, then the effectiveness of the procedures will be higher, and they will need less. And if the age of patient is 50+ and superimposed, for example, endocrinological problems, it is natural that the procedures will have a more short-term effect, or a longer course will be required. "

Removal of unwanted hair: 8 most popular ways

From this article you will learn:

  • What are the ways to remove unwanted hair

  • How to remove unwanted hair at home

  • Is it possible to remove unwanted hair forever

  • What methods can remove unwanted hair on the body

Removal of unwanted hair on any part of the body - The task you have to solve every girl. Today there are many ways of epilation and depilation, giving a maximum result. "Beauty requires victims" - a well-known phrase that really reveals the essence of the process, because many of these methods are costly in time and money. Some procedures can provoke pain and unpleasant impressions during their conduct. Let's consider more details for the removal of unwanted hair.

Removal of unwanted hair razor

Removal of unwanted hair razor

The razor is a well-known way to quickly get rid of unwanted vegetation. Is the cheapest and easy option. The method is popular for several reasons: low cost of a razor machine, affordable to any woman, can be purchased in each store, and the manipulation itself does not cause difficulties and does not require special skills.

The main substantial minus of such a method for removing vegetation is that the blade is able to remove only the upper part of the unwanted hair located on the surface.

Brouw & Like.

Is it painful to make such a procedure?

Shaving - Pretty comfortable and painless manipulation, provided that you spend it carefully and correctly, observing security techniques.

Before starting a session, make sure that you have a special cream, any cosmetic oil and a pretty acute machine. Knowing the principles of shaving, you minimize the risks to cut down and expose the skin with irritation and rashes.

Is this a dear procedure?

Usually the cost of a razor machine is $ 2-20. It depends on the type of tool, brand and number of blades.

How long does the result persist?

With this option for removing unwanted hair on the body, they are removed directly from the surface of the skin, so quite quickly begin to grow again. As a rule, you will notice it in one to three days. Shave can not be called a suitable way if you wish to achieve a longer result.

Electric epilator hair removal

Electric epilator hair removal

The razor and the epilator may seem similar to you, but these are completely different devices in their properties, designs and the result of the work.

The main difference between the electric device from the razor, removing unwanted vegetation from the skin surface, is that it pulls out the copies with the root. This is possible due to the special design of the nozzle and specially designed rotating wheels, which contain many small tweezers, exciting hairs completely and extracting it with a bulb.

Now we note the minus of such a way to remove unwanted hair at home: if you feel about the category of girls with a reduced pain threshold, then this method will not suit you. True, there are tricks that are guaranteed to reduce the discomfort. Most often, special cooling agents are used for this purpose.

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Today, the market presents epilators that can remove extra hairs during bath taking. This is really the appropriate option, because hot water opens the pores on the skin well, thanks to which unwanted vegetation is easier removed, and you are experiencing less pain.

The main plus of the electric epilator is that the longer you use it, the more hair growth slows down. Distinctive features of growing copies: they are thinner and lighter, if compared with the result of removal of the razor.

Removal of unwanted hair cream for depilation

Removal of unwanted hair cream for depilation

The cream acts by dissolving undesirable vegetation. Usually, deterioration means contain components that destroy keratin - protein from which human hair consists.

It is believed that these substances are toxic, are dangerous and can negatively affect health. Yes, they can cause redness of the skin, and you may notice the flow of an active chemical process that is capable of accompanied by some unpleasant moments.

After the time of the red, the dermis will necessarily disappear. Also these drugs contain beneficial components, such as aloe vera or chamomile, panthenol, producing disinfecting and soothing effect.

Apply the cream is quite easy: you need to smear it with a thick layer on the area of ​​removal of unwanted hair. Then hold a tool for a few minutes, as indicated on the box by the manufacturer. To accurately follow the recommendations, we advise you to damage the time.

After the specified period, the composition is subject to removal from the skin with the use of a special blade that is included in the set for depilation.

Usually creams of this action are suitable for deliverance only from the top of unwanted hairs. However, often they effectively help the owners of dark, tough, thick vegetation. So consider this feature, choosing this method of removing unwanted hair at home.

Due to the presence of certain chemicals, which are in the composition of such funds, the presence of persistent unpleasant odor is possible.

Hair removal waxing

Hair removal waxing

Waxing - The most painful way to get rid of excess vegetation, because during such a procedure it is fully removed with the root. This disadvantage of the procedure is both the advantage, because the feeling of smooth skin will be ensured for a long time, unlike other types of depilation.

This method is as follows: hot wax firmly sticks to the skin, capturing all the hairs. Further, it is broken by a strong sharp movement (sometimes a tissue strip is used for this, but it is possible to do without it). The wax is able to remove the hairs completely together with the bulbs. Therefore, sensations with such manipulation will be painful.

The main advantage of the epilation of wax consists in the ability to make it independently at home. However, it should be borne in mind that as a means of removing unwanted hair, the substance has several individual moments, which you need to know if you get rid of extra vegetation in this way.

Removal of unwanted hair with shugaring

Removal of unwanted hair with shugaring

Shugaring It has many similar moments with wax epilation. From the name of the procedure it is clear that this method is carried out using sugar or gel to get rid of extra hairs. The process itself is similar to hair removal: the vegetation is completely removed with a bulb.

Consider the step-by-step procedure of Shugaring, as well as learn the reason for the high popularity of this method among the majority of girls.

Removal of undesirable vegetation with the use of sugar has long arisen in the Middle East. It is based on the use of natural sugar mass, which also contains water and lemon juice. It is possible to add to the composition of honey, aromatic oils and even salt.

Thanks to this tool, unwanted hairs are removed with a bulb. The effect will be long, some girls it reaches six weeks.

On the Internet you can find various options for sugar paste from a variety of components. But in the original recipe only natural components were present. Shugaring is often called sugar wax, because the mass is very similar to him.

Depending on the type of skin, a woman can use both pasta and gel. Plus Shugaring is simplicity, it can be done at home.

What features is the paste and gel? What are the differences in funds?

There are two types of shugaring: with the use of paste or gel. Removal of excess vegetation with the help of sugar professionals is called traditional. The heated composition is imposed with a thick layer necessarily against the growth of undesirable hairs with a spatula designed for this. Next, the frozen mass dramatically leaves in the direction of growth.

The use of gel is similar to wax depilation. It is imposed in the direction of the growth of undesirable hairs and is removed in the opposite use of a piece of fabric, a muslin bar.

You can master the art of Shugaring yourself, and you can visit the salon where you will hold a session of depilation master.

As a means of removing unwanted hair, this method is able to slow them down and reduce the activity of the appearance of new, and the rod of the ribbing instances will be noticeably thinner and lighter.

Previously, the search for a specialist performing the shugaring procedure at a high level using pasta was rather problematic. Today in various beauty salons you can attend such sessions without feasures.

Removal of unwanted hair with a laser

Removal of unwanted hair with a laser

Laser hair removal - Modern and safe way to remove excess vegetation. The principle of its work is based on the destruction of the hair bulb with a light flow.

There is a laser by the method of selective impact on the chosen body zone: it destroys melanin. Each beam has its wavelength. It is able to provide an efficient and high quality laser action.

The device heats the hairs to the required temperature at which the flashes of the bulb begins. The important advantage of the method is to heat only the vegetation itself, and not the skin around. This feature allows you to prevent burns.

The session of the laser lasts a certain time, because it is necessary to affect the beam on all unwanted hairs separately, while the skin around them almost does not suffer.

A powerful and high-quality apparatus is capable of treating a large area with which it is necessary to remove vegetation. Additionally, cosmetologists use professional gels. They help cool the skin and prevent it with heating.

It is recommended to hold several epilation sessions until the vegetation is noticeably decreased or the removal of unwanted hair will not be removed forever.

With each subsequent procedure, they will be brighten and thread.

The most modern and efficient device is a diode laser. It is optimally absorbed by melanin, simultaneously protecting the skin, without damaging it, as well as protecting the vessels and nerve endings. Choosing a laser, we advise you to stay at this option. The length of his wave is equal to 820 nanometers.

This procedure is often held girls to remove unwanted hair on the face.

Expilation current

Expilation current

In electrical epilation, three methods are distinguished: electrolysis, thermolysis and blundering method. Any of them is based on the use of a small thin needle, which the doctor skeins the follicle of an unwanted hairs.

Electrolysis (or galvanic epilation) is the most famous of existing electropilees. Also this is the only removal of unwanted hair forever.

This technique mentions the terms that we will now decipher. Electrolysis is a complex chemical process using the foundations of galvanic current.

The latter is passed through the skin using two electrodes. This chemical reaction, which is monitored on a negative electrode (needle), is able to highlight hydroxyl ions from water. They are inherent destructive quality. They destroy the hair onion to its foundation.

That is why this type of epilation due to the complete destruction of the follicle of each hairs using an electric current is the most efficient. Compared to laser removal of unwanted hair, which is not suitable for all types of vegetation and skin, electrolysis is able to help absolutely everyone without exception.

Please note that this option is working on each hairs individually, therefore the time procedure itself will be longer than all other manipulations (on average 15-30 sessions are required).

The effect of removal of unwanted hair on face, bikini, i.e., on small areas, it will be visible faster than on hand or legs.

Photo epilation of hair

Photo epilation of hair

Photoepilation - This is a proven modern method of getting rid of hair on the body. Its principle is based on the use of highly intense light pulses with a high frequency.

Photoepilation action resembles laser with distinction in that the light wave contains many rays, each of which has its own length.

Also, with this removal method, kripton lamps are used with a certain filtration that can remove the waves of a short length (ultraviolet). The specified type is considered the most dangerous for a person.

At the same time, the hair in the process of photoepilation is destroyed less compared to the procedure using a laser.

If we consider two of these manipulations, then the first is much more dangerous and trauma. After all, the chance to burn the skin is significantly higher than when using a laser. And this method does not differ in particular performance.

The principle of the photoepilator is similar to the effect of the laser, the difference consists only of these devices. Removal of unwanted hair is carried out as a result of heating and eliminating melanin in their root.

The choice of a suitable method should be carried out taking into account the individual type of skin and vegetation of a particular person.

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Despite the English name, the method has an Egyptian origin. This is probably one of the most ancient cosmetology procedures and is absolutely simple.

It is applied to the selected zone with a warm paste, consisting of water and sugar, that is, an ordinary caramel. As a rule, it covers a small area - no more than 10 centimeters, - so that the composition is better "grab" hair. When the applied paste cools, it is removed with a sharp movement with hair and hair onion. Simultaneously removing the burdens of epidermis, thanks to which the skin becomes more gentle, begins to "breathe". Removal from it the remains of the paste with warm water and apply a soothing lotion, go to the next 10 centimeters.

Necessary hair length before the procedure: 5 mm.

Number of procedures for one zone: one.

As far as the result is saved: On average for 3 weeks.

The advantages of the method:

  • Fast effect.
  • Hypoallergenia: As part of Shugaring there is only water and sugar, so it does not cause reaction reaction.
  • Suitable for those who suffer from varicose disease, since the pasta is not hot, but warm.
  • The method is less painful than the wax epilation, since the paste is applied against, and remove - for hair growth.

Method disadvantages: Not suitable for processing some zones, in particular areas over the upper lip or bikini zone.

Bioepilation (hair removal with wax, vaxing)

Some wax soften and are applied on the processing zone with a special spatula or cartridge. The composition makes it warm enough to heat the skin and thus facilitate the removal of the hair with the root. However, the temperature of the composition never exceeds 42 degrees, that is, burns are excluded. The cooled wax is removed by hand or special tissue or paper stripes.

For zones with increased sensitivity (armpits and bikini region), film wax, which has a smaller melting point and is slower frozen. This allows longer to keep the composition on the skin and better disparage hair follicles, which makes hair removal more comfortable and high-quality.

Necessary hair length before the procedure: 2-5 mm.

Number of procedures for one zone: one.

As far as the result is saved: 2-3 weeks.

The advantages of the method:

  • Fast result.
  • "Peeling effect": along with the hairs, the wax removes dead cells, thanks to which the skin is aligned, it becomes more gentle.
  • With regular bioepilation, hair becomes less frequent, thinner and easier are deleted.

Method disadvantages:

  • Wax remnants are hardly removed from the skin.
  • After processing, point irritation may appear, which, however, disappears the next day after the procedure.
  • With a low verge of sensitivity, analgesic may be required.


The method of hair removal using small current discharges directed to the hair onion. The energy incoming to the follicle causes it to warm himself and collapse. At the same time, the thickness and color of the hair do not matter: dark, light, rigid, weak - electroepilation allows you to get rid of any. True, for one session it will not work. The fact is that those hair that have not come out of the follicle cannot be found, and therefore cannot be exposed to current. You have to wait until they enter the stage of active growth, therefore the course of electroepilation is usually stretched into several sessions.

The procedure itself also lasts for quite a long time: the hair is removed one by one, in turn entering a thin needle into their bulbs through which the current is passed. Foot treatment in this way can occupy five to six hours.

Necessary hair length before the procedure: 3 mm.

Number of procedures for one zone: Determined by a specialist, on average - 6-8.

As far as the result is saved: up to 3 years

The advantages of the method:

  • Removes hair of any color and thickness.
  • Can be applied to any zone of the body.

Method disadvantages:

  • Inhibits skin.
  • Leaves traces from injections - red dots that quickly pass.
  • Surely painful.
  • Sufficiently long.
  • Not suitable for pregnant and nursing.
  • Not applied at the bikini zone.
  • Contraindicated in varicose sickness.

Laser hair removal

The method is based on the fact that the dark pigment melanin, which contains hair and its bulb, absorbs light, converted it to heat. The directional laser beam provokes point heating of the sprout zone and the surrounding vessels, which leads to their destruction. As a result, the hair is deprived of nutrition, dies and falls out. In this case, the skin and subcutaneous structures are practically not affected.

However, laser hair removal cannot be carried out in one session. The fact is that the laser effectively affects hair at the stage of growth, when their barrel and bulb are maximally filled with melanin. However, such on the body is 20-35%, the rest or have already fallen, or have not come out of the follicle. To fully treat the zone, you have to wait for young hair to enter the active stage. Because of this, laser hair removal sessions are carried out more than once every 4-6 weeks, which, of course, does not allow you to instantly achieve the result. But it will be very long: you can forget about hair removal for several years.

In modern cosmetology, laser devices of four types are used: ruby, alexandritite, diode and nd: yag. They differ in the wavelength - than it is more, the more intense the effect of heating.

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Collect the popularity and use of a cold laser beam. It allows you to avoid burns and minimize unpleasant sensations during the procedure. However, laser hair removal even with the help of the latest equipment requires prior consultation with the doctor and, possibly, surveys from the endocrinologist. If experts do not find contraindications, then 24 hours before the start of the course, a trial session is made to properly select the parameters of the light beam.

Necessary hair length before the procedure: 5 mm.

Number of procedures for one zone: At least 4.

As far as the result is saved: for 3-5 years.

The advantages of the method:

  • Long-term effect.
  • Painlessness.
  • Universality: Suitable for any, even delicate body zones.
  • Complete hair removal in the selected area.
  • The skin is not damaged, therefore the risk of infection is excluded.

Method disadvantages:

  • Not held on tanned skin.
  • It does not suit those who have hair lighter skin.
  • Requires several sessions with an interval about a month.
  • Contraindicated in varicose disease, increased photosensitivity, tendency to the formation of keloid scars.
  • Not recommended during pregnancy.


The principle of the method is the same as when hair removal with a laser. Similarly, the "target" of the light wave is the pigment melanin, which is in the hair and its bulb, which determines both the efficiency of the course and its duration.

The difference between photoepilation is that the selected zone affects a bunch of pulsed light, consisting of waves of different lengths. A wide range allows you to configure the client apparatus. In addition, the flash covers a larger area of ​​the zone processed than the narrow-directed laser beam. However, at the same time, the impact of light on each individual hair is less intense and up to 70% of the light wave absorb not hair bulbs, and the surrounding fabrics. To protect the skin from overheating, photoepilation machines supply the cooling system, and an anesthetic cream is applied to the processing zone before the session.

Like laser hair removal, this procedure requires prior consultation with the doctor, since it has a number of contraindications and does not combine with the reception of some drugs.

Necessary hair length before the procedure: 5 mm.

Number of procedures for one zone: not less than 5.

As far as the result is saved: up to 5 years.

The advantages of the method:

  • Long-term effect.
  • Universality: Suitable for any, even delicate body zones.
  • Complete hair removal in the selected area.
  • The risk of infection is excluded.

Method disadvantages:

  • Does not remove very bright and gray hair.
  • Requires several sessions with an interval about a month.
  • More painful than laser hair removal.
  • Contraindicated in varicose disease, increased photosensitivity, tendency to the formation of keloid scars.


Combines laser, photo and electroepilation, affecting the hair onion at once and current, and a light momentum. The combination of methods allows you to direct the energy exactly on the hair, avoiding the heating of the skin around them. Nevertheless, the ELOS-epilation apparatus is equipped with a cooling system so that with intensive processing, protect the patient from unpleasant sensations.

The method is suitable for any type of hair and skin, but before the start of the course will still have to consult with a beautician, and possibly with an endocrineologist, a mammologist or a gynecologist.

Necessary hair length before the procedure: 5 mm.

Number of procedures for one zone: From 3 to 10 - depending on the processing zone.

As far as the result is saved: up to 5 years.

The advantages of the method:

  • Painless.
  • Gives a long result.
  • Removes all hair in the processing zone.
  • Effective with epilation of tanned skin, removing light and gray hair.
  • It is not contraindicated in tanning, so it can be applied in the midst of the summer season.

Method disadvantages:

  • Requires several sessions with an interval about a month.
  • Contraindicated in varicose disease, increased photosensitivity, tendency to the formation of keloid scars.
  • Incompatible with other methods of epilation.


Chemical depilation is one of the simplest and therefore popular hair removal methods. The cream is applied to the skin, which includes substances that destroy the hollow hair rod. After that, the hair is easily removed using a conventional sponge or a special spatula.

However, with such treatment, hair bulbs are not affected, and this means that the hair quite quickly appear again.

Necessary hair length before the procedure: Any

Number of procedures for one zone: one.

As far as the result is saved: On average, no more than 2 weeks.

The advantages of the method:

  • Simple and painless.
  • Gives an instant effect.
  • Not contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • Suitable people with a low threshold of pain sensitivity.

Method disadvantages:

  • Little effect.
  • Can provoke an allergic reaction.
  • Not applied on face.
  • Frequent use of creams for depilation can make the skin more sensitive.


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